Sunset Rosé with K&K ~ How we stay on track

Who’s pumped for the weekend?! We hope you take this holiday weekend to relax (home spa day, anyone?) and cherish this time with friends and family.

This Memorial Day weekend, we also want to recognize all the brave men and women who serve our country now and in the past, especially our own families and inspiring TIU military families. We’re sending lots of love and gratitude to all our service members this weekend ~ and always.

For us, long weekends are all about spending time with our loved ones and being grateful for that quality time. Everything else – all the barbecues and parties! – are just an extra perk! We’ve heard a lot of questions about how to stick to your goals and balance a healthy lifestyle with friends, family, and all the fun celebrations of summer. So today we’re sharing a new Rosé with K&K chat with all our advice.

We’re chatting about how to set goals with intention, how to stick to your goals and follow your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan no matter what life throws your way, and how we balance our healthy lifestyle with work commitments, celebrations, family time, and girlfriends. Karena pencils girltime in her calendar!

Check out the video below for all our tips…aaaand to watch us scare away a puppy! 🙈 🐶

Have a beautiful weekend! We love you & we’re so grateful for you!


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    1. Haha me tooo!! When I used to do Crossfit…the ‘Riley’–run 1.5mi, 150 burpees, run 1.5mi again, collapse! XD Upside, you feel like a dang warrior!

    2. I did a 7 minute burpee challenge and completed 110! Wow. It definitely got my heart rate up….so if I was really short on time I guess I’ll do it again :?

      I actually had blisters on the palm of my hand under my ring finger afterwards.

  1. Love this sunset stroll!! You have me smiling the whole time in my Bootycall (treadmill)!! Thanks for always making us in the TIU community feel like we are right there with ya! Cheers to a healthy, safe, memorable Memorial Day weekend….Now you have to drink!! 😉

  2. I have found it so difficult to stay on track since I got married 4 weeks ago. My husband and I started living together after we got married, and he is not into healthy eating, so at times I end up eating whatever he’s eating, or have a bite or 2 (or 5 -_-) from his sweets. I finally ordered a fitness planner, and I hope that I will be able to keep with it, so thank you for the tip to set goals and journal (which you ladies repeat tons of times!!!). Thank you so much for these great tips. Love following your posts on insta and I look forward to your workouts everyday :)

    1. My suggestion it to set some fitness goals together. My husband and I have each done diets or workouts on our own in the past but since March of this year we have been on track with each other and we are killing it!!! It’s much easier if you are on the same page.

  3. If you guys do a 100 burpees challenge…that is one video I will not be watching LOL. Don’t do it Karena!

  4. Good tips! … and K&K are too funny/cute! I also love how they make us feel like we are right there with them :) Love Katrina’s shirt too!

  5. So grateful for you ladies too! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you both! Thanks for keeping everyone strong and set up for success always! Wishing you a wonderful time with friends and fam ❤️

  6. You are so so right about the power of the community — making a TIU Instagram account and really jumping in to the community has made all the difference this Bikini Series!

  7. You guys are so cute! I wish I could be friends with you two! I think have done 100 burpees. It would have back when I was following bodyrock tv before it got weird. If you did 10 rounds of 10 with ample rest in between it wouldn’t be horrible. Well maybe it would be horrible but it’s doable.

  8. I love the reminder that you don’t have to jump back on track on “Monday” or even “tomorrow”. If I slip with my eating (office birthdays are soooo hard to avoid!), then I make sure my meals for the rest of the day are LCG. I push myself to find balance meal-to-meal, not day-to-day, to avoid overindulging.

  9. Unfortunate not everyone has a long weekend. My office will be working on Memorial Day, but they are doing a big cookout for us (Hamburgers, sausage links, potato chips, drinks, ice cream). None of the food is TIU approve so I’m going to just bring my own lunch. I keep from eating it by telling myself it looks gross and unhealthy and most of the time it usually works. Also, every Friday from the first Friday in May to Labor day we have Ice Cream Fridays. So far I’ve been able to stay away from it by bringing TIU approve snacks and by ignoring the ice cream machine (yes, we have a soft serve ice cream machine that you serve yourself) in the break room when I go get my water out of the ice/water machine. Every Thursday we have a food truck that comes and I avoid that by not having to go to our warehouse for anything (even though you can see it through my boss window but, I don’t feel the need to go). :)

    1. Wow, I’m so impressed with you Tracy. Way to go. Sounds like you can handle anything after all the temptations at your job. I’d have to quit if I were there. Ice cream Fridays sound like torture to me. Ice cream isn’t even my favourite thing but having to see it all the time would be so tough.

  10. So exited to watch this after work. My motivation is gone and I’m nervous for the holiday weekend (beers, chips, pizza) that’s what I used to celebrate in the past, but this year I plan to keep it lean clean and green. Stopping by the grocery store for quick healthy options to enjoy at the beach

    1. You can do it. Keep thinking about why you are doing this and how much healthier you will feel. I don’t know about you but when I ate junk food I had real consequences like a sore back every day when I woke up, always feeling exhausted, stressed out and anxious.

  11. I did a challenge once where it was like 30 burpees a day. I had to split it up in tens & it was still hard! Just did your HIIT the beach workout and noticed that I didn’t stop during the burpees like a did the first time I did that workout! so little progress each day! You two are so inspiring and I just love this bikini series! My friends have made comments about how dedicated I am and I have so much more energy. Thanks again ladies and the whole TIU community!

  12. Thank you soo much for all your great tips all the time!!😘 I’m so happy I found this community!! 🤗

  13. I love the TIU HIIT workouts too for times when I need a good workout but short on time. Would love more HIIT’s that don’t involve equipment too for when on the road. Thanks for the tips, gals! :)

  14. Love this! Everything they shared I already know, b/c I learned it from K&K, but it’s great to be reminded of these helpful tips. Thank you!

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