Sunset Cruising, Shots, & Gettin’ Slim Down Ready!

Hi gorgeous! Wow Karena and I can’t believe we all just finished Week 8 of the Bikini Series! It flew by and today we want to take a few minutes to recognize everything you accomplished ~ more than 50 Booty Calls, hundreds of Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals, 14 Instagram Live workouts, and more squats than we can count!

Aaaand we the 7 Day Slim Down starting MONDAY! Karena and I worked hard this week putting the finishing touches on the Slim Down and we sent it to Tone It Up Nutrition Plan members on Thursday. If you haven’t seen it yet, check your inbox ;) And if you aren’t a member of the plan yet, you can join HERE!

 People always ask us what we do to prepare for a big photo or video shoot like the Bikini Series and this is it! This is exactly how we banish bloat and make our muscles pop! And we’re always thinking about you and what would make you smile…so we added some brand new recipes like a 7DSD approved Coconut Macaroon! We tested them out last week in the HQ and they were gone in like 2 seconds!

Karena and I also did a live Beach Babe 5 workout together, went on a double date out on the water, and had a ton of fun at the HQ. It was a great week and we still have so much more coming your way.

This week, Karena and I want you to let go of any hesitations. We promise you can rock this Slim Down. Remember you’re strong and fierce…you’re a #TIUgirl!



For our Live Workout, we all did HIIT the Beach from Beach Babe 5! It was the first time Karena and I did this workout together since filming and it was TOUGH! So much respect for you girls who crush it all the time!

After the Live Workout, Brian and I went out for a sunset boat ride with Karena & Bobby…and Winni and Skunk! It was so beautiful and such a nice treat after that workout kicked our booty ;)

When you basically wear pajamas to work

This girl ❤️🔥#mymuse

Shots, shot, shots…ginger shots!!

A lil’ Hump Day yoga!

This was Wine Not Tuesday cuz wine not?!

Karena’s M4: Blueberry + Maca Powder smoothie

Summer salad while working at the HQ!

I was doing a little recipe testing at home and made these amazing burgers. I was so in love with them that we added them to the 7 Day Slim Down! The kitties approve 🐱

 Protein Pancake goodness!

Angela and I did a 5K run on the beach and avoided every wave…until this happened!


Steppin’ up ~ Karena’s Daily Workout!

This face!!

We want to see you on Insta! Follow us @ToneItUp and check in with us #TIUteam & #TIUbikiniseries! Your checkins always make our day!

We’re all doing the 7 Day Slim Down starting Monday! It’s the PERFECT way to end the Bikini Series strong! Join us to feel lean, tight, toned, and super confident!


  1. 7DSD here WE come!!! Let’s get this and end on such a beautiful high note, ladies!!!! Sending love and support to you all for this week ahead. Finish strong!!!

  2. Super excited for the Slim Down. I feel like I have so strong during the Bikini series. I can’t wait to see those muscles pop out!

  3. If following 7DSD for 5 days, should workouts also start on Day 3 like with the meal plan, or follow workouts like normal?

  4. Meal prep done, ready to get this party started! Can’t wait to wake up and get my 40 minute cardio groove on. We got this ladies! 7DSD WEEK!!!

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