Summer Tone Up Week 3 ~ Motivation Monday

Hi babe! You ready for Week 3?! Today we’re sharing even more incredible transformation stories from TIU girls around the globe! We have been LOVING your #SummerToneUp checkins and want to encourage you to snap your “before” pictures so we can celebrate all of your amazing progress inside & out! Hint hint…we’ll be announcing something exciting prizes very soon! 

We can’t wait to share! Until then, check out these babes and show them some major Motivation Monday love below.  



“Without the Studio Tone It Up App I would have had no idea where to start and what to do every day. The combination of cardio and toning moves have changed my way of exercising and I have realized you don’t need a lot of time to get results.”



Whenever I think about giving up, I think about the ones I love most. I want to show them that taking care of yourself and being healthy does not have to mean being deprived, or beating yourself up over enjoying a treat once in awhile. I want to radiate confidence, joy, and strength to them, and show them that they can do this too. Also, the TIU community, of course!! Once I finally made a TIU Instagram account, it was so much easier to stay accountable.



“Tone It Up has been pivotal for my change. I cannot express how much the stories I see inspire me every day. It made me look at my decisions when choosing foods and drinks and how time, and a child, and all of my responsibilities were not taking my ability to be healthy, but my choices. I love this community and the beautiful approach to balance in life!”



“The community was a huge daily support system. They inspired me to try and new recipes and push myself to get my workout in even on the days that life got crazy. The community played a huge role in consistency, which is important to a healthy life style. A huge thank you for the tools I needed to be me again after bringing two perfect babies in the this world in two years…..seriously, thank you!!”



“I love the Tone It Up app for so many reasons. Seeing the same bright, shining faces in class each morning makes it so much easier to get out of bed! The on demand section is perfect for when I want to pull up my favorite workouts (Toned Abs with Kat, Sandy Sweat HIIT, Beautiful Biceps with Kat, Total Body Tone!). The tracking feature also helps to keep me motivated!”

Also shoutout to @tiuerin’s beautiful picture featured in the Summer Tone Up Meal Plan! Check it out! 



“Literally the easiest, most customizable meal plan everywhere (AND they give us FREE updates all the time). On top of that, you’re guaranteed to learn the fundamentals of nutrition and how our bodies should be fueled by food. This meal plan is a no brainer.”



“Down almost 50 lbs. Down 6 dress sizes. But the biggest difference is in my confidence, love for myself, and genuine happiness. I am so grateful to Tone It Up, Karena, and Katrina for their guidance, encouragement, education, and support. I am so blessed to be a part of the Tone It Up community ~ a group that lifts, supports, and motivates each other. A group of women that empowers each other daily with genuine love and compassion.”



“My physical transformation is obvious. But the mental and spiritual transformation take the cake! I learned that I can defeat the voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough, not strong enough, not committed enough. I know for a fact there isn’t a single thing I can’t do if I put my mind to it!”



“I always tell people who ask how I stay in shape to look Tone It Up up! My biggest thing I tell people is, I used to hate working out, even cheerleading, as a 16-year-old I was 10 pounds heavier than I am now at 28 & 3 kids later….and you girls have made me LOVE working out! I love that every day it’s fast & fun, & you feel that burn! And it burns sssssooo GOOD!”



“My entire mindset was centered around peace & taking it one day at a time. I wanted to be sure not to put a ton of pressure on myself. I wanted to enjoy myself while being the healthiest I could be. I made a commitment to myself and intended to keep it. I started doing workouts at 6am, my self esteem literally hit an all time high, and I feel so good. I have a renewed sense of peace and I remember that I am always connected to this peace no matter what is going on around me.”

Join us for the 6-week Summer Tone Up! Daily at-home workouts, motivation & connection, mindful meditations, and delicious recipes! We all start together May 11th!