Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam gaingang_tiu

Morning beautiful! We’re three days into the Summer Tone Up and we can feel the incredible energy from this team! You’re crushing it already 💪🔥🙌

We asked you what your intentions are for the series on Instagram and reading through your comments is giving us allll the motivation! So for a lil’ extra inspo today, we’re sharing some of this community’s amazing goals! Check ‘em out below!

What’s your Summer Tone Up goal?! Share with us on IG if you haven’t already. 

Let’s keep this incredible momentum going!!



PS: If you haven’t joined for the Summer Tone Up yet, it’s not too late to jump in with us! Sign up now & let’s do this 🤗

#TIUTeam Summer Tone Up Goals

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam chels_clothedwithstrength

“My number one goal is to keep my meals LCG and to follow the nutrition plan as closely as possible!” ~ chels_clothedwithstrength

“I am pregnant in my 9th month so my GOAL is to keep working out and focusing on my nutrition as well as water intake!🌸🤰🍑🔥 let’s give it our best and crash this #summertoneup 2020!💪🌡🔥”~ violetav_tiu

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam bbaxey

“I’m so happy that I’ve connected with the TIU community once again! A have a couple goals for the #summertoneup. 1. To make it all the way through! It’s been a while since I finished a challenge. 2. Continue to work on positive self-talk, and building confidence within myself. 3. To make it through the entire roses bicycle move 🙌🏻” ~ bbaxey

“Goals are to include more mediation in my routine 💕 and to stay consistent with my Lean, Clean, N’ Green nutrition ☀️”~ kayann615_tiu

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam fitmomlexy

“My goal this year is to make my nutrition a priority and stick to the nutrition plan as much as possible. I always feel better when I am eating clean and giving my body the nutrition it needs 💕” ~ fitmomlexy

“I have so many goals, but I think my main goal is to give it my all consistently and really create the habits for a healthy lifestyle. When I accomplish that everything else will fall into place.” ~ taraciesiolka

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam gaingang_tiu

“Committing to this, even on bad days and reaching out to the #TIUcommunity when I need some extra motivation or accountability. Also, to grow these muscles by hitting my workouts, keeping my cardio up and sticking to that nutrition plan because it is amazing! Ultimately I want to feel as confident as I did 6 months ago around my wedding!” ~ gaingang_tiu

“This will be my first Tone It Up program, so my priority is going to be trying to stay consistent and also developing a positive and healthy mindset about working out and eating healthy! I’m so excited! 🤩” ~ blairebearrr

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam dexy_tiu

“I have two goals: First, I will COMPLETE the Summer Tone Up program (it’s my first with the App). Second, to build a community of accountability on Insta. I see you all babes supporting babes and I am here for it 🙌” ~ dexy_tiu

“My goal is to get stronger and push myself for the entire series! I want to feel my best and most confident in my wedding dress this fall and this series will be a great help! So excited to start!!” ~ ashley.midas

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam tab.tiu

“My goals for the Summer Tone Up series are to stay consistent (especially w/nutrition) and work on adding in more meditation. I started to dabble in the meditation during Love Your Body and I thought it really helped me mentally. Now I would like to dive in a little deeper with it! So excited to start this series with all of you amazing babes and trainers!” ~ tab.tiu

“Increase my flexibility strength, implement more yoga and connect with more TIU members for support and accountability💕”~ klovecoaching

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam monicalynn_tones_up

“I want to feel accomplished by the end that I powered through and focused on HOW I FEEL and not how I look. Looking good will just be a bonus!!!” ~ monicalynn_tones_up

“My goals are to eat clean and get in the best shape of my life 😊 I’ve already lost 45lbs since last May so i’m excited to finally get toned!” 💪 ~ g_zimmerman14

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam megsstonesup

“Up my veggie intake and follow the meal plan guidelines to rev my metabolism while working from home and not moving around as much!” ~ megsstonesup

“To be strong 💪🏻 and love my body the way it is and for all that it allows me to do! 🏃🏻‍♀️💕” ~ annie_m91

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam karahdonovan

“My goal is to get healthy. So that means eat nutritious foods that feed my body, drink more water, take my vitamins, strengthen my body and especially my core. This is all in the hopes of creating a healthy environment for potentially having a baby! 💕💪🏻🌴🌈🏄‍♀️” ~ karahdonovan

“Decrease anxiety & negativity through exercise; increase confidence and strength; fuel my body with proper nutrition; result in my best self. 🙌❤️🙌”  ~ doodledoop22

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam tiu_tiia

“My goal is to move my body first thing in the morning for 10-20min by doing yoga or taking our dogs for a walk😇” ~ tiu_tiia

“Stick to the plan. Check in with my accountability partner. I turn 40 the end of June. I want to feel strong and healthy!” ~ meg_elizabeth_tiu

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam toneitupkatiehatch

“My goals are to stick to the nutrition plan, drink 80oz water daily, stay injury free so I can get all my workouts in, get to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier, and to journal daily!” ~ toneitupkatiehatch

“Get my fitness routine back on track after recovering from foot surgery & encourage my accountability buddies! 🌸🎉💕” ~ rossannamarie

Summer Tone Up Goals From The #TIUTeam amberskylines_fit

“I want to dig deep into the program and really go from cover to cover and embrace the nutrition plan completely and find alternatives to curb the sweets addiction. I want to feel strong and confident and complete and as I eventually head back to the office have a fresh perspective on all the things I have to offer those around me 💛☀️”~ amberskylines_fit

Join us for the 6-week Summer Tone Up! Daily at-home workouts, motivation & connection, mindful meditations, and delicious recipes! We all start together May 11th!