Spring Clean Your Pantry, Closet, & Mind!

tone it up karena katrina spring cleaning tips

Today is the first day of spring, and ya know what that means: spring dresses, new seasonal veggies…and spring cleaning! We like to take this season to reorganize, reenergize, and check some major items off our to-do list. Spring cleaning is all about de-cluttering and getting rid of what you don’t need to make room for new, positive things.

It can be a lil’ difficult to toss old possessions, especially when you associate those items with good memories. How many of us think something like, “I had an amazing date in that sweater…I can’t let it go!”? 🙋 Yup, us too! So today, we’re sharing some dos and don’ts of spring cleaning to make that process a breeze!

tone it up karena katrina spring cleaning tips

DON’T be afraid to let go

The first project on our to-do list: the closet. This one is usually the toughest! Go through everything and evaluate what you really need. Are you holding onto jeans from a decade ago? Or a T-shirt that reminds you of an ex? Or how about a bedazzled bridesmaid dress you’ll never wear again?! Those have got to go, girl! If you’re not sure about an item, ask yourself these important questions: Have I worn it in the last year? If I went shopping today, would I buy it? And most importantly, do I feel confident in it? If the answers are yes, rock it! If not, it’s time to let it go.

Instead of throwing out these items, donate them. Look for the nearest Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other donation drop near you. There are also organizations, such as One World Running and Soles4Souls, that collect old running shoes. As a TIU girl, you probably have plenty of those!

DO clean up your pantry — and your diet

Take this time to go through your pantry and fridge, too. For each item, ask yourself, “Does this help me reach my fitness goals?” If the answer is no, it’s time to toss it or donate non-perishables. (If it’s something your hubby or kids can’t live without, move it to a different cabinet that you don’t open every day.) If you find something that will help you, like a blender or food processor, buried in the back of your cabinets, bring those front and center in easily accessible spots. And stock your kitchen with items that will help you stay healthy and organized. Tone It Up Meal Prep Containers, anyone?!

DON’T get overwhelmed

The idea of tackling lots of projects at once can make you want to give up and turn on Netflix! But you don’t need to do everything at the same time. Make a resolution to throw out or donate one item every day for 30 days or schedule an hour for a small organization project on Sundays after meal prep. If you schedule it in your phone, you’re more likely to do it!

DO make it fun

Everything is better with a girlfriend! Invite a gal pal over and make her brunch in exchange for a little help organizing. Karena and I have done this together, and it makes the time go by so much faster! Stage a fashion show for your pal and she can help you decide what clothes to toss or keep. A killer playlist also helps make the process more fun! And after you’ve finished a big project, treat yourself to a massage or mani-pedi! You deserve it!

DO focus on your mind and soul, too

Spring cleaning isn’t just about your home. This is also the perfect time to reenergize and refocus your mind. Take some time every day to journal your thoughts and feelings. Jot down a list of things you can let go of, whether it’s a grudge, a fear, an unhealthy relationship, or negative self talk. Then, devise a plan to release those things from your life one by one. Replace the negative talk with a positive mantra and brainstorm ways to turn that fear into a challenge, and then into a plan. You don’t need to do this alone. A best girlfriend is the perfect person to talk this out with. And we’re always here for you. This community always has your back. Scroll through the #TIUteam for inspiration and support as you refocus on your goals and dreams. You’ve got this!

What are your best tips for spring cleaning? What can you let go of this season and what do you hope to gain? Tell us in the comments!


  1. My husband and I just bought our first home and we donated so much stuff to the goodwill before we moved. The hardest piece was my wedding dress, I debated a long time but decided to donate it and hopefully someone else will be able to make wonderful memories with it as well :)

    1. Aw that’s so sweet. I’m sure someone will be very happy . And congrats on the new home!

      1. I had the exact same struggle with my wedding dress! But imagining someone else who might not be able to have their “dream dress” and making that achievable was too lovely a vision to pass up. Plus it feels very Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants :) So congratulations on the house and the bravery!

  2. So funny, spring cleaning and decluttering is literally on my to-do list this week! So this is perfect timing!! Thank you for an extra boost of motivation, girls :) You are the best!

  3. Love this post. Thanks! I do a Lent spring cleaning called #40bagsin40days every year. It’s on insta @whitehouseblackshutters with printables and everything. It really helps me get ready for a new season. Beachy TIu videos get me energized and excited too!

  4. Love this post! Where are Kat’s palm tree pants from? Loving them too!

  5. I just cleaned out my closet and got new shelves and drawers! I feel SO FREE and ready to kick major booty this year!

  6. I just did my first round last week to make room for the latest additions to our home gym. I was able to donate a few bags to goodwill and fill up a few additional bags of trash. I always have a hard time letting go but I never miss it once it’s gone. My goal is to do another round of closets this weekend :-)

  7. Did you know you can repurpose Perfect Fit canisters to hold all your dry goods in the pantry. I save them and put pretty labels on them and store all my oats and flours!!! I love they they are all the same size and the kid is tight!!

    1. One more thing… what do you use to make pretty labels? As we say in our home “I’m smart in other ways”. Crafting and creativity are not my strongest quality… 😀

  8. Thank you for these excellent tips! I’m also moving house in about 6 weeks cos I’m getting married, so I need to start packing so many things, but I also know there are many things which I do not need or use!

  9. Another idea is to donate them to your nearest domestic violence/sexual assault agency. I worked at a women’s shelter for two years and getting good clothing donations from kind people in the community really helped when the women went for job interviews, court to testify against their abuser, or even because they had to flee the house and couldn’t take any belongings for safety issues. Your clothes will absolutely go to a good cause this way!

  10. I love spring cleaning! It always make me feel so great and makes me more motivated to be more proactive about different parts of life. Getting ready to move into my first apartment in August and getting ahead start is just what I need!

  11. I cleaned out my pantry last night and felt so much better afterwards. I am not letting go of a pair of jeans I’ve had since junior year of high school (12 years ago) ONLY because I fit into them again. I promise it’s the only pair I have. And I felt like 10 million bucks sliding them on.

  12. Before I donate clothes, I always try to sell them first. Places like Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s closet are great for it. Last time I was in Plato’s I noticed they have a whole workout section, so you can sell workout clothes that are too big now ;)

  13. I have been spring cleaning different rooms and closest for a couple weeks now. Our major task would be the attic. Everything goes in the attic and now it needs to come down!! Thanks for the tips!!

  14. Can you please tell me who makes katrinas baseball tee???? I also really want to know karenas tee from the last recipes video which also looks like a grey and white baseball tee with stripes on the sleeves!!
    Please please provide deets I need karenas shirt so I can sleep tonight!!!!

  15. A friend of mine posted an excellent idea: 30 bags for lent! In this case, 30 days is simple enough!
    Fill 1 bag of items a day!
    By the end, not only will you have parted with 30 bags, it’s 30 bags of hope & wonderful donations to those in need!
    This can easily be

    (Bonus: A very decluttered mind, body and soul!)

  16. I follow and have done the KonMari Method: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, only keep things that give you joy (and who I think said the quote mentioned about clear space). I cut down on so much clutter and it’s transferred into everyday life. I think twice before buying and it’s a lot easier to not keep things, just throw them out, recycle etc and I do almost daily mini edits. I can’t recommend the book enough!

  17. so ready to do some spring cleaning. It is hard to get rid of things like sprinkles and stuff for other people on making treats and gifts. What do I do with them?

  18. Next week is spring break for the ballet school so this will be the perfect thing to do over the week!

  19. If you’re not sure you are ready to give up a bunch of clothing items, here’s a tip I’ve been using for a few years! Place all the questionable items in a cardboard box and write the date one year from the date you fill the box. Tape it up and store it. If that date has passed and you haven’t opened the box, donate that entire box without opening it. You obviously don’t need or use those items anymore! If you open the box before the date listed, go through the items again and see what items you want to keep. Put anything you don’t want back in the box and write a new date. Don’t have the space to store the box? Charge yourself $20 a month “rental fee” to hold onto it.


  20. When my husband and I moved into our new apartment five months ago we already decluttered sooo much, we’re still busy selling/donating stuff! Loved this post though, thank you!

  21. Such great tips and has got me even more excited for my room redesign!

    Getting the furniture and idea’s in place, going to space plan and paint :D. This just got me excited to organize too!! Time to let things go, gosh I love organizing and this community.


  22. After my breakup last year, my boyfriend moved out and I went on an enormous decluttering mission and filled my space instead with things that made it feel like wholly my space. I feel like I’ve finally decluttered to the point where I only keep things that spark joy (I’m OBSESSED with Marie Kondo’s book) and now after almost a year of living alone I’m finally starting to realize all of the internal ways that I want to clean up—mostly with the way I talk to myself. I’ve been working meditation into my life and reading a lot of self-help books by Jen Sincero, Tara Brach, and Brené Brown, to change the way I speak to myself so that I truly start believing that my goals are achievable. I’m really, really looking forward to this year’s Bikini Series, I think it’s going to help me realize that even after years and years of self-doubt and criticism that as soon as I embrace that I’m worthy of the level of self-care I want to give to myself, then anything can be possible :)

    I loved this post. And I love this community so much.

    1. Anything is possible for you! We believe in you and we’re behind you every step of the way! xxo

  23. Loved reading this and all the helpful comments.
    I’m a stay at home mom and I constantly feel like my home is turned upside down. My spring cleaning goals are to definitely get organized, and create a happy flow of my environment. I already started by donating 6 bags of old clothes shoes and toys. I’m excited to tackle my kitchen next! Thank you K + K and tiu community! 😘

  24. Great ideas!!! I always do a spring clean and a winter clean and it feels so good. When my son was younger we would do the same with his toys and books. I would let him decide what he no longer used or liked (with a little encouragement ) and we would bring them to the local childcare centers. I work in HR and worked for a major childcare company and they are always in need of these items. Plus in taught my son the idea of giving. Love the idea for using the Perfect Fit canisters. They are great for so many things. Happy cleaning :) girls

  25. Katrina and Karena, can you guys post where you got those outfits that you have on in the pic?! They’re supes cute!!!

  26. Helpful post! Thank you! I’m trying to get rid of old memorabilia but having trouble parting with it. Even though I will never need it or look at it, why am I holding onto them still? Any tips? Takes up way too much space.

    1. Try saving one or two items that are particularly special to you, and make it a goal to donate the rest this season. This process doesn’t need to happen all it once, but you’ll feel amazing after you declutter! We always do! xxo

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