Spring Clean Your Meals, Mind, & Home Before The Bikini Series

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Hey gorgeous! Your BIKINI SERIES is comin’ in HOT!!! We’ve been putting the finishing touches on your new 8-week challenge and we can’t wait for you to see it! If this is your first Bikini Series, welcome babe ~ this will be one of the most rewarding and fun adventures ever! Done a challenge with us before? Wait ’til you see the new surprises we have for you 🙌🏻💃🎉

Starting next week, you’ll be able to sign up for your Bikini Series and get your free Starter Pack with all the details and everything you need. For this week, we really want you to focus on preparing your body, home, and mind for this new journey. You can start setting yourself up for success RIGHT NOW!

Let’s all spring clean our meals, minds, and homes this week. Anyone else need a lil’ refresh? After a weekend in the desert at Coachella, we definitely do! Everything is better when you do it as a team, so let’s hold each other accountable, share our best spring cleaning tips, and do this together!



PS: We’ll be sharing tips all week on how to get our bodies and minds ready for the Bikini Series. And keep a lookout right here on ToneItUp.com for more details soooon! Grab all your girls to join with you!!!

Throughout the Bikini Series, you’re going to be eating clean, nutrient-packed, delicious meals and feeling amazing! (Pssst…we’ll be sharing some Bikini Series nutrition tips later this week!) Now is the perfect time to get a jumpstart on your Lean, Clean, ’N Green lifestyle or really re-focus on it. By the time the Bikini Series starts, it will already feel like a natural part of your healthy lifestyle!

Last week, our mini challenge was to nix fried foods and focus on fresh, whole meals. Let’s keep that going girl! If you crushed it last week, congrats! Make it your goal to keep it up for another week. If you missed last week’s challenge, no worries! This week is a new opportunity to start fresh…pun totally intended 😌 Limiting fried foods is going to be life-changing and you’ll feel incredible! If you haven’t seen, you can check out our best fried food swaps here!

tone it up karena katrina spring cleaning tips

This week is also the perfect time to re-energize and refocus your mind. WHY are you doing the Bikini Series? What are your goals and intentions for the challenge? Take some time to sit in a quiet space with your journal and jot down five positive intentions for the series.

And since we’re spring cleaning, also jot down anything that you can let go of, whether it’s a fear or negative self-talk. If it isn’t serving you or your goals, let’s devise a plan to replace it with something positive. Maybe you set a goal to start each day by saying three things you’re grateful for. Noticing negative self-talk? Set an intention to start each morning by practicing self-love and acknowledging what makes you unique and beautiful. How about just a few minutes of meditation in the morning? (Karena’s meditations here are a great way to start!) You don’t need to make a lot of changes at once ~ begin with something small and you’ll see how your perspective shifts!

It feels SO satisfying to clean and de-clutter! For the Bikini Series, you’ll want to set up space in your home dedicated to your workouts (we’ll have more tips on this soon!) and room in your closet to lay out all your fave workout clothes. That means the extra clutter has to go!!!

Take some time to go through your closet. If you love something and it makes you feel confident, rock it girl! If you haven’t worn an outfit in the last year, it’s time to donate it. Invite some girlfriends over to make this more fun. Mimosas and a fashion show, anyone?!

It also feels great to clean out your makeup drawer and wash your makeup brushes. Our girlfriend and one of our favorite beauty experts Marianna Hewitt shared all her tips for cleaning up your beauty routine with us here! We also like going through our shelves and “junk drawers” and giving everything around the house a refresh!

Now that you’re prepped ~ body, mind, and home ~you’ll be so ready to rock this Bikini Series!

How will you be preparing your body, mind, & home for the Bikini Series? Share your best spring cleaning tips with us in the comments! We can’t wait to read them and start this journey together!


    1. I don’t think it’s late…they normally line it up so that the last week falls during the same week that the first day of summer starts. At least that’s what I’ve seen in years past?

      1. I’ve been seeing in my Timehop that it was already announced by this time last year and past years.

    2. Hey! It might feel later but it’s not! It usually aligns to be right around the end of my spring semester – last year it was April 20th! It;s coming very soon :)

      1. I feel like it’s a bit late too, usually the first week ends on my birthday (so I have a cheat night as soon as it starts!). Sounds like hopefully it’ll start in two weeks though, thinking one week after starter packs are out?

  1. I love Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I followed her guidelines last year, and while my house needs a little freshening up, I pared back so much that it’s not going to take nearly as long. Right now, my Tupperware, bathroom drawers, and my daughter’s toys need to get handled:)

    1. I just read that book and finished tidying with her rules! Love the book and my clothing drawers never looked neater!

  2. I just went through my closet yesterday and got rid of clothes I don’t ever wear. One thing I like to do is get those vacuum seal storage bags and swap out seasonal items! It’s warm now where I live so I took all my winter items and put them away yesterday and swapped out for all my spring/summer clothing that way my closet isn’t super full. I also do the same with my shoes! Spring cleaning feels great, my house feels lighter and less messy now. I also like to lighten up my decor, put out more fresh flowers and use bright colored vases to give my house a spring feel. I’m so excited for the Bikini series to start!

    1. Wow! Those are great ideas with the vases and fresh 💐. I would like to get the vacuum storage bags since I live in a small apartment now. I could store winter stuff under the bed!

      1. They are from Sundry but they are actually from years ago. I haven’t “cleaned” them out because I love them ;)

  3. Love these ideas!!! Already started and it feels good! Just wondering why the Bikini Series are starting so late? I can’t wait for it to start!!!!! :D :D :D

    1. Yes. You will get a copy of the program a couple days before it starts so you can read through it and go grocery shopping.

    2. Hi babe! The Bikini Series is free for everyone to join! If you’re a member of the Nutrition Plan, you’ll be getting your brand new Bikini Series Edition of the plan before the challenge kicks off. It’s amazing so stay tuned!!!

  4. Hi ladies! This is my first bikini series. As excited as I am, I’m also feeling a little unprepared because the info slooooowly leaks out. If we are signing up next week, does that mean the challenge is starting next week?

    1. Hey babe! We’re SO excited to start your first Bikini Series with you! It’s going to be such an incredible adventure! And don’t worry, we gotchu! When you sign up, we’ll be sending you all the information you need to prepare before Day 1. You’ll have the tips and tools you need to start the Bikini Series feeling ready and strong! If you have any questions, we’re here for you every step of the way! xxo

  5. One way I’m spring cleaning- I have started the 7dsd with some boss babes in the tiu community. We are all ready to crush this bikini series. For some of us, it will be our first (myself included) :)

    1. That’s amazing!! We’re so excited to kick off your first Bikini Series with you! You’re going to rock it 🤗

  6. It just so happens that I’m doing the 5 day detox this week! That will be a great refresh before the bikini series!

      1. Yes!! It’s going to be amazing! SO excited to start your first Bikini Series with you babe! xxo

        1. Yes mine too! I’m super excited to start and be part of this community. How do I connect with other TIU members in my town? I’d love to have a “real” buddy to do this with at my gym or outside!

          1. Hi babe! You can search #TIUyourcityourstate on Insta to find girls in your area! For example, #TIUDallas or #TIUAtlanta. You’ll find so many amazing women near you who are just waiting to meet you! Go for it and message them! xxo

  7. This will be my first bikini series!! I’m so excited to get started! Getting the kitchen prepped is definitely a must! :)

  8. Yes!!! Organizing the closet is TOP priority this week (other than you know, the basics ha ha). I’m going to have a lot to donate!! I’m so ready for this Bikini Series!! Thank you!!!

  9. My fridge is all cleaned out of things that don’t support my goals. I am hon g to reorganize my clothes next!

  10. For my graduation, my hubby agreed we should get the plan, finally!! This is my first bikini series as a member, and I’m going to rock it with you ladies of the #tiuteam!! SO excited to see everyone’s meal prep pics!! Woot woot!!!

  11. My husband and I just talked about spring cleaning tonight! I plan on going through my closet and donating clothes that I’m not wearing. If they aren’t serving me, then they can surely serve someone else especially if they are in need! I also plan on going through my fridge and cleaning out to reset for the BS! I am so ready to get started and commit to this series for me! XOXO!

  12. I can’t wait and I have already been prepping for this Bikini Series, WHOOP WHOOP!!! Question, will there be a bundle sold with the BS???!!!

    1. We’re going to have soooo many fun surprises for you throughout the Bikini Series and we cant’ wait to share more details soon! SO excited 😘💃🎉

  13. I am really so excited as I need this to get strong and healthy again after having a Baby. My son is 3 months old now and I am ready to rock it. Hope he lets me ;-)

    1. Congrats babe! So happy for you 🤗 The Bikini Series will be the perfect way to feel strong, confident, and healthy and there are so many great meals and workouts for busy new moms too! You’re going to rock it!! xxo

  14. So excited for my 3rd Bikini Series!! I went to Target recently and found some baskets to organize my pantry, it really helped me see what I have and what I don’t have and I can control how much of thr “bad stuff” I keep in the very smallest basket!!

    1. We LOVE baskets from Target too! We use them to organize in the kitchen and our workout gear too ;)

  15. I just did this! More like the Ruthless Declutter Challenge (look it up)… got through my laundry room, two cabinets, pantry (so many expired things!!), and spare bedroom closet. Had two donation trips just from those areas alone, including 15 wedding centerpieces, 3 suitcases, 2 vases, and a set of golf clubs.
    Going to tackle my closet this weekend!

    I realize how much money I spend on things that don’t make me happy, adding to my stress of cleaning and needing to buy products to store this junk!

  16. Inspired to give out of reach areas a good dust yesterday and cleaned out my gym bag with a good wipe down….next is the clutter of clothes and kiddo toys

  17. Would it be possible for us to find out the start date for the Bikini Series ~5 days before? I’d like to do the 5 Day Detox right before it begins. :)

    1. Last year it was April 24th, I’m guessing this year will be Monday the 23rd. It’s always around the same time.

    2. Hi babe! We’ll have all the details for you very soon so you have everything you need to prep and feel super strong going into the Series! xxo

  18. This is my first Bikini Series and I couldn’t be more excited!! Right now I’m on vacation with my little family so I’m really working on spring cleaning my mind this week. There’s just something about stepping away from my daily routines and spending quality time with my husband and two boys at the beach that feels like the perfect refresh.

    1. That sounds amazing! The perfect refresh before kicking booty in your first Bikini Series 🤗🙌🏻☀️🌴

  19. Other than dumb bells, is there equipment needed for the workouts in this challenge so I can be prepared? Thanks!

    1. Hi babe! We’ll be sending you your Bikini Series checklist next week with everything you need to prep! We gotchu 🤗

  20. Taking a break from decluttering to type this. I’ve sold almost $100 worth of stuff just sitting around my house. That’s $ for new workout outfits!! Can’t wait for the BS. This is going to be my first complete series. I found you guys last year in the middle of it. :)

  21. I started cleaning a couple of weeks ago. Between work and school I only have a day a week to dedicate to decluttering so a little at a time is how it goes for me. Both closets are done along with one of two bookcases. Still have a lot more to go!!!

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