Rosé With K&K Sunset Stroll Q&A

You asked us so many fun questions on Insta @ToneItUp, and we’re answering anything and everything in this week’s Rosé With K&K!!

We’re chatting with you from our sunset stroll in Manhattan Beach. We do this all the time together after work, between meetings, and in the morning…with Rosé Mimosas! (Sparkling rosé with a splash of grapefruit juice…SO GOOD!!)

Watch the video below to hear our sunless tanner and post-workout beauty tips, what we eat when we’re hangry, news about our upcoming TIU tour…and some panty talk because it’s us! ;)

Grab a glass and a girlfriend and come stroll with us! Cheers! Xxo

Watch on YouTube HERE!

 We want to hear your answers!! Tell us in the comments!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

What are your best sunless tanner tips? ~ We love COOLA Suncare. I put mine on in the shower and Kat’s trick is coconut oil on your knees and elbows before applying- It will change your life!!

What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle?

Buns or guns workouts?

Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?! ~ You know that one was really tough for us!

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  1. cookie dough or mint choc chip, I haven’t found a good sunless tanner for my pale skin yet! post work-out hairstyle; ponytail plait! Buns, and i would give up rose for sure.
    I love watching your rose with k&k videos!

  2. Favorite ice cream – Coconut Bliss Ginger cookie caramel!
    I’ve never used sunless tanner but I’m going to check out the Coola one, now!
    I am usually in a mad dash after my bootycall workout to get ready for work before my son gets up. I like twisting my hair back and pinning it in a bun. Professional and toddler friendly.
    I love arm workouts, I like seeing the progress happen more quickly.
    Definitely give up Rose. I couldn’t imagine doing burpees every day 😱😵🤢

  3. Ice cream is birthday cake from frostys ice cream or dole pineapple!

    I dont use tanners.

    Letting my hair down is my go-to post-workout hairstyle?

    The bigger the buns the better 😘

    Give up rose lol sorry I’m a chump! 😂

  4. OMG you are coming to Dallas!!!!!! YAY!! Girls you will see my front row! I have been a huge fan since your Bravo show. So excited!!!

    1. Woohoo!! This is amazing!! Brittany, thanks for spreading the word about TIU!! I can’t wait for the Dallas tour date!!

      1. YEA!!!!!!! Can’t wait to find out about your Dallas tour !!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Fave Ice cream is mint chip!
    Sunless tanning tips?
    I don’t really use any sunless tanning products! Maybe I should!
    Post workout hair? Either a bun or pony!
    For sure guns!
    And Goodbye Rose! Haha!

  6. Favorite ice cream- it has always been mint chocolate chip 🙂
    Sunless tanner tips- lotion on the hands, feet, knees and elbows
    Go to post workout hairstyle- high pony tail. My hair is very fine and very thin so after I get sweaty it’s done for the day
    Buns or guns?- Booty booty booty
    Give up rose’. I’m not a fan of burpees and avoid them when I’m able to 🙈😎

  7. Favorite Ice Cream-Red Velvet Cake
    Sunless Tanner-I’ve been using St. Tropez but I’m going to check out the Coola now! My advice is to use a mitt
    Post workout hair/makeup-I have short hair so dry shampoo and dry texture spray and pin back with a bobby pin. Makeup-BB cream, mascara, Bronzer and lipgloss
    Buns or guns? BUNS. I love a perky booty
    And bye bye rose and chocolate! I HATE burpees!

  8. OMG I’m so excited y’all are coming to Dallas! I absolutely can’t wait!
    Favorite ice cream flavor- mint chocolate chip; No sunless tanner; post workout hairstyle and makeup- side braid and mascara; buns or guns workout- buns; and I could never do burpees everyday… it would literally kill me! Lol

  9. Favorite ice cream flavor…this might be the hardest question! But I’m sticking with Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia!!
    I don’t really use sunless tanner :\
    Post workout hairstyle…is usually wet! I jump in the shower right after my booty call :)
    Buns or guns workouts? Guns!!
    I would easily rather give up rosé. Burpees every day!? Nooooo XD

  10. Favorite Ice Cream – I love anything chocolate and peanut butter so if an ice cream combines the two, that’s my fave!
    I don’t use sunless tanner.
    Post workout hairstyle – usually a pony cause my hair is a sweaty mess lol. My hair is fine and gets oily very easily.
    I would definitely give up rose. I do not like burpees!!

  11. Man, I def need a place in Cali at some point in my life. I just LOVE it and the vibe. Anywhoooo, my fave ice cream is Vanilla, Vanilla CHocolate CHip, Cookies and Cream, Cookie anything Vanilla based. Not a huge fan of sunless tanners, b/c they always seem to smell, but I’m gonna have to try COola’s being that it’s a healthier one. AND..totally would give up Rose lol..burpees are THE WORSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT hahah walk & talk!

  12. Favorite ice cream: peppermint.
    Sunless Tanner: Loving Tan
    Post workout hairstyle: messy bun
    Buns or guns: buns fo sho
    Giving up rosè for burpees: I would do anything to avoid burpees!

  13. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? — I feel like I am so not normal but I dont really like Ice Cream!! However, I could drink a Peanut Butter Milkshake in like 1 second…

    What are your best sunless tanner tips? — I haven’t found a sunless tanner that I’ve liked yet! SO Im definitely going to have to try yours (;

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle? — I have curly hair, so depending on the workout, I can just put it back down! But if I have to keep it up, I just do a loose ponytail over 1 one shoulder (:

    Buns or guns workouts? — OH MY GOSH, I CANT CHOOSE!! Those are the best things to work!!

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?! — I actually dont really drink alcohol, but I definitely would give up something I’m addicted to before doing burpees every single day… Torture!! lol Maybe I should say to myself, “If you drink that, you have to do burpees…”, I’ll break my habit!?

  14. Katrina, I love your pants! Where are they from?? 😍😍
    As for rosé or burpees… could I just switch to white wine?? 🍷😂

    1. haha that’s what I said, they didn’t say give up wine, they just said rose’ HAHAHA! I wrote mine below.

  15. MINT chip !! I hear Tanuletics is a good self tanner, I will definitely have to check out CoOla brand! Post work out is usually some kind of half up half down mess! Buns hun !! I could manage burpees as long as their wasn’t a jump tuck after it LOLOL!!

    can’t wait for the live work out !!!

  16. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?~mint chip :)

    What are your best sunless tanner tips?~I have such pale skin, afraid to use it!

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle?~top knot or down and wavy

    Buns or guns workouts?~buns for sure

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?!~give up rosé, does anyone actually like burpees????

  17. I’m with Hannah Lee, I’ll pick another cocktail to avoid a burpee…of any kind :)

  18. Oops 🙊 wasn’t finished commenting 🙃 And I meant to say hoot.
    Fave ice cream strawberry
    No need for sunless tanner w/Latino & Filipino genes 😉
    Post workout hair – I’m lazy so just wash and air dry.
    Guns are a goal this series. Not sure if I’ll ever get a booty, born w/a model 🍑 😕
    Burpees since I’m not a big drinker.

  19. 1. Plain Chocolate or Mint Chocolate Chip :)

    2. I’ve tried Mary Kay and recently tried Jergens again – Jergens worked well before my vacation this year!

    3. If I’m working out during the workday I flat Iron my hair in the morning and then just blow dry it back straight after. If it’s the weekend and I’m just running errands – top bun!

    4. guns – but I should try harder on the buns!

    5. burpees!

  20. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Phish Food from Ben and Jerry’s

    What are your best sunless tanner tips?
    I don’t actually use sunless tanner! Explains my weird tanlines from running though.

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle?
    Braids all day

    Buns or guns workouts?
    Guns! I’m moving towards buns now

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?!
    I’d totally give up Rose and find a new wine vice. I HATE burpees.

  21. Fave ice cream – Pistachio. Pistachio flavor anything is always my favorite.

    Sunless Tan Tips – defenitely wash your hands/between your fingers after using the lotions and do in light layers. Girlllll have I had crazy hands for a few days back in the day lol

    Hair after a workout – top knot or beach waves but that’s because my hair is naturally wave so it’s easy.

    BUNS! Always my favorite workouts and the feeling of not being able to walk from being so sore 🙃

    Bye rosé, hello pinto I guess? Lol

  22. My fave ice cream flavours are ones I enjoyed as a child, but if I had to choose just one, I’d say…Cotton Candy! I don’t use sunless Tanner, I’m so pale and freckly it would look a bit odd ;). After a workout, I comb dry shampoo through my medium length bob and spritz generously with sea salt spray, then tousle. I need rose in my life. Case closed.

  23. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? – Chocolate Marshmallow! (Not to be confused with Rocky Road….)

    What are your best sunless tanner tips? – Exfoliate (just with a loofah) and moisturize daily to prepare skin for the sunless tanner!

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle? – Dry Shampoo and shake :)

    Buns or guns workouts? – This is hard! Buns….but I agree with Kat on the biceps and how quickly they show. :)

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?! – Give up rosé! There’s no way I’m doing burpees everyday! I’ll just have white wine. ;)

  24. GIRLS – Hope you’ll be doing a tour in Europe at some point! :D

    Fav. ice cream flavour? cookie dough!
    What are your best sunless tanner tips? ~
    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle? Dry shampoo!
    Buns or guns workouts? Guns :)
    And I would have to give up rosé I’m afraid! :S

  25. Chocolate!
    Never use it because I am bi-racial and therefore always tan haha
    Messy bun!
    Guns….love arm workouts!
    Give up Rose…I don’t drink

  26. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Gold Medal Ribbon- I am a classic girl!

    What are your best sunless tanner tips? ~ I do love Jergens natural glow!! It’s easy to apply and I can get an instant tan quickly

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle? A messy bun probably still with wet hair from my shower! :)

    Buns or guns workouts? Buns all the way!!

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?! ~ You know that one was really tough for us!- Only do Burpees.. I need my vino always!!! <3

  27. Ice cream- definitely cookie dough!🍦
    Tanner-love Jergens❤️❤️
    Post Workout- dry shampoo/side braid 💁🏽
    Buns or guns-buns of course!! 🍑🍑
    Rose or Burpees- Buh bye Rosé 🤣🤣

  28. Dallas you say???? Well count me in!! I’ll drive up from San Antonio to workout and see y’all! <— Yup, I said it! Lol Keep us Texas girls posted!

  29. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I love soft serve chocolate ice cream on a cone. My favorite treat when at the beach on the boardwalk in the summer.
    What are your best sunless tanner tips? I was using Jergen’s natural glow but started using Younique tanner and love how good it smells!
    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle? More common now is a messy bun or still wet hair from my shower with the smell of the K&K sea salt spray. Love that stuff, use it daily!
    Buns or guns workouts? I love arm workouts because you are right, you can start seeing those changes right away. I’ve noticed that since I started getting back into it last week after surgery that my arms are already changing this week. I can see the difference.
    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day? I could give up the rose’ because I loathe burpees!! You didn’t mention any other kind of wine ;) hahaha I could go for my white zin, ha! :)

  30. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Cheesecake with chocolate chips

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle?
    Messy bun

    Buns or guns workouts?

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?!
    I’d definitely sip rosé while doing those burpees!

  31. Favorite ice cream… Mint chocolate chip! Refreshing but chocolaty :)

    I actually do not self tan and never have! Milky white all year until summer lol

    High-up twisted top knot for post workout hair.

    Buns buns buns!!

    Rose or burpees? Easy – give up rose… I don’t drink lol

  32. My favorite ice creams are coffee flavor, snickerdoodle, or anything with cookie dough, peanut butter chocolate… the list could go on. It’s easier to just name ice cream I don’t like!! Like anything with nuts or random fruits in them. It feels wrong!!

    I’m originally from Florida but I don’t tan or use a sunless tanner!

    I have pixie hair with longer bangs so I’ll usually have time to spritz it with water and blow dry my bangs into the right place or twist them to the side.

    I prefer Buns!! The burn in my buns is satisfying, while the burn in my arms makes me feel weaker and need to stop.

    I’d rather give up Rose… I’m more into reds! But my favorite drink is a Bloody Mary so I could probably give up wine altogether at this point!

  33. 1.) Chocolate
    2.) I don’t use sunless tanner.
    3.) Depends on the workout, if I got sweaty, dry shampoo and leave it down or in a ponytail, if I have time I will shower.
    4.) Buns! Loved Absolutely Bootyful!
    5.) Give up Rose.

  34. 1. Mint chip!
    2. I haven’t used sunless tanner or spray tanned in years, but I would say that less is more!
    3. I let my hair down to allow some of the sweat to dry, lol. My hair is usually still full/poufy enough that I can fake a clean head.
    4. I’m going with buns, because they’re important muscles to strengthen in order to alleviate back pain. Also, my last boyfriend’s nickname for me was Buns (don’t ask me why), so it has a special place in my heart (we are still friends).
    5. I’d give up Rose and cling to Sauvignon Blanc. Burpees every day would just suck.

  35. Fav ice cream: Raspberry lemon swirl ice cream.
    Don’t use sunless tanner.
    Post workout hair: usually a pony or a hat. Can a hat count as a hairstyle?!? Rarely have time to get ready on a daily basis with my 4 kiddos!
    More interested in sculting my booty/thighs so I’m going with buns!
    I don’t drink so I could give up rose. I would give up chocolate though. Burpees are great, but my workouts have got to have variety!!!

  36. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Cookie dough, mint chocolate chip or anything with PB in it.

    What are your best sunless tanner tips? ~ I’ve never used sunless tanners

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle? Have up or dry shampoo dry shampoo cry shampoo or a sea salt spray beach look.

    Buns or guns workouts? BUNS! but I really need to work on guns haha.

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?! ~ OMG THIS IS TOUGH. IUNNO im not a fan of burpee’s but I love me some rose on occasion hmmm decisions decisions. I think im gunna say it. Burpee’s everyday, Rose is just too good not to give up!

  37. I love this video! So excited for the next TIU tour, please tell me you’re coming to Providence or Boston! :)

    Rose or burpee question was too hard! haha I love my rose but there is no way I could do burpees everyday. Buns or guns – totally buns!

  38. Yay, thanks for answering my panty question!!!

    What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! I usually end up eating all the cookie dough first.

    What are your best sunless tanner tips?
    L’Oreal has new sunless tanner wipes that you use after the shower that I just started using. They still leave a few streaks sometimes, but I’ll try the coconut oil trip for my knees and elbows which might help!

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle?
    Dry shampoo + a pony if I don’t have time or if I have time at home I’ll use a wand for some waves.

    Buns or guns workouts?
    Guns! I love being able to see instant results with pumped up arms!

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?!
    Ahhh, so tough! I’d have to give up rose, burpees are the worst!

    -Jessica S.

  39. Mint chocolate chip or cookies n’ cream!!
    Haven’t tried a sunless tanner yet, but definitely going to have to check out Coola products now!! And my post workout hair is either bun or ponytail depending on what is going on, lately it’s been ponytails because my hair is too short for the bun right now!
    Would love both buns & guns workouts! Both need toning especially the buns!!
    I would so give up rosé and even chocolate if it meant I didn’t have to do burpees!! Those are the ☠️ Of me!!

  40. Ice Cream – Banana chocolate chip gelato or anything with raspberry.

    Sunless tanner tips ~ I put lotion on my palms and the bottoms of my feet. And I LOVE Rodan + Fields foaming sunless tanner.

    go-to post-workout hair ~ braid or let it down with some K&K sea salt spray. Got it in the Bikini Series bundle and I’m obsessed. Smells so good!

    Buns or guns workouts? You know, I can’t choose haha! I love them both.

    Can I switch rosé for cabernet?! ~ Haha if not, at least I have Kombucha!!!

  41. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate chip

    What are your best sunless tanner tips? I really love the St. Tropez self tanning mousse. two tips I have is to exfoliate before you tan and make sure to slather your elbows, ankles, feet (bottom too) and knees with lotion. I like the coconut oil tip! I’ll try that but I have always just used a thick lotion.

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle? lots of dry shampoo, oribe texture spray!

    Buns or guns workouts? Buns! Always looking to build that booty!

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?! I’d give up rose! I could find a substitute for sure. burpees are the worst.

  42. Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip all the way!
    Sunless tanner tips: As a redhead, the only area I have a huge issue with getting tan is my legs so I use Sally Hansen’s airbrush legs, but when I want a full body tan for a special event, I get a spray tan. In the winter, I flaunt the pale skin.
    Go-to Post-workout hair: Messy bun all the way! My hair has to be washed post-workout or thrown up – too much hair for product to help it look any way decent.
    Buns or Guns: Coming from a girl with an apple bottom, I’d rather work on my biceps. However, I’m learning to love and appreciate my bootay – everyone else does, so I should too! :-)
    Rose or Burpees: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would learn to love burpees – can’t give up that Rose, unless I can switch it for Sauvignon Blanc!

    Please come to Richmond, VA!!!

  43. How fun… Loved this walk & talk!
    1. I love Rocky Road ice cream (gotta love the chunks of stuff all in there)!
    2. I’m part Italian and my skin is more olive so I don’t use sunless tanners… but I’m definitely not opposed to trying a sunless tanner, especially in the winter time. I’ll have to try the COOLA.
    3. I have pretty short hair so I always wash, dry, and straighten my hair post workout. I bought the Living Proof dry shampoo but I keep forgetting to actually try it out! :/ haha :D
    4. I gotta say Buns & Guns!
    5. I’m giving up Rose. Like BETSYHULER above I have GOT to have variety too!!

    Yesssss… Please come to Europe!!! :) <3

  44. As much as I love chocolate and Rose, I could NOT do only burpees every day…I would go nuts!

  45. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl Frozen Yogurt!
    What are your best sunless tanner tips?
    I have yet to find one for my pale pathetic skin
    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle?
    Either french braid or layers french braid into a bun….btw i typed bread instead of braid each time; wonder what I’m craving!
    Buns or guns workouts?
    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?!
    I’d give up Rose in a heart beat! I despise burpees!

    Also Please Please Please come to Nashville!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  46. 1. Mint chocolate chip or vanilla with pistachios sprinkled on top (it’s a close call!)
    2. I haven’t tried sunless tanner but you girls always give the best recommendations so maybe I’ll try COOLA! I also love how their products are all natural ingredients :)
    3. I have naturally wavy hair so dry shampoo and sea salt spray totally works for me. Embrace the sweaty locks! :) As for makeup, I’m currently on the hunt for a really good, natural-looking bronzer.
    4. BUNS. Hehe I love that question <3
    5. I would totally give up rosé before doing burpees as my only workout. It's a tough loss but I also hate burpees and LOVE all the other workouts/activities :)

    xoxo – I love these videos so much!

  47. Mint Chocolate Chip or anything with sprinkles!! :)
    i’ve never actually tried a sunless tanner before but I love Coola products so i may give that a try!
    Oh definitely give up Rose…not worth the Burpees…
    Love you girls! Thanks for posting and can’t wait until you come out to PHX!! :)

  48. Chocolate chip cookie dough!!!!
    I haven’t found a good sunless tanner yet either. I put your recommendation on my shopping list! I’ve done spray tans before which I love, but they’re kind of a pain to do.
    Bun, my hair is always in a bun. Easy to do when your hair is wet or dry, you can make it messy or perfect. Love my buns!
    I’d rather work my buns! I love seeing the definition in my guns now that I’ve been TIU workouts for 2 years, but I’ve got big buns so it’s easier for me to work them out! I was a dancer so I’ve got buns. Bubbles used to be my nickname in college!!!
    I don’t know if I could give up Rose!!! I’d have to learn to love burpees. If I could do them super slow & take lots of breaks, I’d make it work so I can keep my Rose!!!

  49. I just love you ladies- I hope you are coming to Vegas on the tour! :]

    I don’t use a sunless tanner but I would like to try the Coola one!

    Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream- so good!

    Dry shampoo + texture spray for me as well!

    Buns but I also love workin the guns- how do you choose?

    Def give up Rose- burpees = ouch!

  50. I love anytime of soft serve ice cream especially “cho cho” for those who know what that is ;) but love love love rainbow sprinkles mhmm:)
    I definitely am going to try your sunless tanner recommendation!
    My post workout hair style depends on whether or not I have a hard dryer haha so I blow dry my sweaty hair add a little organ oil hair spray then when its dry add some dry shampoo to get any greasy look my hair has to it! This is my go to after my hot & sweaty morning yoga class before I head to work ;)
    My top goal for this bikini series is to really shape & form my Bootyful booty haha so definitely workout the buns more!
    I would prob give up Rose sadly but definitely find an alternative wine substitute lol because I absolutely dread burpees.

    P.S. Karena I don’t like wearing underwear either, haha more comfortable ;)

  51. Hi girls! Fave ice cream: I tried an amazing one last weekend before the bikini series called Cookies and Milk by Ben & Jerry’s-it was everything!

    Sunless tanner tips? It’s been a while since I’ve used sunless tanner! (Guilty) A fan of sunshine and those Vita-D rays tho!

    My go-to post-workout hairstyle? Haha, I had to laugh at the mention of the Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture spray from the new bundle, because I have TOTALLY used that this week post my morning workout sessions, plus dry shampoo on dirty hair days. Luckily, I have natural curl, so these two little tricks allow me to just scrunch and go. After I restyle the bangs of course!

    Buns or guns? I’m into the guns and love feeling stronger in that upper bod strength lately!

    Burpees err day?! I’d rather give up rosé…;)

  52. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Rockie road! I love the crunch of the nuts and the soft marshmallow!

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle?
    Messy bun, of course.

    Buns or guns workouts?
    Buns buns buns!

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?!
    Give up rose. 100%.

  53. Ice cream: vanilla with peanut butter and fudge swirl

    Work the buns more but love the definition of the guns

    Sadly don’t use sunless tanner, but need to!

    My hair is crazy curly so it’s wash, mousse hairspray and go, otherwise it’s a frizzy mess!!

    Goals for this bikini series, to journal more crush the late night cravings and connect with more TIU girls all over!

    I will do burpees all day every day before I ever give up rosé😉, did it twice for my babies that’s all you get out of this mama!!

  54. Chocolate chip cookie dough, I also sunless tan in the shower or on a dark towel, braids for my hair and bare Minerals for my face, guns workouts, and I’d give up rose because I hate burpees, lol! Xoxo

  55. Ice cream: Pralines and Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip!
    Self Tanner – I LOVE Tanceuticals! It goes on really easily, dries quickly and creates really even long-lasting colour. It is has been the most amazing, life changing product!
    After workouts, i usually throw in a little dry shampoo and throw my hair into a messy bun, high pony or braid.
    Hmmm buns or guns … I think buns! I love working on my booty!
    I would definitely rather give up the rose because burpees are great but ONLY burpees everyday – no thanks!

  56. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I’m super boring, I LOVE Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla Icecream. There is just nothing that compares to the taste or texture!!

    What are your best sunless tanner tips? I don’t really use self tanners very often.. I just recently bought a bottle from Marshalls. The brand is SugarBaby. The main reason I bought was because it was made in Australia. I trust the quality of the product.

    What’s your go-to post-workout hairstyle? Messy bun all the way

    Buns or guns workouts? OH DEFENITELY BUNS!!! I’m 1/2 Colombian, so the booty is everything to me!!

    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?! Give up rosé! There’s just no way I could ONLY do burpees to work out. I’d go crazy[er].

    ** This was such a fun post!! This is my first BS, and even with being in the military lifestyle and how chaotic it can get, I’M SO HAPPY I SIGNED UP! I feel 1000x more alert and energized. AND ITS ONLY BEEN 1 WEEK!!!! And you girls and Tone It Up HQ do an amazing job of keeping things fun and exciting for us! I so greatly appreciate it!! Tons of love and joy!

  57. I love chocolate ice cream and any variation on it. Chocolate peanut butter!

    Sunless tanner – I haven’t used in a long time, but I’ll definitely check out Coola’s!

    Half pulled back with a clip – dry shampoo of course!

    Buns for sure!

    Give up rosé! I would find a different drink of choice but burpees forever – nah!

  58. Vanilla frozen yogurt (lactose intolerant) or coffee!
    I really like Fabulous sunless tanner and jergin’s BB body- a tip would be to apply after fully dried off from showering and don’t get dressed until its dry. use sparingly on knees & elbows (front and back), ankles and wrists, and wash your hands after!
    messy bun if I sweat a lot or rock my natural curls after a lower impact workout.
    Buns- is that really a question :)’
    I’d give up rose-reluctantly- and drink red because burpees are are best in moderation ;)





    Would you rather…give up rosé or only do burpees for your workout every single day?! ~ You know that one was really tough for us! GIVE UP ROSE. THERE ARE OTHER FUN DRINKS OUT THERE. BURPEES SOMETIMES? OKAY. BURPEES EVERY SINGLE DAY? YEAHHHH, NO. COUNT ME OUT.

  60. Haha love this! No undies had me dying!

    * Ice cream: Oh gosh Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or the ne Ben N Jerry’s Dairy Free Peanut Butter and Cookies! Yum!
    * Sunless Tanner: Never tried Sunless Tanner! Will have to try Coola!
    * Post workout hair: Dry shampoo and beach waves spray for sure! Works everytime!*
    * Buns or guns? BUNS!
    * Rose or Burpees: Ahhh buy rose’! I love burpees but not every day!

  61. Coffee ice cream and sea salt caramel gelato. I had a coffee milkshake once a week with both my pregnancies. But neither of my boys like coffee ice cream. 🤔Can’t wait to try the coola self tanner. And as much as I love rosé I would give it up if I had to do Burpee’s every day.

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