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Hi beautiful! Sooo we have a lil’ favor to ask and we know you’ll have our back! The Tour has been the most amazing experience (thanks for showing us the best time last night Nashville babes) and now we have ONE MORE STOP (we’re lookin’ at you Chicago)! When we get home to Manhattan Beach, we’ll be jumping right into the Tone It Up 21 Challenge with you. Monday is the perfect time! After so much traveling, the Challenge will help us get back into our regular workout routine and really focus on our Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals. We need this challenge and we need YOU!

One of the most powerful things you can do is share is your goals so here we go!! It takes 21 days to train your body and mind to form a healthy habit. Over the next 21 days, we’re going to set my alarm 30 minutes early to do the Daily Toning Moves in the TIU App ~ and we’re going to use the text invite feature to hold each other accountable! Our goal is to get our workouts and eating schedule back on track after the tour! :)

We’ll be looking to you girls to keep us accountable and motivate us! The most inspiring thing in the world for us is seeing your checkins and hearing from you!

What is one healthy habit you want to form in the next 21 days? Share in the comments and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way!

Oh and we filmed a little video for you from Nashville because we can’t wait to get started…

You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!


We’re all kicking off the Tone It Up 21Challenge MONDAY as a team!!!


  1. Hey, ladies! My goal for the TIU 21 challenge is to get my nutrition back on track. I feel SO AMAZING when I follow the nutrition plan. Can’t wait for Monday!

  2. My goal is to stay on top of my nutrition. I commute an hour to work everyday so I just have to be better (I tend to use commuting as an excuse.) and checkin/post everyday on my 20dani_tiu Instagram account, workout 5x a week 😊 So excited to start! #tiu21

  3. My 21 day goal is to workout BEFORE I take my kids to school! This is hard for me…because MORNINGS! And ps. PLEASE PLEASE promise us you will do the tour again next year! LITERALLY had the BEST time in Tampa!!!!

  4. My goal is to meal prep every weekend so I have ready meals during the week! No sighing at uncut veggies and grabbing unhealthy packaged snacks for me!

  5. My #tiu21 goal is to create space in my daily routine to nourish my healthiest self and the steps that will get me there are 1) meal prep on Sundays (been lax about this in the past) 2) Go to bed earlier and 3) Journal

  6. So excited!! My goal is stick with program, especially for my meals and not eat out at all!!

  7. Thinking about trying the studio tone it up app but I am concerned about making too much noise for my downstairs neighbors —which has been a problem with other workout apps. Are the cardio classes apartment friendly?

    1. So, I have knees issues from old injuries and I just modify the exercises to no jumping. That will help the neighbours. Also if you purchase a good quality thick mat, that will reduce the sound and be good for your kness. 👍

      1. You can also land softly for jumping moves (land toes to heals), I live upstairs in a converted house so it’s really tough to keep quiet especially in the mornings. I’ve perfected the silent jump tuck :) it can get pretty difficult when you really get into the workout or towards the end when you’re tired but the muscle control you need to land softly gives that extra kick. Sometimes if I feel like I’m making too much noise I just have to slow it down a bit. –My next place is definitely going to be on the ground floor so I can TIU anyway anytime :)

  8. My goal is to get my nutrition on track. I’ve never been great at sticking to a nutrition plan so this would be a huge accomplishment for me!

  9. So excited about the food for 21 day challenges! I want to eat Better but also have better habits leading into holiday season, sticking to TIU plan & workouts! Get it girls! We can do this! ;)

  10. I need to get my nutrition back in line. I’ve let too many things slide a little at a time due to stress at work. I always feel better without all the junk, but it’s just so tempting!

  11. My goal is to wake up
    For those bootycalls!!! I’m getting married in 28 days! I want to feel confident, sexy, amazing, & relaxed now & always! Can’t wait to do this challenge with all of you ladies!

  12. My goal is to journal more, especially when it comes to what I eat everyday! I also want to make sure I get my 5 meals in a day to avoid any snack attacks in the afternoon or evening! On top of that I also want to push myself to try new moves and not always play it safe with the modified versions lol. Cant wait to start with everyone on Monday!!

  13. Kick this sweet tooth that I’ve got! And to journal more – i did it last challenge and it really helped me — when I did it! Can’t wait for Monday!

  14. To get my nutrition back on track and lose some weight before I move to LA. I’ve been great at working out, but my nutrition has been 65% good, 20% meh, 15% bad.

  15. Im aimimg to really get on top of my eating habits during this challenge. I’ve been letting them slip a lot lately and I just feel horrible all the time. I’m not part of the nutrition plan though so it’s going to be a bit tricky but I’m going to make it work! I’m also gunna try and stick to working out 6days a week and at least go for a walk on the 7th just to get out of the house so bring on Monday!

  16. My goals are to meal prep each week, and try to get to an early morning yoga class every day 😊🙏

  17. 1) mealprep 2) make a morningroutine and stick with it 3) do the 5 daily moves every day💪🏻 4) meditate every day looove that feeling🙏🏻💕

  18. I have a busy 21 days ahead with my parents visiting and me traveling for 10 days, so my goal is to slay workouts 6 days a week and to choose lcg whenever I come back feeling good even though I was on the go! Also I’ll be redoing it when I get back home to get back on track (hoping for round 2 here ;)

    1. Johanna I’m with you! I also have a very busy 21 days I will be away for 18 of them and definitely hoping for a round 2! I’m a scientist and we will be in the field doing research which typically lends to a very unhealthy lifestyle, bad food, terrible sleeping habits, beer after a long day etc. So my goal is to bring along my yoga mat and TIU bands and get in as many sweat sessions as I can as well as keep up with healthy eating and passing up the beer whenever possible. When everyone else is making cheesy pasta, I’ll be cooking up my own lean clean and green alternative and try to stay away from the take out! My downfall for these trips is my constant snacking..healthy or not, I’m guilty of stuffing my face every chance I get so I want to stick with the M1-M5 as best I can without any extras. Gotta keep up my momentum as I’ll be headed straight out of this trip to my first Tough Mudder, yikes! So here’s to sticking with it as best we can and killing it for round 2 girl!

  19. My goals:
    Daily BC of Yoga and 21 REP daily moves
    Keep on top of Nutrition
    Stay positive

  20. I gotta get back on track with meal prepping and booty call! I was recently in a car accident and it has set me back a bit. Ugh! So frustrating! All the recipes look great and I am excited to get going again!

  21. My goal this time is to connect with my girls. Figure out what is wrong with my body on things and follow the recipes almost to the tee this time. Love you girls

  22. Have recently learned I need to be gluten free and dairy free , which is what I’ve been focusing on the past few weeks in order to get my energy back up. Now, it’s time to focus on fitness and getting back on track with my workouts.

  23. My #1 goal is to wake up 30minutes early and use the studio tone it up app for my #bootycall, with the daily video and daily moves.

    This next week will be very busy but If I workout in the morning my nutrition tends to fall into place and I feel so much better.

    Looking for an accountability partner through Instagram if anyone is interested… @tiu_melodyking

  24. My #goal is getting my daily Booty Call in no matter how much I’d like to keep sleeping. 😜💪🏼

  25. Goals for the #TIU21 challenge: try and get back to actually waking up 30 mins before for bootycalls, be more accountable for my meals and workouts, journaling, and get in the habit if doing more on my meal-prep Sunday. Quite a lot, but not impossible either. I really need to learn t be more accountable in the hope that that will actually keep me on track!!!!!

  26. My goal is to get back on track with my bootycalls and meal prep. I also want to connect with more of you and post more checkins on instagram.

  27. Can’t wait for this challenge!! My goal is to meal prep and have everything ready to go for the week ahead. To stick to the meal plan and work my ass off! Daily #tiu workouts plus my daily workout dates with my girls! Let’s do this ladies🤗🤗🤗

  28. My #1 goal is to create the habit of getting in my bootycall in the morning before my day officially starts!

  29. My goal is to get my nutrition back on track. Meal prep so that I have healthy options each day so I stay away from fast food and packaged quick meals.

  30. My goal is getting back on track with my nutrition & early morning workouts.. no more late-nights crashed with the hubby in front of the Playstation while the girls sleep. :-)

  31. #1 goal is to be consistent with my food. I don’t want to over snack, or give in to bad cravings!

  32. So excited for this!! My goal is to get my M4 on point! I do so good all day but that period in the day seems to be where I can use some work.
    Also Katrina, where is you top from??

  33. I need a complete overhaul, but picking one goal – get my nutrition on track. My working out won’t do me any good if I snarf down a bag of cookies afterwards.

  34. Sooooo very excited for the Fall 21 Day Challenge!! My goals are to get back into a routine and most importantly MEAL PREP!!!! I feel that this is crucial for me to keep on track and is so much easier to work it into my family meals if some of that is already taken care of!! I have a 17 year old and sometime he isn’t always on board, lol!! Best of luck to you all, NOW lets go kick some booty!!!!

  35. One of my #TIU21 challenge goals is to stretch every day. Basic, right? But I just don’t do it consistently! I will be crazy busy the first week of the challenge and then on vacation for the remainder. I plan to be active on vacation (hiking, swimming, surfing lesson!!!) but want to do dedicated stretching every day. I also plan to eat as lean, clean and green as possible with a few indulgences (shave ice!). Hope everyone has a great challenge!

  36. My goal is to stick to the nutrition plan. I recently started a new job and there is temptation everywhere in the office. I’m hoping after 21 days I’ll be back on track and no longer craving sweets.

  37. My goal is to get stronger and healthier after a fun summer!! I need to strengthen my core to help with low back issues and I want to be able to just jump up off the floor without having assistance from anyone or anything. Im thinking that about it :) Thank you to you all at TIU for helping all of us get to be a better version of ourselves!!

  38. I want to be more mindful, so my goal is to make time to journal at night before bed as a way to wind down and reflect!

  39. I’m going to FINALLY get my post baby body back. I’ve lost the weight and now I need to stay focused and tone.

  40. I want to get consistent going to the gym/working out even when my university schedule gets a bit hectic, as well as keep my stress eating under control 😜

  41. Stay positive,stay focused and stay committed to finish the challenge!
    Thanks for all you do for us

  42. Definitely need to get back on track with eating lean, clean ‘n green and working out daily. And I need to get motivated in the mornings to get the AM booty call in. I need to be positive about myself, stay consistent, and stay committed towards my goals! As much as life gets stressful, I can’t let it cause me to loose my focus. Good luck to everyone as well! :)

  43. I have problems going to bed at a decent hour so I’m going to work on that! I also want to learn some new healthy recipes, I got braces 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had any fast food or sweets since cos I’m so obsessed with keeping my teeth clean while the braces are on! I have no cravings for them now anyway though now I’ve gone a few weeks without them!

  44. My goal is to drink more water while I’m at work and to not snack after M5. I’ve been doing great with my workouts lately, but now I need to focus on nutrition!

  45. My goal for this challenge is to get my booty calls done in the morning! Soooo hard to get out of bed! Specially as the mornings get cooler…I need some kind of ejection mechanism! I also want to focus on journaling and finding my inner happiness. I know it’s in there somewhere! 😊

  46. In the next 21 days, I’d like to set aside a little time each day to remember why I started this journey to health. I think that over time I’ve just got off track because its so easy to get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. If I can create rituals (journaling, meditation, checking in, etc.) that help remind me why I’m doing this, I’m more likely to make healthy choices for myself.

  47. My goals are to 1) do my booty call every morning, since the longest streak I’ve had lately was 9-10 days and I felt amazing! and 2) stick to my capsule wardrobe without buying any new clothes, even though I often try to justify buying things I don’t need because I get a deal on them in the $1 section at Goodwill.
    I HAVE ENOUGH and I AM ENOUGH….so sticking to these two goals during this challenge will help remind me of that!! xo
    (Also thinking about doing a minimalist challenge during November, involving getting rid of 1 thing on the first, 2 things on the second, so forth and so on….any takers to do it with me?!?)

  48. I really need to get back into daily workouts. I’ve been working a bunch of overtime and then coaching a gymnastics team 4 nights a week after my full-time job. I also need to get my nutrition in check and create better habits! I have a major sweet tooth… I’m excited & can’t wait :)

  49. Wake up for my booty call 5 days a week. I work nights, so this also includes waking up and doing my workout at 4 pm because I slept all day! Also PLEASE PLEASE do another tour last year. It has rejuvinated my diet and fitness goals. Thank you ladies for an awesome time!

  50. Get my TIU Bootycall in every day and follow the fall meal plan to a T!! :) I am so excited to start the #TIU21 on Monday!!

  51. Bouncing back from a particularly difficult CFS dip and my goals are to feel energized through the workouts, stick to the meal plan and drink lots of water! :) I am loving the ideas of not eating out at all! What a great idea to get back into having to meal plan everything!

  52. I have been doing good on My nutrition sho my goal is to get my Booty Call and evening workout in everyday

  53. My goal is to be on top of meal planning and prep! My nutrition is where I struggle the most, so I really want to focus on that.

    1. Ugh nutrition is the hardest part for me, too. It’s the sweet tooth that gets me. Love your body more than you love that treat!

  54. Reset and recommit to happy and healthy girls! My goal is to journal every night and set myself up for success for the following day.

  55. Stop the late night/after dinner snacking and drink more water throughout the day!

    1. Same! one of my biggest problems is drinking enough water need to do that as well.

  56. My goals for this challenge are:
    1.) stick to my low carb eating because I need to lose the weight otherwise I am on my way to being a diabetic at some point. I will try to tweak the recipes the best I can cause I love pumpkin everything.
    2.) continue to lose weight
    3.) try my best to meal prep/ or I will eat healthy at work.
    4.) journal every night – try to keep my stress down
    5.) become friends with someone! I am pretty shy so my goal is to start becoming friends with more people to help with keeping each other accountable.
    To add to my incentive I will buy myself a new pair of workout shoes at the end of the challenge and I have to finish the challenge or I won’t buy them or I might buy as motivation to do the challenge I don’t know we’ll see what I decide. I love everyone else responses I have high hopes we can all finish the challenge strong! Let’s do this!

  57. Spread as much love and inspiration as possible, To myself and TIU babes! Connect with someone new everyday😘

  58. Hey ladies! My goals I’m aiming to reach during this challenge are to commit to AM TIU moves before work, & to kick my sweet tooth craving to the curb!

  59. I want to work on having healthier dinners. I meal prep my breakfasts and lunches every week, but dinner is always a toss up and depends on my picky kids and husband. I need to start thinking ahead more for dinners and planning easy ways to adjust meals I know my kids like into something TIU friendly.

  60. my goal is to ease back into my TIU DM exercise routine post surgery. I was told to wait 8 weeks, but my mind, body and soul are screaming to get started gently and become mentally agile.

  61. My goal for the TIU 21 Challenge is to practice having a peaceful mind, maintaining positivity, and practice continuous self-love. :) <3 I know I will accomplish the fundamentals through working out and clean eating to reset, but meditation and yoga are elements I want to incorporate more to have a well-balanced, spiritual mind and attitude!

  62. My goals for this challenge is to step out of my comfort zone, physically, emotionally, and mentally. This challenge I want to accomplish new workout routines, heavier weights, and seek to find my purpose in not only my health and fitness journey but, to take the time to support other TIU girls in their journey. I want to connect with other TIU members and form a friendship as well. I will push myself to share my journey, no matter how busy I’am. 💕

  63. My #21tiu goals are: 1) Booty Call every morning before work, 2) limit starches after M3 (hard but I will try!!), 3 ) journal before bed, 4) get enough sleep

  64. My goals for the TIU 21 Challenge is to wake up an hour earlier every morning to do my workout before work. This sounds pretty minimal to do. But I’m sooo slow in the mornings that I run out of time to get any kind of workout in. The other goal is to stick to nutrition plan. I’ve been eating real crappy the last few months (emotional eater over here😣) so I am very very ready to get back to being healthy and getting my sweat on!! Let’s do this ladies!💪 21 days will be over before we even know it

  65. My goal for the TIU21 Challenge is to get back on track. In the last few weeks I lost my focus; my eating was so not TIU approved and I skipped out of my bootycall. I was awake and ready but I didn’t get moving.
    I want that back. So ladies let’s do this.

  66. Get back on track with my nutrition and cut out sweets! I have a such a sweet tooth latelty, it is crazy

  67. Since I’m getting back from a vacation where I over indulged in food and adult beverages, I would like to get on a better schedule where I am back to meal prepping, and develop a new habit of going to bed and getting up early to work out. I would also love to gain an accountability partner to keep me motivated! My Insta is kissmekate_tiu ;)

  68. My goal is to meal prep every week! Speaking of meals….will you be restocking the coconut and vanilla latte protein powder? Pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!!! Love you! xoxo

  69. My number one goal is to follow the nutrition plan for the next 21 days as closely as possible.

  70. Happy Sunday!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow and my goal is to wake up early and get part of my work out done. Whether its walking my dog or getting in the moves or a workout on the app!!!

  71. I am so excited this Challenge came at the right time! I loved seeing you gals at the TIU tour in Dallas <3 Thank you for everything! My goal is to get back on track with eating healthy again and prepping my meals for the week. After this whole summer of packing, having complications with moving houses and then unpacking, I got way way off track! Especially with food. So I'd love to give my body a reset and start all over again. Plus I only have two more months before I go to the NFR PRO RODEO in Vegas this December and I NEED to be in shape for those jeans and pretty dresses for dinner ;) thanks again for this challenge, I'm sure we all really needed it!

  72. Meal prep, and I have this lovely Sunday to get ready for my week. The app has helped me so much in getting my workout done!!

  73. My Goal for the TIU21 is to stick to the Gluten Free Nutrient Plan and get up early for booty call. – I’m ready!

  74. My goals for the 21 day challenge is to develop a vegetarian/ close to vegan diet as I can . I really I have reached a point in my life when is time to stop being so selfish and care more about the well being of the environment and animals. I also want to do all my booty calls and drink lots of water. It really is a challenge for me. Also, I want to meet a lot more TIU GIRLS around Napa.Sonoma area ..
    Have a great challenge babe

  75. I have been pretty proud of myself for waking up at 5am every day to do my workout and I have been making more and more recipes from the nutrition plan, this is all thanks to the amazing bikini series! It is so true that once you start waking up early to workout, you end up really looking forward to it! I love the TIU lifestyle. For this challenge, my goal is to make TIU approved dinners 100% of the time and cut out sweets besides dark chocolate and TIU approved desserts. BTW ladies, I LOVE the app for the 5 DM’s but I’m not currently paying for the subscription, is it possible to give us an extra video option on the weekly schedule for those of us who won’t be using the app to do the daily exercise videos?! :)

  76. Wake up for the bootycalls! As it gets cooler and darker in the morning, it gets harder to get out of bed!

  77. I am ready to take my self care to the next level! I am ready to make myself a priority and get healthier and happier in my body. I want to create healthy habits which include regular work outs and healthy eating. My number one goal is to take one day at a time and enjoy the experience. Here I go!!

  78. For the 21 rep challenge do they mean 3 rounds of 7 reps of each move = 21 reps. Or 3 rounds of 21 reps of each move?

    1. Hi babe! 3 rounds of the 21 reps. So go through 21 reps of each move and then repeat the circuit. You’ve got this!

  79. The habit I would like to form is to go for a cup of tea or sparkling water after dinner instead of SNACKING! I always feel like I need to keep eating for some reason but all I need to do is wait for my food to settle and probably drink more water. So ready for this challenge!

  80. HEY LADIES!! My goal for the challenge is to fall in love with fitness again! Mainly the nutrition part of it. I want to get in all my water and stay on my meal prep so that I have no reason to snack unnecessarily! Let’s do this babes<3!!

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