NYC, Bobby Call, & Barre Class!

Hi gorgeous! How’s your week been?! We’re so pumped to do a Tabata HIIT workout with you this morning! We’re all starting at 10am Pacific on Insta @ToneItUp. See you there💪🏻 Speaking of HIIT… did you work out with Bobby and me on Thursday?! It was so fun working out and also teaching my #TIUboo a thing or two ;) Who else got their bae to join in for the workout?

Katrina and I had another great week! We spent a few days in New York soaking up all those East Coast vibes and jumping around to different exciting meetings for the #TIUteam – while fitting in our Booty Call, of course! It’s always hard to squeeze in that booty call when traveling…but we were our own accountability partners and made it happen!  We also had a live workout with one of our favorite yoga barre instructors, Jillian, which was AMAZING. My booty is still sore! 🍑 In between everything, we made some tasty matcha lattes, whipped up a few delish new blueberry recipes, and spent some time out in the wild!






From #WNW with our Self magazine gals and #workoutfails with our Shape girls, we have so many exciting things coming soon from our NYC trip!  Can’t wait to share!!


When you try to do a partner workout that you saw on Instagram… 😹


We always make sure to get our Booty Call in, even while traveling! Our hotel had an incredible gym, so Jeremy, Kat, Sarah, and I all got our workout in together.

Dinner with some of our besties in NYC :)

Bobby Call

This week, I shared a new HIIT routine where Bobby got a good taste of how hard our #TIUgirl workouts are!! I loved giving him a lil’ look into what it’s like to work out like a Tone It Up Girl. By the end of it, he was even more impressed with this community! Get your #TIUboo to do THIS workout with you, too! Thanks for being a good sport and #TIUhubby Bobby :)


Jillian totally kicked our booties during Monday’s live Barre workout!! Who else joined in?! @ToneItUp


Kat’s iced matcha latte creation. She’s been in LOVE with matcha lately! This one was so tasty 😋 Gimme!

Absolute meal prep heaven! Kat and I always make sure to meal prep on Sunday so that we always have healthy snacks on hand throughout the week. Those Tone It Up Protein Bars tho…


We’re so excited to be an official Blueberry Council Partner! Blueberries are our go-to ingredient for smoothie bowls and pancake toppings. Plus, they make for a super pretty Insta pic ;) We have a bunch of blueberry inspired recipes coming your way, so keep a lookout!



Bobby and I decided to take on a little adventure this weekend.  It was on my Summer Bucket List! We went on a hike from the Palm Springs mountains to the quaint mountain town Idyllwild. Yup…we took off in the morning for a 13 mile/ 7 hour mountain adventure and carried everything we needed for the weekend in our backpacks! We even spent some time hiking on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT)….which is perfect because I’m reading the memoir WILD now! It was quite the experience ;)  It was an amazing time to connect with nature!


Kat and I got a lil’ sentimental with you on Instagram, too:

“Karena just Facetimed me and we were talking about how much we love this #TIUteam. We’re so proud to be @ToneItUp girls & to be part of this community with all of YOU! Thank you for being the light & love in our lives!! You’re the reason why we feel strong, confident, empowered to always do more, inspired to be the best versions of ourselves, & motivated to do better every day. Thank you. That’s all 🤗 Just had to say it. Hope you’re all having a nice weekend. Xxxo”


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  1. LOVE that shirt, Karena!
    Congrats with the Blueberry Council partnership also, super delish! :D
    The Pacific Trail looks gorgeous, the US has some amazing natural wonders.
    All these great summer pics helps me stay warm in the cold winter here in Australia at the mo! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. The tee from Super Love Tees is soooo perfect Karena! I had to order it right after finding out about it from you :)

  3. Great week of workouts and meals thank you ! Looks like you guys had a great week too. One question ? How do you make the matcha latte?

  4. Sorry 😬One more thing thank you thank you for the mint chocolate chip smoothie recipe! Love love love it.

  5. Sorry 😬One more thing thank you thank you for the mint chocolate chip smoothie recipe! Love love love it.

  6. Love the catch up post!!! My family and I just got back from Maui. I kept it LCG about 80% of the time and got hiking and walking in, as well as ocean swimming and some occasional TIU workouts in there. Overall, it wasn’t terrible, but I’m ready to slay it this week. The vacation was exactly what we needed. Love to all!

  7. OMG I’m reading “Wild” right now too! :) This is amazing girls — thanks for posting and keeping us updated!

  8. Love the recaps! Will you be posting the barre workout? I wasn’t able to make the live version of it and would love to try it!

  9. Love the shirt, love blueberries, love barre (I’m getting certified!), love TIU <3

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