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Kat and I had a busy week of shooting, creating new recipes for the Bikini Series and planning some fun projects…it’s going to be the best spring ever! We also released the Grand Prize Announcement for the Challenge! Winners are comin’ to California!!

The #LookforLove Challenge may be coming to an end, but we hope you never stop looking for love. Carry love into every single day and it will help you succeed in everything that’s ahead.

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And as you may have seen, we’re all starting the #7DaySlimDown on Monday!  We’re SO excited to do it as a team. We originally created the Slim Down to feel light, tight, and toned before our photoshoots. And we totally get it, as women, certain foods can cause bloating and we just want to feel healthy and push through that plateau! So we took what we learned and the science behind the Nutrition Program and created this plan. The results were so incredible, we had to share it with the team! It”s now part of the entire Tone It Up Nutrition Program! As soon you join, we’ll send you the Slim Down as part of your plan!

We’ll be with you every step of the way during the Slim Down — including Valentine’s Day! Chocolate and champagne included! We’ll be giving you all our Slim Down updates on the ‘gram (@toneitup), InstaStory (@karenakatrina), Snapchat, and right here on ToneItUp.com.

Watch the video above for even more deets about the exciting things we have in store for you! And check out the INCREDIBLE prizes we have planned for the Tone It Up Challenge winner HERE! After the Slim Down, you’ll be so ready for your after pic! Flex and smile! We’re so proud of you! 💕


We’re all doing the 7 Day Slim Down starting Monday, February 13! And we have a new 7DSD recipe for ya HERE! Best news: the Slim Down comes with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!


Check out these babes’ incredible 7DSD results!


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  1. This video put such a big smile on my face!!! Thank you K+K for sharing your tips for the 7DSD. My fiance and I are planning on cooking together on Valentine’s Day and having some rose while we cook :)

  2. Help! I’m out of protein powder!! Is there something else I can substitute it for on the7DSD if I’m making the perfect fit pancake?? Great video by the way! Gave me some good ideas 👍🏻 Love your new hair Karena!

    1. Hey! I find the PHD protein powder to be pretty tasty, especially the banana flavour! You can get vegan powder too. :)

  3. OMG – I love you guys! I’m solo on V-Day, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be rose! :)

  4. Hey there sweet K&K, and Skunk! Thank you for the tips & also for the email with this info.
    1. For Valentines, we will be in VENICE, ITALY! :)We usually ride the Valentine wave because Feb 15 is our wedding anniversary. It will be 6 years this year! Another celebration on Feb 15th this year…our puppy will be ONE year old! Yes, @maxonthelake will be coming with us to Venice. :)
    2. Do I spy dessert and rose bubbly on the counter behind you? :) #eagleeyes hahaha! Ill be looking out for that post.

    Have an amazing weekend further and super proud of myself for sticking to this challenge fully. Could not have done it without you & the amazing TIU Insta Community! xoxoxoxox

    1. IT can be found in the look for love edition of the Tone it up Nutrition plan and it is soooo good!

  5. This is a crazy week…a best friend’s bday is tomorrow, mine is Monday, my future father-in-law’s Wednesday, and my fiance’s Friday, so on Valentine’s Day, I’m actually throwing a surprise get together for my fiancé😊 wish me luck with that and sticking to the Slimdown!!!

  6. Hey! Which recipe do you guys use for the 7 day scramble or egg muffins? I want to make sure I’m making them 7DSD approved! Thanks!! So excited to challenge myself this week!

  7. I’m so pleased with my 6 week results and I’m excited to take it to the next level with my FIRST Slimdown (after almost two years as a TIU girl)! You girls are hilarious and I always laugh out loud at your videos. So motivating! Karena your haircut is so cute :)

  8. Did they make a new 7DSD? I went to download it but it looks just like the old one. It doesn’t have when we’re supposed to eat the date muffins or egg muffins.

  9. Such a fun vlog! You girls are fab and Karena looking so cute in that new haircut :)
    I will definitely be trying that kale salad, but with some warm protein in it (it’s quite cold in The Netherlands now). I’ve just made a batch of small pancakes with coconut shaves and added cranberries. to grab on the go. Yammy! I love your recipes!

  10. I have a question. The slim down doesn’t have egg muffins or protein muffins anywhere in the daily menus. I am assuming I can sub them as needed for M1 or M2. The muffins aren’t too carb heavy for the slim down??

  11. I can’t find the 7DSD in my Nutrition Plan. When i click on MY TIU it just goes to the page where you can choose to sign up… Any help? Thanks!!

  12. love your hair karena :) you two are always so funny on your vlogs ! thanks again for all you do and being so kind to the community even to us girls that havnt got the plan yet x

  13. Morning babes! I have a question about the chia seed pudding. It says the serving is 3-4 I split it up into 4 mason jars but it looks like such a small amount. Just wondering if I did it right?

  14. My boyfriend is deployed, but he surprised me with a visit to the Dry Bar to get my hair all pretty and wavy as part of my Valentine’s Day present. Loving the VLOG! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Any tips to combat bloating this week? Whenever I load up on veggies it tends to have the opposite effect of a slim down!!

    1. One thing to remember is to chew everything really well. It may seem so simple, but it really helps a lot!

  16. You guys are so funny :D I stuck pretty close to all the meals and workouts for this challenge, the trick is to not go back to bad habits!
    While I’m not planning to do the 7DSD this time, I am planning to meal prep and freeze a tonne of go-to meals and start the 8 week Bikini Challenge in March, and I know there’s a 7DSD in Week 8.
    Thank you for helping me fit into my clothes better and so happy to have found the #TIUteam xo

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