Your Custom Tone It Up Gym Bag & Necessities ♡


As most of you know, preparing for success is essential and it can make a huge difference in how easily and quickly you attain your goals. When you have the right gear, and all of your necessities on hand, it makes it that much easier to get up and go! Katrina and I have a few specific items we carry in our gym bag to ensure our healthy lifestyle is seamless and easy to follow.

We made you the new Tone It Up Gym Bag filled with necessities every Tone It Up Girl needs :)

Top 3 Gym Tips

1. Prep your bag ahead of time. Keep your gym back stocked and ready to go at all times. If you need to buy two of your top necessities, like deodorant, foundation or face wash, go for it! It will save time and make it that much easier to get to the gym.  See some of our favorite beauty products here!

2. Set your intentions at night!  Some sleep in their workout clothes ;) You can also set aside your clothing and shoes next to the bed. You’ll wake up motivated and ready to head out the door for that Booty Call. 

3. Motivating Music! Fresh jams are a must to keep you motivated and energized! Need suggestions? Listen to your BIKINI SERIES Motivation Music Mix ~ Kat updated it last night with new songs to keep you going strong all throughout the series! Make sure you always keep a pair of headphones in your gym bag too. We love the LG Wireless ones.

tone-it-up-gym-bag-2 (1)

  • We’re so excited to share with you the Tone It Up Custom Gym Bag! 
  • Your NEW Tone It Up Gym Bag! The Flamingo & The Kauai Duffle. These are exclusively designed by us and Maaji just for you. They’re beautiful, easy to carry and they match your exclusive bikinis :) 
  • Fitbit: We’re so grateful that Fitbit has gifted you for the BIKINI SERIES prizes!!  We LOVE this slim, stylish device to track your activity levels and calories burned. It’s brilliant!! Since it syncs wirelessly to your computer or smartphone, it’s also a fun way to challenge your friends to stay active and keep each other accountable!
  • Hint Water: We’re always looking for a little flavor in our water!  The Watermelon & Blood Orange flavor is amazing. 
  • ASICS Running Shoes: We’ve been wearing ASICS for years, and we love how they fit! Katrina & I both wear the Gel-Kayano
  • Always pack a hat or visor for outdoor workouts :)
  • Perfect Fit Protein ~ Remember, the best time to replenish your body is immediately after your workout :)
  • Perfect Fit Coconut Water~ Providing electrolytes during your workout!!  You’re going to love it! We created it for the busy, on-the-go girl!

K&K Sunglass collage.jpg

What are your favorite tips to stay on track? Do you have any other must-haves in your gym bag? Check in with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and in the Tone It Up Community with the hashtag #BIKINISERIES and let us know. Remember, check in winners are announced every Sunday!

This week’s Check in prizes are absolutely AMAZING! We’re gifting prizes from FitBit, Lorna Jane, Kai Blue Designs & the Tone It Up Cookie Cutters

How do you win? By checking in every day with a picture of your healthy meal, completed workout & inspiration on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or on the Community! Make sure to use the hashtag, #BIKINISERIES



  1. Grace Godinez says:

    Gym Bag Necessities for Me! A good Sports Bra because a girl can never have too much support! Definitely running shoes, my yoga mat, sweat band, coconut water, my arm band for my phone because I gotta have Tunes, my TIU App, and RunKeeper always within reach. Oh and a pair of shades. #bikiniseries #necessities #hatablockas #tiuteam #toneitup

  2. Christi Mackey says:

    I keep some body wipes in mine too, just in case I don’t have time to shower. I love your ideas and video!

  3. I LOVE Hint water! Omg I am so happy y’all mentioned it because my friends are like “that sounds disgusting” but now maybe they’ll try it! & I always keep a teasing comb in my gym bag. I always have my hair like Kat’s (unless it’s straight) and working out will flatten my curls so a little teasing comb brings my hair back to life!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Body wipes, lotion, deodorant, extra underwear and dry shampoo!!!

  5. Tamra Rainone says:

    I actually saw the TIU Sunglasses at my local Oakley store!

  6. Amanda Williams says:

    Armpocket is a really awesome brand of arm bands! They come in many colors, water resistant, and I can put my house keys in them when I go running in my neighborhood.

  7. Sonja Thorsvik says:

    Dry Shampoo, Kind Bar, Makeup Remover Wipes, TIU App, iPod Shuffle – great video, excited about the Yoga Mats!!!

  8. Chelsea Walker says:

    When will the yoga mat be available??!!!

  9. Lisa says:

    Was a little bit disappointed to see this, because it felt like one big commercial instead of an actual what’s in our gym bag video. I get that you try to sell your products and your sponsors products, but this was just a little too much.

    1. Tone It Up says:

      This video is so special to us, because after years of requests to come out with a Tone It Up custom gym bag, clean and Certified Organic Protein, the custom apparel made in the US and everything else we create… we can finally share it. We poured all of our energy into making these for the TIU Team. The purpose of this video is to show our favorite necessities that we do indeed have in our gym bag, but also the things that we have fought so hard to create for this community. The other products are prizes for the BIKINI SERIES~~ which is motivation for the team to keep up your workouts and healthy eating.

  10. Kat Horrocks says:

    So excited for the yoga mats! My gym bag essentials – gym socks, sports bra, big water bottle, a healthy snack bar, headphones, deodorant and body spray!

  11. Brittney says:

    Just a little food for thought: I felt the video was very commercial, I was a little bummed. Some people are really new to working out and trying to manage their day between work, the gym, kids etc. Obviously you have a company and need to sell your products, but I think there can be a better balance between selling your products and really showing what’s in your gym bags. I know mine is a nightmare, but it’s real.

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