One question we see over and over again is how to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on track. Craving something sweet at the end of the day is totally normal, and we love some dark chocolate or a Tone It Up Nutrition Plan dessert after dinner (hello BIKINI ICE CREAM!)

The key is to make healthy choices while keeping portions in check… and we’re showing you exactly how to do this in the video below! It’s time to indulge your sweet tooth with no regrets!tiu-line1




Reach for these anytime you crave a little somethin’ somethin’…

Coco-Roons. All flavors are great!

Key Lime bites for the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.22.50 PM

Chocolate Almond Bites. Recipe HERE

Dried Mango and Dried Pineapple (get it unsweetened and be mindful of portions)

TIU TIP: Combine dried fruit with a few nuts like almonds to lower the glycemic impact!

Frozen Mango and frozen grapes

Dang Coconut Chips

Elli Quark ~ we love all flavors!

Perfect Bar ~ if you’re having it after dinner, have the mini or half the bar!

Fresh fruit like strawberries or mango!

Clearly Kombucha ~ pour it in a glass of wine!

Herbal Tea like Perfect Fit Unwind ~ the creamy, sweet coconut flavor is divine!!






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Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Bikini Series


Our beautiful team members who believe that YOU can do it too!


  1. I loved this!! You guys are the best, Karena and Katrina! I love having fruit for dessert – especially berries. Sometimes I dollop a little chilled coconut cream on them if I want something rich and creamy. When I worked at summer camp a few years back, I managed to save my waistline by having an orange after lunch everyday when they passed around the cookie plate (the previous year I gained about 15 pounds over the course of the summer because I indulged in ALL the desserts).

  2. This is a life saver! I always crave something sweet after I eat…Usually I buy 1 bar of cacao chocolate and have 1-2 pieces after dinner. Def going to try the ‘dang’ coconut chips and the frozen strawberries drizzled in honey. Thank you! @babstiu :)

  3. So fun! Loved the video! Thanks for the great dessert tips ladies, and your signing voices sounded great! ;)

  4. Loved the video. Some of my favorites are – Lara Bars, Square Bars, Eating Evolved Coconut cups, coconut, and chocolate!

    I am with you Kat I have to keep chocolate portioned out or else something NOT TIU approved will happen.

  5. I love dried mango but my grandpa got me into keeping it in the fridge. Tastes soooooo much better!

  6. I love snacking on frozen cherries for dessert. My husband and I will fill a coffee mug with them after dinner and split it as we watch TV. It’s the perfect dessert :)

  7. Oh my gosh! Thank you girls so much this is exactly what I needed! I have a major sweet-tooth, and even though I will most times make healthy choices, my portions do not work out for me, and then I end up having too much ? But this was perfect! And definitely gave more ideas for dessert options! :)

  8. I have such a HUGE sweet tooth so the fact that I can indulge it and still stay on track is what has kept me successful with the TIU Nutrition Plan. My favorite dessert is a chocolate perfect fit mug cake: 1 scoop chocolate perfect fit, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 tbsp apple sauce, 3 tbsp almond milk, 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs. Just mix it up in a mug and microwave for 1-2 minutes! I like to drizzle a little pb or almond butter on top too, it’s so good! Plus it makes a large serving so it’s perfect to split with a friend on girl’s night or your man on date night : ) I love you girls and I love that you guys are always coming up with new dessert recipes. I can’t wait to try the chocolate almond bites, they look delicious!

  9. This was so awesome-I seriously just posted in the community about some TIU approved sweets bc I LOVE sweets and dessert! So this was perfect! I definitely want to get the dang coconut chips-they look delicious! Thank you k&k!

  10. I love mixing a couple spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt, about a half a scoop of Perfect Fit, and a drizzle of honey. It tastes just like vanilla icing! Yum!

  11. ANYTHING mango. Love pineapple also but after a while it hurts my tongue :/ Sometimes I’ll toss chopped mango in the food processor and chill it in the freezer for a while for a sort of mango sorbet.

  12. So many great reminders K & K thank you ? I always forget to use my quinoa crisps!!

  13. Thank you so much for this! I have always wondered how you guys keep from “blacking out” (as I call it) on non-TIU approved desserts–especially during your periods. All of this stuff sounds awesome. Can’t wait to pick some of it up on Sunday! XO

  14. You guys are too cute! I love perfect fit mug cakes, peppermint tea and 10 dark chocolate chips, I love all the recipes off your TIU dessert (some of the first ones I made were frozen apricot, oat, and peanut butter balls – dark chocolate peppermint bark – and flourless cookies) dried fruits and frozen yogurt.

  15. I love chocolate:) Every once in a while I will have a normal chocolate, but most of the time I am looking for a healthy option…….so I am a big fan of the lovechock chocolates! they are vegan, dairy, gluten and sugar free…….

  16. I’m a sweettoothaholic! I love sweets! At the Costco near me they carry Dark Chocolate Covered Superfruits that are so yummy. I do have to portion them out, or I could go through the whole bag!!!

  17. Thank you Katrina & Karena for these lovely videos. And wonderful tips. I love a snack after dinner,and if I don’t pay attention I will eat more then I should.

  18. I am just like Kat. I can’t have a chocolate bar in the house. I will eat the entire thing. Same goes for most desserts. I just made the decision to try and commit to limiting them to only special nights when we eat dinner out and for special occasions like a birthday. Trouble is I love baking :( It relaxes me. So every now and then a special occasion might need to be a girls lunch where I bake something up for it.

  19. Love all of these ? I also love an avocado choc mousse or just a spoonful of peanut butter. My fave is definitely banana nice cream, but you have inspired me to make some protein balls on this rainy Sydney day! Thanks girls ?

  20. I love making a small bowl of healthy “cookie dough” :) Almond flour, Perfect Fit, sometimes nut butter, a splash of almond milk and a tiny bit of maple syrup! So good.

    1. Great idea! Have you ever tried the chick pea version of “healthy cookie dough”? It is surprisingly great! :) My husband looked at me putting the can of chickpeas into the food processor and said, “No way this is going to be good.” Then I had to hide it so that he would stop eating it! Haha!

  21. Dark chocolate and nut butter-hence flourless cookie bars are by far MY favorite!!! I am also oblivious to portions if it’s there I feel like I just need to eat the whole thing?

  22. I’m OBSESSED with frozen mango.
    I’m afraid to try the Elli Quark because of the sugar alcohols!

  23. I LOVE that you mentioned pairing dried fruit with almonds!! My favorite is dried mango with raw almonds…those flavors together, so yummy! ?

  24. My fave treats are raw Nanaimo bars, which are totally #TIU approved! In fact my whole cookbook is, AND I wrote it before jumping on board here! So cool!! Check out

    My husband loves my version of my Ferrero Rocher. All without dairy, gluten, refine sugar, all plant based, organic, and mostly raw!!



  25. After watching this the first time (yes, watching it again!) I was at Lucky’s Market & found the Dang coconut chips. Haven’t tried them yet, but love that option! Mug cakes are another fave of mine, especially now that I figured out how to make them, lol. And I buy the individual dark chocolate Girardelli squares so I don’t overindulge when I just have to have some chocolate. Thanks for always continuing to give us options K&K!!

    1. I love healthy mugcakes as well:) Can you share some of yours? I´d love to try some new:)

      1. I have also always loved mugcakes, but I have yet to discover any healthy ones. If you find some, i would also be interested to hear! :)
        Hope that you have a super fantastic day!

  26. You two are so funny, even when I am having a bad day like today, you make me smile:)

  27. Saw the Dang coconut chips in the store today so I picked them up to try. Ohhh my gosh I was not prepared for them being so good!!!! NOW HELP. Does anyone know the proper portion size of them I should eat a day? Like approximately how many tablespoons? I think I am going to need to preparation them in baggies. Thanks!

  28. Love the idea of tea after dinner! I started doing this a few months ago in an attempt to satisfy my after-dinner sweets cravings. Even though tea isn’t sweet, just the idea of having some type of post-meal “treat” like a cup of tea almost always eliminated my need for sweets. Then if after my tea I was still majorly craving sweets, I had a square of dark chocolate or something. Tea is also great for digestion! (especially peppermint!) Double bonus! :)
    Don’t be afraid to treat yourself! Just do it in a K&K way :)

  29. You girls are the absolute cutest!! Thanks for letting us know and some of these sound delish!! Looks like I’ll be ordering soooon :)


  30. where did karena get that swim suit at the top? I am obsessed! Love the tips here I have a nasty sweet tooth and this is just what I needed to tame it!

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