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I T’ S    F R I D A Y   B O M B S H E L L S !

Are you ready!? This has been one of the most requested videos of the entire BIKINI SERIES!  Katrina and I LOVE beauty~ we have so much fun getting ready, trying out new hairstyles and discovering new products.  I’ve always looked at make-up as a way that I can express myself.  I wear bold colors if I’m feeling bold, soft muted colors if I’m feeling calm or a cat eye if I’m feeling… well, like a cat ;)  I’m always experimenting with new looks. Katrina plays more on the neutral side.  She always does a natural bronzy look~ and it works!!  She also does her friend’s hair and make-up for weddings and events- and she used to do proms! She’s super talented with beauty tricks and tips.

So today, we’re sharing our TOP tips and pointers for that sultry beach babe look. Take a peek inside of our beauty bag for all of our favorite products along with guidelines for keeping your skin dewy soft, illuminated and flawless. We’re also sharing tips for the perfect beach waves and some of the best make-up tips we’ve learned along the way.

You’re going to LOVE this video and these amazing Summer Beauty Tips…

Our Favorite Illuminating BEACH BABE Products!









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  1. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    Thank you for the video & beauty posts! I’m an Esthetician and love reading about this!!! So helpful! :) Love you guys! Hope I can win this weeks prizes!! Checking in every day! #bikiniseries #ToneItUp @tone_it_up:disqus

  2. Christi Mackey says:

    ahhh, so excited for this video!! I love Jergens Natural Glow lotion for self tanning. And also, this week’s winners are so lucky to get that beautiful wrap bracelet!!

  3. Kayleigh VanBergen says:

    loved this video! i’m a bit of a makeup/skincare junkie, so i’ve always wondered what you girls use! If you like tarte you should definitely try their Brazilliance self tanner. It gives such good color, and it actually smells pretty good! They even make tanning face towelettes now too!

  4. Lauren Dooley says:

    Loreal Sublime Sunless tanner “the gel” (not the one with a tint in it) is the best sunless tanner. It doesn’t smell and doesn’t streak plus its only $9 at a drugstore.

  5. Sarah says:

    OMG the outtakes at the end of all their videos are EVERYTHING. I DIE. Love K&K!

  6. Taryn A says:

    Great video! I don’t wear makeup often but you definitely made me want to try out some new things. Oh and I looooove coconut oil too. So many amazing benefits…inside and out!! :) <3 Thanks K&K

  7. Kat says:

    I’m defintely going to check out the dry shampoo and COOLA
    suncare. Love coconut oil especially for my skin. I like to mix it
    with coconut sugar and lemon for a great body scrub. It leaves my skin super soft and moisturized. And it makes my self tan (St. Tropez) last longer. Please let us know if you two find an organic self tanner.

    Other products I use and love are Tarte’s poreless primer and witch hazel (toner). Also, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is AMAZING! It’s not organic and a little price ($45-58), but you get a ton of product and little goes a long way.

    I’m going to try Vapour Organic Beauty products soon because it’s 100% natural, organic, chemical free, cruelty free, etc.

  8. Shannon says:

    I know you two are Coola abassadors… but I personally prefer the Ocean Potion brand. It smells great too (like Creamsicles) and is a fraction of the price… the only downside is it’s not Organic… every summer I think about branching out and trying the Coola (I’d personally love to try the Pina Colada fragrance) but I always balk at the price difference. :/

  9. Shannon says:

    I’m obsessed with Coconut oil as a pre-cleanse on my face. It takes off ALL makeup… then I ‘wash’ with honey… and re-moisturize with a dab more coconut oil. I’m making it my mission to combat the crows feet for as long as humanly possible ;)

  10. danangerr says:

    Good self tanner – Victoria’s Secret self tan (in the purple and orange bottle)! I’ve always had so much trouble with turning orange or going streaky and getting orange hands while applying self tanner but this one is literally foolproof… I haven’t turned orange and its very gradual and has a little shimmer – I highly recommend it!

    Also for anyone else out there who has sensitive and oily skin – try Bare Minerals face powders! Everything from blush to cover up to bronzer, everything is a powder based mineral and goes on really light so it doesn’t clog your pores. Its a little higher in price point (not ridiculous) but you can always search the beauty gift sets on Sephora’s website – there are gift packs for lips/face/eyes/brands that include mini versions of a lot of their products that you can try before you commit to the full size!

  11. Gianna Neri says:

    Ah can’t wait to buy all of these products!

    My favorite lip products are actually produced by a company that my mom part owns. It’s called Morgan Marie Beauty. They have awesome color ranges for glosses and lipsticks! Bold and bright, or muted and neutral — they have it all!

    They’ve also started releasing face makeup as well as makeup brushes. Their bronzer is among my favorites.

    Check it out: http://www.morganmariebeauty.com/

  12. Ashley Stegner says:

    I love these two! I’m definitely going to check out the sea salt spray for the days I won’t be at work ;-)
    I use a self-tanner from a company called Arbonne and it is such a natural looking color! I love it. If anyone’s interested, get in touch! I’m on the community under Ashley Stegner

  13. S.D.P. says:

    St. Tropez is the best tanner! I have also been recently hooked on Miranda Kerr’s skin care line, Kora Organics- all products are natural and I definitely notice a difference on the affect it has on my skin:)

  14. Julia says:

    I always have problems with hydrating my face. My skin is so sensitive and dry that I tend to break out easily. My life savers have been Retin A and a little Egyptian Magic with my face moisturizer at night. I love Egyptian Magic – it keeps my skin so smooth hydrating. I also love coconut oil. I’m going to have to try it under my eyes! So excited to try out these products!!

  15. Samantha says:

    i LOVE you guys for sharing this! woohoo! you’re awesome

  16. Sarah Staff says:

    Mee too ,love Tarte, i learned a lot from this , thanks.

  17. Shanna says:

    I love Fake Bake liquid self tanner!! It’s $25 in ulta but you can find it on amazon for $12/$13. I use this all the time… Ppl will tell me I look tan and when I tell them I have it on they always say “what kind is it? It looks so natural.” I am fair to medium skinned naturally and this gives me a deep bronzed glow. Not orange at all! Doesn’t smell bad! And I really believe the liquid is best for not streaking. This was the first liquid I tried and I never get streaks with it.

  18. Val says:

    ALBA BOTANICALS Very Emollient Sunless Tanner! It’s phenomenal! One use and you can see a natural and beautiful tan. Natural and cruelty free! Works amazingly. I’m obsessed, I tell everyone about it.

  19. Jamie says:

    Thank you K&K!!!! This was so informative, and fun, and I love your energy! Always so happy and it makes you even more beautiful! I also love hearing about all of the products that you lovely ladies on the TIU team are sharing as well. I love being tan… And I know this is terrible, but I used to use tanning beds regularly… But I started noticing fine lines on my face and a different texture in my skin within a couple of years, and I’m only 29! So I have completely stopped using the beds and been looking for some sunless options to show off my muscle tone! Thanks for all of the great
    recommendations, and I can’t wait to try the ones that seem to be what I’m looking for.

  20. Kat Olson says:

    Best sunless tanner I’ve found AND IT’S ORGANIC is Chocolate Sun! It smells like cocoa! It’s amazing. The website spiritbeautylounge.com gives free samples!

  21. I love love love COOLA! I have such sensitive skin so everything suncare makes me breakout but not COOLA! It’s fantastic. I hear such good things about the St. Tropez bronzer… i haven’t had a lot of luck with self tanners, but I really want to try it.

    As a side note, they actually have COOLA for 40% off on Zulily right now. http://www.zulily.com/invite/jaustin8283

  22. Melanie Glass says:

    You gals should check out LUSH beauty products! All natural/organic ingredients, which can get a little hippy granola for me, but they’re super classy and effective. They have different products for different skin types. I have oily skin and their tee tree water toner is an amazing refresher throughout my day.

  23. Mary Derda says:

    Tarte has a great self tanner! It has maracuja oil in it so it’s very moisturizing-love it!

  24. Flavia Santini says:

    Sukin makes an all natural and organic sunless tanner which I love

  25. Susan says:

    My sisters and I love Nature’s Gate Glow lotion – It’s a gradual self tanner, and a fantastic brand. We have tried many products and this one looks the best so far!

    It takes 2-3 times to build up, it’s such a great color and it doesn’t have the signature smell as much as others. Most importantly, more natural! The brand is at Whole foods and Target, but usually we order the glow lotion online (several bottles at a time!!). http://www.natures-gate.com/Shop/item?Product=45100082&category=165&WithLinks=1

  26. Krystal Wolfrum says:

    You should try Kevin Murphy hair products if you haven’t already!

  27. Caitlin Faulkner says:

    The company behind Everyday Coconut looks so wonderful! Thanks for bringing their products and wonderful mission to our attention! They are already sold out of everything on the link above :)

  28. Maggs says:

    Charlotte Ronson is the BEST hair beach spray. Also love Victoria’s Secret dry shampoo

  29. Allison says:

    I used to use Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray until I found DRY BAR’s MAI TAI. You guys will LOVE the beachy smell but it is not as stiff or sticky as any other spray I’ve used and holds the wave better than most. ^_^ You can get it at Sephora as well

  30. Katie says:

    Love this! What eyeshadow does Katrina have on? I love the shimmer on the eyes with the bronze skin!

    1. Vikki Feggulis says:

      Half Baked from the Urban Decay Naked palette! Highly recommend buying it–I’ve had mine for three years and it’s still going strong!

  31. Ellie says:

    I have have been using the Kora Organics range by Miranda Kerr and love it, my favorite
    is the body lotion and body wash, they smell refreshing, and leave your skin so soft. I also love the
    rosehip oil too, its amazing for stretch marks, and if you have uneven skin tone. I put the rosehip oil on my face before I go to bed, when I wake in the morning I’m left with a lovey glow.

    I have also found an amazing organic self tanning lotion, its called vita liberata. It’s a build it up one so you don’t have to put much on, which is good if your skin is as light as mine : ). It also comes in a darker shade for darker skin.

  32. Chelsea Miller says:

    You girls are absolutely delightful! I would think you’re sisters if I didn’t know better. :-) Thanks so much for all the tips! The dry shampoo will be on my shopping list….as well as other recs!
    Coconut oil is amazing! I also use straight argan oil on my face as well as DoTerra essential oils. For eyes, I adore the Lorac Pro palette!
    This vid was so much fun! We all so appreciate your inspiration and motivation! <3

  33. Cassidy says:

    These are all wonderful!!! I love Fake Bake Tanning Butter!!!!

  34. Debbie says:

    Loved watching you girls with the beauty items. I love coconut oil for just about everything. Nothing smells better than coconut!!!! Next time I reorder protein I will definitely try your lip balm.

  35. Just says:

    Girls, what’s your opinion about Green People self tanner? I’m thinking about trying it

    1. Philippa Norman says:

      Ive tried it before :) Was a little orangeyyy and I bought it because I have such sensitive skin. I can’t remember getting any reactions :)

  36. Ashley Uccellini says:

    My favorite company for clean and safe skin care, body care and kids care is called Beautycounter. They ban over 1500 chemicals from all of their products and they have the strictest screening process in the whole country.
    Scary fact: Did you know that the US only bans 11 chemicals from skin care products, compared to the EU that bans over 1300!? Read labels and make sure you know what you are putting on your skin. It matters.

  37. Tiffany says:

    I loved this video! Since K & K are so natural and organic, I’m wondering what they use for body wash, shampoo (not dry shampoo but regular), and deodorant. These might be just TMI questions but I love that they are so natural and everytime I use my Lady Speed Stick, I feel like I’m doing more harm than good. :/

  38. Heathypace says:

    Awesome! Love coconut oil as a moisturizer too. Im wondering what you girls use for an exfoliator?

  39. Amanda says:

    Coconut oil is great for everything! I use it in my hair, on my face, and all over my body. In fact, did you know that coconut oil actually has SPF 7 :)

  40. Ine Plancke says:

    I’m obsessed with Dior Lip Glow. It’s a balm kind of lipstick that adapts to your natural lip color and it’s moisturizing and looks very natural while you have a beautiful glowing color on your lips!!

  41. HaleyTIU says:

    I have found an awesome sea salt spray! David Babaii for Wildaid bohemian beach spray. You can find it on amazon.com #bikiniseries

  42. Molly says:

    Loved this video / article! However, the Victoria’s Secret body bronzer mentioned in the video (it’s not listed underneath for some reason) contains parabens… disappointing.

  43. Guest says:

    You girls have to try the Marc Anthony Beach Waves Spray! It’s works and it smells like coconuts! So good, I rate it a 10/10 :)

  44. Minakshi Kareer says:

    You girls have to try the Marc Anthony Beach Waves Spray! It’s works and it smells like coconuts! So good, I rate it 10/10 :)

  45. Minakshi Kareer says:

    You girls have to try the Marc Anthony Beach Waves Spray! It’s works and it smells like coconuts! So good, I rate it a 10/10 :)

  46. Dhara Patel says:

    Great Suggestions! Loved the video , you both always make it fun to watch. Check out some of my favorite ones here : http://pateldhara.blogspot.com/ . For dry shampoo – Dry Bar’s dry shampoo is GREAT!!

  47. Anon says:

    I tried make up for ever too and loved it BUT they TEST ON ANIMALS!! Now i’ve switched to tarte which is great as well.

  48. Whitney says:

    I’ve started trying a handful of these and they all ROCK! Thank you.

  49. rubyfalls says:

    Hi there! I actually have several sunless tanners and I tried to compare them all: http://rubyfalls.wix.com/rubybeauty It was important to me to compare them all on the same skin and in different lighting. I tried St. Tropez, Xen Tan, Sun Labs, Fake Bake, and Tanceuticals.

    1. rubyfalls says:

      I’ve updated it to compareselftanners.blogspot.com :)

  50. Stephanie Johnson says:

    I use Ecotan! It’s certified organic and natural ingredients and it’s Australian :)

  51. Samantha says:

    i noticed you guys wrote “Beachy Hair Tutorial coming SOON :)” on here, but this was a few months ago and i haven’t seen it yet? have i missed it somewhere? i did try a search but just wondering if its hidden in another post somewhere! thanks!

  52. Julie Carlson says:

    yeah a little late to the party but Mermaid shampoo, conditioner and the new hair mist are pretty fabulous and all u fellow merpeople need to try them.

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