My Yoga Training Experience ~ Namasté Babes!

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a while now. As many of you know, I recently completed Yoga Training and it was the scariest/most wonderful/challenging/emotional experience I’ve ever embarked on. I was always waiting for the ‘right time’ and I started to realize that life just gets busier and crazier, so if you’re thinking of doing that something you’ve been waiting to do…DO IT! Don’t wait for the right time, try to make the time! You won’t regret it! 

Here are some questions you girls have asked me along the way! Whether it was fitness, yoga, or advice on personal training, I’m answering all in one place :)

What’s your background in fitness?

A lot of you have asked me about my background in addition to this training. I was super into fitness in high school, just learning the weights and my way around the gym. I then went to college for Health Science and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion & Fitness at Keene State College in New Hampshire. I LOVED IT! Best experience ever and the most beautiful facility and incredible professors. I also took as many art classes as possible, because I love creating too! My favorite courses were Pre- & Postnatal Health and Sports Nutrition. I also loved my internships! I was an intern for Corporate Fitness in the summers and worked at our campus gym during the school year, performing fitness tests and training other students. I felt like it was the best way to learn early on.

What certifications do you like & recommend?

The first certification I ever received was AFAA for Group Fitness while I was still in college. I did it so I could start teaching my Abs & Booty classes on campus (anyone reading this from Keene?!). I fell in love with the energy of a big class! 50+ of us would pile into a room and go to weeerk! SOS by Rihanna was always on repeat ~ oh yeah girl, RiRi! I also took the NASM exam right out of school to work at Boston Sports Club ~ which for any of you looking to personal train, it’s an awesome cert to have working at a gym. I also took my Kettlebell Athletics Certification while working at Equinox, which was amazing and so helpful.

As a fitness instructor, I think it’s essential to always evolve and take new certifications. Don’t just stick to one~ this way you grow as an instructor. I also think it’s important to study a wide range of health science, because there are so many opinions out there. Next I would love to study for my CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and continue with Yoga Workshops and some other fun certs!

When did you start doing yoga?

I was actually always afraid of yoga…it intimidated me like crazy! Put me in a weight room with a bunch of dudes, on a squat rack, and ask me to hang clean on the bar — easy peazy. Ask me to walk into a yoga studio and go into Warrior Two — frightened and frozen. I think I was always scared I wasn’t ‘doing it right’ or that I wasn’t flexible enough to be in a class.

I’ve learned that everyone is on their own journey and working on themselves, so all that matters is what’s in between the four corners of your own mat.

The first time I ever took a yoga class was with Karena! Many of you know the story of us meeting in the gym. I was personal training and she was stretching — literally in splits — and I asked her if she did yoga. We set up a workout date and the next week she picked me up at my apartment (rockin’ her driving glasses and a cute top knot) and we went to an Equinox yoga class together. I remember being so excited and nervous. I strategically placed my mat a little bit behind hers so I could follow along in class, because I didn’t know any of the ‘asana’ words! After class, I told her it was my first time taking class. Since then, I was never afraid to go into a studio again! Thanks Karena :)

What’s your favorite part of yoga?

My favorite part is no matter your level, you can always work toward something. I’ve built up my strength a lot, so now I’m working on inversions and improving my flexibility. Right now I’m working on crow to tripod, back to crow and floating back into a chaturanga with my teacher Milena. It’s all CORE and shoulders! I always get stuck on the way down!


When did you decide to take training?

One late night after class, I saw a flyer at a studio that said ‘February Yoga Training.’ It was with one of my all-time favorite instructors named Omar and it was an advanced training in what he created, ‘Yoga Vibe.’ I thought, wait, just one month…I could possibly swing this. And then I thought, ‘How is Omar taking the time to do this too?! This is amazing that he’s taking the time with all of us!’ I looked at our work schedule, checked to make sure I wasn’t missing any important dates, and booked up my weeks and weekends. As soon as I signed up, I realized it was REAL and started to panic, haha — but I was so excited for a new adventure.

Who inspired you to do this?

I have Karena to thank for our very first yoga date 8 years ago. If I didn’t have her by my side, I’m not sure if I would have been brave enough to set down my mat next to all the beautiful yogis! I had always wanted to try it, but it definitely took an accountability partner to help! That’s why having ‘your person’ is so important!

Also, 3.5 years ago I met Natasha Snow who owns Soho Yoga in LA ~ this girl has freaking changed my life. When I am in her class, I am completely moved and inspired. I feel so centered, ignited, and motivated to grow not only as a student, but also as a friend, wife, and TIU girl! She’s also who I asked to join us in Palm Springs to surprise us at Karena’s bachelorette weekend — it was everyone’s favorite part of the trip! She’s an incredible soul who has dedicated her life to helping others heal and grow through yoga~ while allowing everyone to be themselves in every weird, funny, bendy way.

And of course the Tone It Up Community has inspired me the most. You always motivate us to grow, learn, and to be our best selves.

How much time does it take?

I really never thought I could take on something that takes up so much time because of my schedule. If you’ve ever looked into trainings, it occupies a lot of weeknights and weekends. It just depends on the type of training you want to take. Some are a month, some are longer, and some you can receive at retreats. Just choose the one that feels right for you and your goals! Plus, remember it’s not just the training, it’s the practice that comes after. My teacher Deanna said it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning!

The style of yoga I wanted to learn was an intensive month of both Saturdays + Sundays (all day), plus 3 classes per week, reading assignments, studying, and rehearsing the other days — so pretty much every day it was Yoga TIME. When I first saw the schedule, I thought to myself, okay I can totally do this. But when I realized I would have to make it to the training on the weekends + 3 classes during the week in Santa Monica, I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to pull through — but thankfully, the entire TIU HQ was so supportive and on board, and I was able to leave my office at 3:45 in the afternoon! I felt like I was playing hookie, but it was so exciting to be able to be a student again. Plus Brian was such a great TIU Husband. He took care of the cooking, laundry, and weekend chores + meal prep Sundays. It was amazing to have the support of everyone around me.

Thanks babe!!!!

Where was your training?

I took the training with Omar Lopez and Deanna Ainsworth at Hot 8 Yoga in Santa Monica. Deanna is a beautiful yogi with the kindest soul. She’s been practicing for over 20 years and continues to open her wings to new yogis coming into Hot 8. She has such a gentle way about her that it makes you want to be a little softer, breathe a little bit deeper, and truly take in everything that is surrounding you. The number one thing she taught me was patience with my body, and in turn it will be patient with me! Thank you Deanna! And thank you for truly seeing everyone.

Omar is an artist and a dancer. I’ve never met anyone who can walk into a room and have the presence that he does. Without having to say a word, he turns the lights low, puts on his music, sets out his mat, and waits for everyone to arrive. He draws in everyone’s energy and gives back something so powerful and moving that it can’t be explained — all I can say is no matter who was in there, what their day was like, or how they got there, he brings everyone together to move on their mat as one unit. He pushes you to limits that you thought your body could never move like and challenges you to be so present that you forget everything outside of the room — literally you’re just moving through your space, and the breath-to-music is so meditative that all outside noise disappears and all that exists is you and your beating heart.

I took classes where when I left, I had to figure out where I was and how I got there! It was like the last 60 minutes were spent just in my body, which is a beautiful thing. I’ll never forget that one of the days of training, we worked on alignment for over 6 hours and then drove to Beverly Hills to take his Yoga Sculpt class with 60+ other students. There was a moment when I was pushing so hard outside my comfort zone that I couldn’t figure out if it was sweat or tears running down my face. I was so moved and so proud to be there in that room with everyone going through the same movements and challenge.

What was your favorite part?

I loved learning from Omar, Deanna, and all the other girls in training. Since it was a more advanced class, most everyone was already a yoga instructor or fitness professional. I loved being able to learn from each person ~ their teaching style, their passion, and the way they could motivate a room.

I also loved that both my girls Sarah and Angela took the training. Individually, we were all taking it for different personal reasons, and it was such a beautiful journey to be on together. It was a bonding experience that none of us will ever forget~ and I’m so proud of them!!!!! The moment that meant the most during training was when Deanna and Omar truly saw them for everything that they are~ hard working, loving, kind, strong through hardship, passionate in everything that they do, and the best friends that any girl could wish for. They really make time to listen and love every person in their lives.


What was the most unexpected part?

I think the emotional aspect was the most beautiful and unexpected part. The last few classes, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I always say this, but I sometimes forget about it for myself ~ as women we’re so nurturing to every other part of our life that sometimes we put ourselves and our own goals on the back-burner, which is totally normal and natural. We really do need to take care of ourselves to give more love to all other aspects of our lives. Being able to do something for myself and to be vulnerable as a student again felt really amazing. Plus, no one in the room knew anything about Tone It Up, so the entire training I was able to do something with no predetermined expectation. Sometimes that’s a lot of pressure — we’re all human, and it can be easier to mess up, fumble, or be nervous when there’s no preconceived notion or expectation of anything. I was able to just be.

The beautiful group!!! Sending love to Phoebe, Megan, Nicky, Lauren, Mariam, Karenjan, Lisa, Jessica, Heather, Isabelle, Alizah, Angela, Sarah, Ariyah, Carli, Christine, Heather, Deanna, & Omar :) Also, special thanks for Phoebe Walquist for the beautiful pics!

What did you learn about yourself?

I learned to trust my instincts. I think we all go through things where we’re not sure if it was meant to be or not — and I learned that every choice I have made where I trusted my intuition and went with my heart, led me to where I am today.

Deanna and Omar got to know us on such a stripped-down and raw level with no distractions to interfere. I was complete waterworks on our graduation day because our instructor Deanna, who knows nothing about me or Tone It Up, told me that even though this was just the beginning of my yoga journey, that I was meant to ‘bring women together — to create a space where women come together and support each other through friendship.’ She also said I reminded the room of ‘WHY we were there’. It meant the absolute world to me. I felt at ease, like this truly is what I’m supposed to be doing. My passion and purpose is Tone It Up. She truly saw me in this raw, honest, and beautiful element with others and I’ll never forget it.

 If you’re reading this Omar and Deanna…thank you. We all appreciate you taking the time to learn us, coach us, and acknowledge us. In a way, it gave us all permission to move away from our fears and toward our strengths– ultimately to use our strengths to serve others.

What were the most important things you took away from training?

The number one thing I learned is that YOGA is not black or white — it’s not grey either! It’s whatever you make it! Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice of self-expression and love. It’s meant for you and meant to be shared. I can’t wait for the TIU Tour because we’re all going to flow and move together as a team!

Secondly, I think our entire training group learned that we’re all so different, yet the same in many ways. We’re all on our own unique journeys, and we all have our own life experiences, vulnerabilities, insecurities, strengths, and struggles…and coming together in that room may have been scary at first, but it ended so beautifully knowing we were all in it together.

When did you teach for the first time?

Oh em geee — this was so scary. The first time we taught to an actual class, we did a round-the-world style where one student would teach a sequence. It was a community class, so the room was PACKED mat-to-mat. You could say I was freakin’ out ~ I didn’t know my heart could beat that fast! Everyone brought their own beautiful flare to their sequence and it ended up being one of the best classes I’ve ever been part of! The second time I taught was LIVE on Instagram for Tone It Up!!! A lot of you reading this took it from me, and you were so supportive, so thank you!!! You can watch that yoga video HERE.

What are your future goals?

My goal is to continue to take workshops and evolve as a student and an instructor. I’d also love to open more eyes to yoga ~ especially those who were once like mine — unsure and scared of the ‘asana!’ I used to think it wasn’t for me or that it was going to be too scary to be in a class. At this point in my life, I don’t know what I would do (or who I would be) without it!!!

Do you have advice for anyone considering it?

Find out what kind of yoga you feel most drawn to. Find an instructor who inspires you, challenges you, and ignites your passion and purpose. THEN — DO IT! Sign up, make the time, ask for support from the people around you, and dive in with an OPEN HEART, an open mind, and know that you’ll come out stronger and with a new perspective.

On our final day, I read this to our class during Savasana. Don’t mind my handwriting ;)


  1. Katrina~
    I am completley inspired by this whole post. I have been wanting to do yoga teacher training for years now, and it always seemed like it was never the right time. You have showed me that no time will be “perfect”, but making it work now will be worth it. Thank you so much for allowing me to follow my heart, and allow myself to learn more about the practice of yoga. Also, please continue the yoga live videos they are the highlights of my week and weekends (your sequences are amazing)! Thank you again :)
    Becky Logue

    1. So happy to hear Becky! I think the biggest thing is asking support from everyone around you to make sure you can make the time commitment! It is a lot~ but worth every moment. It’s always good to do something for you. xxo

  2. This was beautiful and made me tear up. I have been thinking about completing yoga teacher training for a while and am completely inspired by your post to just do it! Thank you Katrina for sharing and your beautiful open heart you bring to the Tone It Up Community everyday.
    Namaste <3

  3. So happy you shared your experience! Reading this made me think of my yoga training.. the first time I had to teach was absolutely scary! But it definitely gets easier with time and you evolve as a teacher and yoga student. Cant wait for more yoga videos from you!! You are an amazing teacher already! :) PS- your savasana journaling was beautiful!

  4. This is so inspiring, Kat!! Such good vibes! Congrats!! I’m planning on taking a course (fingers crossed) in February at Notre Dame through YogaFit! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I got certified in group fitness and yoga in 2007 but never did anything with it because I did not possess the confidence that I do now. Nothing stands in my way these day!!!! Namaste!

  5. Thank you so much for this post Katrina, it is so beautiful. I have taken so many screenshots of my favourite quotes.
    I absolutely love all your yoga flows, and find myself doing at least once a week.
    You have encouraged and inspired me to go back to University (what we call college in New Zealand) for BSc in Health Science. You are truly inspirational and I want to be like you and Karena when I grow up 😉😉😁😁 (I’m 30, I should be grown up). Thankyou and Karena for everything xx

  6. Doing yoga with you is such a treat! I can’t wait to see you grow as a teacher and expand all of our practices as well!

  7. Katrina – this post was EVERYTHING! I think it is so inspirational and beautiful that you followed your heart, took a leap of faith, and did something that scared you! Your live yoga workouts are the highlight of my week when they’re on the schedule! You’re such a badass babe with heart!

  8. Katrina, thank you so much for this beautiful post! I just started yoga and I LOVE it. It is scary and intimidating because I’m like I can’t bend like her, or my balance is too off. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder that you have thought the same things many of us have!!😘 I can’t wait to meet up with you again on the tour in Scottsdale, AZ:)

  9. Such a beautiful post! I have loved all of the live yoga classes you have taught us. They have such a balance of pushing me to increase my strength and flexibility. Awesome job choosing to jump in and get your certification, I am super pumped to watch you grow as a yoga instructor!
    When I was in my mid 20s I thought of becoming a yoga instructor, but life led me down a different path and I stopped doing yoga. I am starting to find yoga again and maybe one day I will consider yoga teacher training. Thank you for always inspiring this community.

  10. Katrina, thank you so much for posting and being so vulnerable! Your spirit is infectious and I appreciate TIu and your passion! Congrats on teaching certificate and for being yourself!!!!!! You are such an inspiration!

  11. Thank you SO much for sharing!! I’m at the beginning of my yoga journey, and like u I was so terrified to even try it. This is completely inspiring!! And such a wonderful reminder that we’re all working toward something and growing! 💗

  12. Kat, this post was wonderful, and I have loved all of the live yoga workouts you’ve done! At the end of each one I’m always saying it’s my new favorite, thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

  13. As a Yoga teacher and a yoga student I need to and want practice everyday but I want to also incorporate my Tone it up workouts. How do you balance your yoga practice with your TIU workouts? It something that I struggle with. @toneitup

  14. Thank you for sharing your experience, your journal post was beautiful. Reading this made me tear up. I just moved from Cali to Oregon, left my stressful job and am now trying new things . It has been such an adventure. I decided before the move that I would do a yoga teacher training when I got here. I’m set for October! I have back problems and have suffered from anxiety, that’s why I started tiu, because I need to strengthen my core and be active . I’m so excited for this new season in my life and who i can help with the training I receive. Thanks again for opening up about your experience!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!! My dream is to become a yoga instructor and I’m hoping to be able to sign up in 2018. You are such an inspiration!! Congratulations :)

  16. OMG Katrina! So inspired by this and so insanely proud of you for jumping in and discovering your passion. This post makes me want to discover my own! Thank you for being such an incredible role model and for leading all of us through your practice and words of love – the messages you share at the end of very flow have kept me strong and pushed me to be my best self every single day. Thank you, thank you, thank you — reading this gives me confidence that our personal growth is never-ending and completely in our control. We just have to take the plunge! <3

  17. I am in tears. This is beautiful, humble, vulnerable and inspiring – all at the same time! Thank you, Katrina, for sharing your journey and for being a continuing inspiration. Looking forward to meeting you and Karena at the NYC tour stop. I am attending alone and am anxious but excited. Thanks for reminding me that’s a good combination!

  18. Kat this is absolutely amazing!! I am one of those people who are terrified of doing yoga. I took 1 class 2 years ago in a studio and it was incredible, but I was so out of my element. Since then, I have only done the Tone It Up yoga workouts in my livingroom. Where I live we don’t really have yoga classes outside of the gym which I am not a member. Thank you for sharing your journey and opening up about your experience. As I was reading this it opened my mind and heart to new possibilities in the future. We are probably going to be moving to SoCal soon and I want to go out of my comfort zone and take more yoga classes and possibly do a yoga teacher training. I love everything that yoga encompasses and I love that their is a class for everyone. Tone It Up has opened my eyes to a love for yoga that I didn’t know I would ever have. Thank you K&K!

  19. Congratulations on your hard work and dedication! It’s always inspiring to see people try something a little scary and succeed. :) <3

  20. Couldn’t agree more with everything you said! I had pretty much the exact same feelings and thoughts during my YTT. Congrats love on getting your cert, so much harder than people realize. It breaks my heart sometimes when people in gyms or studios belittle a 200 HR Certification, like not realizing a lot happens during those 200 hours and the additional copious hours spent studying and practicing and living the practice. So thank you so much for sharing this to the TIU community!

  21. This post couldn’t have come at a more serendipitous time for me! Thank you so much for sharing K! I’ve just started training to be a fitness instructor for barre, pilates and HIIT at my local studio! They will be yoga alliance certified next year so I’ll be diving into that soon too. I have to say yoga is most definitely the more intimidating training. So glad I have this post to look back on! Tone it Up is where my love for all things fitness and health really blossomed. I think the community and how great you are at bringing women together and empowering them really solidified my choice to change careers at follow my joy. Nameste!

  22. This post was so inspiring and motivating; thanks for all the time you spent writing up your experience! I love that you girls are always learning and evolving. I’m curious how Angela and Sarah’s experience was? What was their drive to take the training and can it be taken if you just want more experience and information with Yoga or is it meant for people who want to become yoga teachers?

  23. Thank you for this! I start my Yoga Teacher Training next month and I am filled with so many emotions! This has made me a little more excited than nervous <3

  24. Love this post so much, Kat! Yoga has helped me tremendously in my life- it has brought me back when I feel lost, it’s humbling, it’s comforting, it helps with a lot of my health issues… Finding the right studio is like going to church. I am so proud of your journey and thank you for sharing it with all of us! <3

  25. I love this post!! So inspiring and so needed. I have chickened out quite a few times on things (like creating a public account when I started the Bikini Series)! Great job Katrina! I’m so happy you did this because we get to enjoy your live yoga booty workouts 😁

  26. Thank you for this post! Yoga is such a beautiful expression and way of moving, and as a dancer, and regular runner, it has been such a nice compliment for the joints. You sharing your journey inspires me all the more to flow in my Yoga Pod class later with fellow TIU girl Casey! Namasté indeed! :)

  27. LOVE THIS! I am totally one of those “afraid of yoga” people. Your live yoga WO was AMAZING though and totally gave me some strong woman zen vibes. I was actually just thinking how bad i wanted to do that flow again!! Thank you for taking the time to help us start our day in such a beautiful way!! xoxo

  28. Well done Kat ❤ such an inspirational journey. I’m taking my first ever hot yoga class this Saturday 😱 I’m so scared and exited at the same time. #namaste

  29. OMG, I’m sitting here in Celbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland and have just finished reading your post and can’t believe in 4 weeks time I will be starting my Yoga Teacher Training-I even have the same Yoga Anatomy book too!!!
    I gave up my job of 14 years (2 months ago) to dedicate it to becoming a Yoga Teacher-ME who’s was always terrified of standing up in front of people, thinking they will probably be looking at my horrible arms and saying ‘mmmm she’s not exactly in yoga teacher shape is she?’
    Thank you for sharing your experience it has given me the strength to realise that no matter who you are, what size you are and if you have no experience at all, as long as you have your friends and family and want to help people on their yoga journey everything else is not important!!!
    I love following you both on Instagram and do your arm exercises which hopefully will be toned to perfection soon!!!!! Namaste xx

  30. I really enjoyed reading about your journey. The part that stood out to me was what you wrote to share with the class about your vibe. I truly believe that what you bring is what you receive. I coach high school cheerleaders and would love to share that part with them, if you don’t mind.
    I can’t wait to meet you and Karena in Chicago Oct 7th!

  31. Katrina,

    Thank you SO much for posting this. It’s ironic on account of I’ve been debating getting certified to personal train! I enrolled in school last year and ending up dropping out so I could go back to school within the construction field. Personal training has always been a passion and something I’ve wanted to do, some of the trainers and instructors at BSC have encouraged me to do so as well! Thank you for this inspiring post it was much needed! I’m so thankful for you, Karena and the TIU community! I also thank my boyfriend everyday who told me about TIU, he coincidentally went to Keene as well and remembers seeing you there! Can’t wait to be apart of the VIP with you all in Boston! :)

  32. Kat, this really spoke to me. Not necessarily as a fellow yogi, but to open my heart and mind and trust my instincts. This has been a long time struggle for me, always questioning and second guessing myself. But, as many girls say, you are my spirit animal and I want to learn with intent and gratitude every single day, as you do. Just as you said, “dive in with an OPEN HEART, an open mind, and know that you’ll come out stronger and with a new perspective” and just DO IT! I want that, and I can’t thank you enough for all of your inspiration.

  33. SO beautiful Katrina! Every day you and Karena prove you are just like us, girls on a mission-for ourselves, for someone else, for everyone else-whatever it may be we’ll get there because we have K&K as our kinds and inspiration. <3

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this! I needed this today. It was literally perfect timing. I start ytt next month. I started my yoga journey September of last year. Before I was really struggling with some physical pains at the time. The only thing I hadn’t tried and committed to was yoga. I also was very intimidated by the entire idea especially because I am so inflexible but also because I really knew nothing about it besides poses. Once I committed to practice- physically, mentally and emotionally my world started to change. Within 4 months I was able to do child’s pose again and breath past my chest but also I was able to find love for myself and my life. I found hope again. The small amount of yoga that I had finally committed to was changing my life inside and out. I honestly bever could have imagined and feeling so good especially after being in pain for so long but I do. I feel amazing and because of this I truly believe and know that you’ll go work in that it’s more than just a pose. So after six months of committing to a daily practice and lots of healing, I made the decision to sign up for yoga teacher training which starts this September in just a short month so that I am able to share this with love and passion I have to also help inspire and heal others. I am so nervous but at the same time I’m so excited and I know that I am following the correct path. I have had intense butterflies recently and reading this has really brought calmness to my mind and body. Watching and reading your journey has also inspired me to follow my dreams. This post was an extra confirmation that it’s time to share my gift with the world. I’m so blessed to have found a real, loving, understand and supportive community. Thank you and congrats on taking the step for yourself as well. You are amazing

  35. Thank you for this post Katrina! I recently begun to practice yoga. Like you, I never thought it would be for me. At the beggining I only did the mouvements and I thought it was interesting but nothing more. Than I opened my heart while practicing and I really understand what yoga really meant. Today I can say that when life gets overwhelming, yoga is my balance (especially hot yoga that is amazing!!!) Thank you again!! :D

  36. This is such an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing! I also used to be intimidated by yoga, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Side note: as a new mom-to-be, it’d be amazing to see a TIU prenatal workout with your passion for Pre- & Postnatal Health :D

  37. Katrina, this was honestly so inspiring, so moving, and touching. I always intend to include more yoga in my week/month/year… and never do as much as I’d like. Even still, I connected with this on such a personal level that reading it brought tears to my eyes. It felt incredibly motivating to hear your story. After a very trying year this year… I really needed something like this. Thank you <3

  38. Beautiful and inspiring as always Katrina! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for this community!

  39. Beautiful! I feel like I’ve seen a whole new side of you from this post. Thanks for sharing! My favorite part is what you wrote in your journal.❤

  40. Truly inspiring, Katrina!!! I’ve thought about going through yoga training a time or two, I might just look deeper into it, now that I’ve read this post. Every feeling I’ve ever had or felt while practicing, you just expressed in such a beautiful and powerful way. Thank you!

  41. Katrina!! I’m from México, so I need to apologize since know if I make a terrible english mistake. I am a veterinarian, it’s being a very hard journey and I learned a lot (good and bad stuff) my sister and I found tone it up in 2014 if Im not wrong. I was in loved with everything! The workouts, you two girls!! But you are a big inspiration for me in a lot of ways!! I love your body, your preparation, your attitude, how you enjoy what you do and how pretty and happy you look doing it. Reading this makes me think a lot in al the things I wanna do. I love my career, I love animals and I love nature and life, but I want to do more things, diferent things. I tooked pole fitness classes and I love it (you both should try it, its funny, beautiful and makes you feel so strong and powerful).. I want a certificate, I want to learn more about nutrition and I want to learn more about Yoga!. I’ve practiced it a little, but you girls show me the most of it and I love it. This article becomes a inspiration and a reminder that if I want to do something, just do it, find the time!! It doesn’t matter if I studied something different, I can do a lot of things!! Thank you, you are a role model, a inspiration, and amazing woman, and I hope, one day I can meet you 😊 … pleaseee, that TIU never ends!!!

  42. Thank you for sharing such a personal and inspiring experience with us! I’ve always wanted to take a yoga class, but always found my way to the squat (LOL). Lately, I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone, like becoming more active within the TIU community – Connecting with others via social media or within my gym. So I will definitely be trying out a yoga class next week:)

  43. This is amazing! It’s so beautiful to be constantly growing and evolving! <3 I would love some beginner yoga workouts on TIU, my wrists are so weak!

  44. I just have to leave a comment and say—-YAY KEENE!! I am a KSC graduate too! Who knew! I live down in Dana Point now. It just really made my day to read that you went there too, such great memories.

    1. Keene State ’08! Best campus and college, oh the memories. Such a neat feeling to find awesome ladies who went to Keene. Great job Katrina for representing Keene and yoga!

  45. Thank you so much for sharing with us.. your beautiful heart shows in this lovely post.. I am a yoga teacher too, and am working on my 500 hour (one weekend a month for two and a half years lol) .. thank you for giving me TIU too, it’s the best compliment to a yoga practice and a happy life!!

  46. Katrina, I am so excited for you and as a TIU Team member I can’t express how grateful I am that you took this training! I completed my 200 hr (Bhakti Vinyasa) cert a couple years ago. Since joining TIU (Nov 16) ,,, I totally felt something missing in the TIU program (the yogi in me). I was just missing a little flow mixed in to my workouts. I could tell from Tuesday’s live workout the thread of flow weaving into the warmup and I LOVED IT!
    I can’t even imagine being in your shoes and immediately teaching to the masses!!! : 0 I never knew how challenging it was to teach until I started training. I always thought with my background in dance – this should be easy. HAHAHA! yeap not so. I taught steady for 1 year then I hit the road and haven’t been teaching very much since. Yet the other day I got an email from Janet Stone on her next 300 hr (bring it to 500) and it just jumped off the page at me. I am confused as to why I need this since my practice and teaching has somewhat diminished since I have been on the road. But it did and i’m listening to the curiosity. Your post is inspiring to possibly take the leap. I’m sure your in the shoes I was in….after 200 hrs you feel like you scratched the surface and maybe know more than ever that we know nothing about yoga, just barely figured how to ‘spit it out’ (Obviously i dont mean spit in negative way…its just a mouthful!). After 3 years I am beginning to think its time to learn more! I have an adventure travel business and we travel the world doing insanely fun ski, snowboard, bike, surf trips. I have yet to infuse the yoga into the trips….it has been very challenging when most want to eat, ski sleep… Keep on teaching, planning, inspiring, shaking up peoples lives. Scrolling back to my Instapost on the day of 200 hr completion…(as you will meander back to this post several years from now…) “Wow we did it! We completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training! Egos have been diluted, hearts wide open and filled with love and compassion, illusions and false stories of the mind… washed away, calm, clear and focused minds… YOGA aids you to observe yourself and shifts your perspective on the nature of reality and the nature of life. Yoga cleanses and restores your body and just makes you feel so DANG GOOD! This practice joins us together and reminds us we are all ONE. This journey//Sadhana has been so special! A daily practice and a lifelong journey!”

    I can’t wait to watch you grow as a teacher and lead me while on the road!!!!! Everyone always asks but your a teacher, can’t you do it at home. I’m addicted to learning, being a student and the feeling of Being in COMMUNITY, Thank you for TIU to saving my Butt on the road and giving me community!!!

    Prayer to all Teachers:
    Guru Brahmha
    Guru Vishnu
    Guru devo mai hesh wada
    Guru SakShat
    Padam brahmha
    Taish mai-shri
    guru vay namah

    I bow my head and praise of and with gratitude for the gifts and blessings of this magnificent day. I think of all those have gone before me and I pray to all those who remain.

  47. Katrina, thank you so much for sharing this with us! I have been looking forward to this post ever since you completed your training. I have been really interested in completing a training course but have had several of the same reservations that you shared. This really gave some insight as to what to expect both physically and emotionally! I look forward to practicing with you in more TIU workouts and in DC for the Tour! Thank you (and Karena) for being such positive inspiration for us in all that you do. xoxo

  48. Katrina,

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I completed my RYT-200 in April of this year and found myself agreeing with almost every word you wrote. The experience was so physical, emotional, spiritual, and more. Like you, I decided I needed to dive in and take training because otherwise, life would always be in the way and I am so glad that I did.


  49. Kat- I am so proud of you!! Thank you for taking us along your journey by sharing your beautiful personal story. I loved being there for your live yoga booty class! You did such a great job with each transition and it was well thoughtout for each muscle group. I have that same Yoga Anatomy book from when I studied Kinesiology at Texas A&M. It’s intense! Some of those pictures are crazy! So thankful you were able to give back to yourself through this certification. Super proud of you!!!

  50. I think I’ve read this post about 100 times. Thank you for sharing your personal journey and encouraging me to do something for myself. I originally wasn’t going to go to the TIU Tour since I didn’t know anyone. However, after reading this post I just knew I had to get over my fear and just GO. After making my announcement on Instagram that I bought my tickets and sharing how scared I was going by myself, I received the best, most welcoming and loving responses from the community. They shared how excited they are for the Tour and that I won’t be alone!! It’s wonderful. Your true talent is connecting woman and as a transplant to New England from Denver, you are helping me find my tribe! Now I can’t wait! <3

  51. This post has me in tears. For so long, I’ve been saying I wanted to be a yoga instructor, but I always made a excuse into why I couldn’t do it. Yesterday, I sat down and wrote my goals. This time, I did a life goals, which was “Become a yoga instructor!!! I felt scared and didn’t know if i should ( again making excuses) or if it was what I was meant for. Thank you so much Katrina for inspired me to go for my dreams and for opening my eyes to just go and give it my all. My heart is full with joy, excitement and love.
    Thank you Priscilla

  52. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I kept on reading again and again the journal :
    Your vibe is your most powerful quality.
    The vibe you bring is what you receive.
    What you need you must give first.
    Your surroundings and universe are up to you.
    How do you show up?
    How do you present your authentic self?
    This is how you will grow and inspire others.
    Your vibe truly attracts your tribe… And your best life.
    And I decided to print it with a little heart next to it and leave it at my desk.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  53. Kat, thanks for sharing your journey! I love this post and am discovering a new love for yoga myself. Please include some yoga videos in the next challenge package! Thank you for all the inspiration xo

  54. Katrina, I cried. Yes, I love yoga, but I so appreciate the reminder to SEE people. Friends, family, students, strangers. To see them and encourage them in their strengths, to speak truth and love and insight into their lives and allow them to do the same to me. Thank you for being vulnerable yourself and sharing your journey with us.

  55. I had tears and smiles reading your yoga teacher journey. Life takes us to so many places good and bad and I love how you always see the light in everything. Something you inspired me to do for a few years (that and wearing lighter coloured clothes. Now I gravitate towards whites and pinks and feel so much better for wearing them!) now. Last week before reading this I enrolled on a new fitness course, pre and post natal fitness. You’re right about keeping your fitness teaching skills fresh and learning new things is important. Next up I want to strength and conditioning as I love that area of fitness. Yoga compliments so many areas of fitness and I’m looking forward to learning more from you as you grow as a yoga teacher. You go girl with crow to tripod headstands!

  56. This post was amazing! I was absolutely the same way (being nervous about going to a yoga class) up until the beginning of this year. My roommate and I decided to take the plunge and do a two week trial at a yoga studio near us and we fell in love. Now we go to Yoga 2-3 times a week. It is amazing to find a studio of women that make you feel 100% comfortable and unjudged. ALSO if you haven’t tried Buti Yoga ladies it is a pretty awesome spin on a normal yoga flow/power yoga! It would be awesome if you could put some of that style in your yoga workouts (which I LOVE by the way)!

    Good luck with your future training! <3

  57. Wow Katrina, this was beautiful and congratulations on graduating (and beginning a new journey) you are a beautiful soul and it shows even more now! What an amazing experience and just gives me more motivation to keep going on my own yoga journey when I need it most. You are doing amazing things, never give up!!

  58. Oh my gosh, this made me tear up!! What an amazing, emotional experience to go through – thank you for letting us read about it! I hope to one day do yoga teacher training..this definitely fueled my desire to GET IT DONE sooner and stop pushing it off. I look forward to more yoga live workouts!! :) <3

  59. Brought to tears reading this – so proud of you Kat! It really gave me a reflection of where I am in my practice and maybe it’s time for me to take the leap! :)

  60. I am literally in tears after reading such a beautiful post! I am 6 weeks into my teacher training program and you are absolutely right – it is the most exhilarating experience ever! After an intense weekend of acro yoga, which definitely brought out the tears, I realized the true beauty in this practice for both myself and the other ladies in the room. We all experienced insecurities and fears about our bodies, and despite those fears opened our hearts to the beautiful experience of trusting our partners to hold space and keep us safe even when we had doubts about what our bodies could do. After losing more than 130 pounds, I still struggle with insecurities about my body, and teacher training has taught me that my body can do so much more than I give it credit for. I am so excited that you completed your journey, and I look forward to flowing along with you and this beautiful TIU community in the future! Namaste <3

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