My Post-Baby Transformation & Message ~ Motivation Monday

Postpartum body

Hey beautiful! I posted this on my Insta last week @Katrinaascott and now that I have another minute (baby girl is napping!) I want to share with you here for Motivation Monday! So here it is…this is me just before I got pregnant vs 6 days after giving birth. 💞

On the left I felt like I was the strongest and most in shape I had ever been — but wow was I wrong. I had no idea what I was capable of. I’m so much more proud of the body on the right. I fought harder for it, sacrificed so much more, embraced every day as it came, surrendered to all the change, and pushed through the hard days and challenges with a smile on my face. I kept a positive perspective when things got tough, worked harder than I ever have — at work and at home, and on my mind, body, and soul, listened to my intuition and what was best for the little miracle growing inside me, and most of all — I showed myself how truly amazing the female body is. I appreciate and love my body and all that it has done more than I ever have before.

I wanted to film this video and share exactly where I’m at with you because I don’t want anyone to ever think things are “perfect.” I weighed myself (I wouldn’t have done this, but I want to share in case any of you ever feel discouraged leaving the hospital after birth). I went in weighing 175 (up 40lbs) and left with a 7-pound baby in my arms weighing 165. I don’t recommend weighing yourself, but I want you to know that this is completely normal. We don’t leave all the baby weight at the hospital! We have a new journey ahead of us and it’s going to take self-love, patience, and kindness.

Throughout my pregnancy, I heard from so many TIU mamas-to-be asking how to stay positive with our changing bodies. I had no idea how I would feel going into pregnancy and now that I’ve experienced it — gaining more than 40 pounds, discovering new curves and dimples everywhere, and watching my body change every week — I want to say that it’s completely normal to feel every emotion.

Let’s be patient and loving with ourselves. What we’re doing as women is remarkable. I want to make it okay that we come out of the hospital not feeling like our old selves — because we’re not the same. We’re way more powerful…we’re stronger and we have brought a miracle into the world. Do I want the body on the left? No ~ I’m not the same girl. I’m capable of so much more now and I’m excited for my new body and what the future holds ~ tiger stripes 🐯 , dimples, and all! My new body is my new superpower!

I am so honored to share my transformation with you and to be featured on the homepage of The Today Show, on Popsugar, Shape, and Women’s Health so I can share with even more women around the world.

Please take a moment today to check in with a mama in your life and let her know how freaking beautiful she is ~ inside and out. Ask her if there is anything she needs to reach her goals because you never know if she needs it. To my #TIUmamas, always remember how powerful, remarkable, and gorgeous you are! Love you so much! 💛




  1. I had tears in my eyes when I first read this on Insta. I am so proud to be a TIU girl because you are such a positive influence in this world! You’re seriously helping so many women and are helping people see the realistic side of pregnancy! And the fact that us women are total badasses who can make miracles happen! I haven’t had children yet but I love that I have this to refer back to in the future! Love you Kat and baby Bella 💕😙

  2. Katrina I wished that I had this message and pics to see when I had my babies. I wiss that all women get to see this and accept themselves for who they are.

  3. As a first time mama to be, you have no idea how much I appreciate this. Thank-you thank-you thank-you. I love this so much. I don’t think I wouldn’t have the confidence I do now with my pregnant body if it wasn’t for Tone It Up. As always. you and Karena inspire me every day. Thank-you for opening up and being so real during your entire pregnancy journey. Bella is so lucky to have such a strong, beautiful mama.

  4. Congratulations Katrina… you are a real inspiration ♥ I saw your picture of before TIU and after and that made me want to be part of this movement, and now, this before and after just tells me that things just keep getting better and better… H.

  5. Congrats and what a beautiful message!! I wish I had someone like you around when I had my first baby over 3 years ago! I too weighed myself not before leaving the hospital but right when I got home and was completely discouraged with the fact that I had lost no weight after having my daughter. I had retained so much fluid from the IV and them pumping me full of pitocin that I was SO swollen when I came home. It took me over a year to get to a place where I felt mentally strong about my postpartum body and now that I’m pregnant with Baby #2 (due Dec. 29th) I’m embracing all of the changes that come with pregnancy! I look forward to following your journey as you recover and I will be following along in the New Year as I recover as well!

  6. You are so amazing and such an inspiration! I sent this article to my bff who just had her baby too!!

  7. I can’t believe your positivity for your body image. I have been struggling even more after baby #2 as the weight just isn’t coming off like before. Please keep sharing and posting and sharing your positivity. It’s helpful and very refreshing! Congratulations!!!

  8. You are sending such a powerful message to all of us out here! Thank you for being so honest, so open, and so ready to take it all on. Congratulations!

  9. I haven’t posted anything with TIU before, despite being a member for a couple of years. I love taking a peek at the emails that come through … and I have to say this email is my favorite!! Thank you for being so genuine and beautiful — understanding the beauty of the female body. I don’t know that I always appreciated it myself even though I have two amazing adult children — but I really am in awe of the female body, mind, and spirit and what we’re able to achieve. In fact, listen to Keith Urban’s song FEMALE … it makes me so proud to be a woman! Great job for celebrating your pregnancy and post pregnancy body with the community. Something to be proud of!!

  10. Thank you so much for this, it sends out such a powerful message to all women out there to love ourselves and remember the amazing things we can do as well as accomplish. Having kids is a beautiful miracle and this article has made me see things so differently and definitely feel more comfortable when my time comes to have kids. You girls give such inspiring words but also motivation to never give up and always be the best version of ourselves, and for that I am truly proud to be a TIU Girl. Congratulations Katrina, you and baby bella are beautiful . xo

  11. This is what it’s all about!! ❤️❤️❤️ More proud than ever to be a TIU girl and so inspired. This is the kind of role model I want to be for a little one of my own someday. Thank you Kat! xoxo

  12. Katrina, you are such a beautiful soul! So admirable and inspirational! So grateful to follow your journey from the very start of TIU and see how far you have come! Congratulations to you and Brian, Bella is such a STUNNINGLY perfect baby girl. Hugs and love!

  13. This brings tears to my eyes!!! 😅 You are such a bright and positive spirit! Thank you so much for this!!! Women all over the world need to see this and more of this!!! I needed this 5 years ago! I think so many women have been in dark places post-pregnancy because they haven’t seen enough of this side of post-pregnancy from women! Thank you! I’m so glad you’re embracing the post-partim life! You’re so wonderful! Blessing to you and Bella!

  14. You are so awesome! This kind of support and transparency is why I love this community! You are beautiful <3

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