My Mother’s Day Letter To You


Dear mamas…and grandmas, aunties, sisters, caregivers, stepmothers, and everyone out there giving all of yourself to others day in and day out ~ I just want you to know how much I see and appreciate you.

I’m sitting here in the hospital writing this as my sister-in-law is in labor. My mom is next to me, my best girlfriend of 17 years and my other future sister-in-law is on my other side, and I’m looking around and there are so many women here supporting their friends, families, and daughters. It’s so empowering and beautiful. At the same time, I also see families where there are single fathers, or who have lost a mother, or have just a few family members. Originally this letter was going to focus just on Happy Mother’s Day, but as I sit here and write this, I am reminded that it can be a more somber day for some. So for all of you who have your mother with you today, hold her tight…and tell her you love her over and over. For any of you who are missing your mom or are yearning for a family, I see you and my heart is with you today.

Even though I’m only 7 months into this new role, I have so much respect for all the unconditional love, care, sacrifice, and nurturing mamas and mother figures give every day. Someone asked me to describe being a mother and the only way I can describe it is my heart is bursting at every moment of the day and night. My mind races, I sleep with one eye open, I smile at every little thing, and my eyes well up with happy tears every time her tiny hand wraps around my finger. I never knew I could feel so many emotions.

Today I want to feature some of the incredible mothers in the TIU community. And if you’re acknowledging someone in your life today, we’d love to see it on the hashtag #tiumothersday.

Sending you so much love today & always.



PS~ of course a special shout out to my mama Jane for being my best friend, my inspiration, and such a beautiful example of a strong woman and nurturing soul. I have always wanted to be a mother to Isabelle and whenever I have a moment of doubt, I think of you and all that you did, and you make me brave. Love you so much mama. And to my mother-in-law Pam…you raised an incredible man who is the best husband and daddy in the world! So grateful for you.

Sending so much love to all our gorgeous TIU mamas! 💕














Special shout out to our new mamas!











And congrats to our mamas-to-be!










Love you all so much! 💛

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