Best Way to Start Your Week ~ Motivating TIU Girl Stories!

Hi beautiful ~ We’re so excited to kick off another week of the #SummerToneUp with you girls! Did you see?! The Summer Tone Up Series is extended two more weeks!! We love keeping the momentum with you & remember you can still join us anytime ~ just download your Tone It Up App in the App Store or Google Play & join the “Summer Tone Up” Program. 

Today we are so honored to share the stories of a few incredible Black women in the Tone It Up Community. These girls inspire us with their words, encourage the #TIUteam on IG, and crushhh their workouts ~ talk about inspo! We’re sharing their IG handles so make sure to follow them to show these girls lots of love! 


Nicole ~ @whatnicolewants

I’m a mostly Southern California raised girl, with a brief stint in Indiana. I am currently working from home and sharing my space with a cat, my 2 year old son, my 7 year old step-daughter, and my husband. I started running in elementary school and would love to run a marathon one day.

How long have you been a part of the TIU community?

I’ve been part of the TIU community for a little over 5 years now.

What motivates you to get your workout in?

Between working from home and family responsibilities I rarely get alone or quiet time. My workouts are “me time.” I love starting my day feeling energized and strong.

What changes have you seen, both mentally, physically, and spiritually since starting TIU?

TIU has always been about fun, challenging workouts for me. Since having my son my relationship to my body has changed. Everything about your body “shifts” a little and it’s not the same. I’m still working on my confidence, but being part of TIU . . . it truly just makes me happy. Everything is a positive challenge from slowing down and meditating to pushing my limits through yoga sculpt workouts.

Favorite TIU workout?

I never did HIIT workouts before TIU. Tone HIIT Up is one of my favorites. I just love how accomplished I feel after one of these kind of workouts. 

Proud #TIUgirl moment?

My proudest moment is right now during the Summer Tone Up Challenge. I feel like I am achieving two of my overall challenge goals: stay consistent with the workouts and engage with the community. I love connecting with all the TIU girls, especially now with everything going on in the world. I think the TIU community has really stepped up and shown support for the Black community and especially for BlPOC ladies who are part of TIU.

What does your wellness journey mean to you?

Learning to accept myself as I am. I don’t think there is anything with wanting to change your body, but you can’t get there by hating it. It’s important that all your wellness choices come from a place of love.


Lexy ~ @fitmomlexy

Hi TIU Team! My name is Alexis, most people call me Lexy! I am originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica and emigrated to the US when I was six years old. I currently reside in North Dallas.

What motivates you to get your workout in? 

My main motivation is my family! I want to have the energy to be able to keep up with my girls all day. My 3 year old Malia loves to join me while I am doing my workouts and that makes me feel so good knowing I am setting an example for her and her sister.

What changes have you seen, both mentally, physically, and spiritually since starting TIU?

I felt more confident in my body and my self worth. I began to appreciate my curvy body for the beautiful and strong entity that she is! The addition of Karena’s meditations opened up a whole new world for me spiritually and I now meditate daily.

Favorite TIU workout & proud #TIUgirl moment?

My favorite TIU workout is HIIT! It is super challenging but quick and so effective. My proud #TIUgirl moment was the 2017 Bikini series when I fully committed to the nutrition plan and workouts. My main goal was to lose 8lbs. At that time I had an eight month old and a ten year old to raise, a weak mid-section, and a hubby that traveled for work BUT I committed to that little goal like my life depended on it. I crushed that goal with the help of TIU and the TIU community!

What does your wellness journey mean to you?

My wellness journey is EVERYTHING to me! Every time I log into the TIU app for a workout, make a meal for my family and myself that is nutritious and delicious, wake up early to journal and meditate, or connect with my friends in the TIU community – I know I am showing myself much love and kindness! I have become a better wife, mom, family member, friend, and member of my local community. I have more energy to engage in the activities that I am passionate about.

Anything else you’d like to share with the #TIUteam?

I am so grateful for the TIU community and how easy it is to connect with like minded women no matter where you go! My family and I moved to Texas in 2018 and I was looking to make new friendships. I knew I could connect with new people through the TIU community, so I decided to form my own TIU meetup group in March 2019 called North Dallas Tone It Up. I have started some amazing friendships through this group! 50 members strong and growing, we connect with each other daily through workout check ins and have meet ups at least once a month (in person and virtual). We come from diverse backgrounds with one common goal to encourage, motivate, inspire, and hold each other accountable on our TIU wellness journey!


Tinetta ~ @tinettalee

Hi everyone, I’m Tinetta! I live in Medina, Ohio with my husband Mike and our two sons, Emmitt and Zane. I’ve been a pediatric speech-language pathologist for 10 years.

What motivates you to get your workout in?

The workouts are quick, fun, and challenging. When I hear the trainers talk about how they are “right there with you” and that they too are “shaking”, it lets me know that I’m not alone with those feelings. I love the modifications that are suggested and the message “do what you need to, this is YOUR workout”. Knowing that there is a community of strong women who are rooting for me throughout this journey! 

What changes have you seen, both mentally, physically, and spiritually since starting TIU?

I have more energy, I look forward to fitting in my workouts and I’m learning more about the power of meditation. I have more confidence in myself.

What is your favorite TIU workout & proud #TIUgirl moment?

I’ve always loved the booty and total body routines! I’m 5’8 and all limbs so I’m happy to get some athletic curves and feel strong!! My #TIUgirl proud moments have been completing every HIIT routine in the challenge so far! 

Anything else you’d like to share with the #TIUteam?

Keep encouraging others and yourself, speak about the importance of self care and don’t be afraid to share your journey! You never know who you will inspire along the way!


Carleen ~ @tiutaylorcarcar

I am from LA, California. Fitness has been part of my life for many years since Middle school and High School where I ran cross country and long distance in Track  and Field. However, I did not take it seriously until I found Tone it Up or until it found me.

What motivates you to get your workout in?

I was so glad when TIU created the app. It gave you the opportunity to take them everywhere you go with videos and the daily workouts. Seeing the smiling faces and the encouragement from not only the trainers but from the entire community motivates me to do a workout. Knowing that the community and the trainers are just a swipe and a click away makes me motivated to keep on going.

What changes have you seen, both mentally, physically, and spiritually since starting TIU?

I have seen a greater change mentally especially in how I look at myself. I praise myself into accepting myself for who I am. I love my thick thighs and my booty. Like Queen B said ” If you don’t jump to put jeans on, then you don’t feel my pain”. I am very blessed and thankful for what I got. I also noticed that with the continuance in my daily workouts I have been about to physically get through every set. Though I am huffing and puffing with sweat rolling down every where I know that I had accomplished something I though I never could before. On a spiritual note I love Karena and her meditation Mondays. Meditation can mean something different to everyone and I am glad that she encourages you to just clear your mind and focus on breathing.

What is your favorite TIU workout & why?

My favorite workout in the summer program is the Supercharged HIIT with Tori, Chyna, Karena and Katrina. I just love the positive energy throughout the whole video including the end! The end sums up entire program to me.

What does your wellness journey mean to you?

My wellness journey means to be happy and to do things that make me happy. I am proud to be TIU girl and I love everything that this community stands for. WHO RUN THE WORLD?!?!?! 

Anything else you’d like to share with the #TIUteam?

I want to thank the community, the team, the trainers, and everyone involved with TIU. None of this would have happened it is wasn’t for you. Now let’s continue to make a change and stand for all women everywhere.


Lecreatia ~ @lala89_tiu

My name is Lecreatia and I’m from Lake View Terrace, CA (LA County). I’m a wife (7 years) and stay-at-home mom to 3 littles.

How long have you been a part of the TIU community?

I have been with TIU since 2014! I instantly fell in love with K&K’s electric energy. They look like they are having so much fun!

What motivates you to get your workout in?

My day always feels a little better when I know I got up and took care of my body so knowing that helps me get up and get moving. 

What changes have you seen, both mentally, physically, and spiritually since starting TIU?

Oh man. There are soooo many. Mentally, I have a healthier relationship with my body and food. One of my favorite quotes is “She works out because she loves her body, not because she hates it” from Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous. Physically, I noticed I last longer throughout the day, usually I need an afternoon nap LOL. Spiritually, I’ve learned to make mental exercise just as important as physical exercise. I’ve also found that on the TIU nutrition plan, I have better control of my cravings and when I do decide to treat myself, it’s in full confidence instead of dread and guilt. 

Favorite TIU workout & proud #TIUgirl moment?

I looooove the new Kettle Booty Max from the Summer Tone Up program because of those side stepping kettle swings. I also feel so strong afterward. I have a proud #TIUgirl moment every time I finish a workout without needing a break and that’s happening more often now that I’m being consistent again.

What does your wellness journey mean to you?

Everything. In 2013 I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease (Graves’) and I learned how nutrition plays an incredible role on the cellular level! I want to show my children how fun eating well is and create a home that encourages a healthy mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual lifestyle.

Anything else you’d like to share with the #TIUteam?

HIIII!!! I love you all and I’m so happy to be connecting with so many of you! Be sure to send me a message on IG and introduce yourself. You all are so beautiful, powerful, and worthy of every single good thing in this world!! Let’s get after them!


Ashley ~ @ashleynichole_tiu 

I’m Ashley and I’m from South Carolina. I work in the nuclear industry and love this fun and unique field! I also love to travel to see our beautiful world. Current bucketlist goal is to visit all seven continents. 3 to go!

how long have you been a part of the TIU community? 

I’ve been a part of the TIU community for 2 years and absolutely love it!

how did you first find TIU? 

My good friend, Christy, told me about the 2018 Bikini Series and asked me to join her for the challenge as an accountability partner. Once she told me about Tone It Up and introduced me to the community, I was sold! Thank you, girl! 

what changes have you seen, both mentally, physically, and spiritually since starting TIU? 

I am so much stronger in all aspects since starting Tone It Up. I am forever thankful to Karena for introducing me to meditation and the importance of mental health. I’ve learned how to take care of my mental health through her guided meditations and other information she has shared. Physically, I’m much stronger than I was prior to TIU. I used to despise working out, now I look forward to it! I love watching my body change in a positive way. Overall, I’ve learned how to properly care and listen to my body.

what is your favorite TIU workout & why?

My new favorite workout is Level Up HIIT! Wow! What a quick burner. I also love any leg strength workout!

proud #TIUgirl moment? 

There was a shirt that I had for a while but never wore because it was too small. A few months into my TIU journey, I decided to try it on and it fit! That’s when I knew I found the right program for me. Also, my proud #TIUGirl moment is right now! All of the motivation and encouragement during the Summer Tone Up series have been amazing! I’m so thankful to be a part of this community.

what does your wellness journey mean to you? 

My wellness journey means listening and taking care of myself. I’m learning when to challenge my body and when to rest. I’ve learned that self-care is so important as I continue this journey. This Tone It Up community helps me to stay on my wellness journey and when I may get off path, a TIU sister is there to help guide me back.

anything else you’d like to share with the #TIUteam?

Don’t be afraid to share your love for fitness with everyone you know! You never know who you’re influencing and motivating to start their own journey. My family now looks to me for the family workouts during vacations!

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