10 Ways to Motivate for the Final 2 Weeks of #SummerToneUp

Six weeks in, and the finish line is just around the corner. We are SO proud of you girls for your dedication week after week! We are committed to crushing these final two weeks of the #SummerToneUp Series together with you!! As we kick off this final stretch, we wanted to share some tips to finish strong both mentally and physically. 

We started this Series together, and you bet we are here with you now, finishing as a team. From slipping on your favorite workout set to remembering why you started in the first place, these 10 tools will help you cross that finish line with flying colors. Plus, you will feel so confident walking into summer with that feeling of accomplishment knowing you committed to YOU throughout the full 8 weeks. 


Remember Your Why

We all have different reasons for why we began our wellness journeys so taking the time to remember your why, and refocus your goals and intentions, will motivate and inspire you to commit to these final two weeks. 

Take Your #TIUapp Workouts Outside

A change of scenery can make all the difference. Moving your body under the sun will make you feel great, while also helping you soak in that vitamin D. It’s a win-win. 


Set a Reminder 

Sometimes the best accountability partner is that reminder that pops up on your phone or in your #TIUapp that keeps you on track each day. Plus, we love to motivate ourselves by adding a little message too ~ “You’ve got this girl! Great job!” Any little boost of encouragement helps, amiright? 

Grab a Girlfriend

Check in with your accountability partners! Remember that this #TIUteam has been with you every step of the way, & we’re right here with you for these final two weeks too! Connecting with your girlfriends will give you that much more motivation, plus you never know who you’re inspiring too!

Make a New Playlist

Spice it up, girl! Try something new with your playlist ~ always listening to pop music?! Add a lil’ R&B or your favorite throwback tracks. This is a great way to reignite that fire in you and have fun with it! 

Set Out Your Clothes

The first step to every workout is showing up. So lace up your kicks and let’s do this! We find that picking out an outfit the night before is a great way to set up for success and gets you going first thing in the morning. 


Remember ~ You’ll Never Regret a Workout

Imagine how amazing you will feel after crushing a routine in your #TIUapp. Picture yourself feeling rejuvenated and energized post-workout. Plus, anyone else look forward to their protein smoothie after class? We know you’ve got this!

Make the Time for You

Think of it as a date with yourself. Treat your time spent working out as a priority that should be blocked out, scheduled, and quality time that you look forward to.

Track Your Success

Checklists help us feel productive. Make a list for the final two weeks of the #SummerToneUp ~ what you want to accomplish and the workouts in your app. Cross them off once you complete each day! 

Appreciate Your Body 

Think back to how you felt six weeks ago and reflect on everything your body has done for you. It is incredible how your body will thank you when you decide to exercise and fuel it right. Your mental and physical wellbeing improves when you take this time to feel your best and connect with your intentions. We are so proud of you babe. We know these next two weeks are going to be amazing. 

Summer Tone Up Stef Tori

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