Motivation Monday ~ Tell Us WHY You’re Doing The Bikini Series!

How was your weekend, babe? We had so much fun at Coachella, and we’re more pumped than ever for BIKINI SERIES! 1 week!!! It’s not too late to sign up, so click HERE to join us!

This Motivation Monday, Kat and I want to share a little more with you about our inspiration behind this Bikini Series and what motivated us while creating it. While working on this Bikini Series, Kat and I thought back and reflected on one simple question: WHY? Why did we we start this community and why did we create this Challenge? The answers were simple: We wanted to build a community that brings women together, lifts us up, empowers us, and allows us to achieve our dreams together. And we wanted to create a series that helps women feel fit, strong, and confident for summer.

This year’s series is all about reflecting on your why. Why do you want to start your journey? Why are you committing to your health and happiness? Why do you need the Bikini Series right now?

The answer will be different for every one of us. Maybe you want to be more active with your family, or feel your best for a big event, or challenge yourself to try something new, or simply feel more confident than ever before. Close your eyes and think about your why. Say it aloud, write it down in your journal, share it with the #TIUteam, and make a decision to commit to it.

Throughout your Bikini Series journey, you’ll return to your why. You’ll have a lot of choices to make during this Challenge: Will I wake up a little earlier for my Booty Call? Will this meal give my body the fuel it deserves? Will I set aside time to prioritize myself? These choices can be challenging, but all you have to do is think about your why and you’ll achieve things you never thought possible!

We want to hear your WHY! Tell us below in the comments! And share this pic on Insta with your why in the caption. Hashtag #TIUbikiniseries and #TIUteam. We can’t wait to read them! Xxo

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The BIKINI SERIES is kickin’ off in just 1week! Sign up HERE and join this beautiful Community to prep for summer. We’re all doing it together! Are you ready to feel toned, strong, and confident?

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  1. Why am I going to start and FINISH the Bikini Series Challenge this year? I’ve been on my journey to better myself, love myself, feel stronger and more confident for what seems like forever! Ive been following you ladies since 2014! So far, Ive lost about 15 pounds, however, its a rollercoaster! Its time to make it my PRIORITY to be fit. I cant wait for the bikini series! SO EXCITED! (;

    1. This is so awesome girl!! I am the same these series START TO FINISH, YOU GOT THIS GIRL! <3

      Here's to the best summer ever.

    2. I’m so with….I have followed and never finished. This is SO our year. We got this!! From start to FINISH!

      1. I’m right they’re with you ladies! Always follow but I’ve never finished. This is our year!

    3. My Why: I’ve been on a fitness kick for the last two years and want to keep it going. I’ve made some progress (lost 10 lbs) but really want to continue and not just plateau. Inspired by my college roommate, I decided to try this community based approach next!

    4. Yes!! I have followed since 2015 and am so excited to finally commit to participate in the challenge!! We can do it!!

  2. My Why: Recently I have found a passion in working out and get excited to complete those Booty Calls, but after having a baby, my body is just not the same. I want to feel confident in the clothes I wear and not have to crop pictures to hide my body. I want to be healthy and active with my 9 month old son and teach him a healthy and active lifestyle.

    1. I’m a mom of a 9 month old (and 3 year old) too! And the process of pregnancy through birth is such a beautiful thing, but it does take a toll on the body. This community is amazing, and there are so many #tiumoms to support you! You can do this. I’ll be doing it to teach my kids that being healthy is one rung on the ladder to success, and to keep up my energy so I can keep up with theirs!

  3. My “why” is to gain back confidence in my body and in myself. I’m 13 months post partum and being a mom is hard enough without feeling bad about my body. I want to rock this series and feel amazing this summer!

    1. You’ve got this girl. My son is 6 and I still struggle with my body which is why I’m doing the Bikini Series. Wish I would have known about this then!

      1. My Why: The Influence on my 3 Daughters…. (youngest is 14 months old). My girls have asked me for years why I never wear shorts in the summer and why I always have on long sleeved tops when it’s 90 degrees out. I haven’t felt confident about my 5ft tall 129 lb body since college. Why???? I honestly can’t explain why I have sent them these negative messages thus far but I know for DARN SURE that I am changing that today!! I want them to see me as not only a proud Work at Home Mom but as a Confident Woman in her own skin. My oldest is almost 13 and I NEVER want her to feel like I have. She loves TIU Workouts and does them with me occasionally.
        This is the end of Mommy being “hot” and uncomfortable. This is the end of me not enjoying trips to outdoor activities. Done!!! THIS IS MY DAY ONE……..FOR MY DAUGHTERS. RIGHT HERE, TODAY!

        Love you all!!!

  4. My WHY? Is to help myself make self care a priority. My job is so stressful and if I don’t make the time to exercise and the effort to eat well I start to crack under the pressure. Plus I want to be healthy, active and live a long life for my daughter!

    1. I’m also have a really stressful job . I think this Bikini Series is going to be such a good thing for us

  5. My why for the Bikini Series is to walk with confidence in a Bikini. Primarily yes, a bikini but it is to be walking with confidence all the time, to be in the best shape of my life!

  6. Good morning! My “Why” is to build healthier habits (from letting go to avoid stress to eating cleaner meals to clear my skin). Plus, to gain muscle tone and strength on my petite frame (to prove that being petite does not equal being weak).

  7. My why for this Bikini Series is to start getting active and eating the foods that will make me feel good. I had my first baby, a son, 10 weeks ago and I want to be able to run around with him when the time comes. My energy levels now are pretty low and when he gets older I’m going to need to be able to keep up. I am so excited for next week!

  8. Of course I want to look and feel great in my bikini this summer, but I also feel motivated by a more intrinsic “why” at this point in my life. Because of my mental health, I have recently purposefully developed some new habits that are helping me to feel better than ever and I want to continue developing this energy, confidence, and strength. A baby is part of my five year plan and I want to continue creating healthy physical, emotional, and mental habits now that I will be able to share with my children someday. My “why” is for myself, but it is also beyond myself.

  9. My WHY? Because I deserve the best and this year I’m getting married. I want to look and feel my best. I want to commit and finish this challenge and not just quit when it’s over!

  10. My WHY… is showing myself that I CAN!! Finishing the Bikini Series strong for once would make such a difference. It’s time to show ME that I can do it. As a busy mom I am used to putting myself last. I know that although I might not be first, I deserve to have some time to myself and my health. Thanks, ladies!!!

  11. Reflecting on your why.
    Why do you want to start your journey?
    I need to find a system that will help me to achieve my goals.

    Why are you committing to your health and happiness?
    I want to be healthy and happy. This is my goal since 2017 #LookforLOVE challange.

    Why do you need the Bikini Series right now?
    To slim down, to show off my abs and shape buns&thighs.
    I will set aside time to prioritize myself.
    I am making a decision to commit to it.

    #TIUbikiniseries #TIUteam. Xxo

  12. Have you ever realized that you’re in last place and then realized that you put yourself there? 🚶🏼‍♀️

    This year I had that aha moment. 🤔

    I was thinking about how we were going to celebrate my son’s 2nd anniversary of being off chemotherapy and cancer free. 🎗It just hit me how unhealthy I was, my body was so sick and it was my fault. I had invested the last 5 years into keeping my son well and ended up putting my own health in last place. I was overweight, had zero energy, was completely sedentary and my hormones were completely out of whack. 🤕

    I finally resolved that 2017 was going to be my year of wellness. I hired a naturopathic health coach in February to help me fix my hormonal issues. I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to commit to workouts unless I healed myself from the inside out.

    📝 My why for doing the Bikini Series is to continue the hard work I’ve already put in by strengthening my body and participating in a positive, healthy community of women. I’ve been isolated for a long time and I need more than just workouts. Fitness gurus abound but the reason I chose the Tone It Up community is because it’s a group of women who want to celebrate health and wellness. So, yes, I’m in pursuit of that bikini body but I also want fitness besties, whole body nutrition, hormonal balance and spiritual wholeness. I know it’s not going to be easy, I know I’m not going to be perfect but I also know that after surviving my child having cancer, I can do ANYTHING!!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. While I cannot imagine the challenges you have faced, I do relate to the need put yourself first sometimes. In the last year, I became a single mom to two amazing teenage girls. The girls and my job became my whole life and somewhere along the way I forgot to take care of me. We both had a very different path to this moment but here we are! I know I can do this and you will too! The best part is all the people in the community that are here to cheer you on! You are strong and I know you got this!!

    2. You can do anything! You’re so inspiring to me and I am so glad you’re in this community. We’re all pulling for you.

    3. your words are so inspirational! Take this time to really nuture and love yourself and the whole community will be cheering you on. And congrats for your little boy being in remission xxx

  13. My why for the 2017 Bikini Series, is first of all, I really need to lose weight. I’m on the waitting list for a batriatric operation, and I would seriously love to avoid that, so its the time or never! I also want to prove to myself that I can accomplish something for myself, that I can change. I want to feel good in my skin, and feel confident in the body that I have and have a hard time appreciating.
    #TIUbikiniseries #TIUteam

  14. This will be round 3 of the bikini series for me. Why, because it literally keeps me a sane balanced person. I know my brain functions much better when my heart rate gets up several days a week. Every part of your body benefits from exercise. For me the bikini body is one of the prizes, but the journey and the everyday health and wellness that comes with caring for yourself is what allows me to be a better person for everyone else in my life. Thank you TIU team for loving your community! We love you!

      1. I love the idea of thinking of the bikini body as a prize!! I had never thought of it that way and it feels so happy and positive :)

        1. i completely agree with you with the sanity thats my why too, love the idea of a bikini body prize, i will be using that to get me through every burpee in this challenge ( hate them), so thank you for the inspiration and lets all keep our sanity going through this challenge!!!

  15. My WHY? Since the beginning of 2017 I have been working towards being my healthiest and happiest self by the time I turn 30. My 30th birthday is now 21 days away and I have been getting to my goal but I have been excited for the Bikini Series to begin to be the cherry on top of what has been a very challenging but eye opening first part of 2017. I am looking forward to be feeling great about myself inside and out! Countdown is ON!

  16. I am doing the Bikini Challenge for myself. I have struggled feeling comfortable in my skin in a bathing suit and it’s time to grow some confidence! this is my first time doing the challenge and I am going all in! Bundled up, got the journal and booty bands! Oh! and my TIU_CapoFit insta.

    Can’t wait to see my before and after pics! :)

  17. My WHY:
    1. To tone up and STAY toned (I’m not the most consistent when it comes to working out!)
    2. To feel confident and amazing in my own skin
    3. To have a healthy pregnancy and post-partum journey, where I can “bounce back” after baby, already be in a fitness routine and be a strong role model to my daughter <3

  18. Hello girls, my WHY is that I am moving to Thailand in July and want to start my new life in a tropical country as my healthiest, happiest and most confident self! Especially since ill be spending most of my weekends on the beach! 😉🍍💪🏼😎🌞🏄🏽‍♀️

      1. Oh my goodness! I just left Thailand to start a whole different chapter in my life and am so thankful for each day of Tone It Up. I feel confident and healthy! I hope you are continually motivated by your exciting new move and adventure ahead. What a wonderful WHY!

  19. My why? I want to make myself and my health a priority. This will be my 3rd bikini series but I’ve never finished a challenge. My #1 goal is to finish this series strong!

  20. I am doing this to tone up! With dance season coming to a close and summer quickly approaching, I’m doing this to stay on track. the support from everyone in this community has really helped me this year and I’m so excited to do this series with all of you!

  21. I am inspired by all of you beautiful ladies! I love that I found a community where everyone supports each other to be as totally healthy as possible. All your love and positivity have shown me that being happy with the way I look and my lifestyle choices is a really important part of being well-rounded and happy! I am ready to finally give my body the attention and love that it has been begging for for so long. This is such an awesome gift – thank you!!

  22. My WHY for starting & fully completing the #bikiniseries is so that I can have a healthy, confident body. So that I can get my body to the healthiest place it’s ever been, in hopes of my husband and I trying to have a family soon. my why is for myself, and my future family!

    1. Kaitlyn, I can totally relate. We would like to start a family in the next year or so too! My why is to be my healthiest and in the best shape for baby! :) What better motivation, right?

    2. I’m in the same boat as both of you girls!! We can do it to help ensure our family will learn healthy habits from us :) I would hate to continue bad habits and pass them along to my future kiddos.

  23. My why is simple – to feel better physically and mentally. Physically I want my clothes to fit just a bit less snug, and be able to squeeze into a few things I haven’t been able to zip in awhile. But I think mostly for me this is going to be a mental why. I was in pretty peak physical condition about 4 years ago and felt great. I was getting better at running, I was finding more interest in strength exercises, and I could tell I was feeling stronger. I was mentally very happy with what my body could accomplish regardless of what was on the scale.

    In the last couple of years I’ve found myself pushing too hard, over training, injuring myself, and in general not setting myself up for success. I pushed myself to get through a marathon last year around this time that my heart wasn’t into, and I ended up walking most of the race. I was so burnt out that I basically just gave up and didn’t want to do anything for months. I used to love running, and I’ve always been known at work as the runner girl. I just lost that sense of self and I could barely run 5 miles without walking.

    Then, for the first time in 4 years of trying, I made it through the New York Marathon lottery. I decided that was the day I was going to bring my old self back. It took a full month before I managed a full 20 mile week, and 6 weeks before doing a run longer than 7 miles. The timing of this challenge could not be more perfect for me. I’m starting to get back into my old habits, and I know this challenge will push me to get back to my full self.

    TL:DR – My “why” is to get back to feeling like my old self before I burnt myself out a little over a year ago and stopped working out completely.

  24. My WHY is for myself. I’ve been going though a long of life changes and what better way to keep it going than make sure I take care of me. I’m in a wedding in October and I’m trying to plan a trip to Hawaii. I don’t want to worry about how I look in a bikini. I fell off the wagon 3 years ago, so LET’S DO THIS!

  25. My why; As a stay home mother to a 1&2 year old I often put myself last. This is giving me the motivation and community to get up and go! As a former lover of working out I’ve missed it, this gives me opportunity to achieve a great workout when i can find the time(usually in the morning before the kids wake) and the start of a more important self care. I’m not necessarily looking to lose weight just tone and hopefully gain some muscle as I’m happy and confident in my post baby body. Also, as a major procrastinator this will hopefully help me stop saying “tomorrow I’ll start” today’s the day.

  26. So excited! I promised myself to put me first and doing this is definitely doing that!
    I’ve never done the bikini series before, always been to scared haha.
    I don’t want to check in on instagram, is it ok to check in on the community? :) :)

  27. My Why:

    I want to live a long healthy and confident life together with my partner. Since meeting her, I’ve found my reason for getting and staying health. I want to be around for her as long as I can! And I’m so lucky that she feels the same! We’re both working on our mental and physical happiness for each other <3

  28. MY WHY:
    Skinny shaming is a thing! I was always put-down and told essentially to “shut up”, that my concerns are not really concerns because of my body type. I would be in tears because I felt so bad about myself and body, but felt so stupid discussing it.

    It took 4 years out of college to FINALLY make the change. I stopped listening to people just because they want excuses for themselves. If I wasn’t happy I just needed to do what was best for myself. I may have not had the greatest support system, but in the few months of joining TIU I feel a difference and the #TIUteam is great for support!
    I cant wait to start the challenge and remind myself and others on the team that IT DOESN’T MATTER what you look like, don’t let other people put you down to make themselves feel better. I feel stronger, healthier, and happier seeing my body type become what I have always wanted.

    1. I totally understand this. I might look “okay” on the outside but inside my body was a wreck. Everyone can benefit from healthy eating and exercise. And if we want our body to look a certain way, that’s our business!

  29. Im a mother of a 3.5 year old and 17 weeks pregnant with baby boy no.2 .. they are my why.. i need/want to be strong for my health, have energy to keep up with my toddler whilst being pregnant, and hopefully motivate and inspire my son, as well as other moms in the community to keep going.. like Kat said ‘dont listen to yourself, talk to yourself’ and then theres nothing you cant do :))

  30. My why is to proof myself that I’m able to stick to those 8 weeks and get in the best shape of my life! With the #tiuteam #tiucommunity I know that I have the best support and motivation system a girl can have by my side! Love you girls❤❤❤@karenakatrina

  31. My why is to continue this journey I started a little over a year ago. I’m 45 years old and I felt like I was really looking 45 years old. I was puffy, bloated, uncomfortable in my own body and I found Tone It Up. I love the community. I’ve lost 30 pounds. I am toned and fit and it just makes me want to continue down this path. I love Kat and Karena and how much they work to empower us and want us all to succeed. They have helped me take time for self care, take time to meal prep and take time to workout so that I do feel my best. They have inspired me to pursue my own interests in nutrition, health and fitness. I am working toward getting certification and I hope to focus my own business on women 40 and over. I want all women to feel empowered and beautiful! And I’m going to work hard and try to win that trip to a Sandals resort! :)

    1. Congratulations on your goals and accomplishments!! Thank you for posting your age.. I am 58.. and up until last year stayed the same size since high school ..however I am now 15 lbs.. heavier, pretty sedentary ..Seemingly did not connect with the community and have had two failed attempts at completing challenges..Partial discouragement comes form the physical inability to perform some of the exercises..I have summoned enough courage to try this bikini series again to lose the weight, tone up, and be stronger.. I eat relatively healthy( I eat Paleo though) and the regiments here don’t fit with that but I am willing to change since it is obviously not working for me.. I am not sure if my hormones need checking but I don’t sleep, have lost a lot of hair, etc.. so possibly..

  32. My first Why is for myself; to help get rid of this pregnancy weight and take time for myself. Since becoming a mom and trying to balance being good in my military job and being a good mom, I have struggled with mom guilt and have lost a little of myself. This challenge is for me to remember that it’s okay to take time for myself and that it will actually help me as a mom. My other why is my family and to show them dedication, hard work, and fun. Finding time for myself will allow me to put more quality time in with them! Done with my daily moves and workout for the day and getting refocused on the TIU nutrition plan in preparation for the challenge start next week! @toneitup #tiuteam

  33. My Why is to take care of MYSELF. I have 3 children and I work outside the house. Sometimes it feels like I’m always taking care of someone or something else! The bikini series is time for me and for me to gain the confidence that a healthy toned body can bring. Here’s to all the women doing #bikiniseries especially all the moms out there! Let’s get it!! #tiuteam! #tiutoronto

  34. Today’s #tiuchallenge: why am I doing the #tiubikiniseries2017? The last two years have been challenging to say the least. Being a full-time grad/nursing student and working as a CNA has been hard on my physical health and my emotional health. I’m graduating at the end of May and I FINALLY have time and energy to spend committing to a healthy lifestyle. I see the bikini series as way to reset not only my health but also my spirit. I want to make a commitment and stick to it. I want to make myself proud. So here’s to a healthier, happier, more confident me! #tiuteam #tiucharlottesville #tiubikiniseries

  35. So often, I get so caught up in planning for the future or always needing to have something to look forward to. There is nothing wrong with either of those things, until it makes you restless and unsatisfied in your day-to-day life, which is where I am finding myself right now. SO…my “why” is to teach myself to be more present in my daily life and to value and enjoy the people and things around me. Starting with myself. One meal at a time, one workout at a time, this challenge for me is to stay present and focused on what keeps me healthy and what makes me happy, and the people that are important in my life. By the end of it, I want to feel radiant, confident, and content.

    1. I am the exact same way as you! I’ve been thinking a lot lately of how I can be more present and appreciative of what is happening in the now, and not worry so much about the future. The future will come whether we like it or not, but the present will pass!

  36. My Why….Two years ago I discovered TIU and it has made a huge impact! I turned 40 this year, and had always half joked that maybe by 40 I would be in shape again after the kids! Thanks to TIU, I’m on my way :) But I never complete the challenges. This year, I want to prove to myself that if I believe and work hard, I CAN see something through to the end! Oh…..and also to maybe, finally, feel confident in my bikini :)

  37. My why for the bikini series is to finally allow myself to feel confident in my own skin. For too long I have not prioritized my health and wellness, instead choosing work and school obligations. I have finally decided that a healthy body is important, and will only make for a healthier mind. So excited!

  38. My why:
    Next month I turn 40 and I have 6 children. I’m going to rock this 40th year. And ALL my children will be right there with me. Yeah, baby!! Good-bye post pregnant body, hello bikini.

  39. My why: I have had an emotionally challenging past 2 years. I need to restore my energy level and confidence! Luckily, I already understand that fitness and nutrition is the most effective way for me to achieve these goals. I’m super excited! Thanks ladies!

  40. I want to start and finish the series, to feel more confident in my skin and just become more healthy overall. Not to mention just to feel awesome in a bikini! I just became a TIU member and I’m loving the community already with all the support everyone gives. Let the countdown to the bikini series begin. #tiuteam

  41. Good afternoon and happy Monday! This is my first Tone It Up Bikini Series and I am really excited! I first joined Tone It Up right before the Look for Love Challenge, but due to a lot of personal stuff going on at the time, it was a very half-hearted attempt. Now, one week before the 2017 Bikini Series, I am really reflecting on my lifestyle for the past 10 (yes 10!) years. I am recovering from two different eating disorders and it has been a constant work in progress (often less successful than successful). I have struggled with finding a healthy weight and then working to maintain it. This challenge is hopefully going to be such a positive reinforcement for me as far as healthy eating! I am really excited to see what happens when I pair the workouts with a true lean, clean, and green diet. I’m also going to try not to worry about counting calories, eating only when I am hungry, and meal-prepping like a boss! I have been married for just over a year and my husband has been nothing but supportive, which is great because he will be eating the Tone It Up meals with me! The next two months are going to be for me and for my health! SO grateful that I found this positive and supportive community!

  42. My why. For starters I have 2 very energetic little boys! My youngest is half Hispanic and I recently learned while studying for my bachelor’s that 45% of children who have Mexican heritage in my area are overweight or obese. I myself grew up being overweight and it was devastating. I had horrible self esteem issues and I know I don’t want either of my children going through what I went through. I want to be a role model for them! I’ve been a member of tone it up since 2014 and have lost 30lbs. I’m not working on losing the weight I gained with my second child and I am determined to go hard this bikini series!

  43. My why: to feel better about myself and love my body. I’ve struggled with body image since having my son 6 years ago. I want to challenge my body rather than do the same routine every day. I may not be able to follow the nutrition plan line by line but I have made a committment to myself to eat better and do the bikini series. SO READY. #bodylove #tiunola

  44. My Why: I want to be proud of myself and feel confident in my clothes and my skin. I want to commit to caring for my body, mind and soul and support others on the same journey that I am towards better health. I believe that with health comes happiness and I want to be an example of that. I can’t wait to show myself some love.

  45. My “Why?”: to feel my best self, so that I can give my best self (especially to my nieces and nephews!). Looking forward to this!

  46. WHY?? Because it’s time to put myself first! I have been a TIU Girl since late 2015, I lost 40lbs after having my son and then hit a plateau and a rollercoaster ride trying to lose the last 20lbs. I’m a wife, mother to an active almost 5-year-old boy, I work full time & I am in graduate school. BUT I refuse to let that stop me this year, enough with the excuses! I want to be the BEST version of ME!!

  47. My why: I am a 42 year old mom of a beautiful 6 year old girl and I finally want to feel confident in a bikini!!! I want to be able to say I did it!!! And I want my daughter to see me do it and inspire her to achieve whatever she wants to achieve 😊💪🏻

  48. My Why: I have been a TIU girl for several years but this is the first year I am 100% ready and committed to the Bikini Series Challenge. I am excited to eat lean, clean and green. I’m ready to walk 100 miles, I am ready to do things I haven’t want to try: journaling, guided mediation, pilates. For me it’s about health (since I struggle with chronic illness) and strength (mind and body) and resiliency. I want to be more vulnerable and honest in my close relationships, especially the relationship I have with myself. I am in a period of transition where I am sitting back and letting life lead the way (something that is very scary for someone with anxiety and trauma, I like to be in control at all times. I know where I want to end up and I am taking a million tiny steps to get there. So excited for next week #tiuteam #tiubikiniseries.

  49. I’ve been a member for a while, I think since 2010? haha I can’t remember exactly..but I always start out the challenges really well and I seem to not stay fully committed to the end or I don’t put 110 effort in. So, this time I am promising myself to be different. My reasons why I am doing the bikini series is to prove to myself that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, break old habits of not going to sleep earlier to wake up for my Booty Call’s, finally feel confident in summer attire, and of course build my strength and tone up! :)

  50. WHY?? because I want to be the best self I can be for my babygirl and myself :D
    never completed a bikini series – this will be my first and hopefully not my last

  51. I’ve loved reading all of your why’s! So excited for us all to do this together. My why’s this year: Consistency, BALANCE, happiness, confidence. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was little, and am always on a yo-yo diet, bouncing from one extreme to the other. I’ve been a member for a while but always felt I needed to do something “extreme” to get weight off… which not only always leads to it coming back on but makes me so unhappy and SO HARD ON MYSELF. I’m ALWAYS questioning! I had a wake up call a few weeks ago- the TIU lifestyle means feeling confident in your skin, being balanced, and understanding that you’re changing your habits. This amazing community is full of love and support! I’m ready to love myself enough to concentrate on the healthy lifestyle changes I will be making, and I know with consistency in that the weight loss will come with it, but I’m really honing in on that why of changing my habits for life! <3 This will be my third bikini series… this time this girl is FINISHING it and staying consistent throughout! I want to make myself proud!

  52. Like many others have said, my why is to complete. I am pretty avid about working out daily and eating quite healthy. I’ve been on the right track but I really want to just prove to myself that I can stick to something and finish it through. Also, instead of looking to the future, I want to be in the present. With my life, with my husband and with my fitness journey. It is no secret we usually set out on our fitness journey only looking for the end result. I want to notice a change and progress each day not only in my strength, but also in my heart and mind.

  53. It’s time I put myself first and really take care of myself on the whole. You can’t pour from an empty cup! I also just want to get the most out of my life and I want to push myself physically to be better daily. #tiuteam #readyforbikiniseries

  54. I loved reading all of these posts! As a full time working mom, I often put myself last on the list of things to take care of. So my why is to make taking care of myself a top priority & something that I do just for me! Taking the time everyday to focus on myself, even if some days its only 20 minutes. Fitting into a bikini with more confidence is also an added bonus :)

  55. I have been following TIU for a while and taken part in a bunch of challenges, but never really completed one 100%. I really want to change that this time around and make working out become as much as a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth. My job can be stressful and I just feel more like myself and bounce back from stress better when I’m moving my body around every day. I see this challenge as way to make me prioritize self care and balance in life and hopefully leave me feeling stronger than ever in body, mind, & spirit.

  56. OMG, I am literally in tears after reading through all of the comments from you amazing girls!! This just reminds me of why I love this #tiucommunity so much! I have never had such support in my life as i do with this #tiuteam and @toneitup and @karenakatrina… So, my “WHY” might sound corny but I am doing this challenge to make myself happy..truly HAPPY!! My husband and my children of course make me very happy, but I feel that after 10+ years of being a stay-at-home mom, I’ve sort of lost who I am… What makes Angela happy? What is my passion? I’m at a point in my life where i’m ready to find out, and to truly put myself first for once! I always go into these challenges very strong but never seem to be able to complete them. This time will be different!! I am so tired of being disappointed in myself when summer comes, because i haven’t done anything to lose weight or get in shape. It might sound shallow, but I want to be able to put on a pair of shorts and go out without worrying who might see me in them. I want to be able to go out for ice cream with my family without dying inside that someone is looking at me, and thinking “she doesn’t need to be eating that”. I want to go to the water park with my family and actually get in the pool with them, instead of sitting on the bench because i don’t want to be seen in a swimsuit. I am TIRED of letting my life go by and not actually LIVING it!! I AM going to COMPLETE this bikini series, and i’m going to finish with confidence!

  57. Reflecting on my why?
    Over the past few years I started to notice myself gaining weight. I slowly started to become unhappy with my body. I by no means am overweight but could definitely stand to tone up! My work is a huge downfall when it comes to my health. I work long hours plus call which means sometimes very little sleep on top of that my job it’s self is high stress (dealing with very sick patients and patientshe having heart attacks). There are always naughty sweet treats being brought in and the dreaded “candy cupboard ” that is always fully stocked and far too convenient.
    I noticed my self constantly making comments about not being happy and needing to do something. Well it never did and so here I sit still not happy and needing to do something. So I finally took the leap and fully committed! I signed up for orangetheory where classes are use them or lose them so I have money on the line and with the support of a couple close friends and the TIU community I know I can make a change! Although I know its going to be hard and not everyone around me will always be supportive I know I can make self a happier and healthier me!

  58. conditioning for pole dance/future half marathons!! as someone who’s new to athleticism, i’m learning to enjoy challenging myself and seeing the results in what i’m able to do.

  59. I’ve been struggling with the body shape issue for a long time though I’ve been having a regular excercising routine and read tons of information for fittness. I came across @toneitup accidently while surfing the net and found that fittness and having a healthy life style is not the superficial things i was pursuing but the confidence I needed to be boost with and all those self-loving. Cause they made me see that girls are meant to be sexy, confident, and beautiful the way they are instead of the tags others put on oneself!

    I guess I see my whys as being more confident, self-loving, happier and stronger than before. Tomorrow’s my 20 years old birthday and I’m so grateful to join this comunity. Can’t wait to enjoy the process of becoming the confident girl I’ve always dreamt to be!:”) Thank you for providing such platform for us girls!

  60. My Why:
    Pass 2 years i have stoped believe in myself. I have gone truth much that I didnt even know I was going truth, didnt want to confess that i feelt so bad.Now I realease that nobody is perfect and some times we go truth a darkness in our life.Thats why I want to changes, physically and emotionally. I want to feel myself again, to beileve that i can do something for me. To love myself and to know that I am enough. To eat health to have energy, exercise to sweat and feel loved from inside out. ❤️❤️

  61. I was in the best shape of my life before I had my little girl (her third birthday is next week!), but have really struggled to get back to that same place. I’ve started and failed to finish the Bikini Series/Challenges before, so my WHY is to first and foremost, get back to feeling (and looking!) strong and confident, and to prove to myself that I can finish a challenge!

  62. Gosh that is a loaded question….I am 53 years old and going to do this challenge full force. I am doing it because…
    1 – I use to be such an athlete. Never worrying about weight or muscle. At 47 got a job that had me sitting at a monitor for 8 hours a day with 2 hours in car driving to and from. Its time to get my health back as it really went downhill during that work season.
    2 – I live at the beach literally and my entire family surfs. That mean bikinis and bathing suits for me 5 months out of the year! I really dont enjoy being so out of shape in public. Aging is a bit tough and is not for the weak. So I want this challenge to help me become realistically the best I can be in my 50’s.
    3 – I really want to be healthy for my family. My husband is an avid short board surfer and my kids are in their 20’s and love being active with me and its fair to them for me to take the best care of myself so I can always be involved in everything with them.

    And those are my reasons for going for it on this upcoming Bikini Challenge!

  63. My why? I have been a member for a year but have never really dedicated myself to the program. I am a mother, wife and work full time. My daughter is starting to copy and repeat some negative things I say about my body. I do not want her to grow up with a negative body image as I have most of my life. I want to show her by example what a happy confident women looks and acts like and no matter what I say if I do not show her and be the example myself it will never resonate with her. I am ready to put my self first so I can be happy and healthy for myself and my family. So excited to stick with this once and for all. Here is to a better me ❤️

  64. My WHY, is that I want to be the most confident me. I have been very unhappy with my body, as I had a hysterectomy last year and I am aslo turning 37 in a few weeks, I know my body isn’t what it used to be even in my early 30’s. Since my surgery I’ve gained almost 20lbs and it is just so hard for me to lose the weight. I have the most amazing, supportive husband who thinks I’m the most beautiful woman he knows, however, I do not feel that way. I know he hates the way I constantly speak negative about myself and my body. I just want to get back to a place where I feel confident, sexy, and happy in my skin. Not only for my self and my children, but for my awesome husband. I want to be able to ROCK a sexy 37 year old HOT MOM body this summer and swing into my 40’s in the best shape of my life!!!

  65. My WHY, is that I want to be the most confident me. I have been very unhappy with my body, as I had a hysterectomy last year and I am aslo turning 37 in a few weeks, I know my body isn’t what it used to be even in my early 30’s. Since my surgery I’ve gained almost 20lbs and it is just so hard for me to lose the weight. I have the most amazing, supportive husband who thinks I’m the most beautiful woman he knows, however, I do not feel that way. I know he hates the way I constantly speak negative about myself and my body. I just want to get back to a place where I feel confident, sexy, and happy in my skin. Not only for my self and my children, but for my awesome husband. I want to be able to ROCK a sexy 37 year old HOT MOM body this summer and swing into my 40’s in the best shape of my life!!! #tiubikiniseries #tiuteam

  66. MyWhy: I’m doing the bikini series this year to become more confident and to prove to myself that I can push myself through a challenge. I’m also getting married and I want to stay on the wagon.

  67. My why? To take back my life! I have been a TIU girl since 2014 and I felt so empowered and inspired after the first bikini series that I decided to pursue my dream of fashion design. Let’s just say that after 2 years of focusing on school and following that passion, I have fallen back into some old ways of not taking the best care of myself. I know that I need to find that balance again and take control of my life. I am also getting married to an amazing man this fall and would love to be in the best shape possible to start our life together!

  68. Two main whys: In Sept. 2014 I was rear-ended by a girl who was texting and driving. I’m finally healed enough to get back to my exercise regimen and hopefully get back into the bikini I wore in August 2014 (or maybe even buy a new one in a smaller size). My 40th birthday is in six months too!

  69. My why? It seems almost selfish to say I’m doing this for me, but that’s the truth. I’ve had 3 children, and we adopted a little girl a few years ago who had heart issues. Sitting in the PICU day after day for 1 1/2 year in and out every couple months for months at a time, the weight piled on. After 2 open heart surgeries and many others, she has made a mariclous turn around. I now need to commit to myself to get back into shape and be health for her and my extremely active boys. 2017 is my year! 😊

  70. My Why?
    I have always fluctuated in my weight and I would always “hate” myself for not working out and then “love” myself back when I started again. I want to end that cycle. Life is about enjoying every moment and I don’t want to waste it on a yoyo of negative and positive. I want to make fitness and my overall health a priority. Something I have not done before. It has always been about what I can do for others. And although I love to help people and find great joy, I also need to make me a priority so as not to lose the passion I have to lend a helping hand and encourage others. I am really looking forward to not only seeing the physical results but the emotional and mental results as well.
    #bikiniseries #tiuteam

  71. I am committing to the Bikini Series because I want to reshape my body and make this year my fittest and strongest year. At the end of last year I went from working a very physical job to an office. Even though I still workout regularly, I lost strength and even motivation just from my surroundings. I had never worked in an office before, and all the sitting, the bad eating of the other people and the lack of movement for 10 hours everyday was just too much for my body to take, I actually had to quit and go back to a physical job just because it is better for my mind and keeps me strong. I am finally getting back into the swing of things and am SO READY to get started with this challenge and push myself!

  72. Oh my goodness, I have so my whys! I started following the TIU nutrition plan last summer during the Bikini Series. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and exercise, but have always been on a rollercoaster when following the plan. Balancing a full time job as a teacher, part time job as a bartender on the weekends, and working through grad school has been very challenging. I think it also took me a while to truly understand the plan and put into effect consistently. I have my good weeks and then my super busy weeks when I barely have any time to meal prep or workout. I have fell off the wagon so many times! Despite all of these challenges, I am determined to stick to and finish the Bikini Series this summer! I am in my best friend’s wedding in July, so I have a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding to look forward to. Every summer I feel super insecure about my body and compare myself to everyone else. I want to feel confident in my own skin again and not be embarrassed to wear a bikini or take pictures with my friends and family. I can’t wait to become the best version of myself! I want to prove to myself and everyone around me that I can do this! #TIUbikiniseries #TIUteam

  73. My why is so that I can have more energy during the day, so that I will have more of the day to do things instead of waking up at noon everyday, with the bikini series I hope to have a better idea of all the healthy and delicious foods out there, to become more of a morning person, and to have a bikini body when the braces hopefully come off this summer😁

  74. MY WHY! Because number one …WHY NOT!?! This is the best thing to happen to me. I have been shamed all my life by a father that didn’t deserve me or my family. I am TAKING BACK what is mine…and that is my confidence and acknowledging that I have a say in my life (not him). That I can and will change my life and never look back on what was. This was such a huge step for me…my mom has even noticed and joined the plan too! We are doing this to fight back and win our lives and happiness back! So excited about the journey, the friends, the heartfelt moments, the wisdom and getting to finally know myself for once in my life. I cannot WAIT to change my life and see how my story and journey can inspire other women, like me, to come to terms with the past and recognize NOW is the time to decide what is good for you and your body and that you have a choice :) . Can’t wait to hear more inspiring stories from you amazing TIU ladies out there!

  75. My why? Health and fitness has been something that I find very important for a long time now, and it is something that I am very passionate about. However, this challenge is different for me. While I want to tone and chisel that perfect phisique for the summer, the main purpose of this challenge is to find inner strength and confidence..something I still continue to struggle with!

  76. I’m doing Bikini Series for my health. I want to be healthier and happier! Question.. can someone win the Grand Prize if they don’t buy the package of workouts and nutrition plan?

  77. My WHY is to gain back my self confidence. I was feeling strong and beautiful. Then I slipped and gained back 20 lbs. I miss feeling comfortable in my skin.

  78. My why is for myself. Working a desk job for 4 years has started to take its toll lol. I am in no way overweight but need some toning for the lower half especially haha. I also think I see my thighs as being much bigger than they are, I’ve never really been comfortable with my thigh area. I enjoy yoga and a fun workout and eating pretty healthy. I seem to struggle with working out at home. I don’t have kids or a husband and don’t have a crazy schedule. I have everything at my fingertips but can’t get there mentally, I guess. I know once I start I will fully enjoy it and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. This is my first bikini series and the community has already been amazing! There is no way I can’t succeed with everyone’s support. Maybe that’s what I need, to not feel alone in this journey to find self love and mak myself happy!!
    I hope everyone achieves their goals, we’ve got this!!
    Insta: kayla_b_tiu

  79. Why: my best friend and I are doing the challenge together in preparation for her June wedding (handle TIU_brideMOHduo). We have been best friends since the 6th grade and although we are states away from eachother we are in constant contact with one another :) …. although we want to be in tip top form for the big day, we ultimately want this to be the start of a lifestyle change to live a healthier and more fit life!! More to come on our instagram;) :)

  80. My WHY is a few different things. I’m moving into a great position (actual job/situation) at work and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s been a goal I’ve been working towards for years and I’m finally getting there. With the transition, I have just started back to school to get my degree in this dream job >> Interior Design. It’s been a tough semester juggling full-time work and part-time school (which really is like a second job). Well, through fighting facial imperfections, I started forcing myself to run more (which is a passion of mine) and lift more. This started helping my blemishes quickly. I figure, if most all other areas of my life are going well, why not make health and fitness better, too. I’ve been a member since 2013 and have started and stopped challenges here and there but, for some reason, this BS has me so excited and ready to go. I can’t wait to start…and finish!!

  81. Love you girls! My Why is because I want to have a really healthy pregnancy this time. With my first one I gained 50 lbs and really struggled to get it off. I thought I was being active enough at work, but I still packed on the weight. This time I want to be more thoughtful and make better choices so that I have an easier road later on!

  82. My why is somewhat simple. Besides losing weight and feeling sexy and confident again, I want to get my body in a healthier state so my husband and I can try to have a baby again. We had to miscarry because a baby never developed. We found out we were pregnant two weeks before we got married, and in the midst of last-minute wedding planning, going to school for my Masters, working odd shift changes and anytime for my daugher, I was dealing with the possibility there was no baby this time. As hard as it seems, I’m fine knowing there was never a baby, and that we aren’t losing a child. I’m 33, a mother of 1, and a newlywed…I just want to be as healthy as I can be. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. And after 3 years of following TIU, I believe it’s time!

  83. My why is because I know if I do it I will see amazing results! A better bod, but also a better life. When I start doing TIU more seriously my entire life seems to fall in place. I have more energy to do things at night. I wash my hair more, dress better, and take better care of my self. It’s amazing how much 1 week of doing TIU to the “t” can affect your body, but doing 8 full weeks turns you into the supercharged and super amazing version of yourself.

  84. My ‘Why’? I have spent all day thinking about it. This is my 1st time ever joining a fitness series. I wasn’t looking for one. I love running but right now I am in a frustrated place..frustrated with my ongoing left hip pain which translates into a right knee pain while running. Stopped PT 6 months back and doing self help. And then my good friend, Cindy, told me she is doing Tone It Up and its good to do it with friends for accountability. I saw yr website, was inpressed by you both, did a couple workouts and loved them♡ and..decided to take the plunge. I am hoping at the end of it, my body is stronger and that will translate into me being stronger painfree runner.

  85. My why is because my grandparents were sick and now both my parents are sick because they don’t take care of themselves even though they know they should. I don’t want this to be my family legacy. The cycle stops with me. I don’t have any children yet but I don’t want my kids to ever have to sit by my hospital bed like I had to do for my grandparents and my parents. I want to pass on health and good habits to my future children as a legacy instead.

  86. Here’s why: I want to prove that I really do have time to do something for myself! I work full time and I’m wrapping up a full semester of graduate work, and I am so ready to drop those excuses. I’m ready for making changes to better my health and my happiness; what better way to do so than to join a group of badass women who lift each other up!

  87. My why is because I train a ton (close to 20 hours a week!!) but don’t nourish my body with the fuel that it needs. I’m excited to build more nutritious eating habits to reward my body for all of the hard work I put it through.

    Plus my workouts have lost a lot of challenge at this point so I’m excited to put my body into unfamiliar routines and switch things up so I can keep seeing gains. And it coincides with my trip to Ibiza so at the end I’ll be ready to flaunt my awesome bod on some Spanish beaches :D

  88. Most ladies want to get back into shape after having a child but for me I want to be in the best shape before I get pregnant. I want to learn to take care of my body, eat nourishing foods & put my needs first so that once I do get pregnant in the near future hopefully those things will help me get through pregnancy & be easier for me to continue❣

    1. this speaks to me too! Having kids isn’t in the immediate future for me, but I’ve never truly felt comfortable in my own skin so that is a goal of mine – to be happy and healthy in a body that I feel confident in BEFORE I go through the challenges of pregnancy later on. And so I can have a healthy pregnancy, and easier transition from post baby body (someday) lol

  89. My why: I want to be a happy, healthy person. TIU gives me physical strength and helps me to believe in myself, to be more daring. I have been joining the workouts for a while, and now the nutrition plan because I am expecting a baby and I want to be a fit, energetic and fun mom. I know that, because of my pregnancy, I will have to do lots of compromises along the way nut still I feel that tiu and this community is giving me the right inspiration and motivation. The last 2 months I have barely done any physical activities because I had very long work days, extreme fatigue plus the classic nausea (not just in the morning, but all day long), so now I am looking forward to being able taking better care of myself and my baby in the coming weeks <3

  90. I have been a TIU girl since last summer, I’ve lost 30 lbs and I’ve learned so much about proper nutrition. I’m doing this bikini series to continue my journey. I want to get in the best shape of my life, and one of my goals is to proudly wear a bikini. #tiuteam #bikiniseries #letsslayit

  91. When it came to the Bikini Series for me my question was more of “Why Not?” I started TIU in February 2017 and i was having a lot of emotional ups and downs and not only over weight but felt very unhealthy. I would play with my son and felt like I could not keep up. But sense starting TIU I feel healthier have more energy and have been having way less emotional ups and downs. So when the Bikini Series was announced I was like Why Not!
    I love TIU and K&K and what a little over 2 months have changed me so much.

    So my WHY to continue my journey to a healthy, happy me. To feel confident when out of the lake with my family this summer and get back to the activities I haven’t done in a long time because I’m to uncomfortable.

  92. My WHY:

    I have been following K&K since 2014 and their workouts and lifestyle saved me from being consumed with anxiety/stress when I was a resident, single mom, and studying for my boards. I got into the best shape of my life, ran a few half marathons and met and fell in love with my amazing husband who is my soulmate! Then last spring I got pregnant with our third child (yay!), I finished fellowship and started my first job as an attending physician that came with an hour commute each way and very long hours (11+) hour days. Between work and no sleep from the baby workouts became virtually non-existent except for a run once a week or so. I am doing the bikini series this year to try to take back that part of my life that made me feel strong, capable, relaxed and happy. Work is really tough and finding balance feels impossible sometimes. I’m hoping getting back to my early morning bootycalls will make me feel energized and more resilient to roll with the stresses of my job. And we are taking our first big family vacation to Myrtle Beach in June and of course, it would be nice to feel confident in a bikini again!

    1. I amazed at how much you do!! Truly amazed. You are an inspiring woman!😍💫

  93. My why: Because I want that positive feeling that exercise gives me before during and after! At 34 years old I’ve realized how important it is to feed my body nutritious meals. I’ve never been actually overweight but have never followed a lean clean green lifestyle. My way of dealing with stress has always been ” when things go from bad to worse keep a cookie in your purse”. And things have been bad and worse in recent years with my one girlfriend being an alcoholic and my other best friend turning to drugs and mental hospitals. Basically , the only BS I can stand now in my life is the Bikini Series!! I want to have energy, confidence and love. As a nurse I have a high stress job & I need to be stronger to give my best self to patients. In January I kicked out my drunk friend who was living with me. My bff and I have reconciled ( no easy feat despite a 20 yr friendship) even started working out together. My why is that I love everything about the tone it up community and I really want to be a part of it, an ‘active ‘ member if you will☺️😊😘 this was probably TMI for TIU but I’m giving this challenge my all. ☀️☀️😍😍👙🏃‍♀️🏝🥂🍓🍇🍍💫💫💫✨☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

    1. Good for you for telling your friend to go! That is a difficult thing to do….And medicine is such a tough job, we need this for us!

  94. My WHY is to keep selflove and self care a priority. I just launch my Social Media management business and its really fun but really intense. I give a lot outside. So my bootycall, my meals and my pampering with the tiuteam is something I really look forward to. It’s really important to keep a good balance for me and kindness. Perfect timing!

  95. I’m doing the Bikini Series this year to make myself PROUD! So I can feel as beautiful and confident on the outside as I feel on the inside.

  96. This series I want to commit myself FULLY, that means from START to FINISH wholeheartedly. I have been in the challenges before (following since 2016) and the last one I didn’t fully commit and i didn’t finish. I am more than IN this series, for not only myself but for my mind, body, and soul. I want to feel the best I have ever felt, with no more complaints about what i could look like LET’ MAKE IT HAPPEN & have the confidence I’ve struggled all my life to gain. I want to be stronger & more toned and feel confident in what i wear and walking down a beach with a smile & shake in my booty (plus i want that kat booty!). This is not only to feel confident & the best yet but to mentally be stronger than ever. You girls are amazing and my inspiration and I can’t wait to start this BIKINI SERIES! Let’s kill it, ladies, <3

  97. I am just determined to do this Bikini Series this year because I am just dying for my entire body to be toned!!! But most importantly, I am obsessed with the booty and abs. I just love how my booty is so firm and I have been working very hard at my booty! I have always wanted flat and toned abs but I would get stuck at achieving then go backwards instead of forward so recently I have had to set balance where if I want to eat junk food without feeling guilty, I will do it then I just make sure I get right back on track the next day. It’s been working well for me and it reassures my mind set because if I don’t eat junk food and I am just craving it all the time too much then I fail at my healthy diet and crash so instead of caving in, I just set balance between both plus it helps me to want to eat healthier even more than junk food. But why I needed to do this successfully this summer is to achieve TONED AND FIRM BOOTY AND FLAT AND TONED ABS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE!!! It just makes me feel confident and sexy overall!!!

  98. My why: I have started two Bikini Series and being a first grade teach, lacked the energy to finish strong as my school year winds down. However, since August I have lost 30 lbs and I’m now 8 lbs from “my goal” weight! This summer my husband and I are going to be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Europe and we leave the week after the Bikini Series ends! I want to finish this series strong and head to Europe and into my summer vacation healthy, strong, and confident! I feel better now than I have felt in years and can’t wait to see what the Bikini Series does for me! I’m ready with my IG account @getfitjami!!!

  99. QUESTION! I saw on one of the last posts that we will need about 3 tubs of Perfect Fit Protein for the Bikini Series – do we need vanilla? or chocolate? or a combo of both??? I want to order this week so it will be here in time! :)

    1. Whatever flavor you like best! Vanilla is great if you like to make baked goods with your protein. But if you’re mostly putting it in your smoothies, then feel free to pick whichever flavor you like!

      1. I’m so glad you posted this question! I need to get on it and order some more Perfect Fit Protein!

  100. My “Why” is because I love working out with K&K because they motivate me to be the best version of myself and to take time out of busy schedules to do something healthy for yourself. I am also getting married in Hawaii this November and want to look extra toned for the wedding and the summer. I just want to feel confident and toned and not worry about what I look like in a bathing suit. These reasons are my motivation for pushing through the bikini series. We got this girls!

  101. My Why is ….Im getting MARRIED in July and I want to look and feel my best. The pictures and memories I will make leading up to the big day and trough my honeymoon vacation will last a lifetime. I want to feel and look great through it all! Im excited for the results I get from this program. Woooo!! I can’t wait :)

  102. My Why: My Sisters Wedding! This Series is about becoming the strongest and most confident version of myself. I want to look amazing to stand beside my sister as she marries her boyfriend of 6 years, and love of her life. I want to be able to feel confident on the beach for her bachelorette. AND I want to feel strong and healthy. The energy, strength and clarity I feel when following the nutrition plan is what I want back! I also want to bet my personal best, which is where I was at, at the end of the TIU New Year Challenge in 2016 when I was a top 20 winner!

  103. My why is similar to several already posted. I need to start and FINISH the #bikiniseries for myself. To prove to myself that I am capable, strong, and confident enough to put my best self out into the world. Losing weight and feeling strong is a first step towards the confidence I need to push myself in my career and life. The strength from completing the challenge and staying true to my commitment will be priceless for my journey! My bestie/sister-in-law is my partner in crime and we’ll be sharing our journey on insta! @lancianne_tiu and @tiu_megs_tiu. We live in Pasadena, CA if anyone wants to meet up! Good luck ladies and let’s do this!

  104. I want to have more energy to keep up with my son and to be able to not feel self conscious in summer clothes. I would love to get this 30 lbs off that I’ve been struggling with for a while now. I have crohns disease and I would love to get off my modifications through diet and exercise. So excited for the bikini series, already loving the nutrition plan and daily work outs!

  105. Why I am doing the Bikini series.. 1. Keep pushing myself to do new and different things, I have to get out of my comfort zone to get results! 2. Continue to pursue happiness and healthiness for myself and my family. 3. Be a support system for my TIU girl Ashley, she is a first timer! 4. Quite frankly, I want to look like a knock out in a bikini this summer #goals. and finally 5. Because I love how I feel after I get done with a really hard TIU workout. Bikini series is when I found the TIU community last year and it is where I plan to stay! Good luck to everyone! Let’s crush it.

  106. I am excited to join in this year’s bikini Series. The reason why is to feel my most confident this summer. After I had my son I was the biggest I have every been in my life. Plus set a great example to my kids. I want to be able to enjoy my summer with my family without feeling ashamed of being it in the sun! Since I am going to be 28 in July I want to be happy, healthy, and full of life!!!!

  107. My “why” is all being healthy and feeling better again. After years of feeling something was wrong and going to multiple specialists who either said “eat smaller meals” or “you seem to be doing everything right”, someone finally figured out why. Turns out I have a genetic mutation and hypothyroidism that was really making it hard to lose the weight and feel healthy. Now that I am on meds for those things, my LCG meals and exercises are starting to show! I am already starting to feel healthy again and can’t wait for the Bikini Series! You’ve got this everyone!

  108. I have lost and gained the same 5-7 pounds about ten times and I struggle trying to stay at my ideal weight. Already, I don’t eat sugar or flour or desserts but need to eat more vegs and fruit earlier in the day (like on the TIU plan). Obviously to create a bikini body that LASTS I need a permanent lifestyle change. :) This is the perfect time to start it, right before summer!

  109. I am so excited to start the bikini series! I have doing the daily workouts to get ready for the big start next week!! I am doing the bikini series because I have been neglecting my physical health for the past couple of years. I haven’t been eating right and working out has not been a priority, given that I am in medical school and spend the vast majority of my time sitting and studying. Thankfully, I am young and my fast metabolism has been on my side, but this is not always going to be the case. My starting weight is 136 and I am hoping to get to 120-125 with lots of toned muscles and bikini-ready abs!! I want to do this NOW and make working out and eating healthy a priority/habit NOW so that when I get into the more difficult years of medical training, I can stick to a routine instead of trying to start one. (Also, it would be fairly hypocritical of me to tell my future patients to eat healthy and exercise if I’m not doing it too!)

  110. I’m finally doing the bikini series for my health, not just the way I feel I look. I want to be comfortable in my own skin and prove to myself that I can complete this program!

  111. Because my body if a gift and no one else can take care of it! Because I want to learn self control and have a healthy mental perspective about my health! Because I want to have energy, be strong, and have endurance! Because I want to play with my daughter for many years to come! Can’t wait!

  112. This year I need the Bikini Series now more than ever. The first one I started was 4 years ago when I was a freshman in college. Now I’m graduating and senior year has taken a toll on my mind, body, and soul. I am looking to not only becoming healthier, but stronger in all of these areas. No matter how far I stray I always come back to Tone It Up. This is my why this year and I cannot wait to get started!

  113. I’m doing this for ME because I love myself and want to be in the best shape of my life!

  114. I am doing the Bikini Series because I finally found good workout partners to do a work out with! Y’all seriously make me want to keep working out. Y’all give me great motivation to continue working out. I am also doing this series because I am a college student who doesn’t have time to plan out a work out or gets really lazy after a day full of classes. I used to be in great shape, but slacked off when school started back up. Its time that I change something in my life and daily schedule. I recently started doing the workouts, but it is still very sporadic and I want it to be an everyday thing. I believe I can get there with the help of this series and my sister who is going to do the challenge with me. Thank you K&K

  115. Hey babes!
    In September of 2016 I had surgery for my ACL. During this time I was also going to school full-time, working full-time and going to physical therapy to recover from surgery it was the my difficult thing I have ever been through physically and mentally. In January I had to stop going to PT but I continued to do it on my own. I haven’t felt like myself since before I got injured. I’ve always been very active and involved in volleyball so not doing all of those things was driving me crazy. I want to do the #TIUbikiniseries to get my confidence back, I want to feel sexy and strong. My legs were what I was most proud of with my body, now I’m not confident to even wear shorts. I know that with the help from the #TIUteam I will complete this challeng! I’m so excited to be apart of this journey and I can’t wait to feel like me again.

  116. My why? To take back my life! I just finished 2 years of grad school, during which I maintained a steady weight but lost a lot of muscle tone. I was doing really well in the 6-week challenge at the start of this year when I was in a car accident and got whiplash! Ugh! Any cardio at all gave me massive headaches, and I was scared to even try weights because I didn’t want to strain my neck. Cut to now, 10 lbs. heavier, and I’m ready to start this thing anew. Let’s do this! I want to feel confident again, like I’m in control of my own body. I want to fit in my skinny jeans and shorts again! I need to leave the negativity behind and TIU positivity is EXACTLY what I need. :)

  117. Why?
    Because I’ve fallen into a dark hole, where I try to withdraw into myself to avoid the constant chaos and conflict in my everyday life. I am 25lbs heavier than is healthy and my dependence on alcohol to help me “not care” with the BS of everyday life would be concerning to those around me if they paid attention. The crazy part is that only a couple years ago, I was the healthiest, fittest I’ve ever been…eating clean, very eco-aware, full of energy and coaching others….I need to pull myself together and I’ve followed TIU very sporadically for the past couple years. I need to commit this time for myself and my 4 kids.

  118. I’m new to TIU, this will be my first challenge and here’s my why: because I love my body and I want to feel like the best version of ME and lastly because I’m worth it and deserve it! Yay so excited can’t wait!

  119. My why… Because I deserve to be the best version of myself. I also want to be able to finish something that I start. I want to feel confident and beautiful inside and out this year. I want to be able to do fun things with my son and not be too tired to play. There are a lot of summer plans and get togethers that I want to be able to enjoy. I want this to be the best summer yet!

  120. I have had three baby boys in four years! My oldest has Down syndrome and I have also been getting my Master’s degree in early childhood special education. I graduate in May! I also work full time as a kindergarten teacher. I have always had the excuse of not having any time to work out, but am tired of my “mom bod.” I am ready to feel good about my body again and get out of my transitional clothes. My babies (and my husband) deserve a happy mama! I have only been following for two weeks, but am already seeing my body change. SO excited to see myself at the end of this journey!

  121. My why is because I want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. The challenge and the community will be a guide and support for me to stay on track and meet my goals. I want to do the challenge to make some good habits stick and continue on my journey of fitness and healthy eating.

  122. I am a single foster mom to two toddler boys. I’m so thankful that I am able to help these children, but I have not taken care of myself in the year I have fostered. I know I can’t be as good of a foster mom to them if I don’t take care of myself as well. I hope doing this challenge will help me gain energy, have a better relationship with food, and most importantly be healthy so I can be around for my foster sons.

  123. My WHY: Since becoming a stay at home mom and having my son, I’ve fallen into a rut of bad eating, low confidence, and being a couch potato with little motivation to do much else. I want to use this to kick start the new and improved, happy, healthy mommy who loves herself as much as she loves her family.

  124. Why? Because I teach English and Health in Thailand. I want to be a good role model for my students and show them that I really do practice what I preach. So excited to commit to this year’s Bikini Series!

  125. My “why?” Is because I never seem to finish things.. I get half way through a project or a challenge and give up. But I won’t give up on me. I want to be in the best shape/form of health I can be – physically and mentally. ☀️ I’ve struggled big time with my body shape, especially with the size of my breasts – they’re not overly big, they’re just bigger than I wanted and it was always the main joke when I was growing up. When I was 16 I started heavily researching into plastic surgery. I was so unhappy with myself it became a daily obsession. So I’m doing it to be healthier, happier, less self conscious and more confident. To be able to say “I completed that.” And I know that with all of your support that I can do it! 💪☀️

  126. I just got married and will be going on my honeymoon in July :) – the bikini series could not come at a better time! xo

  127. My WHY runs pretty deep and has hit me hard lately. Of course I’m doing this for myself; to gain the confidence I once had in a swimsuit and love capturing moments with me in them, without worrying if I’m at the angle that makes me look the most thin or if my arm looks flabby (my arms are definitely my most self concisous area)… But aside from all of that, I’m doing this for my loved ones. My mom has a rare stomach digestion disease, type 2 diabetes, and ongoing heart problems. My family grew up not knowing when she would be in the hospital or how long she would be out of town seeing specialists. My dad was always fairly healthy but now has many joint and stomach issues… All which I believe could be healed with nutrition and fitness. Their lifestyle has impacted their lives significantly, as well as their loved ones. So I want to be an example for them. To give them that push, for them to see what this is all about. So cheers to my first Bikini Series and a new lifestyle! Thank you K&K + TIU Team!

  128. Community. Inspiration. Consistency. Accountability. These are all things I lacked in all my attempts to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So why am I joining the bikini series? Because it has not even started yet and I feel more inspired by all of you, Karena, and Katrina than I have ever been. Over the past 2 or so weeks in preparing for the bikini series I have maintained a consistent work out routine, ate lean and clean meals, and felt so supported by this community. I believe I have finally found my motivation to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle that will help me regain confidence in my body which I have lost over the past few years since I started working full time and not paying attention to my mental and physical health.

  129. This year, is my year! 2016 wasn’t great for many reasons. (1) I had a bad break-up from my long relationship. (2) In the Fall, I had literally 2.17$ in my bank account. (3) Lost my job. (4) I wasn’t in the best shape with the roller coaster which was my life. I own everything to my family and close friend, who help me to go back on track. From that list above, I can now scratch 3 of them. Now just missing being healthy and happy in my body. I know my confidence is there and just need to be shaking a little. I have a feeling this will be an awesome journey and I’m so glad to do it with you girls!!! <3

  130. My why? I want to feel sexy and have energy! :) life gets busy with work and family, so this is all for me!

  131. My WHY is I want to get toned up and get in better shape than I’m in now. I’ve lost about 30 pounds so far and wanna lose about 10 more and get some areas toned!!

  132. I’m doing this challenge for a bunch of reasons but the most important is to find myself again. I’m a caregiver for my mother and being a single mom too has left very little time to take care of myself. It’s past time to do something just for me. I’ve followed along with challenges for a few years but never actually participated in any until the end. I’m determined to finish the bikini series this year!

  133. My why is to stay healthy to keep up with my family. I’ve tried the challenge last year but never completed it. This year I am determined to finish it strong!!

  134. As a nurse, I find myself putting others needs before my own, to the point I’m not taking care of myself. I’ve sometimes gone an entire shift (12.5 hours…sometimes more) without drinking water. I always tell family members they have to take care of themselves to be able to take care of their loved ones, but I don’t put that into practice. I’m doing the Bikini Series because I need to treat my body right and get stronger. I want to put aside time for myself every day so I can recharge and live a more balanced life. I think I’ll be a better nurse and happier for it!

  135. Getting ready for my wedding! I want to feel confident and feel my best!

  136. Profile photo of Em Em says:

    Hi TIU friends! I have a quick question & wanted to see if anyone else has a similar situation. I have a slight shoulder injury that I am still recovering from & because of that I can’t do any of the plank workouts. I know that a lot of the workouts involve plans or a version of a plank – any suggestions for moderations or what I can do instead? I really want to be able to get the most out of the 8 week bikini series! Thanks all! Em

  137. I have just spent the past hour reading through everyones WHYS and am overcome with emotion. This community is the best platform to express your thoughts and get inspiration not just on fitness but all round wellness. I’m so grateful for it everyday, for K&K for making it and to all you girls who support everyone and pour your heart out on challenges like this.

    My WHY- I lost complete sense of who I was and what I’m supposed to be doing with this crazy thing called life about 12 years ago. I was raped at Uni and kind of lost connection with my body and wouldn’t tell anyone what happened to me, so writing this is a huge step for me. It led to anxiety, panic attacks, depression and just generally shutting myself off. In 2010 I was slowly getting back to steps….then in early 2011 my Dad died, which was soon after my aunty passed away, in 2013 my dads two brothers and my Granny died (all within two months) life certainly knows how to throw us curveballs! I did the only thing I knew how, I shut myself down, had the infamous British stiff upper lip, took a new job in Turkey and was just muddling through really, until last year, unable to sleep one night I saw a snapchat story that has honestly changed my life, a cosmo review of tone it up. This past year I feel like my purpose and sense of being has slowly returned, I proud of the things I have overcome and as I feel myself getting physically stronger, I have realised that I am strong and not a victim and I have dealt with a hell of a lot and am coming through the other side. Last year my why was to look good before i hit the big 3-0, this year it’s simple, I’m here because K&K have revolutionised my life and have made me feel content at last with who I am. I’ll be using this challenge to journal, continue this journey of loving myself and being the me Ive been waiting my whole life to be, a confident, happy women who is pefectly content in her skin and is ready to take a chance and a change career wise… good luck to you all.

    1. You sound like a beautiful person. You have endured much and I am so happy to see you coming out on the other side with such a great attitude. Your story is amazing and I thank you for sharing.

  138. My why: I was in the icu unit for two months with my mom following her cardiac arrest. Unknowingly she had heart disease among many other issues such as: diabetes & neuropathy, etc. I saw many people pass away while I was in there. Many of the causes were due to health issues. My mom is now in a vegetative state. I do not want my girls to sit in the icu with me someday and wish, “If only my mom would have taken better care of herself?” My faith has gotten me through the heartache of missing the conversations with my best friend, “mom.” I would like to restore the faith in myself. I embrace this series with peace, joy and happiness! Peace, because there is nothing that I can’t do. My whole life has changed after watching my mom and others fight for their lives. Joy, because she is the most joyful and happy person I have ever met in my life. She truly walked the walk. Happiness, because I feel happy to take charge of something that I am in control of. I’m ready to own it 🌺

  139. hey there, I am starting this fitness journey beacuse I wanna look gorgeous on my 30th birthday in 2 months! perfect timing and I am totally excited about this community of great girls!

  140. I used to be religious about working about 5-6 days a week. Then, life got BUSY and I stopped making myself as much of a priority. I have been following K&K for a few years on and off and love everything about their attitudes, workouts, and the TIU community, but I have never committed to the whole Bikini Series 100%- until now!! I am doing it because SELF LOVE is important. Because I deserve to be a top priority. Because I want to have more energy AND look the hottest I’ve ever looked in a bikini this Summer!! LET’S DO THIS!!!

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