Motivation Monday ~ What Goals Will You Crush in the Summer Tone Up?!

Tone It Up Motivation Monday Summer Tone Up Karena Katrina

It’s DAY ONE of the Summer Tone Up!!!! Katrina and I are sooo looking forward to the next 4 weeks of daily workouts, lifestyle challenges, and delicious meals with you. This summer has already been amazing, and the Summer Tone Up will make it even more fun and rewarding.

We’re kicking things off today with our first LIVE workout of the Summer Tone Up! Join us at 5 pm Pacific time on our Insta @ToneItUp. Just click on our profile pic at that time. Working out live with you was one of our favorite parts of the Bikini Series, and we’re so excited to keep it going! We’ll have 2 live workouts each week, so check your Weekly Schedule every Sunday for the days and times and mark your cal!

This weekend, Kat and I shared our personal goals for the Summer Tone Up on Insta. For me, this summer is full of traveling so my goal is to stick to my workouts and Tone It Up Nutrition Plan guidelines no matter where I am! Kat’s goals are to practice yoga a few times a week with more inversions and handstands and work on her flexibility. She’s also going to make sure to keep it TIU approved through all the summer BBQs and Sunday Fundays!

Now we want to hear your goals for the Summer Tone Up!! Take a few minutes right now to share them in the comments below.

Sharing your goals with the community is so powerful and will help keep you accountable. And it motivates us to stick to our own goals! You are our inspiration! 💕 You’re going to crush this challenge! Let’s GO!

We’re all starting the Summer Tone Up today and it’s not too late to join us! Sign up HERE to have your healthiest, fittest, and most confident summer!

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  1. SO excited about this challenge and to continue to be inspired by this amazing TIU community! My goals for this challenge are to stick to the workout plan, and really tone up my lower body. I would also like to spend sometime each night reflecting and doing a daily devotion. The Sunday Meal Prep is my favorite thing to do on the weekend so it’s a goal of mine to stay consistent and plan ahead.

    What are everyone else’s goals? It’s so inspiring to see what others are focusing on! :)

    Morgan E. (TIU Wisco)

  2. My goal for week 1 is to get back on track with my routine. We just got back from a 2 week trip in Hawaii, which was amazing and we were very active, but I was not able to stick to a routine or keep up with my meals. I am ready to be totally dedicated to the next four weeks – even on the weekends (the hardest time for me)!

  3. My main goal for the Summer Tone Up challenge is to focus on my nutrition for the full 4 weeks, and not fall off the wagon after the first week! I want to bring my family into the meal plan and stay strong on the weekends when my husband is home and wants to eat a bunch of junk food!

  4. SO excited for this challenge! I was very diligent with the bikini series and kind of dropped off since it ended! For this challenge I want to get back into the routine of exercise and eating TIU Approved meals! I have a trip at the end of the challenge so I want to be feeling my best when i am soaking up some sun in an exotic new place! Ice cream during the summer is my weakness so I am going to allow myself to have ice cream on occasion so that I don’t feel deprived! If I wasn’t allergic to banana I would totally do the healthier version of ice cream! haha happy day 1 of the challenge everyone!

  5. SO ready and SO excited for this challenge! I am promising myself that I’ll do yoga at least twice a week (more yoga booty please!) and stick to the nutrition plan on the weekends. They’re my biggest downfall and hardest time for me to stay #tiuapproved with social events… I also can’t wait to see the changes in my fitness test at the end of the 4 weeks. I LOVE that we’re doing this!

  6. I have noticed such a difference in my mood & energy since joining The Nutrition Planamd I’ve loved every minute of being part of this community!! My goal for the Summer Tone Up challenge is to stick to my work outs and nutrition plan while traveling, up my weight during my workouts or perform a drop set, and to do more YOGA and meditation!!

  7. i just want to complete the challenge. I want to make sure I work out everyday.. I will be on vacation for 2 weeks during the challenge which I think it will be very helpful for me. I have the worse eating habits when I’m working. I work at a catering company and we have tastings ALL the time and trust me they aren’t LGC. Happy Summer everyone !

  8. I love that this challenge is following the Bikini Series!! This by far will be my healthiest summer in a long time! I would have to say my goals for this challenge is to keep organized! Having my meal prep done on Sundays and keeping my schedule organized and planned out is really going to keep me accountable and prepared for the weeks ahead. Second would be to venture out of my comfort zone and try to do something i normally wouldn’t do…. which might be taking a cycling class (for some reason I’m intimidated). Third is to journal and make sure i acknowledge the small victories. Love how this community makes our goals that much easier to achieve, we got this babes! Cheers

    1. Take the cycling class! I was intimidated my first time too. All I had heard was how horrible they are and I felt horribly out of shape. But I went anyways and it was the best fitness decision I’ve made in years! It was not horrible. I loved it! The secret is to never compare yourself to anyone else in the class. Focus on enjoying your ride and challenging yourself to grow. No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, you can ride so that you challenge yourself where you’re at today. And as more time passes, you’ll be able to take it to another level and another level. Do it!! I’m obsessed. :)

  9. My goals for this challenge is to stick to the weekly workouts and accomplish what I have planned. Then I also want to stick to the Nutrition Plan and eat lean, clean, and green. This challenge comes at the perfect time for me because I just got the all clear after gallbladder surgery! So excited to get back at it!!

  10. My goal is to use this challenge to reset and get back to a healthy lifestyle. This time last summer I was psyched to rock a bikini, and this year I have not even worn shorts. I loved feeling strong and energetic, and I am looking forward to getting back to it.

  11. Summer Tone Up goals
    1. Listen to my body
    2. Appreciate my body
    3. Nourish my body & mind
    4. Continue to follow the TIU nutrition plan guidelines & daily workouts
    5. Enjoy the process
    5. Cheer on the rest of the TIU team.

  12. I loved how I felt after the Bikini Series and am so excited to keep going! I want to try to get in more intense cardio sessions at least 2 times a week and I want to stick to the nutrition plan guidelines especially when eating out! I also want to make sure to check in more with the TIU team and support everyone during the summer tone up.

  13. My goals for the summer tone up are to stay in check with nutrition, and keep on point with my workouts, and not get out of control eating crazy things are social events. My husband is coming home from a 6 week trip and I lost 6 pounds toward my goal since he left, so I want to keep the motivation going in the midst of date nights.

  14. I’m so excited for another 4 weeks of accountability! I have a few weeks before I go back to work, so it all seems so easy right now. When I do go back to work my goals are to really utilize my Sunday prep days to make the rest of my week easier & to stay committed to my workouts. It’s easy to say “I’m too tired”, but I know once I do work out I feel better!

  15. I am 6 months pregnant and I just want to be toned so I can feel confident. Although I need to make modifications I’m not letting that keep me out of taking care of myself. I want to focus on weights and yoga. I will be doing a TIU yoga routine for the next 30 days.

  16. My goal is to get in 3 workouts done in them AM during the week and get to 3 yoga classes per week while sticking to the meal plan. I also have big plans to get my family eating TIU approved meals while we’re on vacation. #summertoneup

  17. To be the strongest and healthiest I can be before my surgery so that I can recover quickly.

  18. My goals are to stay committed and focus. Keep up with #tiubootycalls. Meal prep as much as I can and when traveling make smart decisions. That way I can continue to feel like I’m top of the world with so much energy.

  19. I want to find my balance between yoga, weight lifting and tone it up! I want to love my body for its flaws and don’t have so much pressure on myself. I want to appreciate my wider hips and lift my booty! I have found a balance with nutrition and booty calls, but I have to find a balaknce with my heart.

  20. My goal is to meal prep the next three weeks (missed yesterday). 3 Meal Preps, work out in the morning 4 times a week and journal and set my intentions for the day every day , like K &K 😊 and to exercise at least one time with a new friend ( since I always work out solo)

  21. My goals for this challenge is to actually complete it! :)

    I plan on working out every day, give inspiring words and motivation to other girls in this community and to be mindful & present.

    Also, learn some new delicious #tiuapproved recipes!

  22. My goal is to stay active and accountable even if it’s just a few minutes in my day. Bootycall workouts for me during the week are just not going to happen. I go to work pretty early, so my goal is to break up any routine in 3 parts that I can accomplish in a shorter amount of time.

  23. I am really looking to stay on track in this challenge. I live for routine and hope this challenge will help me get back into the swing of things. I would love to focus on toning my lover body and sculpting the muscles in my arms (which I lost after being a college athlete). Listening to myself and pushing through the pain to get the results I want is going to be tough, but I am ready. I want to stay true to the nutrition plan and try hard to focus on me for once. I know this will be hard with my work schedule and life throwing me challenges, however I am determined for it to work for me this time! YAY ToneitUp community…Let’s do this!

    ps. also reflection. I think daily devotional and writing is going to help me stay true to my goals.

  24. My goal for Summer Tone Up is to really stick to the TIU Plan and focus on my nutrition! I love the way I feel when I fuel my body right, so that’s my main goal!🤗

  25. My main goal is to replace fat around my upper thigh, arm, and midsection with lean muscle while eating nutrient dense, delicious meals! 💪🏻😋

  26. I’m looking forward to having four weeks and really focusing on self love. Not just self love when things are going right and the energy is positive but through stressful situations. This hasn’t been my strength lately and it shows- if you don’t love yourself it is even harder to share your love with others.

  27. This challenge is the first step toward my goal of learning to maintain my fitness level at different levels of overall health. I have a pattern of getting fit, becoming sick or injured, then overdoing it to the point that I can no longer workout (doctor’s orders are the only thing that’ll stop me). I’ve learned the discipline to get and stay on track, and last year I learned to recognize the difference between soreness and pain to prevent injury/re-injury. Now I need to learn the difference between pushing my limits and overdoing it. I think yoga a couple times a week will help bring me more in tune with my body, mind and spirit and help me to stay focused on what’s important when my ego wants to push harder. And since I’m coming back from the last downswing I’ve also got a few pounds to drop. ;)

  28. My main goal is to make myself a priority again. Since having my daughter and having our house fall apart with the California rain this winter, making time to exercise has been a huge challenge. I’m loving the daily workouts and would like to be consistent getting that in everyday.

  29. This challenge is exactly what I need right now!! After going crazy with too many non approved TIU approved choices over the Fourth of July I was struggling to get myself back into a healthy routine. My #SummerToneUp goals are to always make the LCG choice, meditate daily, practice my yoga inversions, grow my career, practice a new language through the Duolingo app, and do all my booty workouts with heavy weight to build a lot of muscle!!

  30. My goal for this summer challenge is to get back in the habit of working out and eating cleaner. I’ve had a rather stressful month lately and I want to make sure I’m so in love with taking care of me that I won’t let the stress of starting a new degree and working full time stop me from working out.

  31. My goal is to find balance and determine ways in which I can maintain that balance throughout the year, long after the summer is over!

  32. My Summer Challenge goals are 1. TO CHECK IN ON IG more frequently 2. keep it lean clean and green as much as possible and last but not least 3. talking and thinking more positively to myself !!

  33. My goal is to stick to the nutrition plan but figure out what I’m currently eating has been causing my skin to react. I need to refresh on the nutrition guidelines and better stick to them.
    I also want to get back to drinking more water, I’ve been slacking too much!

  34. My goal is to do better with catered meals at work. I really struggled with that in week 3 of the bikini series. And this week is a conference that will be full of delicious catering. I am going to plan on stoking my plate with at least 60% veggies and eat that first.

  35. My Summer Tone Up goal is definitely to stick to the meal/workout plan! I seem to fall off tracks real easily after the first week or so. I really need to work on commitment and taking time for me. So excited to see everyones progress!

  36. Summer Tone Up Goals:
    1. Keep the momentum from the bikini series going
    2. Continue taking cardio dance classes 1 per week
    3. More social “happy hours” involving fitness
    4. Increase the number of days I do not drink alcohol over the next year

    1. ooh, Rachel I love #4! I’ve noticed since starting the nutrition plan I don’t actually drink as much during the week. I equate it to the high I get from working out, and not craving it. But, I’d love to hear how you do. I’m down to 3 times a week. Which is huge for a social drinker, and also a wine a night working mama, lol!

      1. Thank you, I will try to do the same! I think it is a great idea to increase the days of non drinking wine.

  37. I have two goals for this challenge that are unlike the goals I have had for past challenges:

    1. Focus less on appearance and more on general health, fitness, and well being because everyone’s bodies are different and as long as I am fit and confident, that is what is important more so than an extra inch or two.

    2. Consistency. It has been a bad habit of mine to give up as soon as things get tough or when I fail to see results as (seemingly) quickly as other girls. This challenge I will accept my slip ups, but try my best to push harder through the tough times.

  38. My Summer Tone Up Goals are many!!!
    I’m commiting to:
    – respect and honour my body thru daily workouts and a balanced nutrition
    – stick to the TIU Nutrition Plan and guidelines while travelling and being on vacation
    – drink more water
    – start journaling (at least 1x a week… I’m not really used to put my thoughts down on paper)
    – adding more cardio to my weekly routine (thinking about training for my first half marathon… thank you Karena for sharing your trainign schedule)
    Let’s do this!!! XOXO

  39. My goals for the summer tone up are listen to my body, continue running three time per week, feel toned and my main goal is to focus on my nutrition. Thank you for your support and motivation!

  40. My goal for this series is to find a routine that works for me. Right now is absolutely crazy with graduation soon and job interviews all over the place, so I would really like to focus on myself again and find time for healthy meals and bootycalls :)

    PS: Does anyone know where Kat’s leggings are from? They are so pretty!

  41. Goal number 1- To follow the nutrition plan completely!
    Goal number 2- To run when it’s cardio time- no making excuses with biking from home to work
    Goal number 3- to have fun and enjoy it to the best xoxo

  42. I followed the meal plan guidelines for the bikini series and followed most of the meals. Now that I’m comfortable with everything I want to follow the meal plan by each meal as best I can. I also want to get all the scheduled workouts in and do them on time. With it being summer and my teenager not needing rides everywhere my schedule is a lot easier now. My hopes is after the 4 weeks things will become natural as my healthy choices I make with food without even thinking, thanks to the bikini series. Lastly, I want to stretch more since I feel I have lost all of my flexibility by doing the bikini series which is on me for being too exhausted or rushed to stretch.

  43. My goals are to stay TIU approved on the weekend (the hardest part for me), actually use my Instagram to post, find motivation and stay accountable, and finally to keep going on my 2017 goal of 52 hikes this year. I just reached the halfway point on Sunday! I just got my boyfriend into backpacking so now I need to really build up my endurance so we can check out some cool trails!! SO excited for this!!!!

  44. Love everyone’s goals!!! My goals for this challenge is to; feel comfortable in my skin again, complete the weekly schedules at a minimum of 4 days a week if not all 7, lose a few pounds in the process, just feel happier! Let’s do this! #summertoneup #tiuteam

  45. My #1 goal is to get my workouts in every day (even if it’s just an active rest day with a walk or yoga). I would also like to get in control of my sugar cravings and limit treats to 2-3 times a week. And my 3rd (and probably not last XD) goal is to be accountable on my meals during the weekend and at least try to practice the 80/20 rule. Lets do this, ladies!! #SummerToneUp #TIUTeam

  46. My top priority for the #SummerToneUp is to get back to the progress I was making with the bikini series! After that ended I went on vacation, then got really sick and that just threw a huge wrench in my motivation and progress! But I refuse to focus on the fact that I ‘fell off the wagon’ and instead I’m going to focus on getting back on track! Some other goals include, JOURNALING! I did a really good job of journaling what foods and workouts I did during the bikini series, but for this challenge I want to do more soul journaling, and recording what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling, etc. Another goal, I want to see some abs! :) Also, I want to make sure I stick to my workouts on the weekends, that’s always a huge challenge for me! And lastly, I want to continue to challenge myself, both with trying new foods, pushing myself with my workouts, and just in life, by trying new things/activities, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone! Life isn’t going to live itself, I need to grab it and live it!

  47. My goal for the summer challenge is to stay on track on the nutrition plan, get a good, well defined body and feel more confident. I love the tone it up community and for what it stands.
    It gave me soo much health, confidence and well feeling so far.

    Thanks for that. <3

  48. my goal for the challenge is to meal prep really well on Sundays and no junk food at all!

  49. I would really like to successfully follow the workouts of this entire challenge. I woke up sick sunday, so I have already failed, but hopefully by tomorrow I can start. I did 3 weeks of the Bikini Series workouts in 2016 and felt and looked amazing and my slimmest before I went on a 3 week trip. I couldn’t do the Bikini Series this year – was finishing my master’s along with balancing my 2 jobs, so this challenge comes at a perfect time. I just finished a few big vacations and am super excited to get back to being healthy and taking care of myself.

    I also have struggled a lot with metabolism issues over the past few years and this spring I think I finally figured out that I just wasn’t getting enough protein from my mainly vegetarian diet. I started eating a lot more meat in the last 2 months and feel SO MUCH BETTER! I am excited to see what my body can do now that I know how I need to nourish it. I have never followed the TIU nutrition plan – can’t really afford it and doubt I could actually adhere to the strict rules, but I would like to start incorporating more of their recipes and I would like to start doing some meal prep on Sundays to make sure I eat healthy for the week.

    Excited to get started once I get over this cold!!!

  50. I’m ready to lose the last 7 pounds and decrease body fat by at least 1%. I’m super happy with my fitness test results and I’m looking forward to beating my own scores each week!! I am even crafting a workout plan to train my husband because he also wants to get in better shape. I’m happy to have inspired him!!

  51. OMG, am I excited about this challenge. This is my first challenge that I am committed to. Could it be that I am a Nutrition Plan member and incorporating the meals and daily workouts into my life for the last 3 weeks has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G? or is it just that I’m finally fed up with being unfit? I don’t know, could be a little of both! LOL Anyway my goals are as follows :
    1. Wake up at 5:30AM to do my #dailyworkout
    2. No negative self-talk! My Inner Critic; Naomi, can take a seat or hold on for the ride of our lives.
    3. Meal-Prep, Meal-Prep, Meal-Prep
    4. NO comparing my Week 1 to another person’s Week 25

    I am so excited to be on this journey with like minded individuals and welcome any tips, tricks, and support.


  52. My goal for the Summer Challenge is to strong strong and stick with the TIU nutrition plan! Especially when this weekend is my fiance’s birthday weekend!!! So my #1 goal is to keep all my meals #Leancleanandgreen especially while out to dinner!!

  53. My goals for Summer Tone Up are to journal my meals, write down 3 things that I am grateful for everyday, and to do yoga 1x/week.

  54. My goals for this challenge are to treat my body with respect and think of working out/eating lean, clean, and green as self care. For many years, I have had a negative impression of how I look and in order to move past that, I need to embrace my body and all that it comes with.

  55. My goals for the Summer Tone Up Challenge are to focus on maintaining proper form through all the moves and reps, utilize my physical power to build my strength and to work hard by giving each workout my all !!!

  56. My goals for Summer Tone Up are to keep the momentum from bikini series going. To explore new exercise classes in my area. I’m also running a 5k next weekend!

  57. My goals are to make it through all 4 weeks and to start working in lean, green and clean meals and making sure what I put in my body fuels it. I also want to find a cardio that isn’t running so my knees don’t bother me every day.

  58. My goal for this challenge is to get the strength back in my leg and knee that I lost during surgery and recovery. I missed the Bikini series because it started a few days after I had knee surgery, and with this challenge I’ll have to modify a lot but at least I can work out again!

  59. My goals for the 4-week #Summertoneup are:

    Stick to the nutrition plan on weekends
    Keep an open, positive mind and attitude even when things may get hard
    Try all the moves in a workout/toning moves, even if I don’t think I can do it
    More bootycalls !

    Keep up the good work, ladies…week 1 halfway done! #tiuteam

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