Motivation Monday: Get To Know TIU Girl Sherrie

Hi babe! Today we’re sharing the fitness story of an incredible girl in the Community ~ Sherrie! We were so lucky to work out with Sherrie at a Popsugar event earlier this year! Sherrie captivated us immediately with her IG checkins, beautiful spirit, stunning smile, & commitment to feeling her best each day! Show this gorgeous girl some love ~ 


Tell us about yourself.

Hi everyone! My name is Sherrie and I’m a stay at home mommy. I have a 3 year old little boy and an amazing husband. When I’m not spending time with my family or doing a TIU workout, I’m creating little charms for an Etsy shop that I have with my sister (Seriously Kute boutique)! 

How long have you been a part of the TIU Community? 

I’ve been a TIU babe since 2016 and I love it!

How did you first find TIU?

I randomly found Tone It Up on Instagram and followed the account for quite some time before actually joining the community. I wasn’t sure what TIU was about, but there was something about K&K that made me want to follow. I then realized how beautiful they were inside and out and how much they love, support, and inspire the community around them. That’s when I knew I needed to be part of it! So I signed up and became a TIU girl! 


What was your experience like working out in a room full of TIU girls at the Popsugar event earlier this year? 

It was so amazing!!! I’ve never been in a room full of TIU girls before and I’ve never seen K&K or any of the TIU trainers in person (helloooo abs!). I was dying inside haha! It felt like a dream! I didn’t know what to do… workout or take pictures! So I did both haha! Squat, take a pic, punch jab kick, take a pic. It was so much fun and I didn’t want it to end! I can’t wait to go to another event and hopefully meet K&K. But I probably wouldn’t know what to do then either haha

What motivates you to get your workout in? 

My supportive husband that always cheers me on no matter what I choose to do and my son Gaven… my Tone It Up boy. If I wasn’t carrying him during a workout, then he was right next to me doing baby squats. Now that he’s older he helps me take out my mat, weights, and booty bands every day. I hope to set a good example for him to live a strong and healthy life! Also, my number one cheerleader and my very good friend, Marilyn. We used to workout every day after work, but I got married and moved away. Now we keep each other accountable from a distance. Funny thing is, we both joined TIU in 2016 without telling each other. It’s like we turned to this community for support when we lost each other as workout buddies. Now we have each other and also all of YOU! 


What changes have you seen, both emotionally, physically, and spiritually since starting TIU? 

When I had a baby a year after starting TIU, that changed EVERYTHING! My body didn’t look the same, it didn’t feel the same, and I couldn’t do workouts without feeling some sort of pain in my hips from giving birth. But I still signed up for every challenge. I would start strong and then stop working out because of my hip. Looking back, I really could’ve used some self love advice from pregnant Katrina. But I think the one thing that kept me going was just being around positive and supportive girls in the TIU community. There was no judgment. Just a ton of support and motivation. I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy… and if I can do that, I can do anything. I can finish a TIU challenge, post-baby. My perspective changed from “Ugh, I need to workout today” to “I’m thankful that I CAN workout today”. The Summer Tone Up is actually the first challenge where I’m able to do every single workout with zero pain! It took almost 3 years for me to heal and it feels amazing! 


What is your favorite TIU workout and why? 

Anything with the booty! A workout with a good booty burn is the best! But right now… I’m also loving all of the live workouts on IG! They are so much fun!

Proud #TIUgirl moment? 

My proud #TIUgirl moment is happening right now! I’ve been doing all of the Summer Tone Up workouts every single day, live workouts every chance I get, and been checking in on IG daily. I feel like I finally have a good routine going and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! 

Where can we find you on IG?




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