Motivation Monday ~ Lots of Love To Our TIU Moms!!

We hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day celebrating with your fam! We’re keeping the love going for Motivation Monday, because yesterday was so beautiful with all the uploads and inspo on the hashtag #TIUmom. We’re so proud of all of you. You inspire us with your strength, dedication, and devotion to yourselves, your health, your family, and the TIUteam. ๐Ÿ’• It’s remarkable what women are capable of and you are the light in this community!!!

xxxo K&K

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Anna ~


Anna loves to have dance parties with Layla and Austin. They’re the cutest!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Brittany ~


Brittany’s baby boy is her hiking buddy!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Tatiana ~


She’s working on “Operation Strong Mama” and killing it!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Kelly ~


She did Saturday’s live Yoga Tone workout with her 8-month-old son by her side. Maybe we have a future yogi! ;)

~ Simone ~


Simone gets extra cardio from running around after her little boy!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Ashley ~


You may recognize Ashley as one of our Look For Love winners. She’s such an inspiration andย Gemma is so beautiful! She’s pretty much EVERYTHING GOALSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Cindy ~


Cindy is a Vancouver mama to two adorable daughters, Keira and Kyla ~ love the initials! ;)

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Jennifer ~


A TIU girl since 2012, Jenn loves to spend time outdoors with her son! She’s a self-described “MILF” ~ Mom In Love With Fitness!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Lauren ~


Lauren’s daughter is her little “cardio buddy.” So sweet!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Whitney ~


Whitney, you inspire us every day with your strength and your radiant smile. We love seeing pics of Miles!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Kelsy ~


Kelsy, one of last year’s Tone It Up Challenge winners, is due in two weeks…and still getting her Booty Calls in!ย Just wow! Congrats, Kelsy! We’re so happy for you and excited for Baby B!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Melissa ~


Melissa calls her two sons her running buddies!

~ Maria ~


Maria loves meal prepping with her son and daughter!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Terra ~


We got to FaceTime with Terra’s son Peyton on the Look For Love girls’ trip!!

tone it up motivation monday moms

~ Rosie ~


Rosie just celebrated her first Mother’s Day with all three of her beautiful kiddies!!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Krystle ~


This marathoner and mama-to-be is due in June. So excited for you babe!

tone it up motivation monday mothers day

~ Kim ~


Here’s Kim at the park doing cardio with her two gorgeous girls!

tone it up motivation monday moms

~ Tabitha ~


Tabitha is a first time mama. Her little guy woke up during HIIT The Beach 3 and he helped with her planks!

tone it up motivation monday tiu moms mothers day

We’re in week four of the Bikini Series and this team is looking STRONG! If you haven’t joined the Bikini Series yet, it’s not too late to jump in with us! Sign up HERE to get in the best shape of your life this summer!

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  1. This community is so empowering for us mamas! As a first time mom I turned to so many tiu girls for advice during my pregnancy and now on the journey through motherhood! Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day!!! This momma needs to stop stalling on that bootycall ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ xoxoxox

    1. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! You got that Booty Call babe! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’•

  2. Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful mom’s & mama’s to be. You are all doing amazing things and looking amazing.
    Keep up the amazing work, you inspire us all.

  3. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I love being a TIU Mama, being part of this community has really inspired me and keeps me motivated on the daily! xx

  4. AH! Thank you so much for the feature! I second what Ashley said!! This community has been AMAZING for me too during these past several months especially! from workout advice to meal and meal prep advice, as well as just overall pregnancy, labor and delivery tips and personal stories! I am so thankful for this community and to be going through this pregnancy alongside so many other mamas to be!!! It’s been such a blessing! I didn’t think I could love this community more! xoxo

  5. Happy Mother’s Day!! These ladies and all moms out there doing the TIU thing are such an inspiration to me! I think it’s hard sometimes staying true to workouts and the TIU plan..and I’m single w/no kids! These gals are major goals!

  6. I agree with Denisedelrusso, I have no kids and sometimes its hard to get in a workout or prep a meal….you #tiumoms are a massive inspirations and #goals for all of us. I hope that you all had a wonderful day

  7. I love being a #TIUmom! This team is full of amazing role models! We had such a fun day yesterday for Mother’s Day! I loved tight and toned core this morning! I’m 4 mo postpartum and I love how strong I feel starting week 4! The TIUteam, the nutrition plan, and the awesome new Beach Babe 5 has made all the difference! Those abs are coming back!!! I waited too long to get the Nutrition Plan because I was afraid it was too expensive and my 2 toddlers and husband wouldn’t eat it. If you think of it as $12.50/ mo and the gift of ALL the new and older editions it’s just incredible!! My husband and 2 toddlers eat everything I have made! We just slowly changed our lifestyle for the better. We live in Texas so homemade flour tortillas, chips, and queso are everywhere! We learned how to make bikini wraps with romaine leaves as tortillas and sliced veggies with homemade salsa or guac! Huge, huge fan of the Nutrition Plan! It’s a family game changer- don’t worry mama, you are worth it!

  8. So excited to see my son and myself in the slideshow! This community is so positive and I am inspired each day by all the amazing and wonderful ladies. Love the support and encouragement given to me by TIU and my family! One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts was a playlist my daughter made me, she named it #TIU approved!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

  9. So fun to see all these fellow #tiumoms!!! My daughter loves K&K and pretty much asks when she will meet them every single day!! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas!!!

  10. Such a nice to surprise to see me and my son in this pics! Thank you tone it up! These moms are so inspiring!

  11. Wow. Just wow. I’m so proud of these women and I don’t even know them also it makes me proud you’re doing a post and displaying actual women that are involved and just idk how to describe it but made me smile that you know them or something about them personally. Not just another number. Thank you for always being an uplifting and positive space and place to go. I’m thankful I found this many years ago. โค๏ธ

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