Motivation Monday: Jasmine’s TIU Journey

Hi gorgeous! As you kick off Week 2 of the #SummerToneUp, remember that this entire TIU Community is right by your side cheering you on! Seeing each other’s post-workout selfies is so motivating and we are so excited to see what you babes accomplish this week!

Today we checked in with our girl Jasmine, an incredible cheerleader in the Community! We always admire Jasmine’s commitment to rocking her fitness journey, motivating everyone on IG, and doing it all with the biggest smile on her face. Check her out ~ 


Tell us about yourself.

Hi ! I’m Jasmine , I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. Dancing is truly my passion, weather at home, the gym, or in Studio with Tori, I love to Dance. I truly live my life as someone I want my younger sibling to be proud of, and look up to. 


How long have you been a part of the TIU Community? 

I have been a part of the TIU community for about 4 years. What an amazing 4 years it has been ! 


How did you first find TIU? 

I first heard about TIU from an Atlanta based radio station, the host was talking about how inspiring the two trainers were and she kept going on and on about K&K and said “to go to or look up the hashtag #TIUteam and you will see so many amazing/inspiring women” . I looked up the web site, and haven’t looked back since. 

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What motivates you to get your workout in? 

I am motivated to get my workout in by seeing all the amazing women in the community all doing the same workouts and all getting up and putting themselves first. Tone It Up is how I have found my best friends and it is the common bond between us. We love to push, motivate,and encourage each other to get in our daily workouts. 


What changes have you seen, both emotionally, physically, and spiritually since starting TIU? 

Since starting TIU I have found so much strength within, strength emotionally and physically. Emotionally I give myself grace and listen to my body. It is a learning process but it pays off. physically I am so happy with my body. I LOVE MY BODY. I love the changes it goes through. I love how it tells me when I need to calm down and relax and all around I have learned no matter what, to love every part of me.  


What is your favorite TIU workout and why? 

Oh hands down, if you know me, you know my favorite workout is Cardio Abs with Kat ! This one has been my favorite since I started TIU. This workout is such a great ab burner, it’s one of the 1st workouts I did as a #TIUgirl and I was hooked, I remember saying ” If Everyone in the community is as motivating as Kat, this is about to be very fun!”


What advice would you give to a girl just starting out in her fitness journey? 

Advice I would give to a girl just starting out in her fitness journey, Girl keep your eye on your prize, remember to not let yourself get discouraged by the things you “think” you can’t do. We all started at Day 1 , we all were nervous to do workouts and reach out to other girls in this community. But we are all here for the same reason, to better ourselves. Also do not compare your self to anyone else, we are all different and all have different abilities. 


Proud #TIUgirl moment? 

One of my  proudest #TIUgirl moments was officially finishing my first Challenge (Bikini Series 2016) I remember being so proud of myself, after trying so many different programs and feeling so down on myself for not completing it or not sticking with it, it was so exciting to get through those 8 weeks, and not to mention how great I felt, eating healthy and having a consistent plan of working out.  


Where can we find you on IG?

@ jasmine__tiu 




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