Motivation Monday: Fit Mama Elise!

Motivation Monday: Fit Mama Elise! Tone It Up Transformations

Today’s Motivation Monday is all about a gorgeous soul that many of you know within the #TIUcommunity, Elise! Elise was one of our incredible #LookforLove winners in 2017 and she continues to inspire us with her strength, commitment to being her best self, ability to always have FUN, & share her amazing journey with the #TIUteam every step of the way. 

Elise recently became a new mom and we smile ear to ear each time we see a pic of her son, Macallan. We are thrilled to check in with this mama today & hear who she’s doing. 

Motivation Monday: Fit Mama Elise! 

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 29-year-old high school PE/Health teacher, volleyball and track coach, and new mama to my 6-month-old son Macallan!

What inspired you to start the Tone It Up lifestyle?  

I had just completed my college athletic career, gotten married, and started my first teaching job and I had put on a lot of weight. I wasn’t feeling my best and I was ready for change. My sister started doing Tone It Up and seemed to be loving the community and her results! I started doing it with her in November 2014!

Motivation Monday: Fit Mama Elise! Tone It Up Transformations

How was the Tone It Up App contributed to your success?

Tone it up has helped me navigate maintaining a healthy lifestyle during every phase of life! Post-collegiate athletics, newly married, first career, pregnancy and postpartum. Tone It Up has been with me through it all and has helped me feel my best in every phase!

How has your body appreciation evolved since becoming a mom?

Now that I am a mom my entire WHY has changed! I now workout to stay healthy and strong and set a good example for my son! I want him to know that being healthy and active can be FUN and I hope it is something we will get to do together more as he gets older! He already loves going for runs with mom! ;)

Motivation Monday: Fit Mama Elise! Tone It Up Transformations

What advice would you give to a girl just starting out on her fitness journey?

Start where you are with what you have and do what you can when you can! IT IS NOT A COMPETITION. If you are moving you are winning. Don’t be afraid to modify and take it one day at a time!

What does Tone It Up mean to you?

Tone It Up means friendship, acceptance and encouragement. It represents the opportunity to share your health journey with thousands of woman all trying to become the best version of themselves!

Proudest #TIUteam moment?

Completing my first ever half marathon. I never thought I was a runner and running distance is not something I was ever interested in but I surrounded myself with all these amazing woman who were so inspiring I suddenly started believing in myself and my ability to do crazy things!! I cried after I crossed the finish line because I was simply so PROUD! 

How can we find you on Insta?


Motivation Monday: Fit Mama Elise! Tone It Up Transformations

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