The Morning Rituals Boss Babes Swear By

Hey gorgeous! How are you feelin’ at home? Hope you’re having a beautiful Wednesday.

While we’re all home in quarantine, it’s easy for the days to go by in a blur! What we’ve found SO helpful is keeping up some sort of routine ~ starting with a morning ritual. 

If you’re thinking, “that sounds overwhelming or I don’t have time for that…I barely have a minute to wash my face,” we get it. Whether you’re balancing remote work, serving as an essential worker, taking care of family, or doing the important job of taking care of YOU (or all of the above!), we know there’s a lot going on right now. 

That’s why a morning ritual can be one small act to help you feel balanced and centered no matter how crazy life gets. It can take 30 mins or 5 mins. It can be as simple as putting on a bra even though you’re not leaving the house! It doesn’t have to be perfect…it’s just for you! 

Morning rituals look different for everyone, so we asked our girlfriends and some of our favorite boss babes — entrepreneurs, trainers, mamas, and brilliant leaders — the rituals that are helping them get through quarantine. And we’re sharing our own, of course! 

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Boss Babe Morning Rituals 

Morning Rituals - Karena

“In the beginning of quarantine, I really struggled the first couple of weeks. Then I realized that a routine is key to staying well and on track with my goals. So I went from NO routine and sleeping in to ‘back to my business as usual’ routine. More than ever, I’ve found that scheduling my day in my calendar is important. So I went back to each night calendaring my meditations, workouts, calls, writing time, and filming time so I feel prepared for the next day and get a good night’s sleep. So I guess my ‘morning routine’ starts the night before!” – Karena 

“I get up about an hour before my kids get up so I can do a workout for 30 mins. Then I read some sort of book for 15 mins or listen to an inspiring podcast to get my mind right. Then I wash up and get ready for the day. The key thing for me is getting dressed before the kids wake up. I realize that if I don’t do this the likelihood of me being in my sweats all day is very high since it’s just GO GO GO all day. I have my hot lemon water on an empty stomach to start the day and that’s it! – Chriselle Lim, stylist & fashion, beauty, & lifestyle expert 

“I always make sure to write down 3 things I’m grateful for each morning + 3 things that would make the day great. It’s so important, especially during quarantine, to remember the good things in our lives, and it sets ourselves up for a great day! I meditate right after to clear my mind for the day, and then I get outside for my daily walk or run! This routine has been so important to keep my mind positive and remember that life is still good and that we have so much to look forward to even during this uncertain time. I still go through the phases and find myself in the ‘at-home funk’ at times, but having this practice helps me get out of that funk much quicker. I find on the days I don’t do this routine, I move a little slower and have less motivation to get things done — especially things like my workout or choosing healthy food.” — Studio Tone It Up app trainer Tori 

“My family and I have been sleeping with all devices downstairs, and then we FaceTime with my mom every day to say good morning and spend some time with her! I am also making sure that I stay fueled throughout the day since I’m prone to stress eating. To start the day, I’ve been making Kelly LeVeque’s Fab 4 Smoothies. Workwise, I start the day by defining my ‘big 3,’ the 3 biggest needle movers to tackle in my business each day FIRST before I go into reactive mode of checking emails.” – Jenna Kutcher, digital marketing expert & creator of the Goal Digger Podcast 

“Oh my goodness my morning ritual has been my savior during this time! I have really leaned into each practice, taking my time and focusing on how good I feel during it. My favorite part right now is my dream journaling. Right when I wake up, I write down all of the dreams I can remember from the night before. I make sure to capture down feelings, emotions, questions, details so that I can keep track of any themes that come up through my dreams that I need to pay attention to. Although most of my dreams are wacky, there is a lot of good information in there for me!” — Krista Williams, co-host of the Almost 30 Podcast 

“It has been so important for me to be creative in the morning! I’ve loved drawing, singing, or dancing for fun. The little kid inside of me is SO HAPPY! And honestly, I’ve found that it jumpstarts my creative flow for the rest of my day. The trick is to create without judgment or expectation.” — Lindsey Simcik, co-host of the Almost 30 Podcast 

“One morning ritual for me has been taking a walk without my cell phone in the morning. Trying to lean into the stillness of the world right now rather than fight it. It’s helping me see what this planet has to offer with such new eyes!”  — Studio Tone It Up app trainer Chyna 

“Throughout quarantine, I’ve been practicing 10-15 minutes of mobility exercises right when I roll out of bed in the morning. I’ve realized that a little movement, done first thing, can wake me up even better than a cup of coffee can! By starting my day with stretching and low-intensity strengthening, I feel cared for, less anxious, and prepared to handle challenges with a positive mindset!” — Studio Tone It Up app trainer Stef 


“One morning ritual that I love doing during the quarantine is drinking 16 oz of water the moment I wake up (I pour a glass the night before and leave it on my nightstand!). In my first week of quarantine, I realized I wasn’t drinking as much water as I wanted and challenged myself to find key moments in the day to hydrate. My decision to have water first thing in the morning during this quarantine has been a game changer — it revs up my metabolism, rehydrates my body, and gives me some brain fuel to start my day with a bang!” Ariel, health & wellness coach, founder of Gym Hooky 

“My morning rituals have changed drastically lately. It took me a couple weeks to find a new routine at home, but right now I’m waking up an hour or two earlier than Bella so I can have some quiet time to be productive. I wake up, give Brian a little kiss, make coffee, light a candle, and I sit down to do some work for a couple hours. I have a new journal/calendar from BossBabe Inc. that I absolutely love. It has 3 lines at the top (before your daily to-do list) that asks three things you’re grateful for. I love this because it starts my day off with gratitude. 

If I’m teaching a LIVE workout, I’ll try to teach before Bella wakes up. If I’m not teaching, I’ll do a workout in the Studio Tone It Up App. Nap time is also when I sneak in some me-time! Oh and I try to text my mom and family to say hi before the day gets crazy. I’ll also scroll #TIUteam on IG and see what the community is up to. Connection is so important right now!” — Kat 

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