Morgan’s Love Your Body Message ~ Empowering, Inspiring, Beautiful!

Hi babe! You may recognize our girl Morgan Mendez from some of your Love Your Body workouts…who could forget that cute booty droppin’ it low in your Stop, Drop, & Booty Pop routine?! Morgan is so special. Her smile lights up the room ✨ She’s a strong and gorgeous girl who hasn’t let anything get in her way. She had asthma as a child but didn’t let that hold her back from being an athlete. And when she was juggling a super busy schedule in college and struggling with anxiety, she turned to yoga and came out stronger.

We filmed this video with Morgan and we were tearing up on set. Her words are so empowering. They resonated so much with us and we know they will with you too. We love this quote from her ~ “The most beautiful parts of a woman are her heart and her smile. Her heart because it shows she has love and care for the wold and her smile because it shows the world that you may be struggling but you’re going to get through it, and a woman’s smile can bring you from a dark place to a happy place.” ❤️ YOU make us so happy, Morgan! And we agree with what you said in the video…your booty is POPPIN’ girl ;)

Watch her full video below!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

We also created THIS Love Your Body Series video that is so special…if you haven’t watched it yet, you have to see it!!



  1. I LOVE this girl! Morgan, your smile truly lights up a room. Thanks for your beautiful words and vibe. Namaste.

  2. Morgan is so beautiful, inside and out! You can feel her calming power and it’s comforting. She’s such an inspiration and I loved learning more about her.

  3. Fabulous! Love your heart and your beautiful smile!! You are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Loved your message Morgan. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing. You are absolutely
    beautiful inside and out. ❤❤❤

  5. Morgan’s knowledge about herself at 22 is amazing. I don’t think I believed everything she said until I was at least 40. She will be able to conquer the world.

  6. What a sweet girl ❤️ Women can be so hard on ourselves and on each other, but I think some of the most tender moments I have had in learning to love myself and forgive myself is when other women are understanding and supportive and show that genuine love and compassion that only a woman can give (bless my husbands heart—he is a wonderful man but we girls GET each other way better!! :) ) We really do need each other to bouy one another up in this harsh world. Thanks for sharing your sweet and sincere message :).

  7. So inspirational. So important to love who you are at every stage. We are all so unique and comparison is the thief to joy. No one is just like you.
    Jenni @ Hiit Mamas

  8. Thank you for sharing, Morgan! You have such a beautiful voice and a beautiful smile. Could you do some meditation videos? I am still learning these lessons about loving myself at 32. I’m realizing that self love and confidence can literally change your life–make you healthier, more productive and more successful.

  9. What a precious and beautiful soul! Morgan made me smile with delight all through her message. Thanks so much for encouraging the community so beautifully, girl! 💕

  10. What a precious and beautiful soul! Morgan made me smile with delight all through her message. Thanks so much for encouraging the community so beautifully, girl! 💕

  11. Morgan! Thank you for saying those beautiful words! It means a lot! ♥️ Really hope to meet you one day


  12. “A woman’s smile can bring you from that dark place to a happy place.” Morgan, you certainly have a dazzling smile! And a serene attitude to go with it. I just now saw your video and thank you for your gentle message of positivity so needed. When I was your age I did not have body issues that I obsessed over but I was very insecure in other ways, so listening to your positivity and love for yourself is encouraging for any age. I really enjoyed hearing about your interesting lineage! Someone in earlier comments suggested you make meditation recording and I agree that your calm, sweet voice would be perfect for that.

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