Mocha, Mantras & Making Memories!

How ya doing gorgeous? I had an amazing trip to Montreal with Bobby last week to celebrate our one year anniversary, and I even got to work out with some #TIUMontreal girls ~ such a blast. Thank you girls again for joining me!

This week, I’ve been back home in Manhattan Beach and working with the HQ on some really exciting things like the TIU Tour…you’re going to flip over all the amazing surprises we have for you. If you haven’t grabbed your tickets yet, reserve your spot HERE!

This week was also full of some delicious Lean, Clean, ’N Green meals and fun live workouts on @ToneItUp. Who else’s abs were on 🔥 after Thursday’s live core routine? Don’t forget to check your Weekly Schedule tomorrow for all the details on next week’s live workouts!

Kat also shared a really special post this week about her yoga teacher training experience. Read all about it HERE! Kat’s first yoga class was actually our first “workout date” together! I had no idea it was her first class until after! I’m so proud of her for following her heart and setting aside the time for herself to learn and grow. Her experience can inspire us all to follow our dreams! So if you have a goal and you’ve been waiting for the “perfect time” to pursue it, GO FOR IT! And know that we’re here to support you every step of the journey!

Have a beautiful weekend!



Thank you @omarrlopez for a wonderful class with these gals.

Mantra for the class ~”Be you. Your most open & authentic self is your best self. Don’t be afraid to show all that you are, because that is what makes you beautiful.”

Get it Kat!!!

Felt amazing after workin’ my abs with you!

All smilles! We were so happy to celebrate our marriage with friends, family, and so many great experiences on our trip!

Someone was happy to see me after my trip ;) @hiimskunk

That view though… 🙌

Some of my delicious Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved meals this week!

Kat’s Super Slim Burgers and asparagus ~ Brian’s into ’em too!


Kat, Sarah…and @winnithepooch giving some major side eye 😂

🍷 🚲 🍍 ☀️ 💕

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  1. Happy Saturday! Love this post and seeing you both make the most of this summer! I am really excited to try the Mocha Smoothie bowl this week 🙇🏻‍♀️😋🍫

  2. Love these cheery posts! So glad you had a lovely anniversary trip! And THANK YOU for bringing so much yoga to us this year! It’s my favorite and I’m so glad we can practice with you! :-)

  3. Hey K&K! It looks like y’all had a great time! One request though, PLEASE fix the Android app! It does not work AT ALL. I looked at the reviews and it seems that everyone else is having the same issues. I love the concept, but it just doesn’t work. Love you guys!

  4. Happy one year anniversary! That pic of Karena & Bobby is SO great!
    And yes I LOVE that K&K are incorporating more Yoga into Tone it up!
    Love & good vibes <3

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