Mindful Meditation To Spread Love & Kindess

Morning gorgeous! Today is DAY 1 of the Summer Series! We’re all starting a beautiful, life-changing adventure together!

During each challenge, I love to create meditations that allow us all to find more peace, connection, and love. As many of you know, meditation is an essential part of my life, and it brings me so much joy to share it with you. If you’re new to the practice, welcome! These guided meditations are a perfect place to start. Use this time with yourself to refresh, recenter, and reflect without judgment.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite guided meditations called “Loving Kindness” that I’ve done for years. This is also a community fave! It was created by a researcher at Stanford University, and the study showed that when you do this meditation for seven days in a row, you’ll feel more love, gratitude, and joy!

So find a quiet place, take a deep breath, and let’s begin. 💛🙏



PS: Remember you can always find this meditation and so many more in your Studio Tone It Up app. You can revisit them anytime in the On Demand section.

Looking for more mindful meditations like this? We gotchu girl! You can access guided meditations anytime in your Studio Tone It Up app!


  1. So excited to start with you all today!! I was hoping someone could help me, I’m a member and have been unsuccessful in accessing my meal plan! Thank you!!

  2. Hi Karena! Could you provide us a link to the study you reference, or the name of the study? I’d love to learn some more! :)

    1. Hey babe! The research is by Dr. Emma Seppala from the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University. xxo

  3. For the summer series, are you only making studio tone it up app workouts available? Will you still have the daily moves available without the subscription?

    1. I wish there were tuesday videos as it was before.. I feel so “out” since I don’t have the app.. I love K&K but lately I don’t feel as a part of a team.. I’m so sorry…

  4. Beautiful! Thank you, Karena for being such a light! Your beautiful voice was the perfect way to start my week right.

    1. Thank you so much for joining Keeley and for being such a beautiful part of this community 💕

  5. THANK YOU Karena! I will start to incorporate this into my routine! LOVE MY TIU Community :)

  6. Has anyone at TIU Headquarters ever made background for phones? It would be awesome to have one paired with the meditation theme to remind us throughout the day. Just an idea. Loved the meditation! <3

  7. Loved this meditation! Committing to doing this for the next week to see if there’s any change.

  8. Hi babes!! Are the 5 daily moves still located in the TIU app? I couldn’t find them today and I wanted to get both the moves and the Manhattan Beach Booty in for leg day!

    1. Hey Jaclyn! Based on the feedback from the community, we are evolving the toning moves into an elevated experience in the app in the future and focusing on providing workout videos, On Demand videos, and Live classes. If you’re looking to add on to your daily class, that’s amazing! Check out the On Demand section ~ you an filter by time and body focus to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are tons of quick & effective routines that are perfect as an addition to your class. xxo

      1. Oh my gosh! Don’t get rid of the daily moves!! I love working out with some music and the daily moves are perfect for that! I usually get in whatever the daily TIU video is as my booty call and hit the daily moves later in the day after work. Please bring them back!! Haha 🙏 we all love them so much! It allows us to be independent strong beautiful women in the weight room 💪❤️

  9. So excited to be doing the challenge with my daughter!!! I also could not find the Daily Moves anywhere today. I always wake up and hit the Daily Moves first thing so I def missed that this morning!

    1. Hey Marie! So excited you’re doing the series with your daughter ~ what an amazing accountability partner! For this series, we’re really focusing on workout videos and live classes in the app because that is what the community has been asking for and it’s what we use to get the best results. Based on feedback from the community, we are evolving the toning moves into an elevated experience in the app in the future. So excited to rock this challenge with you and your daughter 💛

  10. I am gutted to learn the Daily Moves are gone! I do not know why the community would ask for those to be taken out of your app. I have been counting on those Daily Moves for years and it is my wake up workout EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!! I also love you have the workouts but getting rid of the Daily Moves is sadly a game changer for me :(

    1. Hey Marie! We hear you & we’re always listening. We apologize if we caused any confusion the last two days. Wanted to make sure you saw…while we work with our developers on everything this community has requested, they are bringing the moves back into the app. Each day of the Summer Series, they’ll be inspired by the workout video of the day— for best results we of course recommend you do the full workout videos, but we understand how valuable it is to have more options. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Sending you love 💕

  11. So extremely disappointed to see the five daily moves gone. This Tiu_momof6 needs the extra post-baby workouts. Can’t afford the monthly payments of the workouts on the app. Did I mention 6 kids? Counted on the daily moves each day. So much for losing the baby weight. Thought Kat would be more sensitive to this now. Big time game changer for me too. Bummer. So much for toned and healthy… and happy.

    1. Thank you for giving us Daily Moves back!!!!!!! It is just so easy to wake up and do those before getting on with my day. Then if things happen (as they do) and I do not get the actual workout in that day onthe App I still feel like I got a workout in! From the bottom of my heart thank you

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