Mindful Meditation ~ Serene Stress Reliever

Hi babe! You may have seen on Insta that Kat and I were filming lots of new Studio Tone It Up workouts on the beach for ya last week…Bobby even joined for some #BobbyBooty and #BobbyCall workouts 😂 I can’t wait to share them with you!

I took a little break from filming to record this mediation. This week, we’re focusing on releasing stress and anxiety. We’re all faced with stress in our lives and that’s completely natural. What I want to explore is what if, when faced with these challenges, we make a decision to shift our perspective and find the positivity and light? What is the lesson we are meant to learn and how can it make us stronger? How can we share that lesson with others in our lives? You have the patience, strength, and the compassion to triumph through anything!

Today I’m sharing a mediation that I love and do all the time! It helps me release any daily stress and focus on being present. It’s perfect to start your day feeling serene or to unwind after a busy day. The first time I shared this meditation with Kat we were in the Bahamas on a girls’ trip and we were floating in the ocean and I often do this in my pool in Palm Springs. So today let’s all close our eyes and visualize ourselves floating peacefully in the water. Let go of everything and just be ✨



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!




  1. I really loved this mediation and I would love to try this in my pool in the summer! Thank you so much, love you lots!❤️💕

  2. Wow! This was very effective for me! Thank you for sharing!! I also really like the music. Where can I find more music like it?

  3. This past month has been a really tough one filled with the unknown that has lead to A LOT of stress and anxiety. Thank you for this meditation to remind me that I’m not alone and to embrace the unknown as it will take me to exactly where I need to be and teach a valuable lesson. Thanks Karena!! xo

    1. You are never alone babe ~ this community is always here to support you. Sending you so much love and light! xxo

  4. I really enjoyed this mediation. I love that it was quick, effective, and can be done anywhere. Thank you Karena!

  5. This was the PERFECT meditation to end my day with. I don’t really feel it, but I know that I am subconsciously anxious about turning 30. I know there is no standard path of life, but I look around and see I’m not where I wanted to be at this age, and that of course causes stress. This was a great reminder to just be, and trust that I am exactly who I’m meant to be and that my journey is unique, not wrong. Thank you for sharing this Karena! 💙

    1. Yes!! Everyone is on a different path and your journey will not look like anyone else’s…that’s what makes you so special and unique! We’re all here sending you love and support on your journey 💛

  6. Wow – this was my first meditation with Karena and I will definitely be coming back for more. Can’t wait to take this meditation to my pool!

  7. Thank you so much Karena, for your light, love and the strenght you give this community with your Meditations every week! You and Kat are such wonderful Souls, you both are a huge Inspiration to me! lots o love to you <3

  8. I’ve never really thought anything of meditation but once I saw this one was about anxiety and I had some spare time I decided to try it and I feel so relaxed! Your voice is so soothing and my chest feels lighter after that meditation. I’m definitely going to start making meditating more of a priority. Thank you!!! xoxo

  9. Karena,
    Thank you so much for this meditation, I love this so much and will be doing it daily. Thank you so much for all you do.
    Much love, :)

  10. This meditation was beautiful. So many of us suffer from crippling anxiety. This really helped me relax, and gave me strength to take on whatever the day may bring with courage and hope. I can always come back to this place, and knowing that gives me peace. Thank you again Karena for this! Much love and gratitude 💖🙏🏼

    1. Hi beautiful! I’m so glad this resonated with you and helped you relax. You are so strong and this community is always here for you. Sending you so much love 💛

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