Mindful Meditation ~ Perseverance To Achieve Your Dreams

Good morning beautiful! Today’s mindful meditation is all about perseverance and overcoming setbacks, big and small. When I see someone take their struggles and turn them into strengths, I’m even more inspired to challenge myself.

We’re in week 4 of the Love Your Body Series and you have been SHINING ✨ If you’ve hit any setbacks or bumps in the road, just know that’s totally natural. We all have setbacks, we all have struggles, we all have days when we hear that little voice in our head that says, “I don’t know if I can do it.” But guess what? YOU CAN!! You have the determination and the heart to make anything happen. And when things are tough, remember that you are doing the best you can. Show yourself grace, acknowledge your accomplishments, and know that we’re here to help you persevere and make all your dreams come true!



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 Through our meditations, we’ve explored embracing change, community and friendship, and inner strength. Revisit them anytime!


  1. Hi Karena! Do you do Kudalini yoga by any chance? Because you quoted lyrics from a song that is played to end a yoga session :)

    1. I love that song! It played in pregnancy yoga and I always feel all those emotions when I hear that song!

  2. Love this Karena….thank you!
    I’ve been looking forward to doing these meditations in the morning after my workout, especially on the days that I’m dragging! K owing that I’ll be rewarding myself with this afterward has gotten me through those #42reps a few times! xo

  3. Thank you so much Karena, I really needed these words today as work has been extremely frustrating lately. These meditations have really helped me week after week. I would love to see them as a regular thing on Tone It Up! You are a natural!

    1. Hi Lauren! I’m so glad the meditations have been resonating with you. I’ve loved them creating them and I’ll be doing them again for the Bikini Series! xxo

  4. I looooved the mindful meditation on perseverance!!! Going to try and do it everyday single morning. It brought out in me unresolved issues that have been hindering my inner and outer growth. What a gift you both are for what you do. May God bless you both.

  5. Thank you so much for the mindful meditations, this week was very helpful to reconnect and find my perseverance in my spiritual and my physical strength. I enjoy listening when I am fresh in the morning. Thank you FOR ALL your inspiration and time.

    <3 Love to the TIU team.

  6. Thank you so much Karena! Another beautiful and empowering meditation! I’ve been doing it every day and setting out my intentions before I start my day. It has truly helped me in trying to stay positive throughout the day!!!

  7. I have tried meditation before, it was very difficult for me to stay focused, and quiet my mind. Today was the first time I meditated you Karena, and it was wonderful! I still have a long way to go, but I wanted to thank you for bringing this back into my life. I can’t tell you how much it is needed at this time in my life. Do you recommend meditation before booty call workouts? Or after?

    1. That means the world to me! I’m so glad the meditations are resonating with yo! You can do them before or after your workouts ~ whatever works best for you. Sending you lots of love! xxo

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