Mindful Meditation ~ Embracing Your Inner Strength

Hope you had a beautiful weekend! Let’s all start this week together STRONG! So far in our meditations, we’ve embraced change and celebrated community and friendships. This week our intention for our meditation is strength. What’s so incredible about strength is that it has so many facets…your gorgeous strong body, your inner mental strength, your spiritual strength.

Today we’re going to focus on embracing our inner strength, confidence, and positivity. You have the strength and power to create the life that you want, to overcome any negativity, and to make all your dreams come true.

Love and light,


You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

How strong do you feel after that meditation?

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  1. This was the first time I’ve done a meditation. I feel amazing! I will definitely be adding this to my morning routine. I have no idea why I waited so long. Thank you Karena and Tone It Up! I am so happy to have found this community!

      1. fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. God knows — the world needs this today! Thank you —

    1. Thank you for joining me for the meditations! I love sharing them with you and I’m excited to share even more!

      1. LOVE the meditations <3
        Any recommendations on readings (book, etc) for mindfulness? book you have found to really help you with your practice? Thank you!

        1. Hi! I shared some of my favorite inspiring and spiritual books in this post HERE and I will definitely be sharing more in the future. I have so many favorites. xxo

  2. This was a great one Karena! Awesome way to kick off MOnday after the Studio TIU “Bata and Booty class! Thank you! My goal is to do this at least 3 mornings this week!!

  3. I’m loving Karena’s Morning Meditations and this is a really good one! I’ve been doing the Morning Meditations every morning since you started them. I love starting my morning this way. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for You and your meditations,im so inspired by them! It just made my day✨🙏🏻

  5. The meditations have been a great addition to the LYB series this year! I do them at work on my lunch break and it really sets a nice tone for the rest of my Monday afternoons! Thank You!

  6. Totally needed this today! Lots of junk going on in my brain and this helped settled and helped me focus! Thanks lady!

  7. This was just what I needed. I’ve been doing your meditations every day and it feels great to just slow down and be still for a few minutes. I used to do Kundalini yoga a few times a week and I just realized how much I missed it. I guess I need to get back to my practice! Thank you for all you do Karena!

  8. Hi @Karena Dawn — LOVE the meditation!

    Here’s an idea, maybe you can create a very simple “Meditation” segment on the TUI app…. where you have workouts for “Booty” “Arms” “Total Body” etc etc… it can be very simple… perhaps just post this on the app, creating a “Meditation” file that we can click on as needed.

    God knows — we need it these days! Thank you —

  9. Thank you so much for helping to bring this calming energy into my life. Just did this meditation to end my day. This Love Your Body series is helping me to focus on so many aspects of self love. I appreciate everything you do & have so much love for this community.

  10. Karena, im totally channeling you lately. I’ve been waking up early to have my cup of tea or coffee while re-reading The Four Agreements, The Love Dare, and journaling. I also did a workout and then joined you for the meditation. My goal for 2018 is to grow more aware of my life, moment by moment… to learn to truly love myself and to see my worth. All of your suggestions are so helpful to set the mood for my day. Thank you for being my guide through this process!! I’m so grateful. You’re so special : )

  11. I love these! I hope they become a regular part of tone it up and in all the challenges!!! Thank you for connecting mind, body and spirit! Live, love TIU!

  12. Listening to this every morning to remind myself I have it within me, I can do anything.. it totally sets me for the day. You are truly a person of love and light. THANK YOU KARENA-Much love from Canada, xx

  13. I have been listening these almost every morning! I have never meditated before and these are fantastic! I hear something different every time I listen to it! Thanks so much Karena and Katrina for creating this amazing community, I can’t thank you both enough for your daily inspiration!!!

  14. I’ve been loving these meditations! Karena does such a great job with them ~ can’t wait for the next one :)

  15. I never knew how to start meditating but knew I wanted to try it. Thank you for being such a loving and inspiring guide!

  16. This was absolutely beautiful and found myself in tears. Please continue to create these. THANK YOU!

  17. Thank you Karena! This is something I have needed to add into my life. I really appreciate what you ladies are creating as strong, healthy, and balanced business women. As a physical therapist, mom, and business owner myself, I struggle with work-life balance. I started with your Bikini challenge almost a year ago and I am so happy I did. Thank you!

  18. I have never done meditation but have always wanted to. This video came at a time that I really needed it. I am going to play this (or your other mediation videos) every morning! I have been at a crossroad and have encountered some conflict in my carreer, this will help me focus on my path, what is right for me, and hopefully put me on the path I am destined to be on. Thank you so much for doing these!!

  19. They just make me smile. I can feel,the love and light all around me and I just smike. Thank you.

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