Mindful Meditation ~ Community, Friendship, & Support

Hi gorgeous! Thank you so much for joining me last week for our first Mindful Meditation together! It meant so much to me that you took the time to join, and I felt so grateful and overwhelmed reading your comments.

Last week, our intention was taking a chance and embracing change. This week, I want to focus on another intention that’s really close to my heart ~ community and emotional support. There’s a reason we always include friendship and community in everything we do at Tone It Up. The world is a little less intimidating and a lot more beautiful when you share it with the ones you love! I want you to know that you’re never alone and this entire community is here to support and love you. Keep that with you throughout your meditation today and always!

To start your meditation, find a quiet and comfortable space. Today we’re in my meditation room. I wanted to create this space where I could come for a little bit of solitude. I have my favorite books, candles, and incense. Your space could be anywhere that’s quiet and cozy for you. Sit up on a meditation pillow or lay down on the ground. Gently close your eyes.

Let’s prepare to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul!



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

 How do you feel after that meditation? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Love love loveeeeee doing mindful meditation with Karena first thing in the morning before my day begins! It sets such a positive mindset and vibe for what’s ahead. Love you guys and the community! You girls are amazing💛💛💛

  2. That meditation was amazing, Karena! It was just what I needed to help me mentally refocus on all the aspects of love in my life. <3 I'm loving these weekly meditations!

  3. Loved the meditation! Great feelings and mindset as I go into work today!
    I wish it was on the same day every week for consistency.

  4. Karena that was just what I needed ! You need to make a post about your favorite meditation and yoga books to read ! I’m ready to start my day now! Thank you! #muchlove

  5. Thank you for today’s Meditation. I love this part of the Love Your Body Challenge. This Meditation was very helpful and starts my day with a great, warm, loving feeling.

  6. I love your mindfulness meditations Karena ❤ thank you so much for adding this to this challenge, it makes love your body even more meaningful.

  7. So good!!! Thank you for adding meditation to the challenge this year! Amazing job Karena! 💕

  8. Karena this is what you were born to do. Thank you for sharing your light with us. Such a beautiful meditation. Sat Nam.

  9. Karena, the meditation videos are a great addition to the Love Your Body Challenge. I hope that after the challenge, you continue to post weekly meditations. We sometimes get so caught up with life and focusing on keeping our physical bodies in tip-top shape, that we forget to slow down for a moment to take care of our minds. Your meditation videos allow us to press “pause” and mentally re-group. Thank you so much!

  10. Absolutely beautiful meditation!! I woke up feeling a little down and stressed about things going on at work. But I pushed myself to do the daily workout and the mindful meditation and I feel 100x better. Thank you Karena!!

  11. Love this…just what I needed this afternoon to remind my self to slow down and focus on my mind. Visualizing happy memories brought a smile to my face!

  12. Karena, thank you for another beautiful meditation. It was a great reminder to send love out to the entire world, even those who have hurt us. It felt so good to release the negativity and tension and breathe in the beauty of joy, happiness, and love. It is amazing how simply recalling an emotion from the past can bring back the wave of positivity and grounding that it originally held. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  13. I loved this so much! I’m totally relaxed and clam after that, so much needed to take a moment out of my day for this. Thank you so much for making these meditations a part of the challenge it really has been helping me daily. I’m seeing a difference in the Love I have for myself as well as others in using each of the meditations, truly has grown, I only hope it continues for the rest of the challenge. ❤️

    1. I love it! yes, I will continue doing these weekly meditations through the rest of the challenge :) xo

  14. I loved this so much! I’m totally relaxed and clam after that, so much needed to take a moment out of my day for this. Thank you so much for making these meditations a part of the challenge it really has been helping me daily. I’m seeing a difference in the Love I have for myself as well as others in using each of the meditations, truly has grown, I only hope it continues for the rest of the challenge.

  15. I really love the meditations! Thank you so much for making them Karena. I have a lot of stress in my life and taking the time for meditation makes such a difference.

  16. The mediation’s have been amozing 😍. I have never done these before and am finding them really helpful in my day, especially in the evening when I need to come down from all the stress at work. Thanks Karena and TIU for added this new element into my and the team’s wellness 🙏🏾💋

  17. I just finished reading The Four Agreements right before doing this beautiful meditation this morning, and it all flowed together so beautifully and complemented each other perfectly. Thank you so much for these meditations – I truly look forward to them and look forward to continuing meditations in my life. 💖

  18. Wow. This was amazing. This meditation moved me so deeply. As I was going through the meditation I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears started to come down my face. This meditation resurfaces so many struggles I have faced with giving and receiving love. Thank you so much for this Karena. I will continue to come back to this one!

  19. I loved it! It was amazing! 🙏💜 My soul is for greatful for you! Thanks Karena! I would like to know about your fav spiritual books and spiritual journey, if it is possible. It is so inspired for me, and I think for our community too. Love and gratitude 💚💫

    1. Thank you so much! So glad you loved it. I shared some of my favorite spiritual books in this post HERE and I’ll be sharing more in the future. 🙏

  20. Karena I’ve been meditating for a little over a year consistently and I have to say your meditation made me cry from so much happiness today. Thank you so much for doing these videos! I am so overwhelmed with love and light! I can’t wait to share this feeling with the world💜 I hope these videos become even more consistent!!

    1. Also- what day are the mindful meditation videos released? I know the first one was on a Monday but I somehow but missed this video week 2 and just caught it in a weekly recap email. So glad I did!

      1. They are released on different days each week so keep an eye out on ToneItUp.com and your email and we’ll let you know when it’s out! xxo

        1. So happy you’re doing meditation videos- the meditations are amazing of course and an amazing addition to our TIU lifestyle!

  21. This is exactly what I’ve been needing in my life! Thank you so much for creating such a great space for meditation!

  22. It’s been hard transitioning from Chicago to Northern California. I really love it here but my family is in Chicago. I was picturing myself and my boyfriend sitting around the dinner table with my family over the holidays and how much love I felt in that moment. It was wonderful to feel that exact same feeling through meditating today, even though I’m quietly sitting alone. It’s a good reminder that when I miss them, one thing I can do is sit quietly and remember how loved I am. Thank you ❤️

  23. I absolute adore this! It is so important to remember to give your mind and spirit some love too. Thank you for this!

  24. I love that every time I meditate, my little puppy comes and lays down beside me and just relaxes, even exhales loudly on occasion, she can sense the calm energy……again a lovely meditation!

  25. Just took this time on my lunch break to be present through your meditation. Fell in love with this one. “You are either now here or no where” — thanks for sharing.

  26. Thank you for posting these meditation videos they are really helping me through these winter blues!

  27. This one I had yet to do. Karena, this was uplifting for me as the constant loneliness and betrayal in my life really gets me down. Thank you for bringing me gently back to my breath…and to the community. Namaste.

  28. Such a beautiful meditation! 🧘‍♀️ I feel so much light and love 💕 💗 Thank you Karena!

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