Meet Your Studio Tone It Up Yoga Trainer Christine!

I first met Christine in yoga teacher training earlier this year. The first time she taught class to all of us, I thought to myself ~ the TIU community will love her in the studio!  (Read more about my yoga teacher training experience HERE!)

We’re so thrilled to have Christine as one of your Studio Tone It Up trainers. Whether you’re a regular yogi or just starting out, you’re going to love her strong, energizing flows. She sneaks in a lot of ab and booty toning too…just how we like it ;)

Join us in Studio Tone It Up anytime today for Christine’s Beginner Flow! And watch the video and read on below to get to know her even more.

Meet Christine!

Read more of Christine’s story!

How did you first get into fitness?

I was born premature and I had a heart murmur and a small tear in my heart. My mom didn’t want me to get open heart surgery. She wanted to hold off as long as possible to see if the hole would close up on its own. The doctors said exercise is the best way to strengthen heart muscles, so my mom put me on a year-round swim team literally at the age of 3. My heart healed on its own by the time I was 9 and I never needed surgery!

When did you discover yoga?

 I started doing some yoga my last year of college, but I really decided to devote myself to the practice and become a teacher after my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I moved back home to San Jose, California after college to spend time with her because it was a terminal diagnosis.

I was dealing with awful stress and there ended up being a yoga studio right near my house. The teacher was incredible and I did my first training with her. That whole experience really changed my life. I learned how to respond to adversity and how to acknowledge struggles without feeling numb or using self destructive methods. That’s why I decided to devote my life to fitness.

Do you remember your first class at that studio?

I’ll never forget walking into that room. I was in the back next to a 72 year-old-woman who was amazing. And the teacher, Jennifer, walked in and did a scan of the room and looked everyone right in the eye. Later she told me she saw this little sparkle from the back of the room and she knew it was just the start of our story.

Aside from the physical elements of yoga, there’s this thing that happens where it’s like you’re being totally, objectively 100 percent seen without judgment. I think for any woman going through something in her life, big or small, that act of being seen and empathized with is incredible. It’s truly life changing.

What’s your favorite yoga affirmation?

“Be love.” It’s simple but powerful.

Three things we don’t know about you – GO!

1. I am a gummy connoisseur. The way other people are wine connoisseurs and can talk about flavor notes, I can talk about that for gummies…their texture, sweet to sour ratio, everything!

2. I’m a crazy French Bulldog lady. I don’t have one (yet!) but I can’t walk by a French Bulldog without hugging it.

3. I have never met a crop top I didn’t like. I was looking through my wardrobe and I was like, do I have a single normal shirt? Haha

What can we expect from your Studio Tone It Up classes?

My flows are strong, athletic, and I always try to make them creative. You’ll be getting a ton of core and booty toning too!! I always joke that my classes are like 45 minutes of abs. Even when you think it’s something else, it’s always about the abs! ;)

Do you have advice for a girl who’s new to yoga and may be a little nervous?

There’s literally a first time for everything. There was for me too! When I first started yoga, I was watching all these other people in class do poses and I was like, how can I do that? We just have to remember that no one was ever an expert at anything the first time they tried it. My students always say, “I can’t get into that pose or I fall out of it.” That’s all part of it. When you fall out of stuff, you’re learning something and your body is taking that in as knowledge. Maybe the next time you can do it for 1 second and the next time it’s 5 seconds. Just have fun and enjoy the process!

Rapid fire questions!

What’s on your workout playlist?

Hip hop all day! The more base, the better!!

What’s your morning routine?

I have a cold brew before anything else! Then I take a few moments of meditation, do a little bit of dynamic stretching, and head out the door to teach a yoga class!

If we opened your bag right now, what would we find?

Deodorant, dry shampoo, and face wipes

What’s your ideal Saturday?

Sleep, sweat, coffee with friends, and a really nice afternoon hike. Perfect day!

Red, white, or rosé?

Rosé all day ;)

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