Meal Prep & Chill Video!

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

You know the drill… on Sundays we run. Then it’s time to Meal Prep… and chill! That’s right girl, you work hard all week and on Sunday nights we want you to prepare for a successful, rock solid week ahead!! These are some of the BEST WAYS to stay on track for those summer bikini goals!

Did you know you’re 80% more likely to stick to your TIU plan if you’re prepared!? Amazing!

Join us in our TIU Test Kitchen for full Meal Prep breakdown in the video below!


Your Step-by-Step Meal Prep & Chill Guide


Make it fun, girl! Invite friends (your #TIUBIKINISERIES accountability buddy!), turn on the music, then pour yourselves a glass of wine or kombucha. There’s plenty of time to enjoy yourself while you prep veggies, grill protein and portion out snacks for the next few days. For everyone following the 8 Week Bikini Edition of the Nutrition Plan, we make it easy with grocery lists and suggestions for Meal Prep!


Get lunches ready for the work week! Pair greens with veggies, quinoa, avocado and some lean protein. If you’re making mason jar salads, add dressing first so greens stay crispy.



It’s essential to prep your protein ahead of time. This way you have it ready to go for lunches and quick snacks throughout the week. We like to grill chicken and bake salmon to have on hand. You can also prepare beans, quinoa and tempeh for meat-free protein options. Just top on your KandKale Salad and you’re good to go!


Dress up those greens, beautiful… you deserve zesty, tasty, decadent salads! Make a couple batches of your favorite Tone It Up Nutrition Plan dressings to have on handone for home and one for the office! Be sure to also stock up on good dressing containers like these to take on-the-go!


Overnight oats are a busy girl breakfast staple. Make it the night before in a mason jar and grab it to enjoy en route the next morning! Simply mix raw oats with almond milk, cinnamon, salt and a little maple syrup in a mason jar… seal and place it in the fridge the night or day before.



Another easy morning meal is a parfait made with layered fruit and almond yogurt! You can make this ahead of time too and store it in a mason jar for brekky!


This is hands-down the best tip for creamy, delicious smoothies! Using sliced, frozen bananas takes your smoothie game way up! Keep them in a zip lock bag or glass container in the freezer.


YES, you can make Perfect Fit Pancakes or waffles ahead of time! Double or triple the recipe and make a big batch to keep covered in the refrigerator. Simply warm them up in the toaster oven or pop them in the toaster when you’re ready to eat!



This is our go-to for staying hydrated! Fruit infused water simply tastes amazing, plus you’re also giving your body natural electrolytes… perfect post-workout! Simply fill a pitcher with fresh water, sliced lemons, cucumbers, fresh mint and whatever other seasonal goodies you have on hand!

For the BIKINI SERIES, we love making BIKINI PUNCH! 



Check out our 8 Week Bikini Edition of the Nutrition Plan! You’re going to love it! Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.48.16 AM



What are your TOP Meal Prep Tips?! Comment below!




  1. Thank you for the great tips! I am looking forward to Sunday, when I can #mealprep and chill!!! My tip is, looking at my work week schedule to be sure that on days and nights when I am short on time, I have the meals already prepared so I can reach for something healthy instead of takeout! #tiuteam #tiubikinseries

  2. For meal prep Sunday I always plan for a time slot to go to the store and immediately meal prep afterwards, that way I plan that nothing gets in the way of my meal prep! Thanks for the great tips!!

  3. I love using my crockpot to prepare protein. I try to use it at least 2 times a week and I prep what goes in it on Sunday so it is ready to go. All I have to do is put in in crockpot. Turn it on and go. Then we have a nice meal ready to go on our busy nights. Also have lots of leftovers that can be frozen. I keep a mini crockpot at work which means I don’t have to wait in line to heat it up at lunch. Love, love my crockpot.

  4. Getting protein ready for the week really makes a huge difference for me. It cuts my dinner time in half and really takes a load off my shoulders during the week!

  5. I’m dying, PLEASE always do outtakes. Also cannot WAIT to make the Lavender Honey Muffins tomorrow =)

  6. Thank you so much for these great tips ! :) The bloopers were hilarious I was laughing alone so hard hahah !!!! Love u girls !

  7. Meal Prepping is so essential for me to stay on track!!
    One item not included in your tips that I do in advance: my meta-d shots!

  8. Oh my goodness. Those outtakes are priceless!!! You girls are so much fun. Love this!

  9. Hey Karena & Katrina,

    Awesome video! You both, as well as the TIU community, are so inspring. This TIU program has been, by far, the best fitness & health program/community I’ve ever been a member of. Thank you for doing what you do!

  10. Oh my gosh I am dying!! That was so funny!! Thanks for the tips; I just finished updating the grocery shopping list for week 2. I am ready to roll. I love how some of the meals go over multiple days to make prepping a little easier. This is my first week following the 8 week plan exactly, instead of just picking a couple meals and making them over and over. I am super excited for the variety. :D

  11. So much fun in the TIU kitchen – love the bloopers!!!! Can’t wait to run and meal prep tomorrow!

  12. I make 11 servings of Bombshell Spell at at time – I use the giant pineapple juice can and add equal ratios of everything else! So quick and easy to pour over ice in the morning and drink up. I also like to make a big batch of homemade oatmeal in the winter and keep in the fridge, Heats up easy in the microwave each morning, top with banana, cinnamon and walnuts and it’s a super easy breakfast with no added sugars. The bloopers were hilarious! Love you ladies (and that kitchen! Want!) xoxo

      1. Yes, it makes about 6oz. I copied an idea I saw posted by another TIU member and bought 8oz Mason jars specifically for prepping the Bombshell Spells in advance. It works great!

  13. Seriously, can you gals be any more adorable? Thanks for all of the great tips! Looking forward to #mealprepandchill on Sunday! ;)

  14. Love this, thank you guys for always making videos for everything! I know you guys stay so busy but it really helps us stay motivated and ready to go! Excited for week 2!!

  15. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! This is very helpful! I’m able to grocery shop today so that I will be ready and able to meal prep tomorrow after church! woohoo! :)

  16. Hi! Has anyone perfected the “mason jar salad?” What’s the best order to pack things in? Thanks! xxoo

  17. Hey tiu girls! I’ve come down with a cold but I don’t want to just stop working out. Im still eating healthy but should I power through and do the exersizes or take a break mid bikini series? Thanks. Xoxo.

    1. Take a break, girl. When you are not well you need to give your body more time to heal. Otherwise you can over do it and end up having to take even longer out. I took the first two days of the Bikini Series off because of a cold, but I am perfect now :)

  18. Oh my gosh, you two are so funny! I laughed out loud and loved this. Thanks for the awesome tips!!

  19. I love you two! So hilarious! Overnight oats are always a favorite of mine and I love to add frozen blueberries on top the night before. Perfect Fit and Blueberries is the best match for me! I gotta learn how to make better Veganized PF Pancakes! But I really want to know what waffle maker do you guys (or any TIU Girl) uses? Preferably for the Vegan recipe because I know it cooks different than with eggs.

    1. Buy a waffle maker that makes THIN waffles. This has made my waffles, vegan or not pure magic. I found one that is like four hearts together in a circle online last year. It’s turqouse so I am sure you can use some of those key words to google it. The waffle makers at Target etc seem to be too thick or Belgium style.

    2. I use just a smallish circular Cuisinart that I found at a thrift store for 13$. It works really well for me and it’s was less frustrating than making the pancakes (to me)

  20. **MEAL PREP TIPS**
    -Bikini wrap fillings
    -Chopped Grapefruit, fruit + veg (chopped veg packs @ work + home)
    -Quinoa (always have on hand!!)
    -Smoothie packs, Make M2 smoothies the night before and freeze
    -Can prep all breakfasts on Sunday’s or the night before
    – M2 Ezekiel 1/2 sandwiches, (generally night before)
    -Prep your shaker/s w protein + cinnamon, keep coconut water @ work + home
    -Trail mix bags for M2 (w yoghurt) or M4

    Ps Kat your laugh was hilarious! Great impression Karena hahaha
    <3 <3

  21. That video was hilarious! Thanks for the tips! I did a partial meal prep last week, but this week is going to be 100%! :)

  22. honestly, this is such a gift, meal prepping is the KEY to my sanity just on the everyday. I make three meals a day for the whole family and this year i was like “self: you gotta focus task and make this shit easier girl1 there is life to live, miles to run wind to be blowing through hair…and HELLOW.. tans to get…” thank you for the guidance, after a few months of this i am confident it will be a habit, a staple to the health and sanity of me AND my family.

  23. in addition to prepping my planned meals i also prep a few tie approved snacks (because sometimes even if you prep you wind up in the mood for something else). This way, even if I’m feeling a last minute change i know i can grab something healthy.

  24. Great tips! I like to slice my bananas and place them in a single layer on a parchment paper-lined tray before placing them in the freezer. Once they are frozen solid, I gather them up and place them in a ziplock freezer bag. This way they don’t clump together in the freezer.

    1. I do the same thing! Only I just cut them in the gallon bag and smoosh them into a single layer before sticking them in the freezer. I think that’s the best tip because if you put them in chunky some times they don’t blend fully :) .

  25. I absolutely loved the bloopers at the end of this video! Wish I could hang out with you girl everyday! My favorite meal prep tip is that I make a big batch of quinoa every Sunday and I add it to all my meals throughout the week and it so convenient for added protein on salads and for a dinner side!

  26. New to the meal prepping since starting the bikini series but I love that I do t need to stand there and think about what I’m going to have the right choices are already made for me ??

  27. Erin’s Meal Prep Tips:

    1. No matter what I put my salads in for the week, big glass bowl, baggie, mason jar, I add a folded up paper towel on top to absorb moisture and keep the salad fresh.
    2. I make salad dressing ahead of time and keep it in a squeeze bottle. Homemade dressings, sauces and dips keep my plan super healthy and clean.
    3. I travel with my Bikini Punch in empty water bottles.
    4. I make my own Coconut Milk. 1 can coconut milk (You can use Lite) and 2 cans water, belnd in the blender for just a few seconds, don’t over blend or it all turns to froth. Then I keep it in the fridge in a glass bottle. A little shake and it’s ready for smoothies, lattes, baking with MyPerfectFit and tossing in to my Fresh Start Scrambles.

  28. I’m a member but noticed that in the 2016 bikini series the weekly grocery lists are gone which I found very helpful and saved me lots of time. Are they somewhere else, or am I missing something? I’m sad I can’t find them!

  29. I love the out takes! Hilarious :) Thanks for all the great tips, I am learning to love Meal Prep Sunday! My kids have started to make fun of me, because I crank the music, dance in my kitchen and have fun. And now my 8 year old wants to start baking on Sundays with me, great way to set examples for our families! I love having the salads and dressings prepped, so much quicker for the busy work week.
    #tiumealprep @toneitup #tiubikiniseries

  30. I like to prepare all of my smoothies ahead of time in individual baggies so I can just toss ’em in the blender, add liquids and go! I also make a large batch of muffins or pancakes for breakfasts. I love the tip about using a microwave oven to warm up the pancakes! I always pack my lunch for the entire week too, that way I don’t spend too much time during the week making lunches and I can grab my lunch and head to the office. Happy meal prepping <3

  31. Thanks for the tips K&K! <3 I laughed so hard at your banana phones :) I often find meal prep a bit daunting. For the bikini series so far, I've started planning out my meals and doing my grocery shopping on Saturday. That way when Sunday rolls around, I'm not so overwhelmed and I just have to do the actual prepping. Works much better for me!

  32. Love the overnight oats! Definitely going to be making that tonight before my morning final!! Thanks Karena and Katrina! :)

  33. Meal prepping really helped me stay on track all this week and weekend!
    I never realized how much it can impact your success!
    Thanks so much for the great weekly plans and shopping lists!

  34. Yes!! I always prep my perfectFit waffles and then put them in a Zip Lock baggy between wax paper so they don’t stick and then pop them in the toaster and they are SOO crispy and yummy!!!! :D :D

  35. Those bloopers, The. Best. Can’t wait to try the no-browning apple trick! Prepping Bikini Punch, Chicken, Chicka ChickPea Wrap, and all sorts of yummy! Best. Bikini. Series. Ever. So FAR!

  36. I have those exact same dressing containers! Love them and definitely have been using them for my salads! Got mine at Marshall’s if anyone needs to know :)

  37. I laughed so much at this video!!! Pleeeaasssee have more bloopers, they are the best!!!!

  38. OMG!!! THE BLOOPERS ARE SO FUNNY!!!! I love seeing your bloopers girls, please leave them at the end of your videos :) like all the time !!! ;)
    I use to struggle with meal prep but now it’s part of my week-end and everyone ! Such a sweet heart!
    I find that the days pass so fast that if you don’t meal prep you will find yourself eating foods that won’t give you the nutrient that you need to kick some major booty all week!
    Love your tips, love you girls! xoxoxox

  39. Love these, Karena and Katrina!! Thank you for making me laugh so early on this Monday morning! I’ve recently discovered the beauty of making shredded chicken in the slow cooker while I meal prep on Sundays! I sprinkle a little Himalayan sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, and Mrs. Dash on the chicken breasts, add to slow cooker with a 1/2 cup of water, and let cook on high for 4 hours. So easy!
    xxoo ?

  40. Oh, you guys! You made me smudge my mascara! That was hilarious :-D :-D :-D

  41. Hahaha, this is hilarious! I love those little containers for dressing too! I wish I still lived by a World Market. :(

  42. I just laughed soooo hard?! Just now, while I was eating my oatmeal I almost choked to death because I couldn’t contain myself-I think some of my breakfast went up through my ??!!! I haven’t laughed out loud like that in a while thanks Karena!!! Ooooooh this is the best community and trainers EVER???!

  43. Y’all are so funny! :) I like to cook a whole chicken in my instant pot (electric pressure cooker) on Sunday and then add onions, celery, carrots, garlic, bay leaf and a splash of apple cider vinegar with the water. It gives you great shredded chicken and fresh chicken broth to use all week. It’s cooking away while I chop and do other prep in the kitchen.

  44. I have never meal prepped because I like my food fresh… but this weekend I learned that I need to meal prep- because when I was busy with life I just ate whatever because it was convienant :( Meal prep was done yesterday and this morning I was able to get moving much quicker :)

  45. Girls I am literally TEARING UP watching this video. I was having a gloomy kind of morning until I saw this. Thanks for making me laugh all the time. #tiuteam #tiulove @toneitup

  46. OH EM GEE! you girls are so fun!!! This video is everything!!! Love love love it!
    My go to is overnight oats! I use the recipe from the 8 week plan from the New Years challenge! YUMMM! My M4 go to is also hummusssss and carrots ?

  47. I am DYING!!! Those outtakes had me laughing out loud. Thank you for sharing the helpful tips and hilarious outtakes. You girls crack me up xoxoxo

  48. I love to do water with pineapple & ginger to sip on or cucumber & jalapeño if I want something spicy.

  49. Where are the salad containers from? I’ve been trying to find some good containers for salads and lunches and snacks for some time now. I hate tupperware lol and I’m kind of tired of using sooo many ziploc bags haha! Does anyone know where these are from?

  50. I like to make extras of things that I can freeze so that way nothing goes to waste and I have healthy options on hand when I’m in a hurry that just need popped in the microwave for a few minutes :)

  51. Great tips and omgosh I was crying at my desk laughing so hard at that video!! You guys are the CUTEST!! Love it :) <3

  52. Ha ha!!! Meal Prep Sunday has become something that I really look forward to! Its been a good un-wind for me and helps my week go smoother and my eating on better track!

  53. ~M says:

    OMG!!! I love you two. I was laughing so hard I cried, so I’m counting that as my second ab workout for today! I’m doing overnight oats tonight. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all you do to keep up motivated! ~Meredith

  54. Omg, the bloopers…#ICant! ??!! Lol. I definitely freeze my nanas too! Makes such a difference in smoothies! Cutting up my veggies & hard boiling eggs are my other prep faves. Love ya K & K and Happy week 2 tiu sistas!!

  55. Ahh I love you ladies!! Thanks for all of the helpful tips; I’m still working on committing to meal prepping

  56. LOVE IT! YOu two are so cute!
    This week (once I get paid…) I will meal prep properly and better follow the plan!

  57. I could not stop laughing at the bloopers!! Y’all are so cute. Also these pre tips are great! I often feel like I don’t give myself enough time to prep but with these tips I will hopefully be able to stay more organized on Sundays for the week ahead :]

  58. Thanks for the tips! I am absolutely amazed at how simple and yummy everything is on the plan. I’ve never felt so great and my body is just experiencing “happiness’!!! THANK YOU K&K! Love you girls!

  59. Wondering if you guys would ever make a stevia free protein powder? Love your protien powder ingredients but allergic to stevia! help!

    1. The new Perfect Fit protein powder does not have stevia. That’s precisely what I love about it! It is the only all natural powder I have found without it.

  60. I love the idea of prepping things in a mason jar. It is such a space saver and it keeps well too.

  61. I’d LOVE the Seven Day Slimdown but I don’t feel we should be asked to hand over $150 for it. I know it’s included in the meal plan but I don’t need to lose weight, I manage my health & diet well, it’s not a wise use of that kind of dough for me. But, I’d be interested in the 7dsd. Maybe consider offering that for your loyal tiu girls. And if you must charge us for it, offer it as a separate purchase for an affordable price (it shouldn’t be more than $30 or so really). Just an idea. Some of the costs here at tiu are getting offensive in my opinion. The protein, the meal plans, Beach Babe 4 DVD, the bundles…

  62. I’ve been freezing my bananas for years! It’s my favorite thing too! It’s also nice because I like my bananas on the green side, so if they get a little more brown then they’re PERFECT for freezing! I never waste a banana! :)

  63. OMG I almost spit my bikini wrap out watching the bloopers – the bit about the wedding HAHA!!

  64. My go to dessert or snack (especially during the summer) is Brewla Bars – craft brewed Popsicles 50 calories or less, all natural ingredients!! They’re amazing, without a lot of sugar (some have no added sugar at all), gluten free and they even have a new cold brew coffee ice pop!! Perfect addition to my meal plan.

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