Namaste at the Manhattan Beach Open!

Last Friday, I nervously walked up to the Manhattan Beach Pier to teach a sunrise yoga class to kickoff the AVP Volleyball Tournament. With my yoga flow scribbled on a piece of paper, I looked up to find a huge stage set up for the Manhattan Beach Open. Oh-em-geee. A lot of you know that I’m still new to teaching yoga, so I was literally shakin’ in my leggings. As I got closer I felt so much better seeing so many familiar faces from the TIU Community :)

I was so honored to teach in my hometown of Manhattan Beach and to open up the big AVP weekend with a beautiful flow. So many local friends came and a few even surprised me, so I of course started teaching with tears in my eyes…lol. All the girls came from the TIU HQ too, which was so awesome! Here’s a little video recap of the day. :) Thanks Brian for capturing!


My yoga goals are Jamie from @Selectivelyspiritual…freaking love her so much!

My TIU HQ Babes

anddd my split goals are @kikitonesitup

Thank you to AVP Volleyball and the City of Manhattan Beach for putting on such a great community event. Thank you JoJo L. Cortez for all the amazing pics and Brian & Caitlin for the video footage!

After teaching we went to to the tournament with our friends Angela, Eddie, & Liz!

Got in another lil’ workout… bike ride to the pier! 

AND THEN THIS HAPPENED! We were dancin’ and they put us up on the kisscam- is that what it’s called? Haha

Sushi night! I ordered seaweed salad, sashimi, cucumber rolls, edamame, shishito peppers! Oh and a glass of sauv blanc ;)

Best part of the night? Running into Melanie~ a TIU babe! We loved her kimono and she said it’s from Target…so we literally went the next day looking for it! Haha. Love her!


  1. Ahhhhh the best part?! Girl you seriously made my TRIP! It was amazing meeting you!! You are so sweet and down to earth, I cannot wait to see you in Chicago. All my other TIU Chicago girls- find me on insta @getrealwithmel and let’s meet up in the CHI! ✨👯❤️ Loveeee youuuuu!

  2. Kat, SO PROUD OF YOU for taking the challenge head on! I know you often say you get nervous teaching, but every time I’ve joined your live yoga workouts, I feel humbled and blessed to be following along with you. I cannot FREAKING WAIT to meet you and Karena in Chitown on tour!!! xoxoxo

  3. Katrina you are such an inspiration and my biggest idol as well as body/booty goals! Hehe I wish I could come to the tour to meet you sweet girls and keep going on your yoga journey!! You are doing amazing things.

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