Major Motivation for #SummerToneUp Week 1


Hi beautiful!! Today kicks off the #SummerToneUp and we are SO excited for this adventure together, babe! Throughout this 6 week fitness & lifestyle series you are going to surprise yourself beyond your wildest dreams. Whether you’re crushing a workout you’ve never done before or connecting with a new girlfriend in the Community, we are so excited to about the amazing stories to come! 

Always remember that Karena & I believe in you, your trainers are here to cheer you on every step of the way, & this Community is the BEST accountability buddy ever! We scroll through your #SummerToneUp checkins each morning, especially during the Series, to get our booty’s outta bed & moving! 

For a little extra inspo kicking off this amazing adventure, we’re reminiscing on a few of your fellow #TIUgirls & how their incredible transformation empowered them to feel confident and glowing. Love you girls! xxo

Major Motivation for #SummerToneUp Week 1 - krissel_tiu - front

Major Motivation for #SummerToneUp Week 1 - krissel_tiu - side



“Thank you Tone It Up for always arming me with the encouragement and motivation I need to help me reach my goals of leading a healthier and happier lifestyle! I feel leaner, stronger, and more energetic than ever before. The Nutrition Plan provides me healthy and delicious recipes that are so easy to make and follow. The Studio app provides me THE most amazing workouts that are fun and exciting to do! Best of all, Tone It Up provides a community that has always taught me to never give up on myself and to always keep practicing self-love and self-care. Tone It Up to me means love, positivity, accountability, inspiration, and belonging!”

Major Motivation for #SummerToneUp Week 1 - Tabitha-@tiutabitha


“Giving myself the flexibility to ‘mess up’ and start again as many times as I needed this Bikini Series is ultimately what made me more successful and allowed me to stick with the challenge until the very end! I think this mentality shift helped keep me working toward my goals and allowing myself to live my life without feeling guilty or constrained. This shift in my definition of success, has helped me learn what a healthy lifestyle is! Enjoying life’s moments filled with rosé, cake, and sometimes French fries;) and then drinking lemon water before bed, washing your face, and setting your alarm to conquer the next day- that to me is what it means to successfully live your best life. As for my physical changes from the Bikini Series, I have more energy, my face glows, and I feel 100x more confident in my own skin.”

Major Motivation for #SummerToneUp Week 1 -Kimiko



“The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan played a MAJOR role in my success. The recipes were easy to follow, the meals were so delicious and the mix and match daily meal plans were perfect for me. I loved having a Nutrition Plan that was not only vegetarian, but gluten-free as well. My husband is gluten-free and to be able to enjoy meals that we both can eat together has made our evenings so much better. We used to eat separate meals in front of the television and now we dine together at the kitchen table, while listening to music, talking about our day and where we are going to travel to next.”




“I gave it my all. I had my TIU workouts to focus on, checkins to look forward to – all the encouragement, the opportunity to encourage others as they pressed through their day to day missions of completing this series successfully. This will always be one of the most memorable of times for me, and I will look back fondly, because at the end of it all I gained strength and resilience. I pushed past the fear and pain. I’m grateful. So much love to each one of you.”




“Transformations from the Bikini Series are truly why I joined Tone It Up in the first place. While I wanted to see the physical change, it was the “glow” that I admired the most. It was immediately obvious that Tone It Up transformations go beyond the external level, and bring out the hidden confidence and pride. I knew that by 100% committing to a challenge, I could continue my wellness journey and truly come full circle with my transformation.”



“I am the happiest I have been in a really long time. I am more confident, more motivated, and a lot less anxious. Physically I am stronger, leaner, and able to sustain workouts that I wasn’t able to get through before starting the Bikini Series.”



“When I joined TIU I knew I wanted to be healthy and confident but I had no idea how much growth I would experience. Physically I became stronger and I was able to do workouts I never thought I would accomplish. Mentally, everything changed. I decided to pursue one of my biggest goals, obtaining my Ph.D. Feeling healthy and confident isn’t just about having great abs, it also means you love your life and enjoy being present in your everyday reality.”




“I have a newfound confidence, my husband told me I walk around differently now. I have lost a total of 22 inches all over my body and 12 pounds! I’m seeing muscles popping up and I feel AMAZING in my clothes.”




“I’m on my second postpartum journey and after losing a pregnancy in between the first and last, and a very lucky IVF cycle- we finally have our baby boy. Even though I was so incredibly happy and grateful…I found myself not feeling like me. Once the #tiusummerseries started I felt like myself, prepping my delicious healthy muffins, doing the fun workouts I love to do, and looking up to @katrinaascott and all her postpartum body positivity. Down 7 lbs and lost inches everywhere. Accepting my new Mom bod, working to get it stronger and showing up for not only me but my new love of my life.”




“Being a TIU girl means living a happy, healthy life. It means friendship and journey sharing. Women growing into themselves left and right. It’s lifting yourself higher and others even higher. It’s the tears, the sweat,the laughs and the warmth. It’s overcoming fears. Becoming fearless. It’s glowing from the inside out. It’s always in my heart, I carry it where ever I go.”

Join us for the 6-week Summer Tone Up! Daily at-home workouts, motivation & connection, mindful meditations, and delicious recipes! We all start together May 11th!