Love Your Skin ~ The Bedtime Routine Top Experts Want You To Try!

Hi gorgeous! Over the past 6 weeks, you’ve been showing yourself so much love through your workouts, meal prep, and meditations. You’ve embraced gratitude and exuded happiness and confidence and we’re so proud of you! We’re all caring for our minds and bodies from the inside out in so many different ways. We’ve chatted about superfoods, doc appointments, and loving your body at every age.

Today, we’re talkin’ skincare ~ one of our favorite forms of self-care. Caring for your beautiful skin is a way to unwind and show yourself love and attention. We chatted with two top experts about the ultimate nighttime skincare routine. Not only will this simple routine make your skin glow and feel super soft, it will also help you relax before bed 🙌🏻😴

Step 1: Cleanse thoroughly

You want to remove makeup and wash your face well. “It’s important to wash away everything from the day,” explains Dr. Sandra Lee, a board-certified dermatologist based in Southern California. “Using warm water, lather your cleanser over the skin and remove with a clean washcloth. Some people like to double cleanse, which is a good option if you’re wearing heavy makeup!”

Step 2: Tone-r it up!

“Many people often skip this step,” says Zara Harutyunyan, D.O.M, AGNP, MSN at Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center in Los Angeles. “But it helps balance the skin and prep it for the other serums and treatments.” Just make sure to allow each layer of skincare to soak into the skin for best results!

Tone It Up Karena Dawn Skin Care Dermalogica

Step 3: Apply all your fave serums

After your toner, you want to pat your skin dry with a clean towel and then apply any special serums or products you love. Sandra recommends retinol, which “is best used at night, as it is deactivated by sunlight, and is a terrific ingredient for promoting skin cell turn over (which means brighter and clearer skin for you!).”

I started using retinol to help with breakouts and I love it! I got it from my dermatologist, so I’d definitely suggest talking to your derm about it if you’re interested.

Step 4: Moisturize!

According to Zara, “hydration is key, especially at night when your skin has time to replenish while you are in a rested state.”  We totally love this ~ what’s better than products that work while you’re catching some ZZZs?

Step 5: Mask & chill ;)

This is optional but both experts vouch that masks are great for the skin and, personally, we love taking a fun Insta Story while wearing a cute mask. We’re really into the 24K Gold Sheet Mask or Cucumber Gel Masks from Peter Thomas Roth. They make your skin so glowy ✨ And making a DIY mask is so much fun, especially for a girls’ night in! You can find some of our fave masks HERE!

Now you’re all set…sleep tight babe!

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