Love Your Body ~ Mindful Guided Meditation With Karena!

Hi beautiful! As we all begin the Love Your Body Series today, I have a special surprise for you! 💗As many of you know, I start each morning with a mindful meditation. It helps you set yourself up for a positive day filled with love and gratitude.

Each week during the Love Your Body Series, I’ll be sharing a new guided meditation with you and each one will have a different intention to guide us. This week our intention is embracing change because we’re all starting a new journey together, and we’re here to support each other as we take positive steps forward ~ mind, body, and soul.

Even if you’ve never meditated before, this meditation is the perfect way to ease yourself into it! Start out by finding a quiet, comfortable space where there are no distractions. I always like to burn a candle or some sage. Begin by finding a comfortable position. You can sit cross-legged on the ground or lie down on your back, palms facing up. Gently close your eyes and start to focus on your breath.

Join me and take a few moments today to focus on YOU ~ you deserve it! Namaste babe!



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

 Who else feels amazing after that meditation? The Love Your Body Series also has tons of new workouts, delicious superfoods, and motivation to love your body, mind, and soul! Join us and get your free Starter Pack with everything you need to know!


  1. karena this was amazing ! thankyou so much for this lovely meditation , I felt so moved after I actually cried ! it was so empowering :)

    1. I did too! It was beautiful … started bawling right in the middle of it, but what a wonderful release.

  2. What a lovely surprise this video was…it showed up as I was about to turn off YouTube on my Roku… Thank you so much! It was just the right thing to slow my mama brain and remember to focus at the start of this busy week. :)

  3. It’s been a long time since I last meditated. Thank you for reminding me how amazing it is!

  4. That was beautiful Karena! I have been lighting candles and reading The Four Agreements in the morning while taking some notes and writing in my journal. I’ve been enjoying taking time to set my mood and intentions each makes the biggest difference. Thank you for making me aware of the importance!

  5. This was amazing Karena, thank you! Such an inspiring and grounding way to start my day! Can’t wait for next weeks! 💙

  6. Meditation is something I’ve been interested in starting so it’s come at the perfect time! Going to listen as soon as I get a couple of quiet minutes! x

  7. I loved this so much! I actually cried a little. I want/need a lot of changes in my life and I am already starting. This meditation is exactly what I needed. I often get fearful when it comes to change and I need to learn to just embrace it and know that I can do it! I am worthy and strong. Thank you so much Karena for this medititation!!

  8. I had a dream last night where you (Karena) were helping me find something, and it seems as though my mind knew you would help me find it- meditation was the answer! Very odd but pretty cool at the same time. Thank you for this addition.

  9. I am open to all opportunities this week with my white light force field to carry me through. Thank you Karena, this is going to be the best challenge yet!! Tone it up helps me pause to honor all the small things that make life so magical, happy week one, everyone!!

  10. Loving this addition to the new series!! Awesome way to start the week and get started in meditation. Great job Karena!

  11. Brilliant! Meditation. Daily Moves. Studio TIU Workout. Hello 2018! Thank you for removing so many roadblocks and making this lifestyle so open to all who want it. Really. Thank you!

  12. This was amazing and I am so grateful that this has been added for the Love Your Body Series!! Such a great way to start the day and the new challenge. Happy Monday Beautiful Ladies!! Here is to a great challenge and transformation.

  13. So good! I sometimes listen to guided meditations on but it’s always the same ones for the time limits. This one is special because it applies to what we’re all starting together and was the perfect amount of meditation without being too “weird.” Thank you for this series and for putting it on Mondays when the motivation is sometimes lacking. Love you girls!!

  14. I am so excited that Mindful Meditations each week are going to be part of the Love Your Body Challenge! Such a wonderful surprise this morning ☺️

  15. That was exactly what I needed to start this day and series. Thank you so much! ❤

  16. Thank you Karena! This was so amazing and empowering! I look forward to next Monday’s meditation! 💕

  17. I totally love the addition of the Mindful Meditations. What a great way to start my morning. Thanks Karena!!

  18. Thank you Karena for guiding us through the week with those kind and beautiful words! <3

  19. My whole body responded to this- I got chills, goosebumps and cried! I have written down the affirmations and quotes in a journal to repeat when I need the reminder. I am so glad I took the time to do this. I hope you’ll continue the guided meditation past this challenge. I am creating time in my schedule for this everyday, because even after doing just a few guided meditations I can feel a shift.

  20. Thankyou Karena, I’m so grateful that the TIU team has developed meditation Monday; very creative. Just what this year needs. It’s also ironic for making room to meditate was one of my intentions this year. Thankyou again.
    -love and light xx

  21. Karena,
    such a beautiful meditation! Especially the affirmation “i am important, the world needs me” shook my heart. Just what I needed that very moment. To the ones who shot the pics and edited the movie: Wow!
    Lots of love for all of you!

  22. Thank you so so much for adding these meditations to the love your body challenge. Recently I have wanted to meditate, but did not know where to start. This could not have came at a better time! I hope that you continue to post some mindful meditations even after this challenge. <3

  23. Thank you so much! This was such a lovely surprise and fits with my new goals of taking time to reflect. And thank you team members who shared that you cried. I did too which caught me off guard a bit- it made me feel better to know I wasn’t alone in that response.

  24. Thank you so much for such a wonderful meditation. I love every minute of it 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻💕

  25. this was just beautiful. i always wanted to start meditating. thank you so much @karenadawn
    can’t wait for our next meditation session together💕🙏🕉

  26. Karena: thank you so much for making this. When I asked you to consider making a guided meditation at the 2015 Dana Point Retreat, I knew it would be this beautiful. I have been following Kriss Carr’s guided meditation (and they are nice), but I knew that what you would create would be exactly what I was looking for. The words that you and Kat share at the end of other routines bring me to tears and it’s what I need to hear. I knew that your words in meditation would be the “light” that I need to follow to really reach the point of peacefulness to help me heal and to know that I’m on a healthy journey into a better place in my life. You truly have a gift. I’m so excited that you will be making one for each week. Now, I will have a library to help me stay grounded, focused on my goals, and to believe that 2018 and beyond will be brighter than ever! Thank you for being you and for sharing this gift with us! :-) Nancy #toneitup #tiuteam #karenadawn @karendawn

    1. Thank you Nancy! It’s such a special experience to share these meditations with you and I’m so glad you loved it! xxo

  27. Karena! I love this meditation..can this be a regular weekly piece that you do after the series is over?! xoxo

  28. Loved this. I’m going to do it every night to wind down for bed for the week. Thank you!

  29. Loved this so much! Definitely a fantastic way to start the series and my work week! Thank you!!!!

  30. This was so amazing!!! It gave me chills. I love meditating and generally follow guided ones, but having it come from my trainer was just incredible and so empowering. Thank YOU for empowering and inspiring me! I can’t wait for the future guided meditations. <3

  31. What a wonderful meditation and INCREDIBLE idea to have #MindfulMondayMeditations during the #LoveYourBodySeries with a different Mantra and Intention for each week!! I LOVED today’s meditation and Intention for the week!! “I am open to change! I am Love and I am Loved!” Namasté and THANK YOU SO MUCH K&K for taking care of us like this, Body and Soul <3

  32. A day behind, but just did this and it was just wonderful! This is such an amazing addition to the LYB series, I can’t wait for future meditations – thank you!!

  33. This the best thing that happened to me today! You do change the world with all that you do, you have changed me physically and mentally.I am stronger because of the motivation you all give me. “You never know who you inspire”
    Can’t thank you enough.

  34. I just saw this on ig. Thank you so much!! I have always wanted to started meditating, but never knew what to do. Loved this!! I have a stressful job and tend to come home a little crabby to my kids. Hoping this will help me change my mindset. Will you be posting new ones weekly?

  35. Karena, thank you so much for sharing this gift of yours with all of us. This meditation was so pure and really set the tone for my Monday and with this #loveyourbody challenge. Can’t wait to do more meditations with you.

    Sending you love and light ☺️

  36. I have been following toneitup’s challenges, for quite some time, approximately 7 years now. I’ve never been active within the community, or with posting my success, because I’m a very timid individual, who has encountered many obstacles. The strongest obsticle being addiction. It wasn’t until I found yoga and meditation, that I began to feel present and mindful.

    I would like to take this time, and thank you, for adding meditation to toneitup. Both founders, karina and Katrina has been role models, for me, in many ways.

    For everything you have done, thank you!

  37. Omg I have no idea why I am so emotional right now, but I am. I’ve never tried guided meditation before but I LOVE this ❤️ Thank you so much for incorporating it into the challenge. When I was younger I used to read ‘Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul’ to fuel me; now I have Tone It Up haha.

  38. L8 says:

    Greetings from a Beautiful snowy Stockholm. What an Amazing start to My Day. I Will continue to stort My day altheough the week with this empowering loving meditation . I wish you all an Amazing and peacefull day💗

  39. This was so beautiful- and it gets even more beautiful each time you listen to it! I have started every day this week with this meditation- it is so empowering by day 3!!

  40. Exactly what I needed this week! Thanks so much Karena! I feel empowered and ready to tackle this new season of change and transformation!

  41. Hi everyone!
    I haven’t meditated in quite a while but this was so calming. I cried after I finished and thought that was crazy, but after reading others’ posts also see others experienced that as well! Thank you Karena :)

  42. I try to meditate every morning to set the tone for my day as well! It really helps to keep me centered and present in the moment versus allowing my brain to project the future. Loved this guided meditation Karena! Thanks girl, xoxo

  43. After being sick for the past three weeks this is exactly what i needed to kick start my 2018 year! I started this year with “why me”, considering I was getting one sickness after another. #nursingproblems. Karena thank you so much! I really needed this to clear my head and get into the “Love your Body” challenge.

  44. That was beautiful! I really enjoyed that. Is there anyway of getting a transcript of the meditation?

  45. That was so lovely….gave me all the feels ….thank you ….I hope there is much more of this to come

  46. I’m a little late to the party here.. Friday night meditation is just as good as Monday morning right? Seriously though, this was great, thank you. I am new to mediation and affirmations so I am looking forward to more. I AM WORTHY! Thank you for all you girls do!

  47. THANK YOU for this. I need this regularly in my life! Especially while injured, it is a great way to start the day.

  48. just what I needed & I didn’t even know it!

    Will there be another meditation this week? Thanks Karena!

  49. I am late too. I was sick for 2 weeks. I did it tonight after the Studio workout, daily moves.
    Earlier in the day, I took our young dog Gronk for a one mile walk/hike in the path, woods. I was off today. Ski pants make you 💦,
    Anyhow, this is great, and I will work hard to retrain my brain.

    Hank you Karena!

  50. I do a lot of mindfulness meditation… and yours, Karena, was one of the best I’ve ever heard. Thank you, thank you, thank you !! Your voice is so soothing and the music in the background was perfect. If you can, please do more videos like this. It’s a blessing 🙏 🌟💛

  51. So amazing! I’ve been doing it every day on my break at work and it always centres me and eases the stress of the day thank you!!
    Will you posting another one ?

    Thank you again! :)

  52. Wonderful! Thank you! Taking a moment for myself mid day was a treat! I am inspired to create a space for myself too!

  53. Exactly what I needed. I am going through a painful divorce and I did this and found peace for the first time in a while.

  54. LOVE THIS! I just listened to this on my lunch break as I needed a moment.. very relaxing!! ;-))

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