Love Your Body in 2018! Your Checklist To Prep!

You’re doing AMAZING babe!! You’re detoxing like a pro, and next week we’re taking this incredible momentum right into your Love Your Body Series starting Monday, January 8th!

We’re all spending the next 6 weeks eating healthy foods, getting stronger, focusing on positivity, love, light, and celebrating our WHOLE selves!! It all comes from the inside. If you’re working out because you want to do something good for your body, you will love it! You’ll love the way it makes you feel, you’ll love the results, you’ll love showing your body the care that it shows you every day.

Every body is beautiful — and a woman’s body is pure magic. ✨ You deserve all the love in the world, especially from yourself. With this Series, you’ll fall more and more in love with YOU ~ all that you are and all that you’re capable of! 😘

Prep for your Love Your Body Series and check these things off your list before we start together on Monday!!

 ✓Download your FREE Starter Pack

Click HERE to download your Love Your Body Series guidelines, delicious slimming recipes, goal-setting tools, & everything you need to know to get started!

✓ Get your Nutrition Plan Lifestyle Kit

We created a new Tone It Up Lifestyle Kit for you! It’s BEAUTIFUL and we know you’re going to love it. Hold it in your hands, use these tools to reach your goals, find your Nutrition Plan recipes, and rock the TIU Lifestyle that we know you crush every day!

Your NEW Lifestyle kit is sent to your home in a beautiful package! It includes…

✨ Gorg Tone It Up Nutrition Plan & Recipe Guide Book

✨ 2 Pop ‘N Go Meal Prep Containers

✨ Custom Phone Accessory


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✓ Clear Space For Your Home Gym

We made everything you need to do all of your workouts right from your home! Light a candle, post your dream board, and create a sanctuary that’s just for you! You don’t need much and you’ll love having this escape right in your own home. It’s especially nice when you’re squeezing workouts in before work, during nap time, or just when you realize you’ve got an extra 30 minutes to ‘hit the beach’ for a toning sesh with K&K. Grab your equipment at your local Target store or! SO CONVENIENT! 🙌🏻

✓ Stock Up On Protein Powder and Bars

We made protein powder and bars just for YOUR body! Tone It Up Protein in Chocolate, Vanilla, and NEW Coconut flavors will be a staple for your smoothie, muffin, and donut recipes! And the Tone It Up Protein Bars are PERFECT for on-the-go ~ choose from Blueberry Coconut, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and your newest DE-LISH flavor…Salted Caramel!! 😋 You can grab these at Target or too!

✓ Join Us In Studio Tone It Up

Sign up, take class with your girlfriends, and get the most incredible workouts from the absolute BEST trainers. Join Studio Tone It Up (if you don’t have an iPhone, check out THIS 3 Month Studio Pass) for a special price of $6.99/month – usually $12.99! – when ya join for a year, and get the MOST out of your Love Your Body Series workouts! 💪

✓ Stay Hydrated

Make sure you always have water on hand and sip all day long! We keep a bottle in our bags and at our desks for easy access. Your body and metabolism run the most efficiently when properly hydrated! And your skin and hair will be glowin’ too ✨😻

✓ Get & Give Support

It’s the BEST part of the #TIUteam! You’ll make friends all over the world, plan workouts together, motivate, and hold each other accountable on Instagram. Take pics of your workouts, your meals, or just to say “Hey!” And be sure use #TIULoveYourBody so your babes can find you. Browse to connect with new girls, and send a lot of LOVE to your team! That’s what this Series is ALL about!

Start Here. Start Now. Start for YOU!

All our love,


PS – Just a couple days left! Get a free tub of Perfect Fit Protein when you spend $49! Choose Chocolate or Vanilla at checkout, and get ready for delicious treats comin’ your way 💃