Lights, Camera…Donuts! 🎥🍩

As I shared on Insta yesterday, my favorite way to start the day is to have a mindful morning. I light a candle, pour some coffee, and take a few minutes to connect with myself and the universe through meditation. Yesterday I sat by the pool and took a few minutes to reflect on the past few days. Katrina and I spent another week shooting new Studio Tone It Up workouts and videos for and we’re so grateful for every moment we get to create together!

And of course, we had some Halloween fun! Did you see Kat’s donut costume?! 😂🍩 How cute is she? Check out all the pics below and keep a lookout for all the new videos coming your way soon ;) Love you babe!



These booties!

Love our girl Corinne!

We always know where to find Kat ;)

I filmed a new HIIT routine you’re going to LOVE!

And this stretch is amazing!

Best crew ever!!!

The crew’s got moves 👯

Strawbery shortcake pancakes 🍓Recipe coming soon!!!

We 💗 our director Jake Loskutoff

It’s all about balance!

She’s not so sure about the hat 😹

She wore blue velvet ♫

Kat and Angela at the Revolve Awards

❤️ this quote!

Have an amazing weekend babe! Love you!!

It’s not too late to join the Tone It Up 21 Challenge! Sign up HERE and jump in with this community! We’re all doing it together to feel fit and confident this fall!

tiu21 challenge


  1. Karena I’m always so motivated by pics you post of your morning routine! You have convinced me to try getting up a little earlier this week to get some meditation in before starting my day. As a grad student with a crazy schedule I think this will be really good for me! Thanks 😊

  2. I get mixed emotions about your workout video shoots. I get excited because who doesn’t want to see new videos on the horizon! But knowing they are only going to be released on the app is so disappointing. I didn’t fall in love with the app, and ultimately let my subscription go. My internet service isn’t strong enough to stream a full 30min video in the app (seems only YouTube and Netflix have success) and trying to rejoin a workout without video playback controls made it frustrating. I also found casting to my TV with Chromecast didn’t work that well. I don’t have Apple TV so I can’t compare, but Chromecast was buggy. Again, it works well with YouTube and Netflix, but the app didn’t play nice. So, I’m holding onto a small sliver of hope that some of these amazing workouts will be released outside of the app, either paid download or on YouTube, but its definitely not looking good for us non-app users.

    1. Hi Amanda! We’re shooting so many new videos for and YouTube too so we have lots of amazing stuff coming your way! Plus did you see we just released the Studio Pass for girls who don’t have the app? It may be more compatible with your internet connection. Check it out HERE!

      1. Hi K&K! So I just bought the Studio Pass since I’m an Android girl, but now what?? How do I access the workouts? I can’t find any information anywhere on how to access anything and my email didn’t say what to do either. Please help! Thank you!

        1. Hi babe! To access your Studio Pass, just log in to your account and go to “My Videos”! Your workouts are there waiting for you!!

      2. Okay, I just purchased my Studio Pass. How do I access it or find it? I’m already a member so…

      3. What!!!! Thank you for setting this up. Yes! If I can access it on my laptop, that should solve a lot of issues! Thanks ladies, looking forward to it!

      4. Is this temporary or will it be a continuing option? If so, will there be the option to do the $8.99 per month year bundle?

        1. Hi babe! It will be a continuing option. We want everyone in the Community to have access to the amazing workouts in the Studio.

    2. Do you have as by other videos for daily schedule instead of daily moves and app workout b since I don’t have the app. Love you girls so much.

    1. Hi babe! It’s from “Year of Miracles: Daily Devotions and Reflections” by Marianne Williamson. It’s such a beautiful book! xxo Karena

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