K&K’s Insta Recap: Bundles, Bikini Series Tips, and You Bombshells!

Busy week, babes! We launched your brand new Bikini Series Bundle, did a live Booty ‘N Abs workout, and shared tons of Bikini Series prep tips for ya on @ToneItUp. This weekend, we’re in Palm Springs for Coachella, so make sure you stay tuned on Insta for all the music, delish food, festival outfits, and our workout with Victoria’s Secret!

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Tone It Up Instagram Recap Karena Katrina

tone it up bikini series prep for success clean closet

Tone It Up Instagram Recap Karena Katrina How To Set Up Home Gym

We’re sharing tips to prep for the BIKINI SERIES errrrdayyy on @ToneItUp! This week, we showed you how we organize our closets and set up a home gym space to set ourselves up for success! Every Sunday, I lay out my fave workout clothes and items that motivate me for my workout. (The gorgeous rose gold tote from the Bikini Series Bundle is major inspo!) This makes it super easy to grab everything and throw it on or in your tote for your Booty Call! Check out even more Bikini Series prep tips HERE! If you haven’t signed up for the Bikini Series yet, get your cute booty over HERE and let’s do this!

Tone It Up Instagram Recap Karena Katrina

They’re here! And they’re GORGEOUS! We’re obsessed with the Bikini Series Bundles. They include a beautiful rose gold tote for the beach, gym, or work; a luxe beach towel; rose gold aviators; a heather grey Tone It Up Team hat; K&K Sea Salt Spray; Beach Babe 5 Program with 8 sculpting workouts, plus a bonus stretch routine; and the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, including the new Bikini Series Edition!

These bundles have us so excited for summer and they’re going to inspire you throughout the entire Bikini Series! Just imagine yourself laying on your new beach towel on a lazy Saturday with that gorgeous bod of yours!

Get your Bundle HERE!

Tone It Up Instagram Recap Karena Katrina

Tone It Up Instagram Recap Karena Katrina Live Workout

Who did the Insta-LIVE Booty ‘N Abs workout with us yesterday?! It was so much fun working out with you girls from Palm Springs. Our booties are definitely feelin’ it today! 🍑💪🏻 If ya missed it, don’t worry! We gotchu. We’ll be posting the video here on ToneItUp.com next week!

Tone It Up Instagram Recap Karena Katrina

We challenged you to take a selfie and tell us 3 things about yourself with the hashtag #TIUbikiniseries, and we loved reading your posts! We learned so many  incredible things about you: your goals, dreams, passions, and hidden talents. We can’t say it enough…we’re in awe of this team and all of you! Check out 3 things about us HERE!

 Have you signed up for the Bikini Series yet?! It’s not too late! Sign up HERE and you’ll immediately hear from us with your Free Starter Pack and all the deets you need!

Tone It Up Free Sample Starter Pack

Tone It Up Bikini Series Signup


  1. OK, so this copper/rose gold bin that Kat said was from Target. It’s in the closet pic with Winnie. Has anyone found it?! I need.

    1. I saw it at my Target the other day. It was in one of the aisles with all the other storage bins/containers.

    2. Home Goods in El Segundo, CA has larger ones for $12. Today I saw a tiny one at Anthropologie for $12 as well….Home Goods was a great find!

  2. It’s been a great week! So much anticipation for the start of Bikini Series. Can’t wait to read the new guide.

  3. Hi ladies! Anyone know how long the BB5 workouts are? My fingers are crossed for longer ones :)

    1. Usually the BB workouts are twice the length of the free ones they post… so 30-40 minutes

  4. What equipment will we need for this bikini series?? I want to make sure I have everything ready to go when it starts!!

  5. Wahoo!!! Got my bundle today…everything is AMAZING!!! I’m so in love with this bundle. Thanks for all of this quality gear!! 😗

        1. Hey Girls!!!! I am fairly new to the TIU community and dying to know when the next retreat might be?! Does anyone know what time of year they typically fall? :)

    1. I would assume you could just buy the bundle, then have it shipped to your friend’s address.

  6. I’m so excited to officially become a TIU Girl! I’ve been dabbling for a while but my instinct said it was time to go ALL IN! Yay! #proudnewtiugirl

  7. Do you know if the booty bands will be available again soon? Also, I already have the nutrition plan but would LOVE to get my hands on the rose gold tote! Do you have any plans to sell it for people who are already members and don’t qualify to buy a bundle? Thanks ladies!

  8. Would you recommend your work outs for someone that just started exercising? Some seem very challenging.

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