K&K’s Insta Recap: BIKINI SERIES, Insta-Live Rosé Chat, & Ice Cream!

Ahhh the weekend…give us two full days of yoga pants and topknots, and we’re in heaven. 😻 What are your plans?! Are you trying a new class or rocking Sunday Runday? Maybe you’re brunching with your girls or hangin’ with the fam! And we know you’ll be meal prepping on Sunday! Tell us your plans in the comments!

If you haven’t signed up for the Bikini Series yet, this weekend is the PERFECT time! We officially launched the series this week, and we’ve been so excited seeing you girls sign up and share the challenge with your friends on Insta! You can sign up HERE to join us and immediately receive your Free Starter Pack with everything you need to know to prepare, 2 exclusive videos from us, slimming recipes, and the #1 thing we do errrday for success.

Check out even more Bikini Series and Insta updates below. If you haven’t found us on Instagram yet, follow us at @ToneItUp and @KarenaKatrina for tons more Bikini Series inspo! Have a beautiful weekend, babe!

The Bikini Series kicks off April 24th, and we’re so pumped! It will be 8 amazing weeks of heart-pumping workouts, delicious recipes, and daily advice and motivation. We’re also doing LIVE workouts on @ToneItUp, so we’ll be right there in your living room with you! This Bikini Series is all about taking it back to where we started. We filmed everything in our home, Manhattan Beach, so it’s extra special for us. Read all about how the Bikini Series got its start HERE! And sign up HERE to get prepped with us! We’re all doing this together!

YOU’RE INVITED!!! Join us for a LIVE Rosé With K&K Chat on @ToneItUp! It’s going down TONIGHT at 5pm Cali time! We’ll be talkin’ all things Bikini Series, answering all your questions, and revealing some amazing surprises. Turn Instagram notifications ON so ya know when we’re live. Grab your girls and a glass of wine and we’ll see ya there!

Tropical paradise on a spoon — YUM! 🍦🍍 Keep a lookout on our Insta for the full recipe. And this is just the beginning!! There are SO MANY incredible recipes comin’ your way during this Bikini Series. Ice cream, smoothie bowls, tacos, muffins…we could go on forever.

Find us on Insta @ToneItUp & @KarenaKatrina for more updates & inspo! And sign up for the Bikini Series to immediately receive a Free Starter Pack with all the deets you need to know. Psst…We’ll be doing LIVE workouts and giving tons of tips on the ‘gram!



  1. For those of us who are cave ladies and don’t have smartphones, will we be able to access the instagram chats later through another method? I’m sad I will miss them live, but it would be lovely to be able to watch later on the website. Please?

    1. I am also a cave lady and would love to watch it on the web site as well. Pretty Please!

      1. I googled this because I was curious (i mean there has to be a way to watch RIGHT?) and there’s a Chrome Extension to watch live videos. Just put ‘can you watch instagram live on the computer’ and the first link from Business Insider gives you a walk through. ;) Good luck!!

        1. Ahh girl thank you so much! I HAVE insta but was thinking about doing those live workouts on my tiny little phone screen – so happy you found this. :)

        2. Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing this! I’d hate to workout on my tiny little smartphone LOL

    2. I am pretty sure that instagram can be accessed via webpage as well as on an app!! You might be able to create an online account and watch them on your computer!

  2. So excited! I’m going to Luzia by Cirque De Soleil tonight! After which I’m sure to double down on my stretching regimen. 😂

  3. I’m from Germany and 5 pm Cali time means 2 am at my hometown. That’s a problem.
    Also the live-workouts you have planed will be in the middle of the night.
    I’m sad I will miss them. Is there an oportunity to watch them later anywhere else?

  4. I’m going to a Eurovision Preview Party on a ferry in Melbourne this weekend – lots of dancing, dazzle and crazy fun capers. Eurovision is actually pretty darn popular in Australia, and we came second last year despite only being officially invited to participate since 2015. Australia is nowhere close to Europe, but we share a lot of cultural heritage, and have loved this annual song contest for decades. It’s also special to me as it’s how I met my fiance, who was hosting a Eurovision party at his home a few years ago :)

  5. Headed to a Kings game in L.A. And meal prep & run Sunday! 😽💪☀️🏃‍♀️

  6. I have plans tonight and I am in NYC timezone so I won’t be able to watch. Is there a way that y’all can post the video later so that everyone that couldn’t see it live can still see it!!!?? Also for the live workouts, are you guys still going to post them so that those of us who aren’t able to be there live can still watch them?? NYC is 3 hours later than you and I usually do my booty call around 5am or 6am and you guys probably won’t be doing them until around 9am my time at which point I will already be at work :(

      1. Thank you!!! Will u guys do that with all of the live posts!?? The live workouts and the wine and coffee chats? Those are some of the things I think TIU girls look dforward to the most and it would really suck if only the small percentage of people who live in Cali or have flexible work hours or work from home cab benefit from it and not all of us!!!

  7. I’m spending time with family n friends . Inviting everyone to memorial service for Jesus Christ this 11th at kingdomhall 7:30pm. Full pink moon the 11th. My mom n granddaughters birthdays on 11th. Will walk 20 min each day, sunshine hopefully both days. Bikiniseries starts on my wedding anniversary. 30 years for my husband n me:)

  8. I’m going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony tonight in Brooklyn (I’m also sooo sad I’ll be missing the live chat 🍷😭) and then there’s lots of grocery hauling, meal prepping, and WOs happening- also really hope there will be some bundle purchasing? 🙏🏼🤞🏼🤤

  9. Celebrating my 20 year anniversary with my amazing husband this weekend! And doing a Mud Run/Walk for my son school this weekend as well! And watching Tone It Up live tonight,so excited!

  10. Groceries Saturday along with house cleaning. Sunday is meeting at Kingdom Hall in morning, meal prep in afternoon and hockey in evening. It’s at 8pm this Sunday 😴 Kinda late but oh well…
    Super pumped for the bikini series!!! 🤗

  11. Im trying to purchase the bundle me package to become part of the community but it says sold out ..will it be available again soon!?

  12. I did the shopping of some birthday presents today, in the eve gonna be at my stepmums birthday party (she turned 60). Tmrw gonna enjoy the mild sunny weather on Englischer Garten running, Meal prep, I wanna try a new yoga class and in the evening I’m taking out a group of newly arrived refugees in Munich for a cool concert. They’re already totally excited to have chance to participate ‘normal’ community life after their horrible journey they had to pass. You cannot imagine what a chance it is to get in touch with so many pple from different background and the potential they bring with em. Not a bit like it’s shown in the news or talked by some officials: those pple are friendly, helping and a gift for any society!

  13. I didn’t get to see the live chat last night. I live in OH so it was 8:00 here. I went to a ballroom dance and spent 3 hours waltzing, tangoing, foxtrotting and east coast swinging, lol. I figured you would understand. I would also be interested in watching a replay of the chat. and the live workouts, I will most likely be at work :(.
    Today I’m working a half day and then I’m going to try a Bollywood dance class. Super excited. Meal prep and laundry on Sunday.

  14. I will be rocking Sunday Runday. I have a goal of completing a 5K sometime in the next six months :)

  15. (LOOKING FOR A GAL PAL) Good morning ladies! I’m a old/new TIUGirl. started the program back in 2013, but didnt commit much in the last year. I restart my daily workout about 1 1/2 month ago and i’m ready to Rock the bikini series. I’m a french canadian living in th ebeautiful Laurentians mountain in Québec, Canada. I love hiking, kundalini yoga and of course everything TIU! Day to day i’m living the dream co-living in a intentional cummunitie of 14 people (yes like back in time), being self-employed (social medias manager) and blogger about everything softness and gentleness. So if you want to pair up for this year bikini serie, looking for a gal pal too, we can connect on IG @laprincessehippie.
    My account is in french but IG can easily translate an dI do speak english too. ;) I wish you a wonderful day xxo

  16. I need a buddy! I don’t know of anyone in my area doing this and am not from here so don’t know many ladies @lmontagna I’m in the Chattanooga area and haven’t seen people from my area

  17. Was the live chat saved as in the UK so couldn’t watch. Also will there be access to the live workouts?

  18. I LOVE this, and especially the LIVE chats and workouts! However, I live in Norway (Europe) and 5pm means 3am for me! I would love to join, but I am sure you can see that 3am is not the best time to be awake just to see the live chat or to work out (even though I would seriously consider it, lol). Is there any way to see the workouts later, if it is at a time where I can not join you?
    Thanks in advance
    Love from Norway

  19. I knew many people would be in the same boat as me. Live is really cool, but some of us do not Instagram or Snapchat, as well as being at work or asleep at that time due to being in another time zone. I know that we all love everything y’all do for us, and no one wants to miss out on the fun and/or work. Y’all are so terrific at sharing with us, I am confident you will find a way to share the live stuff with the “unlucky” population. Please make sure to post once you have found a solution so we know when it’s available and how to find it. Thank you so much for everything that you do for us!

  20. Hey ladies! I’m brand new to TIU and so excited!!! I’ve been doing the workouts only a few days now and wondering how you do a “check-in.” I don’t even know what that is *blush* but want to stay accountable! Is it an insta thing or something I do online? Looking forward to the bikini series with you babes!

    1. Welcome to the TIU team, babe! It’s super easy to check in with us! If you don’t already have an Instagram account, we recommend creating one with a TIU handle. Then you can post checkin pics of your workouts and meals, sweaty selfies, and Flex Friday pics! Just use the hashtag #TIUteam! Can’t wait to see ya on the ‘gram! xxo

  21. Hi, I was wandering the same. I am still waiting if the live chat will appear. The live chats and workouts might be great for people living around there but for us in Europe it sucks :(. I am sad I will be missing on these things :( ..It would be great to find the live chats and workouts on the web.

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