Karena & Bobby Get Engaged!

Bobby and I got engaged!  So many of you have followed our love story from day one, and I feel so grateful that I can share these special moments with all of you.
I met Bobby years ago (he went to college with Brian in Boston!), but we didn’t start dating until he moved into the apartment below me three years ago. We instantly grew closer and he showed me how powerful a deep love is. Life is about love and the relationships and memories we make… this is what gets us through the unknown. It frees us.
We’ve been talking about getting engaged for a year, but Bobby really wanted to surprise me. And believe me, I’m a hard one to surprise! Once he realized both of our families would also be at the Tone It Up Retreat, he knew it was the perfect setting at Reef Point, Laguna Beach.  It’s one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been and to be able to share it with our families and community was perfect and beautiful.
Here it is… the moment Bobby asked me to spend our lives together. (I was completely surprised!)

The ring~ Bobby and I share a love for antique and vintage treasures. He found the perfect, late Art Deco diamond and with the help of Jerry at Trumpet & Horn created a vintage-inspired and completely handmade setting.





Thank you to our friends Kelley James, Nicole Hill and the Wonderland group for not only keeping a secret, but for making this night so magical!

Cheers, Karena & Bobby



  1. So excited for the two of you! When I saw the video on instagram the day after Bobby proposed, I started crying. I share a similar background as Karena and when I met my husband, his deep love helped me to trust people again. 22 years later we are still together but now I am teaching him a thing or two. Also, your wedding destination is magical…Kauai is my most healing, powerful magical place on earth!

  2. Congratulations Karena and Bobby! That is such an amazing engagement story and I wish you so much fun in planning the wedding and a wonderful and blessed marriage!

  3. That was so beautiful. I hope I have something like you guys have. I am so happy for you guys. Congrats you both.

  4. So happy for you guys!!! Beautiful way to ask you :) Wish you both a lifetime of happiness :) xoxo

  5. How did I miss their engagement??? I played one of the workout videos and noticed her ring and HAD to look it up to confirm. Congrats!!!!

  6. Congrats! Finding and being with the love of yourlife and best friend is out of this world. It’s like a slumber party hangout everyday. You can see the love in these photos, the true love.

  7. Oh my! I just saw this. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment of your life with us! So touching and so happy for you and Bobby!

  8. Happy tears!!! So sweet how Bobby did it and then Karena’s surprise… what a great moment! Wishing the couple all good things ahead!

  9. Congrats!! I love your ring and the story as well!!! …AND love your outfit, is that a dress or a top and skirt? Who is it by?

    You both really have amazing style, I think you need to add to your site, What We’re Wearing! So we can find your outfits! Always so cute.

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