Join Us For The Holiday Hustle Challenge ~ All The Details!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like the holidays!! 🎄🤗✨Can you believe it’s that time of year already?! Bring on the festive decor, holiday music on repeat, and alllll the cookies! We can already feel that magical and loving spirit in the air!

With all the holiday parties, shopping, and traveling coming up, we know this #TIUTeam is going to be hustlin’ hard! Through it all, we want you to take time for yourself ~ for your workouts, self-care, and just to relax, breathe, and be present in these special moments. That’s why we created the Holiday Hustle for us all to hold each other accountable and have a healthy, happy, and balanced season together.

We’re all starting the Holiday Hustle as a team on Monday, December 3rd! Here’s how you hustle…it’s easy!

✓ Join us in your TIU app & crush your workouts

First thing’s first…download your TIU app for iPhone and Android! We know it can be a little tougher to squeeze in a workout during this busy time of year, so we make it extra convenient for you with your app. You can take your workouts with you anywhere ~ perfect for holiday travel ~ and do ’em anytime. When things get hectic, it’s important for us to get our workouts done in the morning — it keeps us centered and balanced all day long and leaves more time for celebrating at night! 💃

For the Holiday Hustle, we challenge you to aim for 3 – 4 fitness classes per week in Studio Tone It Up within your app and do your Daily Moves on the other days. Always listen to your body and take rest days when you need them. Or if you’re feelin’ like a stroll with your coffee that day, go for it girl. It’s about what works for you!

✓ Follow along with your holiday lifestyle challenges

In addition to your workout, we’ll also be adding an easy and fun lifestyle challenge every day in December. These will nourish you ~ body, mind, and soul, and help you show extra love to yourself, your friends, family, and this beautiful community. They’ll make every day a little brighter :)

You can find your Holiday Hustle lifestyle challenges FREE every day in your TIU app and in this calendar below! We love to print ours out and hang it at home with our holiday decor to make it extra festive ;)

Download your Holiday Hustle calendar HERE!

✓ Take care of YOU…we gotchu!

This is the perfect time of year to practice self-care and treat yo’ self babe! Check out your app and every day for delicious and healthy holiday treats and cocktails, beauty tips, and advice to bust stress and feel your best this season!

✓ Show us that hustle

Remember to check in with us every day on Insta #TIUHolidayHustle! We want to see you crushing your Studio Tone It Up workouts, completing your daily lifestyle challenges, and celebrating this season to the fullest!

Aaaand we want to see you do the hustle. Show us your best dance moves #TIUHolidayHustle! We can’t stop, won’t stop 😂