Isabelle’s Nursery Tour ♡

Okay, so I always thought I’d be the mom that had the nursery all set and ready just weeks after finding out if we were having a girl or a boy… and here I am, 4 months into my postnatal journey and I finally finished it.

Isabelle still isn’t sleeping in her nursery, but I’m excited to have everything all set and ready for her when it feels right for us. For now, we spend time reading, napping, dressing up, and doing tummy time. It’s not only been a space for Isabelle, it’s also been the perfect little escape for our middle of the night feedings, and now– as she sleeps longer, a place for me to pump in the middle of the night.

When designing her room, I actually started with her wallpaper. You girls helped me choose which one on Instagram (I’m going to link everything below!) I really wanted to find a gold crib, which surprisingly took me a while to find, but we eventually found it. I also searched everywhere for a cute chandelier that vibed with the room. She stares at it all the time!

From there, I got advice from all of you on the necessitates…like diaper bins, must-haves in her changing table, and how to set everything up. Here’s a nursery tour! I’ll also do a video soon on my Instagram TV!

xx Kat & Bella

PS.. before we start the tour, thank you sooo much to all my friends, family, the TIU HQ, the community and beyond for showering Bella with so much love! Your gifts make her entire nursery complete.

Thank you to the talented photographer Laura Moll for coming to see us… and patiently taking pics between feedings, diaper changes, and mini baby melt-downs. We really appreciate it!

First things first~ we got her wallpaper from Anthropologie. We waited until they had a 25% sale, which happens often, so if you can wait it out, we recommend doing that! We wallpapered around the entire room, because there was already beadboard along the bottom. But, I also love the look of having wallpaper on just one wall behind the crib. If you decide to beadboard, there are easy kits at Home Depot!

Since we waited for Anthro’s sale, we ended up getting a lot of items from there:

Pluma Wallpaper from Anthropologie– I also love all their other options!

Carved Thalia Dresser –  my mom got Bella this one, but we almost bought one from Target and replaced the knobs with these cute ones from Anthro! Since we had already bought these knobs, we actually just put them in our Master Bathroom, haha.

Fela Tasseled Chandelier – I also LOVE this one, which is a little smaller. It was a tossup!

Pink and white Gazelle Pots

Flamingo Stuffed Animals

Pillows– assorted from Anthro and World Market

The Gold Crib and shelves are both from Restoration Hardware, but I don’t see them listed. I love all their cribs too! Wayfair also has super cute gold cribs.

White corner chair- I’ve had this one for 8 years! But I also loved the swivel chairs from Pottery Barn

Custom Isalabelle blocks- Etsy

We also shopped a bunch of necessities from Project Nursery! They have amazing ideas and the cutest nursery must-haves.

Mauve Circle Rug

Knit Pouf

Dream Catcher

Macrame Playgym

Other must-haves in the nursery:

Wavhello Whitenoise Sound Machine (this is so small and we bring it everywhere!)

We also use the Shusher

Cute Fern Diapers are from Parasol– they deliver every month so I never have to go to the store…game changer

Custom Bella Rocking Bunny is from Pottery Barn…and someone sent it to the office! I have NO IDEA who sent it. If you sent it, pleaseee comment below. It’s so sweet and Bella is going to love it.

White rug- RugsUSA

One more thing that we use all the time are the blankets from Little Giraffe! They’re so soft and cozy.

Her book ‘box’ on the floor is from a flee market. It was originally white, and I chalk painted it pink with my fave, Annie Sloan chalk paint.

*** All the rest of the items like the cart, bins, changing pad, and frames are from Target and WorldMarket. The gold hangers are from Amazon and most the clothing were gifts from her baby shower.  For more must-have items, check out my post on her registry HERE!

To add personal touches in her room, I printed pictures from her shower and put them into gold frames from Target. I also included pictures of her great-grandmothers Isabelle and Margaret, who she is named after.

Let me know if you have any questions below or if I missed anything! Love you girls.

Next up…I’ll be putting Bella to sleep in her crib, so any advice would be amazingggg :)

xx Kat & Bella



  1. Love! Not sure if I missed it somewhere but where did you get the mobile?
    Thanks ❤️

  2. Love Love Love the nursery! Where did you get your dress? It seems like the perfect dress for newborn/family photos!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! I love that you included the pictures of her great grandmothers. It gives me so many ideas! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Such a pretty and original nursery for little Bella, it is so girlie! Well done mama in creating such a magical space

  5. I love the nursery, so pretty! Where did you get the crib from? It’s gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Leslie! The crib is from Restoration Hardware but I don’t see it listed on their site anymore. Wayfair also has super cute gold cribs. xxo

  6. This Nursery is absolutely stunning! I’ve been searching high and low for a gold crib with square corners rather than the round! Is there any way you can share the model name of the crib to make it easier to find? Don’t see it in the RH webaite either!

    1. Hey babe! I’ve actually had this one forever so I don’t remember where it’s from. But I also love the chairs from Pottery Barn, especially the swivel chairs!

  7. OmG! So magical!!!! I have 2 boys and had my little girl now 1.5 ❤️
    So excited for you! True blessings. ❤️
    Beautiful photos!!!!!

    Happy birthday princess!!!!

  8. Congratulations on your new little girl! We just had one of our own in January so I feel your “not sleeping” yet!

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