Ideas For A Fabulous Mother’s Day!

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Hi beautiful TIU mamas!!! With Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to share a special note to let you know how much we look up t you! You teach, move, and motivate us every day. As a mama-to-be, this Mother’s Day feels extra special and I am beyond grateful for all the advice and love you’ve shared with me. Reading about your experiences as moms and expecting moms has been so inspiring 💕

I’ve been spending a lot of time scrolling through #TIUmom, #TIUmama, and #TIUpregnancy on Insta and I already feel so connected to you!


In honor of Mother’s Day coming up Sunday, I also wanted to share some ideas for how to shower our moms with love. And mamas, you can forward them to your babe too for a little hint at how you’d like to celebrate ;)

Love you to the 🌙 & back!


Pampering Day

Treat her to a spa day, a blowout, or a mani/pedi and spend the day together relaxing! Or make it an at-home spa with DIY masks! Pop the bubbly too 🍾 So FAB!

Make Her a TIU Approved Brunch

Whip her up some gorg and healthy pancakes like these pretty in pink cakes! We also have so many amazing new brunch recipes in your new Bikini Series Meal Plan ~ Matcha Pancakes, waffles, mini muffins!!!

healthy delicious pink pitaya protein pancakes

And pink mimosas!!!! Sparkling Rosé with grapefruit juice :)

tone it up mothers day healthy brunch recipes

Frame It

One of my favorite things to do is print and frame pictures for my family and friends. There’s just something so special about having the memory printed to cherish forever! You can also get crafty and create a memory book filled with pictures!

Flower Power

Make her a homemade flower arrangement ~ you know how I love to do this! Or if she’s into gardening, suggest a gardening date to plant flowers outside or pot some cute succulents for her place.

Throw Her A Picnic

I love doing this with my fam! We recently had a  lil’ picnic when my parents and Brian’s were both visiting. We took apps and some wine to the beach and watched the sunset!

Take A Class Together

How ‘bout a cooking class 🍳 or painting and vino 🎨🍷

Give Her The Gift of Health

Has your mom been seeing your success with Tone It Up? Or is she ready to try something new for HER? Gift her anything on Tone It Up with the TIU Gift Card! It can be gear, protein to create healthy recipes, or the Nutrition Program! Many of you have seen that my mom lost 60 pounds at 60 years old on the Tone It Up Plan, and she’s kept it off! She’s never felt better or healthier. 

Or you can give her an iTunes or Google Play gift card to start her Studio Tone It Up membership!!! She’ll LOVE all the amazing workouts! 💪🏼

Have a Sunday Funday!

The most precious thing is to spend time together! Do something you both love ~ go for a walk or hike, bike ride, watch one of your favorite rom-coms, or just hang and catch up!

Karena and her mama 💗

Karena’s wedding with her stepmom Beth and Bobby’s mama! ✨

Mama Jane, Brian’s mom Pam, and my girls!

Have a beautiful weekend!!!

TIU mamas, comment below with the number 1 joy of being a mom & something funny and unexpected I should know! I can’t wait to read!


  1. You get to experience a love for someone that is indescribably different ❤️ Your heart grows in soooo much. When you see your baby smile and laugh for the first time it is the best feeling you will ever. Period.
    Pregnancy brain evolves into Mom brain. Now you will understand why your mom doesn’t remember anything and double checks everything!! ☺️

  2. Number one joy, hands down, is how much that little baby (then toddler) will love you. My little lady calls me her “lady.” When I go to pick her up from daycare: “That’s my lady! Hi lady, I love you so much, you’re so nice.” Ugh it’s the best. Unexpected…. I know you don’t know what you’re having yet, BUT – girls can totally squirt-pee too. It’s not just a boy thing.

  3. It’s amazing how much your heart grows. And it’s also amazing how much your babies love you. My oldest (he’s 3) just started telling me he loves me super spontaneously. Like, we’ll just be hanging out and all the sudden he’ll say “I love you, Mommy!” He’s told me he loves me for a long time (I love you, too Mommy) but he just started saying it on his own. And my baby (he’s 11 months) is always so excited to see me. He just lights up and crawls to me as quickly as he can. I cannot wait for you to experience it; words just don’t do it justice.

    It’s funny to see their little senses of humor develop too – my oldest can make my youngest laugh by pretending to sneeze. Super weird and so funny! My oldest just started doing impressions – it’s hilarious to hear him try and talk in all of his funny little voices.

    I am so excited for you! There’s so much more I could say but I feel like I’m just rambling :) (Warning: pregnancy brain turns into mom brain!) Enjoy the journey!

  4. My little is 19 months old now, but the BEST memory is when they first look right into your eyes and SMILE! Ugh, soooo heartmelting! The number one joy is just seeing the love in their little faces, for YOU <3 The unexpected part, not necessarily funny, but can be depending on how sleep deprived you are- is how it feels to truly be sleep deprived. I don't think anyone really understands until they actually experience it; but always keep in mind ~ this too, shall pass! So much love and hugs to you and Brian!!

  5. I’m excited to celebrate this Mother’s Day too, as I’m pregnant with my first and I’m 32+ weeks! It’s a boy! It’s going to be one special day that me and my mom will cherish forever! I don’t have any advice on babies since this is my first but I can attest to pregnancy brain being a real thing! This week I went to my doc appt on Tuesday and I swear to you that’s when I scheduled it. The receptionist was like umm your appointment is tomorrow…I was like oh my goodness!! I felt really silly, but just laughed it off and went in the next day and said hey guys remember me!? 😂

  6. You think your heart doubles in size and depth and resilience the first time you see their face. It takes a while to realize that the “first-times” just keep rolling and your love just keeps growing.

    You get a whole new world of fun and excitement and big learning as a Mama when they become teens. To be hugely honest, for a while I thought, who are these aliens and where did my precious babies go? Then I learned that the Mama of teen years became infinitely better once I embraced that your heart and mind just need to keep growing three sizes each day. I think it is the most awesome surprise to be so head over heels for my teens and I was lucky enough to be delirious with joy when my 5, yes five, were toddlers.

  7. This year is a very special Mother’s Day for me as well. I’m 21 weeks pregnant with our first child (a lovely little girl!) and my husband and I have the honor of hosting both my mother and mother-in-law for dinner this Sunday. I don’t have any advice either since this is our first but I am already learning that our little one is already making life quite unpredictable as I’m not allowed to do any strenuous activity or workouts – focusing on the bikini series for the mind, soul, and nutrition for now. It is lovely to read through everyone’s stories about their children and hear how joyous motherhood can be! Cannot wait for all that lies ahead!

  8. Once your a mom you look back at your own mother and truly understand everything in a new light. There have been little things I remember doing or saying as a little girl or teenager and I’ve thought to myself ‘if you had only known.’ You know you KNOW your heart is going to swell with love when they lay your baby on you for the first time and yet you really can’t imagine how wonderful that feeling is until it happens! And while everyone is recording firsts I think of lasts. Motherhood is so truly bittersweet. There will be firsts for decades right? First day of school, first car, first kiss. But what about the lasts? Last time you hold a bottle to their lips or the last time you swaddle them to sleep. Last time they need rocked to sleep in your arms or last bath in the sink. This thought makes me slow time down because you can’t get it back! That’s my best advice to remember in the crazy chaos of it all because there are days it feels like a circus! And the sleep deprivation is hard. You think it’s impossible but you get through one day after another. If you’re able to breastfeed do it!! They get more melatonin and develop circadian rhythms faster when breastfed. By 9 weeks my baby girl slept almost 9 hours overnight. And lastly it’s hard and it doesn’t necessarily get easier although it does on some levels like your milk supply regulating but it does get better! A schedule falls into place and before you know it you’re a pro!

    1. So wise! With my first, I couldn’t wait for her to walk and talk, and do stuff with me. With my second, 4.5 years later, I knew how fast it actually goes, and treasured every second knowing that before I knew it, I would not be able to hold him snuggled in one arm. It seems like the blink of eye ago. And now he’s 9 and almost as tall as me! And my daughter (who sometimes does DM with me in the morning, goes on SUPs, walks, and scuba dives and is a wonderful 14 year old) is going away to school in the fall. It doesn’t seem like it goes fast when you are up all night with an infant, but you need to realize it will not stay that way and to treasure each stage.

  9. The best thing about being a mom is the fact that no matter how messy my hair, dirty my clothes, pimply my face, sore and exhausted my body and mind, my kids accept me as is and don’t care about any of that. As long as I show up every single day and am here for them 24/7 (literally), that’s all they could ever need. Plus, the first time they smile at you when you enter the room – uh! It melts your heart! It’s like, how is something so incredibly little, naive, and new to the world so full of pure joy? It’s unbelievably beautiful. There are many, many unexpected, funny, and not-so-funny things about motherhood, but I’d say something that I wasn’t expecting was the major change in my, um, breasts. I had read about them growing, but, wow! As a small-chested woman to begin with, I couldn’t fathom just how big they would get! After breastfeeding both my kids, they’re even smaller than before! (I know my husband won’t admit it, but I know he liked them more, shall we say, ample. 🤭🤫😂)

  10. The best thing is how being a mom puts everything into perspective. The second your little one is here, they are the number one priority. Things that used to be so important come second to making sure your kids are happy and healthy. My favorite thing lately, now that my kids are a little older, is listening to them talk when they don’t know I can hear them. There’s nothing better than listening to kids’ conversations with each other when they think there aren’t any grown ups listening!

  11. I’m a mother of two boys, a seven year old and a three year old. The biggest joy has been seeing them bond and how much they love each other. They are both very emotional and very strong willed at the same time (an Aeries and a Leo), they argue and rough play but at the end of the day they fall asleep near each other and it’s the sweetest sight.
    Honestly, just watching them grow and learn and their personalities emerge is a joy.
    No mommy is perfect but your child(ren) will make you feel like you’re the most loved person ever.
    Patience is everything.

    Something interesting is that the two most basic things are the most “difficult” sometimes: 1)putting baby to sleep and 2)breastfeeding.
    I highly recommend the Badass Breastfeeders mom’s group on FB; there’s La Leche League also (if you plan on breastfeeding), it’s an open forum for any and all questions you might have postpartum.
    Oh! and you should totally add a Tula to your baby registry because it’ll keep bebe close to you and also free up your arms. ;)
    So excited for you!

  12. Hey Girly , I’ll keep it short & sweet! My greatest Joy is loving them … theres simply no greater love on earth that that of a mother for her children❤️
    Funny : They say the most funniest things in the most unexpected times :)
    Enjoy every single moment , take many many pics , all the time, always … I cant tell you how many times Ive looked back at those memories & my heart jumps for joy like the very first time 💗 Happy Mothers Day Gorgeous !

  13. Read “The First Fourty Days” – there’s more conversation now – but no one really prepares you for after the baby comes!!! That was the most challenging time for me…the best “advice” is give is to not have any expectations and be easy on yourself. There’s no right or wrong! :-)

  14. The #1 joy is the overwhelming love for this little person that came from you! It is so powerful! 😊
    Baby giggles are the best! Nothing makes me laugh harder! 😆
    Something unexpected would be how your body adapts to such little sleep. 😜

  15. The greatest joy? It’s so hard to say. When they are small and you can make them laugh and smile, that’s pretty amazing. When they get older and you can make them laugh and smile (especially when their heartache is more complex than missing nap time), that’s amazing, too. When you see them act with kindness and bravery, that’s pretty incredible. And every time they really hug you, … well, there are really not words to describe it; your life is instantly better. But there is also joy in how much braver and stronger and more kind they make you.

  16. There is no greater love than being a Mom, and no one could ever love you as much! No matter what happens, they love and adore you unconditionally with the sweetest, most innocent love. Watching your babies grow is my absolute favorite part of being a Mom. Mine are almost 6 & 9, growing into such strong, sweet, smart human beings. I ran a 5K with my daughter today and it was such a special experience!
    Something unexpected to remember is THEY’RE ALWAYS LISTENING! Lol, you always hear that, but it’s true! You won’t believe the things they hear from you and then repeat, so always have your filter in place. :) It can become pretty hilarious and embarrassing!

    Happy Mother’s Day! I’d like to share one of my all time favorite quotes with you beautiful mama’s:

    “Being a mother is the highest paid job because the payment is made in pure love.”

  17. Every time I see my little guy smile or laugh makes me so proud to be a mom. And he does that A LOT each day. I love being a mom. Hands down the best thing that has happened to me. You’re going to love it! And Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there! <3

  18. My greatest joy has been just seeing them grow and experience every new milestone! Like you will literally stare at them and take 5000 photos and stare at them some more and be like, “omg, I made this! Isn’t she cute?” And they will grow older and you will be like I miss my baby!!! And then have another one! Then you’ll be overwhelmed and wait 6years to have a 3rd.😂. Or that’s what I did! You have no idea how long I have been saying, “if only K&K would get knocked up, they could understand what I’m going through.”🤣😂💗
    The one unexpected thing, was how long the post partum process lasted. It was shocking and overwhelming. It’s painful and invorgorating at the same time. So take as much time as you need to hibernate and take care of your lil family when she comes(or he). Then you’ll come out on the other side and you’re like wow, I did this big thing! My body just did it.. on its own.. it knew what to do. It’s crazy.
    I’m so excited for you!!!💗💗💗💗💗😘😘😘

  19. Thank you so much for this post! Your parents are all so beautiful (and wow, congrats to your boss-mama on a job well done! 60 lbs is amazing)!

    My little girl is 14 months now, and last year’s bikini series started on my 7th week postpartum — I had *just* been cleared for working out. It was great until the 4 month sleep regression came in like a runaway train. The maybe-unexpected thing that I had no idea was a thing were sleep regressions. Of course, you expect a bit of lost sleep in the first few weeks, but newborns really do sleep a lot. By 3 months, most are cool about sleeping for 6 or 7 hours straight, and they’ll do it just long enough that you’ll start assuming everything is relatively back to normal. Don’t be hard on yourself when it’s not. I couldn’t stay upright, let alone work out. Her hours were so wild (and so loud), and I spent weeks beating myself up for falling off the workout/meal prep train. It’s likely that you’ll be heavily reliant on family and friends, and if you have an hour where you feel awake, the baby’s finally asleep, and you have a choice to either work out or take a really nice, relaxing 30 minute shower…go for the shower. There’s time to start thinking about other activities besides hygiene and food (for the baby AND yourself!) once they start sleeping through the night around 6 months. Just be so kind to yourself, and remember we’ve all been through it. Sleep deprivation is NO JOKE. I know you’re probably not the complaining type, but don’t bottle it up if you’re tired and frustrated and can’t stop crying (hormones, exhaustion, it’s Tuesday, etc.). It’s nothing but love and understanding here. You’re going to be amazing.

    Happy mother’s day!

  20. We’ve been blessed with four blessings and my heart grows deeper and wider with each one. Strangely enough I love my body even more now than I did in high school or college. Even though breastfed boobies deflate and look a little sad. 😂😂Everyday brings a new joy. I really mean that. Everyday they learn something new and you just can’t believe how fast the years go! The most rewarding thing I’ve ever done was become a mom. It’s an amazing ride. You’re gonna love it and you’re gonna have a new angle on which to run your business with! That’s how I found y’all! 2011 after my first baby was born! You guys helped motivate me to lose the baby weight and tone up!! 👍🏻♥️👍🏻♥️

  21. A lot have ladies have said this already but I couldn’t agree more. My baby girl is 3.5 months old and when she first looked us in the eyes and smiled a huge baby gums grin our hearts absolutely quadrupled in size. Head over heals in love with our baby and I had no idea how great it would feel to be her mama. Best wishes to you and Brian. You’re going to be great parents!

  22. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!! I love being a mum. My babies are 12 and 14 and I am loving watching them grow and develop at the moment. They are both so different, having one of each and I love watching their passions develop in different areas. I can also see glimpses of maturity and independence which makes me very proud. It doesn’t seem that long ago that they were born and I remember feeling truly amazed at how they could 1, this little being was actually inside of me and 2, that they my husband and I were so proud of ourselves for our wonderful creations. Something funny, would be to remember nursing pads because those built in milk bottles can work on overdrive and will leak when anyone’s baby cries! lol and 1 tip would be, to remind yourself that everything will be OK, you will get through the sleep deprivation.

  23. The number one joy I would have to say is watching them grow and learn! I am amazed everyday with the new things the babies learn. It makes me so proud to be their mama! It’s the best job I could every ask for and it’s a lot of work but so worth it! My biggest advice is to remember you aren’t perfect and your babies love you wether you brushed your hair or not haha it’s an unconditional love 💕

  24. Happy Mother’s Day!! As a mom to two boys, ages 7 and 4, no one can prepare you for the love you will feel when you become a mom. It is the most rewarding but difficult job you will ever have! The most precious moments are when they just open their little mouths out of nowhere and belt out..Mom…I love you! It is the BEST!!! I can’t wait for you to experience all of the sweet moments that are in your very near future.
    Something funny/unexpected? No one tells you how hard the first 6 weeks will be. I remember being blissfully happy one minute and sobbing the next. Oh the joy of hormones and sleep deprivation! Give yourself grace these weeks and accept all offers to help with anything, cooking, cleaning, and watching the baby while you sleep. Excited to watch you go through this journey! :)

  25. I am a first time Mom at 37, and my son turns 5 months this week. It’s the most amazing thing to happen to you. It’s also exhausting some days, and can be hard but that’s ok! Pregnancy & Mom brain are a thing, you will get peed & pooped on at some point but when they give you that toothless smile nothing else matters.
    The best advice I can give you is just trust your instincts. You will be a great Mom! So happy for you Kat!!

    1. aww my baby is 5 months old too! when was your little one born? ayden was born on december 7, 2017 ✨✨✨ happy mother’s day beautiful!!

  26. the number one joy of being a mom is just the crazy, new, amazing definition you will have of LOVE! i thought i knew what love was before my precious, miracle 5 month old boy, ayden josiah… but nothing could have prepared me for the incredible, consuming amount of love that permeated every cell of my being as he was being born, it’s so life changing! one thing that no one tells you & it isn’t in any baby book, but you still have contractions for a few days after labor! i was NOT expecting that & it was pretty uncomfortable the first few days…but it passes & every bit of pain is SO worth it!!! happy mother’s day katrina, i’ve never met you, but you radiate so much love already, you will be an incredible mama! 😘💕💕

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