How To Turn Your Passion Into Your Career ~ New Video With Chriselle Lim

Hey hey gorgeous! Today one of our amazing girlfriends Chriselle Lim is joining us. She is an incredible fashion, beauty, and lifestyle expert and all-around boss babe! Karena and I first met Chriselle 9 years ago when we were all starting out and chasing our dreams (check out our throwback pics in the video 😂) Now we’re back with Chriselle today chatting all about careers ~ how to turn your passion into your path, why she doesn’t use the word “balance,” and her genius advice for building a brand.

Make sure you check out her amazing beauty and fashion site The Chriselle Factor for more tips and her new line at Nordstrom coming soon (we can’t wait!). Pour a glass of wine or kombucha🍷(we forgot ours…that has to be a first!) and join us for this inspiring chat!



You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

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  1. Kat, I love that you are swaying side to side when they are talking. Just a true Mom moment you are so used to holding your baby and swaying side to side:)

  2. That was so eye opening. I launched my own ecofriendly fitness leggings collection last year ( and it has been such a struggle. Not because I don’t love the project but because I have only focused on how to monetize because I somehow have to pay my bills. But you are right, it really takes away the fun and why I started the company in the first place. I will get a job that pays for my bills so that I can fully concentrate on what I intended to build with FABSOUL. Thank you guys so much!

    1. Hey Madeleine! This might be an unsolicited recommendation, but you should really check out Marie Forleo and her website. She built her coaching business while keeping multiple jobs to pay the bills. She has some great content and I thought it’d be another awesome source of inspiration!

      1. Such a great recommendation Emily! We love Marie too..and stay tuned because we just may have some advice from her soon ;)

    2. Hey Madeleine! Your collection looks beautiful ~ so happy you’re going after your dreams! xxo

    3. OMG Madeleine!!! Your colors are amaaaazing!!!! I’ll save up and get a pair! Not only will I be helping a fellow TIUgirl and small business, but I love you have a focus on sustainability!!

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