How To Survive (And Thrive!) On The Weekend

Heyyy from Palm Springs! 🌴 This weekend, Kat and I are here to celebrate our girlfriend’s birthday! We’re doing a spa day, hanging by the pool, and going out for dinner and some cocktails (mocktails for Kat!). Whatcha up to this weekend?!

We know your weekends are full of birthdays, celebrations, and get-togethers too, so we’re sharing our best tips for staying on track. We want you to feel your best on Monday! Think about it this way — you’re crushing it in your workouts and keeping it Lean, Clean, ’N Green all week long. Your weekends shouldn’t be working against you and your goals. Instead, think of them as your time to devote to yourself…while having all the fun you deserve!!

Stick to these guidelines this weekend ~ we’ll be following them alongside ya! And remember if you do get off track a lil’ bit, don’t stress about it! Just get back at it with your next workout or meal. It’s all about balance!

Have the best weekend beautiful! 🤗💗



Get Movin’

Make it a priority to stay active on the weekend! This is when Kat and I love to take long walks with our coffee or matcha or take a Studio Tone It Up class together. Ask a friend to try out a new class with you or go on a hike! There are so many fun ways to get moving with your girls and this will help you stay in line with your fitness goals! 💪🏻This weekend while we’re away, we’re all taking a Studio class together in my living room!! It’s perfect because you can take class anywhere!

I’ll Have What She’s Having ; )

 There’s no reason to skip going out to a fun dinner with your girlfriends or your boo. You can keep it Lean, Clean, ‘N Green at almost any restaurant! I love going to a sushi spot and getting sashimi with seaweed salad and extra ginger. At a Mexican restaurant, fajitas or a “naked” burrito with salsa and guac is the best! Never be afraid to ask for swaps. If a veggie is fried (we’re lookin’ at your Brussel sprouts!), ask for it steamed instead! And if you’re out with your girls, we love sharing a bunch of apps and a treat. Kat usually wants dessert and I’m all about the cheese plate so sometimes we have to get both! 

Sippin’ Without Slippin’

You know we’re the last trainers to ever tell you that you can’t enjoy some wine or cocktails on the weekends! It’s all about moderation when it comes to drinking and staying on track with your goals. Let’s just say the only shots we take are espresso 😉 I usually go for wine or a cocktail made with clean ingredients like muddled berries or fresh mint! A cocktail with Tone It Up Bubbly Rose kombucha is also amaaaazing ~ we have one for ya here!

I like to avoid any of the sugary mixers. We recommend sticking to 2-3 drinks when going out and avoid drinking on an empty stomach! Remember to have a glass of water between each drink! You’ll feel so much better the next morning! 🙌🏻

Hydrate…and then Hydrate Some More

Even if we’re out and about on the weekend, we keep a water bottle with us at all times to make sure we’re staying hydrated! Since we all tend to dine out more and drink on the weekends, water is even more essential to keep your energy levels up, boost your metabolism, and keep your skin glowing and clear!

Is It Really The Weekend Without Brunch?

Am I right?! There’s nothing better than Sunday brunch. Invite your girls over for a fun spread with Tone It Up pancakes, waffles, egg muffins, smoothie bowls, donuts, and more! Your Nutrition Plan has so many amazing brunch recipes to enjoy and the best part is you’ll feel amazing and energized after! By staying in and making your own healthy brunch you’ll skip the unhealthy options and the long brunch line!

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Plenty of sleep will help you recover from all your weekend fun and feel amazing at the start of the new week!

Have So Much Fun With Your Girls!!

It’s good for your health! 😉


  1. Following these easy tips this weekend!!! Definitely an area I am working on. Keeping consistent and enjoying each moment. Thanks!

  2. Hey ladies, I just saw on the daily moves page that we will only be able to access them now through the app??? I use my computer most of the time to access my workouts with you so I can see (bad vision), so it’s very sad knowing that now I won’t be able to. I love you ladies, and wish Tone It Up think about this decision more.

    1. We hear you babe. Your TIU app truly is the best and most convenient way to do your Daily Moves. And it’s completely free! If you’re looking for a bigger screen, you can cast your screen to your TV using Chromecast or mirror your screen to your TV if you have an iPhone! 💗

      1. I appreciate y’all getting back to me, and I knew you were able to do this.

        However, not everyone has a television in the rooms they work out in! I use our office/garage/backyard.

        I understand TIU really pushing the app, but it would be really helpful to still be able to access them on your home site!

        Please listen to our concerns, I love TIU!

        1. I made a big chalkboard for my w/o space and I write the moves there so I don’t run into any technical difficulties and stay focused on sweating!

        2. I’d like to second this. I have bad eyesight as well, and don’t own a tv with the ability to do what’s suggested. Only reason I haven’t paid for Studio Tone It Up. That was disappointing enough, because I really wanted to, but it would have been an utter waste of money. And now the daily moves are moving over, too? Tone It Up works really hard for their community, and it’s been a great thing for so many of us. It would be so sad if we weren’t able to be part of it anymore.

          1. Hi Katherine! We’re working with our developers to make the moves larger on your phone! Depending on what phone you have, they should be pretty big, but we’re talking with them today. We’ll of course continue to provide all of these daily workouts for free! Thanks for understanding as technology evolves!

    1. Hi Kristy! Don’t worry~ the Daily Moves are 100% FREE! We provide these every single day for fun and make them available for everyone no matter what phone you’re on, so you don’t need to even buy the Studio app~ just download the app for free to access them.

  3. Same here, my eyesight is the reason I can’t use the app for workouts!
    Having my Beach Babe workouts and Daily Moves accessible on my laptop has been a lifesaver, since I do not have the technology to mirror the phone.

    Please rethink your decision to take the Daily Moves off the main site. Again, I understand moving towards the app, but if it would be amazing if you would rethink your decision to keep them on your home site! I love the homepage, and check it every day!

  4. Thanks a bunch for offering the daily moves. They are easy and quick to do on my lunch break.

  5. I enjoy some of the older workout videos and would be great to have them on the demand on the app. The tone it up band workout with Katrina done probably around 2016 when filmed in the high rise building. And a bikini arms with Karena during the create your summer series. Those are good workouts.

    1. Hi Dawn! Glad you love these workouts ~ they are some of our faves too! They are actually in the On Demand Section in the Studio. Bikini Arms with Karena is in your “Arms” section (the best way to find it is to filter by workouts 20-25 minutes long) and Full-Body Band Burn is in your “Total Body” section (filter by workouts 10-15 minutes long). Go crush ’em babe 💪

  6. Hey TIU Babes! Did you know that you can also subscribe to the TIU page on YouTube? It has full workout videos and lots of great things to keep you motivated. You can access the YouTube app on your TV streaming device, laptop, tablet or phone. Lots of screen options! It’s FREE! I love that TIU provides so many wonderful options to workout for free. It’s a gift really! I used this resource a lot before the TIU app for Android was available. You can even create and save playlists to plan your weekly workouts. Keep at it awesome ladies! 💪😍

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