How To Inspire & Influence ~ Rosé With K&K and Boss Babe Jaclyn Johnson

Hey gorgeous! We’re back with our girl Jaclyn Johnson, CEO and founder of Create & Cultivate. Today we’re chatting about how to influence and inspire everyone around you — from your career to your family and community.

When we created Tone It Up, we wanted to build an empowering space where women can be open with each other about fitness, health, friendship, and all the experiences we go through and help each other reach our goals. Jaclyn has a similar vision for Create & Cultivate. Watch the video below for her inspiring advice on how to make an impact and leave your mark. And tell us in the comments…how do you want to inspire and influence?

Love you! 💗


PS: You can find my speech from the Locale PoWer Up Women’s Conference that I mentioned here!

You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

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  1. Thank you for the link! And thank you Karena for opening up and sharing your journey; your vulnerability and generosity of heart are such an inspiration.

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