How To Crush The Love Your Body Series

It’s that time…the Love Your Body Series is HERE and Kat and I are so excited to share it with you! This series is so special because it’s all about showing yourself love ~ body, mind, and spirit ~ and loving yourself for everything you are and everything you’re capable of. 8 weeks of daily workouts, delicious recipes, and the self-care your beautiful body deserves ~ you’re going to feel so incredibly strong, healthy, empowered, and confident! 💜

We’re all starting as a team on Monday, January 14th…perfect timing to kick off the New Year! Join us here!

Kat and I want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed so we’re laying out exactly how to CRUSH this series. And remember, we’re always here for you if you have any questions along the way. Love you lots!! Can’t wait get started!



Are you in for the series? YES!!

How To Rock The Series!

✓ Get Your TIU App

This is your first step for success! Your Studio Tone It Up app is THE place for all your Love Your Body workouts. In the app, you’ll find…

* 23 BRAND NEW Love Your Body routines ~ from HIIT, to strength training, to yoga, and more

* Workouts programmed by your trainers for the BEST results

* Flexibility ~ work out anytime, anywhere

* Accountability and support from your trainers

Get your app for iPhone and Android HERE and start your 7-day free pass today!

Crush 3 – 5 Studio Tone It Up Classes Weekly

When you become a member of Studio Tone It Up within the app, you get access to fitness classes every hour on the hour (and half hour at peak times)! During the next 8 weeks, we challenge you to take 3 – 5 classes a week. We are releasing so many new classes you’re going to L💜VE!

✓ On The Other Days…Get After Your Daily Moves

On the days you don’t take Studio Tone It Up classes, do your Daily Moves! You’ll find these (for free!) in your app daily. These moves are designed to sculpt your beautiful body from head to toe.

Remember to always listen to your body and take an active rest day when you need it. Try a stretching or foam rolling routine in your On Demand section on your app, or take a walk with a girlfriend. You got this girl!

✓ Get Your Daily Love

Every day in your app, we’ll be giving you motivation, lifestyle challenges, and advice to show your body love. You’ll find it all in the Daily Love section on the home screen of your app! Wake up and check it every day in your app ~ follow along and you’ll feel so empowered, energized, and confident!

✓ Practice Self-Care

This is so essential and a special part of this series! Self-care means something different to all of us, so we’ll be sharing lots of advice and new ways to care for YOU — from weekly meditations, to beauty tips, girlfriends’ guides, and more.

✓ Check In With #TIUteam

This will be so powerful! Check in every day on Instagram @ToneItUp to hold yourself accountable, connect with other girls in the community, and make lifelong friendships! Your checkin can be a sweaty selfie, Flex Friday pic, meal prep — anything to let us know how you’re doing and show your fellow TIU girls some love!

Use the hashtag #TIUteam and the official challenge hashtag #TIUloveyourbody.

✓ Nourish Your Body

Fueling your body with Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals is an act of self-love! That’s why Kat and I created the new Love Your Body Meal Plan! It’s filled with detoxifying and simple superfood recipes that are sooo delicious!

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan members, keep an eye on your inbox ~ it’s coming your way for FREE soon!

Not a member of the Nutrition Plan yet? We have exciting news!! We’re offering this meal plan as a standalone edition so you can get a taste of the plan! Stay tuned for more details!

Let’s do this!!!


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  1. Thank you for including diverse body shapes in the final section of pictures! Would love to see even more of that on here :)

    1. Hey Genevieve! This community is so special because it’s made up of so many gorgeous, unique, and strong women of every shape and size and we’re so proud to celebrate that with the Love Your Body Series and every day!

  2. Hell Yahs. My 1st TIU challenge!!! & now an official TIU member. Hello 2019 🏃🏻‍♀️!!!

    1. That’s amazing Manndi!! So happy to have you as a part of the community and rock your first challenge with you! xxo

    1. So excited to start this series with you Karin!! This year you can do the detox whenever works for your schedule ~ the first week of January or the week before the series kicks off! xxo

  3. Can you still participate in Love Your Body while pregnant?! What about the 5 day detox? Can’t wait to follow along! I love the self care part & new recipes the best!

    1. Congrats babe! And yes!! We have some amazing prenatal workouts in the Studio Tone It Up app in the pregnancy section On Demand. There are calorie add-ons in the meal plan and you can always make modifications and swaps to make it work for you. We always recommend talking to your doc before starting any new program too. So excited to do this series with you! xxo

  4. All signed up! Will the new workouts that come out during the challenge be pregnancy friendly? Or would it be best to stick with the prenatal workouts that are already available in the app? (Really hoping I can try out some of the new ones as they come out!)

    1. Hey Sarah! Congrats and we’re so excited to do this series with you! A lot of the new workouts can be adapted to be pregnancy friendly, plus we’ll be releasing some new postnatal workouts that are great for mamas-to-be too! 💗

  5. This is my first series as a nutrition plan member! I’m so excited for this! Gonna do my 5 day detox starting on Jan 1st so my bod is fully ready for 2019!

  6. Can’t wait! I’m all signed up! This challenge couldn’t have come at a better time! Will there be another studio live event at the hangar like last year?🙏🏼

    1. Hey Katie! So excited you’re signed up! We have lots of surprises coming so stay tuned!!

  7. So honored to be pictured on this post and the Love Your Body Series email! This is my favorite challenge and wait…also the Bikini Series 😉😘💕✨💪🏻

  8. My friend joined me for the fall 31 day challenge and loved the option to buy the nutrition plan for $31 dollars, will you be offering something like that for the LYBS? A few of my work friends want to do it with me but are hesitant to buy the full nutrition plan all at once even though I swear by it. Best purchase I ever made!

    1. Hey Corrine! Yes, we will be offering a standalone edition of the Love Your Body Meal Plan. Keep your eyes on your inbox and next week for details! xxo

    1. Hey babe! Right now, the half hour classes are only at peak times but we’d definitely love to add more and will look into it :)

  9. Hey all, I would love to see a 6 am NST timeslot added! I see 5:30 and 6:30 but 6 am would be amazing. Love you guys!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Charlotte! We’ll look into it for ya! Keep crushing it in class 🤗 xxo

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